Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Tonight, we held an SAT Preparation Review/College Prep Course/BizCamp Information meeting at Greenburgh Town Hall. About 25 Greenburgh students from different school attended the meeting and learned about the proposal - which is included in the 2007 proposed budget. Some of the students were so motivated about the program that they walked from their homes to Town Hall for the meeting. I was impressed with the students -who seem excited about their future. This proposed camp is designed to give our youth the training they need to achieve and exceed their goals. For more information about the camp please read my budget message which is posted on our web site: (look at forms- budget).
If you have a son or daughter who is interested in signing up for the camp (assuming funding is approved in the 2007 budget) please e mail me at We will provide you with the information you need.


Anonymous said...

The camps can help boost the scores of students in the Central 7 school district. This would increase our property values and make Greenburgh more attractive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Town Attorney,

What is the justification for not charging this to the town entire budget?

Dear villages,

Are you prepared to have another item reallocated by the courts?

Anonymous said...

Government shouldn't stop doing great things while the fighting goes on between the village & edgemont politico's. This is a good program that can help village residents and unincorporated residents. Don't most people move here because of our kids? The camps that have been proposed are good initiatives.

Anonymous said...

Our children deserve the best. The camps, as proposed, will offer our children the opportunity to reach for the stars --to achieve their goals. They will have a heads up over students who reside in other communities and who do not have the benefits of this program.

Anonymous said...

These camps will provide students with wonderful opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any anonymouses questioning the value of the program, just how it should be paid for.

To first anonymous -- there are many other school districts in Greenburgh other than Central 7.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this program - Hats off to the students that walked to Town Hall to hear more about the program. This truly shows the need.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

When I hear of all the negativity about Greenburgh, I inform those of our wonderful youth programs.

Thanks Paul for looking out for our YOUTH.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous questioning "just how it should be paid for" do you question the government about the money you spend to incarcerate youth & adults? Probably Not.

It amazes me how people fight against paying for education. Instead, we should fight the government when it comes to paying for the accommodations of child molesters, murders, and kidnappers.

Do you have any children? Have you ever been in financial need to educate your children? You probably have enough money to provide at least 4 scholarships towards this program. How about it? Come on, hand it over (smile). If people like you are willing to assist financially those in need, then maybe we would not have to ask the government to do so.

Help educate our children. We all have a responsibility to do so.

Anonymous said...

"Help educate our children. We all have a responsibility to do so."

Absolutely. So give the allocated town funds to the Greenburgh and Edgemont school districts so that they, the academic professionals, can plan and operate the programs best. (One could sponsor the SAT camp and the other the Business camp.)

I do think the program ideas have merit, but I'm just not comfortable with town government overseeing academic affairs, even if it has allocated the funds.

The RISE organization's plan looks good, but I'd rather trust our school districts' leaders. Also, isn't the RISE director a town or school employee? If so, there would be a legal-ethical mess.

Anonymous said...

If the town wanted to spend money on a jail, courthouse, etc., I would ask the same question -- who should pay.

And btw, I think incarceration periods are generally way too long, and more funds should be spent on halfway houses and supervised parole/probation. But I still want to see where the costs get charged.

As to splitting the programs between the schools -- how bout this -- just let the school districts run the educational programs that they and their boards decide on.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the RISE leader also works for the central 7 school district. Shows she has the qualifications to lead the camps. Sonja Brown cares about our kids. She cares about education. She wants our children to succeed in life. This is a great program. Thank you Sonja Brown for spending the time setting up the camp.

Anonymous said...

Central 7 is not the only school district in town. It is not even the only school district in the unincorporated town.

It would be nice if the Board could treat all of the town equally and fairly -- because Feiner is oblivious to these issues.

Anonymous said...

"Sonja Brown cares about our kids. She cares about education. She wants our children to succeed in life. This is a great program."

I'm not doubting what you say. But I think there's some legal-contractural code that may prohibit the arrangement, or that has to be waived by the board of ed and town council.

Anonymous said...

Who are the "our kids" that Ms. Brown cares about? I live in Greenburgh, but not in the Greenburgh 7 district, and Ms. Brown doesn't even know the kids in my neighborhood. This is plane and simple a proposed subsidy to Greenburgh 7, and Feiner should stop playing favorites.

Anonymous said...

The SAT camp will be offered to residents who reside anywhere in the town. There are scholarships that will be available for students who meet low income guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Then it should be charged to town entire, and if not, it will get added to Bernstien III

Anonymous said...

And why should students who live in Greenburgh and attend Ardsley, Edgemont, and others schools doing better than Greenburgh 7 have to attend a program run by Greenburgh 7 in order to obtain benefits of their parents tax dollars at work. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

This is beginning to smell to me. When Feiner was running for election last time, his employee, Jason Gooljar, ran a website, Greenburgh on the Rise, that among other things advocated the combination of the Greenburgh 7 and Edgemont Schools. We can not let Feiner try to force the schools to join togethor on programs. This must be stopped.

Paul Feiner said...

I do not and have never advocated merging the Central 7 and Edgemont school districts. The nice aspect of the blog is that lies, misrepresentations of facts, can be quickly answered.

Westchester RISE said...

About Sonja Brown

A 39-year resident of Greenburgh, New York, Ms. Brown is the founder and Executive Director of Miss Westchester’s Teen Scholarship Pageant and Westchester RISE. She supervises all aspects of program development and planning. As the District Family Coordinator for Greenburgh Central School District No. 7, Ms. Brown provides families with information, referrals and advocacy support. Ms. Brown served as the Director of Educational Projects for FIRST, Inc., where she supervised the not-for-profit organization’s youth development programs and provided information and communication skills training for professionals and volunteers in Westchester. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Virginia State University and in December 2006 will receive her Master’s in School Building Administration and Supervision. Prior to serving with FIRST, Ms. Brown was Director of Patient and Family Services for the American Cancer Society of Westchester and Case Management Support Specialist at the Urban League of Westchester. Ms. Brown continues to develop programs based on need in the state of NY as well as other states in the country.

Westchester RISE said...

More About the Greenburgh Summer Achievement Program:

 The Greenburgh Summer Achievement Program offers challenging, active, and fun summer enrichment curriculum that will give high school students insight into college life while fostering a balance of personal and intellectual growth. This is not summer school! Students do not want to replicate the classroom setting, grade pressures, and competition that they experience during the academic year. The program’s small, college-style seminars are dynamic, interactive and stimulating, incorporating SAT Preparation Review, College Preparation, Business/Entrepreneurship Training, guest lecturers, field trips, active discussion, role playing, and group projects.

 Summer sessions, designed for 10th, 11th and 12th graders, give students
challenging instruction and unique recreational activities while they experience a taste of college life.

The Greenburgh Summer Achievement Program engages students in College-level academic activities that build the critical thinking skills necessary for high school and college success including essay writing, logic/problem solving, critical reading, college

 Students are required to attend Monday-Friday six-hour (SAT/College Prep) or four-hour (BizCamp) skill-building workshops that focus on academics, positive values, life skills, social competencies, public speaking and communication.

 Professionals specializing in the above skill sets will provide intensive educational and training sessions during program delivery.

Professional Staff Includes:

1 Program Coordinator/Manager

SAT Preparation Review
The Princeton Review
(3 weeks)

2 Princeton Review Tutors
1 High School Guidance Counselor

College Prep Course
Westchester Community College
(3 week)

2 Westchester Community College Employees

BizCamp: Business/ Entrepreneurship 101
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
(6 week)

2 Certified National Foundation Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Employees

Westchester RISE said...

Want Accurate Information?

For accurate information about Westchester RISE, The Greenburgh Summer Youth Achievement Program, and/or Sonja Brown, Sonja Brown welcomes your questions and comments:


Telephone number: (914) 879-9295

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Westchester RISE said...

More Answers:

This is not a Greenburgh 7 program.

Yes, Westchester RISE representative and HS Guidance Counselor are current Greenburgh 7 Employees.

Both Greenburgh Employees will continue to work on this program outside of Greenburgh 7 work hours. This is a summer program.

It is not rare that people own a business and work at the same time. People also work two or more jobs.

Thank you.