Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The first meeting of our keep greenburgh clean committee will be held tonight at 8:15 PM at the supervisor's conference room, town hall. We will be organizing an adopt a highway program, and will be developing a plan of action to keep greenburgh clean.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the town's highway department will sign up for the adopt a highway program. I'm annoyed that the highway department is allowed to neglect even the most basic functions. The Keep Greenburgh Clean committee cannot be effective without first having strict accountability standards enforced for the highway department.

Anonymous said...

(re-posting this here from the general category)

As usual, the weeds are growing strong along the Central Park Avenue median strips. I wish the Town cared about its appearance.

Anonymous said...

I hope anonymous will show up at tonights meeting. I'm glad Supervisor Feiner is addressing this quality of life issue.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the town board's work session, also scheduled for that time?

Anonymous said...

On another subject, because I don't know where else to put this: is there any word on when K Fung, Hartsdale Farms or the Bakery may re-open?

Anonymous said...

I agree - there is garbage on the streets all over Greenburgh - in every village. You dont see this in Scarsdale or the other Westchester towns. No pride in our community by PW! I see orange trucks drive right past stuff that should be picked up all the time. When you call PW about it - they are rude - and ignore the request. Others in our neighborhood feel the same way. Always a million reasons why it cant be done - never a yes to even the most simple request.

Why should we have to attend a meeting at 830 at night to get Al Regula and PW to do the job they are paid to do?

Feiner and Juettner - no friends of Ardsley said...

Greenburgh as a property owner is no better. In Ardsley, the Town foreclosed on the WaterWheel property - it only took about a dozen years!! The property is a shambles. All of this happened on the watch of Mr. Feiner. No wonder he lost in Ardsley big time in the least election. Shame that Town councilwoman Juettner who lives in Ardsley takes no interest in how her village looks either.

Anonymous said...

Sanitation picks up the garbage and then our neighbors litter. We need to work together to keep the town clean.

Feiner and Juettner said...

correction - in the last election

Anonymous said...

"and then our neighbors litter"

But notice where most of the litter problems are located - at places where the town neglects to do simple mowing and weedwacking. Neglect indicates (to those inclined to litter) that litter is welcomed.

An example: Central Park Avenue between the Yonkers city line and Ardsley Road. There's no litter on the southbound side because the property owners do their mowing and weedwacking. But look at the northbound stretch that the town is responsible for, and there you will see plenty of litter among the overgrown grass and weeds.

Unless the town's highway department makes a commitment to do its part, there's no use in trying to fight the littering issue.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why should maintianing the medians be the responsiblity of the Parks department? The maintenance of the roads is a town entire responsiblity, not a unincorporated (read Parks) responsiblity. I am tired of Feiner pushing costs onto Parks, and then having charged only to unincorporated Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the person who types in ALL CAPS: But since it doesn't look good, that rationale doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

I love those pretty barrels of beautiful flowers that adorn the entrances to the Edgemont and Ardsley communities. I love when I see a Park's Dept truck watering them. I wish we had some of those in Hartsdale.

Oh wait! That's not for me. Hartsdale MUST look unkempt. If it didn't, the fine folks living Edgemont couldn't wake up in the morning feeling thankful that they don't live in Hartsdale. They can rest assured that there is no confusion in the distinction of the two areas.

If Edgemont doesn't get its wish to break away from the Unincorporated Town, I think they have a right to be annoyed. I wouldn't blame them one bit. It's painfully clear that the town believes there is a distinction so let's stop pretending and actually make it real.

Hey Edgemont! Why don't you take Hartsdale with you? We have great but neglected parks & schools, terrific properties, money, a village & PARKING at the train station!!!!! I know we can look just as polished as you do when out from under the clutches of the Greenburgh government.

Think of the possibilities! :)

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with the parks department planting flowers at parks, it makes everything look good. I thought hand planting bulbs was the only way to do it. I think our parks look great.

Anonymous said...

Hartsdale, I think those floweres and planters are put there by civic assoications and residents. My guess is if your civic associations want to put them out, Parks would water them too.

Anonymous said...

And Hartsale,

the pipeline parking and the lot on the Eastern side of the train line are in Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

The parking lots that appear to be in the Edgemont part of Greenburgh are not Edgemont properties.

Anonymous said...

Residents of the Greenridge Civic Association in Hartsdale actually pay separate taxes to the town to have their small piece of greenspace maintained, but the planting of flowers and their watering is the responsibility of the residents.

The town and its parks department does nothing to keep the beautiful entrance to Greenridge beautiful. In fact, the town does nothing for the money it collects for that space.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the supervisor is working hard on quality of life concerns. Hope the Town Board is supportive.

Anonymous said...

While it's most likely true that the individual civic associations do their own plantings, who would you think would be responsible for, say, that strip of dirt and falling down retaining wall across from the apartments? The one up off of Rocklegde Road. The gateway to Hartsdale Village?

While the town refuses to accept that it is town property, despite documents supporting that it is, it remains a complete eyesore. There is no attempt at leaf cleaning or garbage pickup in Hartsdale as well. I have been told the the Hartsdale Parking District has been emptying the garbage cans, for the town, for years.

Why? Does Scarsdale refuse to do this? Is it the responsibility for their merchants to do their own plantings and empty the street garbage cans?

Why does Westchester Greenhouses have to donate plantings (after much complaining about the disgrace of it's condition) for the memorial and flag pole at the train station?

Why does the barely there holiday decorations have to be donated by the merchants and hung at the expense of the HPPD?

Do these quality of life items fall into the responsibility of the village citizens?

Anonymous said...

"I think our parks look great"

Have you been to Webb Field lately?

Anonymous said...

All the Hartsdale station parking is owned by the Hartsdale Public Parking District. It is not owned by either Hartsdale or Edgemont. Parts are located in Edgemont, parts in Hartsdale. If and when Edgmeont leaves Greenburgh, either Edgemont and the Town will divide it up or the courts would decide how to divide it up.

Anonymous said...

True. The HPPD owns the properties. Since there is no property line that defines Edgemont, other than a school district, there currently is no portion of the HPPD property that resides in Edgemont.

If & when?.......I don't think I'll be alive to see the division of the HPPD properties, if ever happens.

Anonymous said...

If you go by the School District line, then the pipeline parking and the lot on the other side are in the Edgemont School District.

Anonymous said...

If you go by the school district line, only the most southern part of the lot, off of the Bronx River, is in that school district. It's a very small portion. I believe school tax records will confirm this.

Regardless, there is no Edgemont municipality and what, if ever that may be, is far from being determined. It could include or exclude many properties.

Personally, I think serious consideration should be given to including Hartsdale east of Central or Hartsdale entire for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:16 5/22 Move to Scarsdale if you don't like our community

Anonymous said...

Ok not all the parks look great. The big problem with Webb Field is that it has been taken over by large hispanic familys playing volleyball and partying on the weekend, there are hundreds of them in, and by the way they all live in White Plains.

Anonymous said...

"Move to Scarsdale if you don't like our community"

LOL! Is Scarsdale better?

Anonymous said...

Ah. Webb Field. One giant mud hole since it been overrun by those people described by "anonymous". I'm not sure where they live. I could guess. Not sure what their nationalities are. I can guess. Do they pay taxes? Not sure but I could make a very good guess.

I do know that there are hundreds at times. I do know that they have destroyed the field. There appears to be no plan to stop this or repair it.
I do know that my kids wouldn't be able to hold organized, regularly scheduled, sports activities without Town permission yet the field is littered with sports equipment, people, BBQ's, trash, loud music......every nice day.

Just last week the mud/grass was painted to outline a regulation soccer field. Takes up most of the field!

Ah! Feel free to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Why isnt Parks and Recreation doing anything about this?

In other towns, including White Plains, any group over a certain number needs to register with Parks and reserve field. And show residence. Because our town doesnt enforce this type of rule, we run the risk of getting overrun.

Anonymous said...

FYI, A community has good schools, hartsdale has no good schools. We need to create our own village with schools. Who's with me!!!

Anonymous said...

In order to create, leave or modify the borders of a school district, you need the permission of the state. I wish you all the luck in the world, but I dont beleive that the state would let Hartsdale leave Greenburgh 7. Taking the Hartsdale students out of G7 would, IMHO, be viewed as making G7 weaker.

Anonymous said...

"Why isn't Parks and Recreation doing anything about this?"

I have complained to PF myself. I received the standard, canned response of: I will pass this along to (pick one: Houdini, the Parks & Rec, Snow Angles).

That's it.

However, I have witnessed a parks & rec person asking a large group of soccer players to remove the field goals. The following week, the soccer players dug holes into the field and inserted big sticks as goals. Again, I saw someone asking them to remove the sticks.

This week they painted the field. *sigh*

They have not been asked to LEAVE to my knowledge and if they have, they have not been prevented from returning.

Anonymous said...

The state would never allow for C7 boarder district changes citing an attempt to segregate.

What I never understood is why the the segregation of the *cough*Edgemont*cough* district never been challenged by the residents of the unincorporated entire.

If you know a good lawyer willing to donate time, I'll bet there are some real goodies to be uncovered in the goings on there. *cough Edgemont NEEDS to break away because it KNOWS this is a time bomb legal issue cough*


Anonymous said...

There are many school districts whose racial composition may differ from the Town or the County, including Ardsley, where the Supervisors children attend. The state does not challenge existing districts. It approved when Hartsdale left Edgemont.

If your comment is that the people in Edgemont should feel more comfortable if they formed a village to protect their beloved schools, probably unnecessary but so noted.

Anonymous said...

When Hartsdale left Edgemont and joined G7, they voted on it. I doubt it changed the racial composite of Edgemont much, but who knows. Like I said, Hartsdale voted on it, and the state approved it.

Anonymous said...

Couple of questions if anyone can answer.

Hartsdale broke away from egdemont? when and why?

Paul Finer lives in Ardsley? I thought he had to live in the town of greenburgh?

Anonymous said...

Parks and rec should be allowed to take a police officer with them if necessary. This is not fair. Those fields are for all residents.

Anonymous said...

yet all of this ignores the point - no matter where you live in Greenburgh - the lack of maintenence on public property - parks, roads, medians - is pitiful. I dont know that we can blame this on pick-up soccer games in the park on nice days. their are no pick up games on the medians on central avenue or along the curbs on our streets. who runs Public Works and why do they do a half a%$ job?

Anonymous said...

Hartsdale broke off from Edgmont in the 60s. Bill Greenwalt can probably give you more details on this. Students went to Seely Place until 10th grade, then went to high school in Scarsdale. When attendance starting increasing, changes had to be made. Edgmont residents were willing to pay for a high school; Hartsdale wasnt, so they left.

You can live in the villages or the unincorporated area to vote and to be elected town supervisor. The village residents have most of the vote, but pay about 5% of the town budget. Feiner lives in the unincorporated area, but his children attend teh ardsley schools. The school district and village lines (for many of the school districts) are not exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

"The school district and village lines (for many of the school districts) are not exactly the same."

This is another antiquated oddity that no one has addressed in decades.

It would be nice if we operated as normal municipalities around here.

Anonymous said...

Can the parks department place an attendant at webb field on the weekends?

Anonymous said...

The Hartsdale vote in the 60's was from accounts of those still here to talk about it, a vote in good conscience to have the C7 district a more diverse district. There was no "come with us and join Edgemont" going on. It was more of a "we don't want to be part of it."

Peace, Love, Flower power.
It was unsuccessful.
The student population of C7 does not, in any way, shape or from resemble the demographic makeup of the C7 households with school age children and the parents of those C7 kids attending, like it that way.

Regardless, Ardsley is a Village. Elmsford is a Village. Edgemont is not. Edgemont is only defined by its School district. It is part of the Unincorporated Town.

We share facilities from time to time. For example: Edgemont Summer camps use the town pool but Edgemont kids do not attend (by choice) the Greenburgh Summer camps. Greenburgh Dad's Club uses Edgemont fields. There are Edgemont basketball, softball, baseball,swim teams but every other kid in unincorporated Greenburgh, not residing within the Edgemont SD, is on the Greenburgh Dad's Club teams. We all play together with other Villages such as Ardsley or Elmsford BUT Edgemont is the only non-village, only defined by School District boundaries team, allowed to compete in these sports.

So....what would you make of this? These sporting events aren't school sponsored. They are Town and/or Village sponsored.

I once inquired if my C7 child was allowed to join the Edgemont Summer program. YES!! Sure! If you live in Unincorporated Greenburgh, you can go!

Several messages left at their camp office went unanswered when I tried to inquire about the program.


I'm not trying to cause drama here but these are the facts and I accept them for what they are. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, it's a duck.

I'm in total support of Edgemonts efforts to become it's own municipality to protect whatever it feels it needs to protect but let's get real here.

Edgemont wants change for it's community yet I read that I should live with a change that was made in my community almost 50 years ago because, hey,those long ago, long gone people thought it best for them, back then?

I don't hear anyone saying to Edgemont, tuff puppies, this is what you wanted, voted on back then, so live with it.
Good Grief.

Anonymous said...

"I dont beleive that the state would let Hartsdale leave Greenburgh 7. Taking the Hartsdale students out of G7 would, IMHO, be viewed as making G7 weaker"

LOL! Hartsdale students attend Central 7? What? Ok. Maybe 15 or so do.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon at 8:39,

I think you have a number of facts incorrect.

First Edgemont Rec is only open to Edgemont residents. It is funded by Edgemont and it pays for use of the Veterans pool.

Second, many other teams use Greenbergh fields. The Ardsley, Irvington teams are based on school districts (which include village and unincorporated residents).

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people you spoke to who were hear back in the 60s said that the vote by Hartsdale to join G7 was in the spirit of diverstiy, but the people I spoke to said that the cost of a new high school was a major factor. Not that I'm certain it matters. The bonds were taken out by Edgemont. They have now been paid off.

All over Greenburgh, school districts do not agree wiht Village lines. There are many residents in the Ardsley school district who live in unincorproate village. AS the previous poster noted, they typically play on the Ardsley teams, village and unincorpoated Arsdley School District students. The better question is do why are village residents playing on town fields at all. But many, many residents of unincorporated Greenburgh play on teams other than Dads Club.

Anonymous said...

I agree with having a clean up campaign, people litter the place with soda bottles, beer cans and other garbage. They should be fined for littering if they are caught.

Anonymous said...

"First Edgemont Rec is only open to Edgemont residents."

It currently states this in the Town of Greenburgh Parks & Rec brochure. It did not state this in the brochure many previous years.

How can Edgemont, legally, without being it's own municipality, create it's own Recreation? Does that mean that any select group within the unincorporated area could create and advertise it's program through the Town, pay for town property use and offer services only to be available to those designated and defined by a school district or any neighborhood boarder?

I'm just asking. I couldn't find an example of this type of situation anywhere mostly because a totally separate school district within one Town that does not have any reciprocality between themselves doesnt exist(or I could not locate one) except here.

The rational that "Edgemont pays for it" doesn't make a whole lot of sense sometimes. Paying for plantings, ok. Paying to carve out a special place for "only us" not being a Village may very well be NOT OK when Town entire services are used.

No joke. I really want to understand this. This info is useful to me.

Anonymous said...

You can live in the Town of GB and......

Not be in the Unincorporated area

Live in a Village

Have a Village address (Ardsley) but be in unincorporated GB (C7)SD. You get to swim (Veterans) & park at the train.(Hartsdale)

Have a Village address (Ardsley) live in the T of GB(not unincorportated) in the Ardsley SD and use Veterans Pool.No parking for you.

Have a Village address (Scarsdale), in the unincorporated area and be in the EDGNT SD.You Swim & Park

Have a Hartsdale address but be in the EDGMT, C7 or WP SD. You swim & park.

Have a city address (White Plains) and live in unincorporated GB and either be in C7 or Elmsford school districts. You swim & park.

Have a city address (White Plains) live in the city of WP and choose to go to C7 or WP schools. No swim, no park.

Have a village address (Elmsford)live in un-GB and be in the C7 SD. you swim & park.

Have a village address Tarrytown, Hastings live in unincorporated GB, not in C7 SD. You swim & park.

I could go on as there are various other configurations but you get my drift.

These parameters are drawn up on exactly to what municipality or SD you pay taxes to , sometimes it's just where the property is located. NOT your address. How this configuration ever got to be so crazy is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

Most of edgemont rec "home" games are played on school property. Same for many other teams. I think the bigger complaint is why are villages allowed to field teams when they dont get charged for parks.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:32,

If you live in unincorporated Greenburgh, even if you have Ardsley address and Ardsley schools, you are allowed parking, just like any other resident of unincorporated Gburgh.

These anomolies happen all over Westchester. I thought it was funny when, for a long time, the town supervisor of Harrison, who obviously lived in Harrison, had a White Plains address.

Anonymous said...

"If you live in unincorporated Greenburgh, even if you have Ardsley address and Ardsley schools, you are allowed parking, just like any other resident of unincorporated Gburgh. "

Yes. A variation I did not note.

These anomalies do happen every where but there is no denighing Greenburgh has cornered that market on them. This is ONE of the reasons why people complain about things like the poster above stating "I think the bigger complaint is why are villages allowed to field teams when they don't get charged for parks.

Why indeed. Who really knows? GB is a complete mess and continues to lend itself to continued questioning of these types of things. The lines are always blurred, when convenient to those yelling loudest because there doesn't seem to be any real, defined, logical, set rules here.

Divide and conquer IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny (if true)that PF's daughter attends Ardsley schools. Maybe someone nudged a SD line right up his street in Edgemont to add a new variation to the who gets to use what, when, where,& how & who pays for it. :D

Anonymous said...

I think Feiner lives in Ardsley,so his daughter would have to attend schooll there.

Anonymous said...

The job of cleaning up does not only belong to the DPW or the parks dept.this should be part of the building dept. job also. They check on construction jobs that go on for a short time and others that go on and on. There should be a time limit in constructing or expansions and clean up should be done every day .These places have been eyesores for quite some time. Cleaning up is not only the responsibility of the home owners but also the respective departments in this town.

Anonymous said...

Paul: Where do you live?

Where in the world is Paul Feiner said...

Feiner does not live in the incorporated village of ardsley. He lives in an unincorporated portion of the town of greenburgh (which is closer to Yonkers but nevertheless where he lives has a scarsdale postal address). He does however live within the ardsley school district as well as within one of the two fire protection districts serviced by the ardsley fire dept. He does not drive a hybrid car.

Anonymous said...

Feiner lives in a gated community. The taxes are less on each unit than they would be on a single family home; that's the way the law is. Feiner tells his fellow gated community dwellers he will fight any attempts to change that law. Meanwhile, the single family homeowners bear more of the burden. Does he care? NO.

No more gated communities.

Anonymous said...

The group of condos where Feiner lives were available to anyone who could afford them .Don't condem Feiner for living where he lives,maybe he didn't like living in a home with a lot of land. Where he lives is his business and not yours.

Anonymous said...

Actualy, its important to know where your leaders reside. The more we know about public leaders the better. No matter if they want to beleive it or not it could effect there opinions.

The edgemont school district could least think about including Hartsdale residents. I'm sure theres some agreement that can be forged. we have a nice little village with a lot to offer. Lets leave the state out of it. Its a community issue.

hal samis said...

Keep Greenburgh Clean!

Discard the litter on the Town Council and deposit in the proper receptacle.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:08.

It is not possible to leave the state out of it. They must approve any border changes. Even if both C7 and Edgemont agree to it. And even if Edgemont agreed to it, I doublt c7 would.

Anonymous said...

Just the village of hartsdale not the entire C7 district. Maybe 5-10 children are in C7 school district, thats why they can't pass a budget. Hartsdale always votes "NO"
If edgemont wanted to expand there borders they could. Its a win win situation for everyone.

Anonymous said...

For the nth time, the state has to approve it and they won't. Some background.

1. There are about 6 homes in the area by Scarsdale Golf Club that are actually in G7. They wanted to get in Edgemont. Their arguement was that they were isolated from the rest of G7 and near Edgemont. In fact, the students could walk to the high school. Edgemont did not oppose. The state said no. The residents went to court and lost.

2. A few years back, an area in North White Plains wanted to leave Valhalla and join WP. Apparently a local elementary school had been closed, and they were closer to one in WP. No one in WP objected. The state said no. That really surprised everyone because here was a predominately white neighborhood trying to get into an integrated school system and the state still said no.

The state looks at a number of factors, including the size of the districts, whether they are growing or shrinking, whether they have any extra capacity for students (which Edgemont does not), etc. The state pays part of new buildings. They are not going to want districts that are at or close to capacity expanded.

Anonymous said...

Why would this be a win situation for Edgemont?

Anonymous said...

If Edgemont did expand their borders, within a very short time, there would be many, many school age children resident in Hartsdale. And they would be attending public schools.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of money in Hartsdale by way of school & town taxes that Edgemont should consider having as well as desirable properties.

I'm will to bet my little pinky (and I do adore it) that if given the choice, the majority of Hartsdale residents would move to merge with Edgemont. The C7 population is NOT the Hartsdale population (with obvious reason) so I don't see this as being an issue.

A disproportionate amount of the C7 students don't even live or legally live in Unincorporated Greenburgh and those families do not get a say in the matter. We are filling the seats with anyone we can because Hartsdale children attend private schools out of necessity.

Anonymous said...

"For the nth time, the state has to approve it and they won't.

You "know" this?

Me thinks thoud dost protest too much sir!

*Quack Quack*

Anonymous said...

Fine -- go waste your money on attorneys fees. Better yet, make campaign contributions to Feiner in the belief he can help you.

Its your money.

Anonymous said...

If you think that a disproportionate number of students do not live in G7 but attend school there, take the matter up with the School Board. I am not certain if the Superintendent, even if there were one, would care. More students = more money (for them).

As to not being legal, I am not certain anything can be done.

The next time there are school board elections, run on the platform of making certain students are supposed to be there.

Anonymous said...

Since you say it is impossible to expand edgemont boundrys, maybe Finer can help Hartsdale be free of C7, by letting Hartsdale create there own school as many other villages do. You have to start somewhere. God bless america!!

Anonymous said...

If you build it Paul they will come!

Anonymous said...

Even if Hartsdale were to create their own village, which is possible if most of Hartsdale is for it, they still have to go to the state to create a school district.

Anonymous said...

"Fine -- go waste your money on attorneys fees."

If you live in Edgemont you're going to spend oodles of money trying to distance yourself from those distasteful Greenburgh people by creating your own municipality. You'll have no services. Oh that's right. You want to buy Greenburgh's services. You'll have no Village, no Town Hall, no place for recreation, no library, and possibly 30 parking spaces at the train station to park that you can fight over but you'll have finally gotten rid of the festering boil on your butt, Greenburgh. Or not.

You'll pay & pay & pay...it could be so very worth it.

Anonymous said...

"Even if Hartsdale were to create their own village, which is possible if most of Hartsdale is for it, they still have to go to the state to create a school district. "

Of course. Unfortunately, Hartsdale has become complacent. I'd love to see a grass roots movement in Hartsdale.

Anonymous said...

If you build it Paul they will come!

Dear Funny Blooger,



Anonymous said...

A law should be in place for anyone who is putting on an extension on their home .to clean up the outside of the property,instead of leaving it as a pig stye for years.The building dept should take this into consideration,instead of letting them finish the home inside and the hell with the outside,

hal samis said...

Does anyone know how to form a Duchy? Do you need State approval?

Feiner is no friend of Central 7 said...

In his 16 years in office, can anyone name one significant thing paul feiner has built other than a garage that is too small to house the trucks it was meant for? On that note, what has Feiner done to help expand Central 7's tax base?

Anonymous said...

Since when did Feiner become a bulider. That's news to me. Did he do the job alone,I doubt it. Some had to go along with the plans and the construction,Stop bashing Feiner for this too.

Anonymous said...

"How this configuration ever got to be so crazy is anyone's guess."

A lot of it is related to racial segregation back when all those lines were drawn. I'm surprised no one has taken the initiative to clean up the various postal and other district lines all these years later.

Anonymous said...

"The edgemont school district could least think about including Hartsdale residents."

Not a bad idea, but truly there is no space currently in the Edgemont schools to increase student enrollments.

If Edgemont were to build a new 6th-8th middle school building, then there would be a little more space to expand at all grade levelsn, but what incentive would there be for Edgemont to do so?

Is there an old Hartsdale school district building around somewhere that could be a third Edgemont elementary school? But still, what would those kids do for 7th-12th grades? There's just no space for more kids at Edgemont Jr/Sr High School.

Anonymous said...

Hartsdale properties include:
The Warburgh Estate (Woodlands Middle & High school)Prime property
Highview (2-3 grades)behind the now office building that was one Hartsdale High at Webb field.

Other non-Hartsdale C7 school properties include, Lee F. Jackson in Juniper Hill(k-1) & RJ Bailey on Hillside (5-6)

A few years back it was proposed by the C7 board that this ridiculous configuration of these schools be reassessed and that there should be 2 K-6 schools (one at Highwiew & 1 at RJ Bailey) to resolve it, each family choosing which school you would send your children. "segregation! We won't stand for it!" *snickers* Pointing out that the SD is completely segregated right now made little difference.

There would be an issue with the warburgh estate as this property was deeded to the Town of Greenburgh (entire? unincorporated???) for education use.

Anyway, Edgemont has nowhere to expand for schools or otherwise and Hartsdale has plenty of undeveloped or existing properties to could be put to better use.

I really believe that between the ongoing state recognized problems C7 has and it's inability to resolve them, there is at least a very good chance that the state would entertain a suggestion of realignment. Hell! I think that state may need to take the C7 SD over in the very near future. I'm sure that's not what they want to do.

Anonymous said...

More food for thought:
I'm guesing that 85-90% of the school aged children living in Hartsdale attend private schools. The family contributions by way of school taxes collected are as high as those collected by Edgemont families.

Hypothetically, if there was a joining of the two communities, Hartsdale families would not rip their kids out of private schools all at once and throw them into public schools. School taxes will continued to be paid by these families.

The effect would take in a more gradual pace whereby, children just entering school would choose to now enroll their kids into the newly formed public school.

This would allow for the much needed adjustment to the "new community" while there will be monies to address its new needs.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to combine, I think it makes more sense to combine Ardsley and Elmsford -- they are now sharing a libary, the library will be working with both schools, etc.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Edgemont can take any more students. The roads leading toward the school have been turned into one way, no turns, etc., whatever it takes to avoid total gridlock. It is just physically impossible to expand.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon at 6:49

No one in Edgemont that I know considers Greenburgh a boil. There are many who want fairer allocations of taxes. As to Edgemont leaving and having to build its own library, etc. I think the the GPL would want Edgemont to stay in the library and keep paying for its bond, but if not a new Edgemont could contract out, just like others, including Elmsford do, with a number of libraries, including Scarsdale. As to parking, there are many, many more than 30 spots within the Edgemont limits of the HPPD. Yes, it might be up to a court to divide it up, but current Town management makes us go to court for everything anyway.

Anonymous said...

Can we get away from teh Edgemont/Hartsdale back and forth and go back to the G7 budget? Which is a reality.

What annoys me is the districts fudgeing the numbers, like they really arent more expensive -- by referencing a tuition schedule. Like who pays tuition to go to G7. Going to the state schedule that just takes the total cost and divides by # of student (the Private Excess Cost report) you get:

G7 24,703
Elmsford 22,167
White Plains 18,945
Scarsdale 21,704

Does the district think we are so stupid we look only a tthe numbers tehy give us?

Anonymous said...

"There is no way Edgemont can take any more students. The roads leading toward the school have been turned into one way, no turns, etc., whatever it takes to avoid total gridlock. It is just physically impossible to expand."

Did you read anony's post above? Why do you interpret that as 'taking more studants into the existing EDGMT schools?

Anonymous said...

"Does the district think we are so stupid we look only a tthe numbers tehy give us? ?

Yes, yes, they do and we are! we are because we let them take our 14.2, 24.7 or whatever the real # is just so we can avoid any association with C7.
"take my money & do whatever you want with it PLEASE!" Stop reminding me that I live in C7!!! How much is it gunna cost to go away??"

It's a riot!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much( I think $30,000)but, I know the Town of Greenburgh gives money to Edgemont Day Camps, Edgemont does not pay for it's camps to swim in the pools.

Anonymous said...

And how much does Greenburgh give for ohter camps -- $millions

Anonymous said...

"I know the Town of Greenburgh gives money to Edgemont Day Camps, Edgemont does not pay for it's camps to swim in the pools."

*sniff, sniff* what is that smell?

If this is true it would be kinda ironic that EDGMT CLAIMS to want it's own government due to being unfairly taxed for parks & such.

While it's true that any unincorporated redident can use the pool for a FEE, I wonder about the use of this select group. Are we PAYING for them to use it while they only allow EDGMT only participants?

Can anyone please tell me? Is there an EDGMT Rec? If so, how it is funded and what does it encompass? Is GB Parks & Rec funding any part of it's activities?

Anonymous said...

Edgemont ---If you didn't act up at every town meeting setting forth your demands ,no one would be saying and questioning all that you do. If what the other areas are saying is true you really should keep your mouths shut.People are starting to hate the area,instead of working for a better Greenburgh,your dividing it further.

Anonymous said...

While it's true that some Edgemont residents ask valid questions and have valid concerns, the continued pontification of a few EDGMT individuals has drawn attention to exactly what is going on there.

I think it's too late for them to "shut their mouths".Outsiders are looking and they don't like what they see.

rule #1. You had better be pretty damn certain that your own backyard is clean

rule #2 realize that you are not smarter, better, more deserving, then those outside of your little community.

rule #3 If you cannot fulfill rules #1 or 2 you need to be prepared to defend yourselves against a deluge of criticism or questioning.

Anonymous said...

Getting out ofSprain valley rd.onto Ardsley road is an accident to happen. The brush on the left side of the road should be cleared. now going to Jackson ave.from the same road the grass is so high also. Come on it's getting to be a tremendous eyesore,and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

And why are the residents of the villages allowed to field rec teams?

Anonymous said...

It is also dangerous at the intersection of Ardsley/Ashford and Sprin. It is not maintained. Grass must be cut short and tree limbs pruned. this is an accident waiting t happen

Anonymous said...

If the "sniffer" is looking for a scandal she/he ought to look at the Union Baptist Day Care Center funding. It is illegal for a government (as disfunctional as it may be the Town of Greenburgh is still a government) to give money to a religious group. Before casting stones in any pond one should be sure the ripples won't become tidal wave.
The funding of Taxter Ridge was illegal.
The funding of Union Baptist Daycare is no less so, but for different reasons.
The Greenburgh Health Center has made illegal and improper political contributions.
There's more than enough dirt to bury everyone.

Anonymous said...

"There's more than enough dirt to bury everyone."

There most certainly is yet there is hardly a shovel of dirt cast into any grave.

anony doesn't know what he/she is talking about said...

The town does not give funds to union baptist day care. There is a day care center across the street--it used to be called union child. now its call the lois bronz child care center. It's not run by the church.

Anonymous said...

8:48 before you write about funds given out to different agencies,you had better do your homework.If you have proof show it to us before you make a fool of yourself.The day care center is not in the church as you stated. Stop pulling on straws.

Anonymous said...

8:48 keep talking lies and you will bury yourself. Show us what you have to make us believe that you are right.So far I think that ,but your the one who is shooting his mouth off.Give us the proof,it's a crime to incriminate someone the way you did,without the evidence..

Anonymous said...

Wow, after all these years, someone mowed the grass across the street from Midway Shopping Center on Central Park Avenue! The Town? A neighbor? Whoever did it - thank you!

It looks better, and once the pre-existing trash is picked up and some simple weedwacking is done along the edges, I bet we'll see a big reduction of litter along that stretch.

(It's really just simple undergrad social psychology. Look at the southbound side - well maintained from Midway to Golfsmith to Fountainhead = no litter.)