Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Bagels & More needs a pro bono architect. This business is located on E Hartsdale Ave. The business lost thousands of dollars due to flooding. They want to re-open. If you are an architect and are willing to help, it would be appreciated.
Their phone: 261-5065. Their e mail:
Please help a business in need of help.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering - Did they not have insurance?

Anonymous said...

I am appaled that nothing has been mentioned about the Hartsdale Farm grocery store or the Hartsdale Bakery that both incurred serious damages to their basements and merchandise as a result of the flood. I've also been told by neighboring business that the bakery and grocery store are most likely not coming back and will go out of business as a result of the financial losses they sustained. I am very upset that nothing is being said or done to support these two struggling business and their business owners. The Hartsdale Farm grocery store was very convenient for residents of E. Hartsdale Ave, especially for the elderly who find it difficult to commute to the neighboring Pathmark on Cenrtral Ave or the A&P in Greenburgh. I'm sure these businesses didn't have flood insurance either, as none of the business on that block did, since it wasn't considered a "flood zone" and never flooded this bad, but to neglect mentioning them or offering pro bono assistance to them is doing a great disservice to the community and shows the neglicence of the town board in supporting its residents and constituents that elected them inb the first place. It's time for Feiner and his cronies to pull their collective heads out of their behinds and get things done instead of making empty promises and the resorting to the common political posturing!

Feiner as manager is a hoax said...

Sad but true. The town knew about the problem in 2005 and did nothing. Feiner style government by press release is a hoax.

Time to dump Feiner said...

Time to dump Feiner and elect a town supervisor with a set of balls and determination to crack down on negligent property owners and get things done. Too bad we don't have a guy like Rudy Guiliani who would kick some butt and throw out the trash that was impeding things from getting done. We have too many liberal idiots in Hartsdale who voted for this liberal idiot leader of theirs, and until Feiner is replaced with another town supervisor who excercises fiscal and social responsibility to his constituents, nothing will change. I grew up in Brooklyn and if our mayor back then were this negligent after numerous complaints, there'd be a lynch mob out to hang him by his testicles. Feiner is too much of a pussy to take the bull by the horns and take initiative and responsibility.

Feiner and campaign contributions said...

Question - did Feiner take any campaign contributions from any of these landlords??

Feiner Not Liberal said...

Feiner is not liberal --

he does not support civil service employees

Does not support school budgets

Does not support library bond

Does not support paid fire fighters -- wants residents in districts to pay for them and to supsidize volunteers

hal samis said...

On whose list are these shown as liberal causes?

Anonymous said...

Support of working people, including civil servants?

I would have thought it to be on the Democratic and Working Families parties lists of liberal issues.

Anonymous said...

Any "spend and tax" schemer can take the title of liberal.
Only a genius like Feiner can convert it to "spend other people's money and defer raising taxes while I'm in office."
Guess who pays taxes to every level of government? Everyone! So whether he's spending the money raised by the Town, or telling us Taxter Ridge was 2/3 paid for by the State and the Feds, we still got the bill.

Hartsdale Wine & Liquor Store said...

This was about helping the bagel shop. Somehow it turned into another feiner bashing.
The farm needs thousands of dollars to replace all electrical wiring from the basement due to it being exposed to flood waters.
As the farms direct nieghbor I can tell all of you THEY ARE SEEKING AN SBA LOAN to fix the damage.
Funny how everyone is talking about the merchants future as if they actually spoke with them.

hal samis said...

Dear Hartsdale Wine & Liquor:

And there are still three months more before the Democratic Primary.

Yet already you seem to have caught on to just how liberal people are in the anonymouse party.

Hartsdale Wine & Liquor Store said...

I'm just trying to do my thing.
Politics isn't my game.
Wine and Liquor is.
Annoymouse was funny. Pretty much sums them up.
Hey "Time to dump Feiner",
How'd ya feel about Rudy september 10th?
He'll probably get my vote by default of a weak democrate.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have someone in authority (i.e. town officials of any nature) e-mail the 59 members of the AIA (American Institue of Architecture) who are listed as doing business in Westchester to ask if they would donate their services. Of course, if the person who donated their services were ever to come before the Town for other projects, there could be a concern of favoritism towards that individual if any future project required vairances . But whom better to give any potential " benefit of the doubt" to then someone who helped this town recover from this disaster.

hal samis said...

Dear Anonymous,
I know you're just hoping to help out but the Town doesn't have to
contact the heavyweights of the AIA. Why not ask the Hartsdale Parking Authority's architect who is also on the Hartsdale Contextual Review Board? Someone as connected as he, I'm sure would be "happy" to offer his services for free. Or would new "work for hire" be the plum if the current stores were vacated and new tenants needing new layouts or storefronts be the result?

However, I find it hard to believe that the Bagel Store which was doing so well that it doubled in size cannot arrange a low cost SBA loan or FEMA guarantee and needs to "beg" for help. If the income was reported for the last three years, their assumed reported profits would more than justify such a loan. However, if income and profits are not reported accurately, then they are stuck. On the other hand, when private enterprise shows a loss, capitalism, not socialism, says it should not survive.

Nor do we know the nature of the work that this Architect is to be used for? Just to restore the damage or also to resolve a pre-flood condition? I believe those metal floorplates were not just for decoration, the floor structure underneath was weak.

That may sound harsh but why is the Town not similarly concerned about businesses elsewhere in Greenburgh?

Hartsdale Wine & Liquor Store said...

If you step back and look at the begal store from a business sense, you'll easily see that, yeah the lines are long when they're busy.
The average sale is .75 to $1.25. In order to pay the high rent that they do pay they need lines out the door all day everyday.
FEMA does not help small biz. Take my word for it because they turned me down.
An SBA loan is available at a low percentage but takes time. Rent is still due. They need help. It's legit.