Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Lia's Restaurant re-opens on East Hartsdale Ave today. The terrific restaurant, one of Westchester's best, was closed for over a month due to the recent flood.

At tonights Town Board meeting I will introduce a resolution calling on the town to conduct an independent study of the causes of the flood and for the consultant to make recommendations. I will ask the Town Board to authorize the Commissioner of Public Works to issue an RFP to independent consultants.

I spoke to the landlord who owns the building occupied by the bank that has decided to close after the flood. I asked him if the town could rent space for a temporary library at the location. He indicated that there is alot of interest in the property from other banks. He was not interested in renting the space at this point.

Harry's and the Bagel shop are expected to open on or around June 1st.

EAST HARTSDALE AVE IS COMING BACK! And--remember 8 summer jazz concerts on the avenue on Saturday's in July and August.


Anonymous said...

"I will ask the Town Board to authorize the Commissioner of Public Works to issue an RFP to independent consultants."

I am hoping that the resoluton is rejected. We don't need another time-waster of a "study," particularly when the cause and solution are already known.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. What exactly was the most accepted explaination of cause and what exactly is the solution?

Anonymous said...

Read previous postings and the Scarsdale Inquirer for details. Pipe is too small and was (maybe still is) clogged.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we conducting the study to find the cause? We need professionals to tell us why and what could be done. The study is a good idea. Everyone agrees.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the merchants and restaurant owners who are reopening so quickly. They deserve our speedy and frequent patronage and any help the town can offer. They are wonderful people and give our town that intimate friendly character that makes it Hartsdale!