Thursday, May 10, 2007


Triton has finally provided the Town Board with a written confirmation to credit three months of preconstruction time for the library. This preconstruction credit timeframe shall begin at the scheduled end of Triton's contract with the town, December, 2007 and continue to February, 2008.
At last nights Town Board meeting representatives of Triton indicated that plans re: geothermal technology have not been finalized.
The outdoor patio furniture at the temporary library is available for library patrons to enjoy. Enjoy the views of the pond at Town Hall and read a book outside!


Anonymous said...

Triton cannot get the final plans concerning the library. The board forced Feiner to sign the contract,and still no plans.Of course they will give 3 months free,since they dont even know what,and how things should be done.

hal samis said...

Ok, let's look at what Triton is actually doing. The original estimate (November 2004) that Triton prepared for the Library Board of Trustees came to $19.9 million which was the amount that the Library took to the public for the Referendum.

Triton did the estimates, again Triton did the estimates and estimated their OWN portion of the project at $612,000. They were awarded the contract to be the Construction Manager because of this bid for their services. Even though they were NOT the low bidder, they were the only bidder who had promised NOT to charge for pre-referendum work, i.e. putting together the project estimate, participating in the road shows, etc.

Referendum passes in May 2005 and what's the next step? Why to sign the contract with Triton for $680,000, or an additional $68,000 which I have always maintained is the pre-Referendum work they weren't going to charge for. Certainly it was "troublesome" that the firm engaged to prepare the estimate for the entire project cost, couldn't even estimate their own fee. I like to think of this as one of the "Red Flags" that were waving for all who wanted to see, Town Council excepted.

After the Referendum passed, Triton and the architect, Beatty Harvey... got down to work and with the compliance of the ignorant
Library Board Building Committee (Howard Jacobs, Estelle Palevsky and Susan Wolfert) proceeded to set deadlines for critical phases, then reset the dates and reset the dates; the results of which caused the "real" construction to begin, not in Spring 2006 as promised, but in January 2007. This resulted in my forward observation that Triton's contract was going to expire in November 2007 and thereafter they would be entitled to extended employment at $21,000 monthly. At a Town Board work session in mid December, Triton agreed verbally (after my email prodding) to perform three months of work for free. You may remember that the written agreement did not arrive, even after additional urging, until just now. It is my opinion that Triton held off until they felt confidant that they would be awarded other work in the area and thus could swap manpower between jobs when needed. Triton is now about to receive some contracts in White Plains on school construction projects.

So by twisting Triton's arm until they cried "Uncle", the Town has saved the project the equivalent of 3 months bill at $21,000 or $63,000. But looking at it my way, Triton is still ahead $5,000 because they were hired for $68,000 more than they had bid to do the job. (see above).

But there's more, let's say the construction job ends (allowing a not unreasonable two years) in December 2008 (January 2007 to December 2008). Let's look at what Triton will be paid.
Remember that they started at $612,000:

*Contract thru November 2007
*December 2007, January 2008, February 2008
2008 (10 months @ $21,000 per month)
$890,000 or $278,000 additional or 45% more than Triton's estimate

"Please, don't throw me in that dar briar patch" said the captured rabbit".

Greenburgh has won the battle to pay them more money. As for losing the war? Well according to Al Regula everything is ok. The project will not exceed the $19.9 million (by law) and it is on track.

Well the project is not on track and it is true that only $19.9 million will be spent. But we're going to get a lot less Library than we were promised for those bucks. And if the Greenburgh Public Library Foundation can't raise at least $2 million more, we're not going to have furniture or technology contracts either.

Oh, well "prices of raw materials rose" etc. If the Library could be built in one day, the taxpayers would have realized a windfall because the cost of the project was not $19.9 million but a lot less. In fact there was a built in cushion to allow for contingencies, inflation etc. of approximately 19%. And that contingency is already gone. But it had rightfully been created to allow for such events. The problem is that Triton estimated unrealistically, the project design was all wrong, the Library Board knew it before but chose to ignore it and proceed and there was no one from the Town with the needed knowledge. But Nay said the Town Council to the independent Project Manager role proposed by Feiner. Note to those advocating Professional Manager, under these conditions, a Manager with integrity would have packed his bags.

And as for the geothermal experiment, well this was supposed to be in place by March 2006 only the Library team of "experts" hid from the public that they hadn't even applied for permits for the geothermal system they have just now aboandoned in favor of another one so they can avoid most of the permits. But don't think we are home free yet.

In case anyone doesn't understand, the geothermal system is the building's HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) alternative. Not a minor detail.

In fact, five months into construction, the team of experts can't even predict when the job will be finished. Everything is ok says Al Regula, but this time silently. Why because they aren't certain about the geothermal locations and whether the new version will work effectively being further away from the intake in the Library building. And perhaps these locations will need new site plan approval.

Meanwhile just announced is that removal of asbestos from the old town hall will cost an additional and unexpected $100,000 more.
I don't think we'll be hearing much more from Mr. Regula. It's his brand of wellness that is starting to make the Town Council squirm.

Don't worry, the cafe will be saved.

But who's laughing the last laugh?
Triton at $21,000 a month.

And the change orders keep coming.

Anonymous said...

We will not receive what we voted for .The money alloted for this project will not be enough.The four members of the board are to blame for this great oversight. They never really sat down with pencil and paper to do their homework.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I was reading the local paper today, the headline is Mt. Kisco Cops get support. Deputy Mayor expects officers to be cleared.

Would be nice if the Town of Greenburgh Police Department Officers had YOUR SUPPORT in the upcomming federal law suit mess that you have created !!!!

Should be funny when you come ask the POLICE OFFICERS for their support in your upcomming election ...... just makes me laugh

Anonymous said...

Police dept. should know that Sheehan was the top gun in the police investigation. Too bad he's not running for re election,but there are two board members who are.Bass and Barnes.If endorsement is to be given ,it should be for Feiner.With all that has happened,we know with this town board, Feiner cannot do the right thing. He has been out voted since Sheehan was elected.Feiner deserves your support.We the voters will do the rest come election day.We're not deaf or dump,in attending the town meetings one can see who is running the show. Feiner says its white Sheehan says its black and the others follow Sheehans call.Its time for a change ,

Dump Feiner now said...

So after 16 years of Feiner, the corrupt, the divisive, the incompetent, we should give him two more years?

Anonymous said...