Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I want to congratulate City of Yonkers officials and NY Water Taxi for successfully introducing the new Yonkers commtuer ferry service to NYC. The service began today. For a free ride e mail info @nywatertaxi.com and a pass during the month of May will be sent to you.
This is very exciting. In 1985, shortly after I was elected to the Westchester County Board of Legislators, I initiated a lobbying effort trying to get a ferry service started to NYC from the Hudson River communities. We received a very positive response from commuters and organized two free trial ferry rides from the river communities into Manhattan. The Reporter Dispatch (now the Journal News) ran a front page article on July 12, 1985: HUDSON RIVER FERRY TO MANHATTAN- WESTCHESTER LAWMAKER SAYS PUBLIC DEMANDS HIGH SPEED SERVICE.
There was substantial interest from commuters. However, the service never got off the ground. The problems: lack of commuter parking in the river villages. Others expresesd concern that a ferry service would generate additional local vehicular traffic from out of town residents who would like to take commuter ferry service into Manhattan and would need to park their cars at ferry parking locations.
This is an exciting day for Westchester. Commuters have another option. The quality of the commute will be enhanced.
This has been a dream ---having commuter ferry service. The initiation of the service highlights the fact that lawmakers should never get discouraged. Good initiatives take time!


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to take credit for this? How this this story even about you?

Anonymous said...

GIVE US A BREAK. FEINER is thanking Yonkers for this ferry. What;s wrong with that,can't you read.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, there are some who would blame Feiner for the sirens going off at Indian Point too.....

hal samis said...

Dear 6:17:
Go the blog home page and look at the top.

Does it not say Supervisor Feiner's blog? You don't have to read it. You don't have to criticize it? You don't even have to write about it.

Does the posting of his infomercial, as it were, harm Greenburgh? Does it cause you to pay higher taxes? Does it prevent you from voting the way you choose at the polls?

Does everything have to be an "issue" particularly where no one is being attacked, insulted, harmed and no public dollars are being spent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree. Feiner draws a full time salary to govern and administer, not to run for re-election and promote a personal agenda. Taxpayer dollars are involved. I'm only surprised that the Villages don't see that Feiner is about to assault their parking along their riverfronts - you can't take a ferry to Manhattan if you can't park your car. I suppose we'll soon see Feiner pushing for the creation of the Hastings Public Parking District, the Dobbs Ferry Public Parking District, the Irvington Public Parking District and the Tarrytown Public Parking District. (So sorry Ardsley and Elmsford, without those beautiful water views you aren't worthy of consideration...)Then he can "arrange" for friends of Feiner to get parking spaces to take the ferry, just as he's always trying to get the Hartsdale Public Parking District to waive it's requirements because he has a friend in a village who wants to commute from Hartsdale. Have you ever wondered why Scarsdale is so uncooperative about parking? Many Scarsdale residents commute from Hartsdale and many Greenburgh residents commute from Scarsdale, so wouldn't it make sense to cooperate rather than spite one another? Well, it might - but think of the political edge which might be lost on either side and understand that we residents are merely pawns in an ego-based struggle between politicos. Our needs count for nothing - unless they can be shaped to enhance the image of our "chosen" officials.
I suggest we merge Edgemont and Hartsdale into Scarsdale, Fairview into White Plains, everything else into the nearest village and let the Town of Greenburgh fade into memory, replaced by Rivertown.

hal samis said...

So your argument is that because Feiner draws a full time salary, he cannot take any time to run for re-election.

Someone named anonymous has seen/read Hamlet too many times.
Everywhere he goes, Feiner appears.

And why would Feiner try to fold the Hartsdale Parking District into the Town, so he can give more spaces to friends while creating Parking Districts in the villages so he can can give ore spaces to friends.

Do you really think that Hartsdale wants to become partners with Edgemont. I think we would prefer to see Edgemont become a village so that we can have that special edgy Hartsdale/Scarsdale relationship that you characterize.

And whom do you have in mind to rule these newly created entities?
Suzanne Berger has not pursued opportunites to be the home village girl. She wants the whole pie. Michelle McNally would be the mayor of Edgedale or, less likely, Hartsmont, Fairview is to join White Plains so they can pay sales taxes and thus Feiner has again been gerrymandered into oblivion.

Is it time to defrost Walt Disney?
Do we need to bring back the original Fantasyland?

Anonymous said...

Being Gerrymandered is in the absolute best traditions of corrupt politics. Elbridge T. Gerry where are you when we really need you?

Ship not shape said...

If the new ferry service is a success, mr feiner might look into getting his captain's license. His ship seems to be sunk here in Rivertown (formerly known as Greenburgh).

Anonymous said...

Check the newspaper article that is refered to by Feiner before you say that he is BSing.We are always ready to jump to bad conclusions when it comes to the supervisor. His idea's was not taken then but many years after it was taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

ahead of the times--

good idea in the 1980s. good idea now