Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This is the 3rd in a series of interesting facts about Greenburgh. In recent days I posted info about the police dept and parks & recreation dept. on this site.

Special thanks to Acting Assessor Daniel Whittemore for providing me with this info…

*Assessors office responsible for assessment of 28,150 parcels.

13,650 parcels in the villages…14,497 parcels in unincorporated Greenburgh


Village gross worth: 11.5 BILLION DOLLARS

Unincorporated Greenburgh worth: 13.5 BILLION DOLLARS

Total Gross worth: 25 BILLION DOLLARS

Total Taxable Worth: Greenburgh 20 BILLION DOLLARS

Compare to White Plains: 8.5 BILLION DOLLARS…Compare to Yonkers: 16 BILLION DOLLARS

2,430 veterans received veterans exemptions

3,400 seniors receive STAR exemptions

In 2006 858 grievances filed—total =850

164 residential, 624 commercial, 25 condominium, 45 cooperative

In 2005 there were 773 grievances

126 residential, 562 commercial, 32 condominium and 53 cooperative.

Hope you find the above info as interesting as I found it. PAUL FEINER


hal samis said...

Dear Supervisor:

It is a little hard to believe that Greenburgh has higher rateables than White Plains. Are you sure?

Anonymous said...

Of course he is sure. Susan mancuso told him.

Anonymous said...

No, he has an opinion from outside counsel

dano said...

"In 2006 858 grievances filed—total =850"


Paul Feiner said...

I received this info from the assessor. I was told last year that our ratables are higher than White Plains. OUr new acting assessor confirmed the same facts this year.

hal samis said...

Dear Supervisor and Assessor (Acting),

I'm not trying to be controversial and I understand that some of the recent downtown White Plains construction may not yet have found its way to the tax rolls but:

White Plains has downtown office buildings and those along 287 and Greenburgh has those on 287 and Route 9

White Plains has many tax free Country Buildings

White Plains has a portion of Central Avenue, The Westchester, The Galleria, the Fortunoff complex, the Borders/ToysRUs/Sports Authority complex, Bloomingdales, the new City Center and Walmart and a large downtown shopping district...
while Greenburgh has Midway, Kmart, a portion of Central Avenue.

I don't suspect that the residential assessments of either community vary that greatly...

Greenburgh may even have more tax free parkland.

But rateables being 2.5X White Plains NEEDS an explanation and, for that matter, what is there in Yonkers that makes it 2X White Plains or 75% of Greenburgh? Yonkers has the Cross County shopping center, another on Central Avenue, Stew Leonard/Home Depot/Costco, a few office buildings along Route 9, the Racetrack and not much else, certainly their housing stock is not pricey.

The gap is truly astounding.
Hopefully, Greenburgh is not spending money fighting Ridge Hill just to maintain its rateables lead.

YonkersNative said...

hal samis said ... "what is there in Yonkers that makes it 2X White Plains or 75% of Greenburgh?"

I don't know anything about White Plains, but 16 billion seems about right for Yonkers. Yonkers is surprisingly huge and dense, with residential neighborhoods, commercial areas and industrial areas that you just probably don't know of.

And there are many neighborhoods where the housing stock is soooo pricey (though quite lovely). That's actually why I moved to Unincorporated Greenburgh - more affordable housing in a nice neighborhood. I miss the better quality of Yonkers' DPW services, but the move has been worth it overall.

Unfortunately Yonkers is often stereotyped by outsiders by its southwest woes so frequently in The Journal News and just by driving down Central Park Avenue.

Merro said...

The pride of Greenburgh should be its schools. Schools have a direct correlation to property values. Students should be tutored in behavioral manners, asked to study an get good grades. If you enhance the school then property values will go up and taxes as a percentage of property values will decrease. The school must have a good road that leads to it, not one full of pot holes like a 5th-world counry.

Anonymous said...

Amazing - how diverse our town is, with so many assets. We live in a great town.