Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The area around the 9/11 Memorial Wall at Richard Presser Park (Webb Field) on Central Ave is getting an attractive enhancement, thanks to a $97,000 federal grant obtained from US Congresswoman Nita Lowey. Construction work has started on a new sidewalk along Central Ave (bordering the wall). There will be benches, planters, seasonal plantings, ornamental trees, evergreen trees and beautiful flowers. The sidewalk will be completed (weather permitting) in about 3-4 weeks.

The 9/11 wall was organized by the Westchester Arts Council. The Rotary Clubs donated funds for the construction of the wall. There are 2,000 tiles. Westchester residents have attended workshops expressing what 9/ll meant to them on 6 by 6 colorful tiles. Images range from the patriotic, such as people saluting flags, to the pastoral, including scenes of grassy fields and other lovely places far removed from the destruction of that day.


Anonymous said...

The area around the wall is bland. Thanks to Congresswoman Lowey we can see improvement(is this pork barrel?) It's better than a crawfish museum.
The enhancements sound great and are a plus for meditation,thought and memory.Is a landscape designer also involved?
Anyway Bravo

mr feiner - tear down this wall said...

this whole wall is a monument of blunder. the emperor has no clothes. it has zero artistic or other meditative value. it should be removed. (btw - feiner failed to mention fema funds where used to build the wall - think of that when you hear about katrina).

shame on feiner and juettner (parks liasion from town board) for foisting this heap of concrete on the town.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a waste of $97,000 to me. I think the money could be used much more beneficial projects. How about getting a grant to build sidwalks so kids can actually walk to school with out having to walk in the street.

Anonymous said...

I echo the "it has zero artistic or other meditative value" It's a good place for non-residents to hide their livestock (I have actually seen chickens there) while they are playing soccer.

Anonymous said...

Boy Oh Boy!! sour grapes and no life

Try not to be negative

hal samis said...

The grant is specific to Webb/Presser.

Anonymous said...

Great ,
Some people can never be satified.
I live in Edgemont and when some residents wanted sidewalks ,some other resented the idea,
Why, they like the idea of countrified life. that was the answer we got.
So before you start with the sidewalks ask your neighbors what they think and I'm sure you will get the same answer.
We love the country atmosphere.
Than you Anita Lowey for the grant to beautify this memorial .

Anonymous said...

I wish you would stop with the racist remarks about the people who play soccer at Presser Park.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You probably were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
Show some love for your fellow men.
I's alright that they may be the ones cutting your grass or maybe painting your house.
With cheap labor a lot of things are overlooked.
Let them be,they bother no one.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear that federal funds are being wasted in this way, and that Feiner and Lowry support this.

Anonymous said...

7:35 there's a place for people like you .
The only communist country that is close to us is Cuba.
Instead of saying thank you that tax dollars were not used you pay for this work you begrudge the fact that it has to be used for this purpose and that alone.
Well brother it's tough,I do hope that your name never appears on any wall as these poor souls that lost their lives in the hands of terorist.
But you may never know what happens to any one of us.

wall of shame said...

You dont memorialize terror victims with a hunk of junk that no one wanted, that is a ponderous mess, that destroyedd the last stretch of open space between white plains and yonkers on central avenue, by misusing fema funds for this purpose, by now using earmarks for so called beautification, for a wall that was not subject to a competition or presented to the public like the rising memorial was near the dam in valhalla, that has no community support, that contains a giveaway of public space to a private group (the rotary) etc etc.

this wall is an example of everything that is wrong with government today. it honors no one but disgraces us all.

shame on feiner, juettner, lowey. the rotary amd the 2 or 3 other supporters of this eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Congresswoman Lowey for the grant. How sad that before funding enhancements for a "memorial" of controversial worth your staff didn't consider putting the same amount of money into, for example, keeping TDYCC open for longer hours.
While $97,000 may not be much for a congressional "member grant" it sure could have made a huge difference - that $97,000 could have been worth 1/3% on the TOV tax rate.
And, what's with this "grant" stuff? Those dollars are nothing more, nor less, than TAXES we paid.
If we truly want lower taxes, we should have politely but firmly rejected this "gift" and explained why.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Congresswoman Lowey. I disagree with the comments posted above. The 9/11 memorial is a fitting tribute to the memories of the men and women from OUR community who lost their lives on a tragic day. A beautiful park will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the center receives plenty of tax money.
The more they get the more they want.
This was a grant for the wall by Anita Lowey and that's it,
Why dosen't the center try to apply for grants .
Since they want so many things which cannot be granted because money is getting tighter,they should try other avenues to get help.

the unincorporated said...

You need to be born with a "Silver Spoon" in your mouth these days to afford the taxes it takes to live in this town.

Anonymous said...

Thank Sheehan and company for this great hike.
Maybe we could pay a dollar down and a dollar a week.

Anonymous said...

These enhancements won't remedy the disgraceful wall or its inappropriate location.

Anonymous said...

The biggest blunder of this wall is that the park were it stands is no longer for use by the Greenburgh residents as it has been taken over by non-residents and illegals who trash it. Pretty up all you like because it will continue to be disrespectfully, trashed. Town officials don't want to address this as it's "not politically correct"
'nuf said.

Anonymous said...

I use that playground a lot with my kids and I'm a town resident. So it's not used just by illegal non-residents (and what makes people so sure that the Latin soccer and volleyball players are non-residents?, is there a check point for I.D.s? After all, more than 10% of Greenburgh Central kids speak Spanish as their first language). In any event, the playground is usually filthy, the water fountain unusable, the sand table hazardous and broken glass is strewn in the surrounding grass. Also, I like to jog along Central Ave sometimes and a real sidewalk along the Webb Park side, extending along the adjacent blocks, would be greatly appreciated, at least by me.

take it down said...

the wall is a failure. its divisive. its in the wrong location. its signifies nothing.

take it down.

term limits needed said...

the wall is another costly example of mr feiner and his followers trying to do too much - we didnt need taxter ridge, we dont need pseudo memorial walls. no one moved to greenburgh for either taxter ridge or this wall. we cannot afford more of this folly.

feiner was right about the library but when he pushed for these other projects he sent a mixed message as to fiscal restraint. now we have a 23% tax increase that is only going to get worse.

term limits. term limits. term limits. tax and spend politicos like feiner and juettner have to go.

Anonymous said...

While I'm sure that not all of the users of Presser Park are illegal or non residents, I can safely say that they now outnumber the residents. residents don't want to use it because of the filth you've mentioned. it was not always like this. The broken glass is from liquor & beer bottles. There is drinking & gambling going on there on most sunny days.

On a recent Summer day, a College Corner family had a tag sale. About 50-75 of the "people" camped out at presser came up to look and buy things. No problem. They were the family's best customers. There was an accident involving 2 cars right in front of the house with the sale. When the police car showed up these "people" RAN!!!!!
I wonder why.....

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the town be cleaning parks on a regularly scheduled basis?

Hopefully some of the grant money can be used to move that wall to a more suitable location - perhaps beside the town hall.

Anonymous said...

Your hatred and resentment of people of color or people who do not speak english is sickening.
But it is ok that they mancure your lawn ,help with other chores in your home,get picked up on the corners to do jobs arround your home for cheap labor.
Get a life.You have been hitting on the same topic for some time.This is America no matter what you like or dislike life still goes on in the same fashion.

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:24, No where in this post is there a mention of hatred of people who do not speak English or people of color. The point is that most of the people using the park are non-residents either in Greenburgh or in this Country. They do not pay for the upkeep of the park and are costing Greenburgh tax payers enormous sums to keep it from complete destruction.

I hate the filth left behind by non-residents who do not foot the bill on keeping the park clean. These "people" have no motivation to keep it clean or free of illegal activities, while visiting, since they don't pay for it's use or don't live here.

I don't care what color they or or what language they speak. They are people. You like to provoke with the race card because you think it works. Not here brother.

If our "visitors" show no respect our parks why do they get a free pass? Color? Language? I find that incredibly racist and insulting. Are you suggesting that all illegals are non- English speaking or people of color? Are you suggesting I have no right to be concerned because I may be white?

You need to check yourself mister. You should be more concerned with the blatant racism that goes on in various, large, areas of Greenburgh.

I assure you that the non-english speaking families and families of color in Greenburgh echo the same sentiments about what goes on at Presser. Are you implying that if they are non-white they shouldn't care?

I'll let them know that you think they are filthy, disrespectful, drunks, engaging in illegal activities, all determined by way of your special language/color distinction.

Anonymous said...

Instead of pouring you hatred on the blog,the next time you see these people playing soccer on Presser field,go up to them and tell them that you're happy that the field is being used and then explain the do's and dont's of what you expect them to do and know.
If their presence bothers you so much be a man and go foward to tell them the rules and regulation of being an american.
I seem to think this will greatly help your outlook as to how to treat your fellow man.
Stop bad mouthing them they are having fun and not out there causing problems .
You are the one causing problems which eventually will have to be settled by a higher authority.
I see policemen and women monitoring their presence and I would be taken back if they would run away like you said.
Stop with this crazy fixation that you have.
First the wall now the park users.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody! Now you pull the un-American card. You're chock full BS.

"Stop bad mouthing them they are having fun and not out there causing problems ."

Er....check with Chief Kapica and the Parks Department. It will be an eyeopener.

"If their presence bothers you so much be a man and go foward to tell them the rules and regulation of being an american."

Um, not my job and those who are employed to do this have, and get to do it over & over again as the rules are meaningless to those breaking them. Also, they take the risk of being called un-american & racist when trying to enforce the rules by people such as yourself. I vote they get a raise just for putting up with this!

I see policemen and women monitoring their presence and I would be taken back if they would run away like you said.

Ok. I reread that post. Twice!This is just too crazy to address. You either have a severe reading comprehension problem or you're just plain nuts. I can't help you.

"Stop with this crazy fixation that you have.
First the wall now the park users"

Well now. You must have my IP address so that you know what I say here, eh? If that's true, then you know that I have no problem with the wall. k?

I suspect that you live far away from Presser. Could be you don't even live in Greenburgh. Regardless, you seem awfully angry and ignorant. Lethal combo.

Anonymous said...

This wall can become a fitting memorial to those who died on a very sad day in american history.

remove wall and its supporters said...

the wall should be removed followed by the removal of fools feiner and juettner.

Anonymous said...

Since you named the chief of police and the person in charge of recreation have them comment on the problems.
Yes I do live in Greenburgh not too far from Presser park,and I sometimes look in on the games that are going on.
Great to see the park being used.
If you want to change things arround place a fence all arround with a gatted entrance and a security guard,who will be in charge of collecting money from the users,since you state that they are not residents of Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if so, then lets hope a truck runs into it or a soccer ball knocks it down.

Anonymous said...

IT WAS A GRANT TO GREENBURGH ... because no other town would allow it to be built - understandably. Whoever approved it to be erected in Greenburgh, particularly at that location, should feel ashamed by this disrespect shown to those who died on 9-11.

woe is us said...

Amen. This wall is divisive and serves no purpose other than as a backdrop to photo ops for jerks like feiner, juettner, barnes etc

woe is us with "leaders" like this.