Friday, November 16, 2007


Paul: Contrary to initial press reports, the county has not yet
restored the safety net it dismantled on August 6th.

1) The county still has not openly acknowledged that warming centers
should offer beds and not just chairs,
(unless each city's administration formally requests that its
homeless residents be allowed to lie down,
which has in most if not all cities not yet happened,
leaving warming center operators in a "the emperor has no clothes"
situation where they risk being defunded if they openly offer beds.

2) The county has still not reopened any safety net shelter in White
Plains, leaving 30-50 people living on the streets.

3) The county still has not rescinded its August decree that 24-hour
shelters with empty beds cannot make those beds available for safety
net referrals.

4) The county still has not restored its centralized night-time
emergency shelter placement and transportation system.

Please circulate this flyer announcing the protest being organized by
the Westchester Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless,
which will be held from noon to 1:30 next Tuesday, November 20th
outside the County Executive's office at 148 Martine Avenue (across
from the Galleria).
Thank you!
-Karl Bertrand


Anonymous said...

Please provide a link to the flier.

Anonymous said...

County Center has a basement where the homeless can take shelter.
I cannot see why the county cannot have a place ready for this yearly problem.
There too must be an empty building on Grasslands hosp.grounds that can accomadate these people.
But as we all know some of them refuse to get shelter,so what does one do..

Anonymous said...

The county receives so much money in taxes that they can take care of not only 30 to 50 homeless people,but much more .
There is something wrong with this system
The county executive has a roof over his head ,heat and good hot meals all the time ,he should share some of his fortune with the homeless..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Feiner for publicizing the cause.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask a question ? Why are the taxes for the Hartsdale Fire Department so high ?

They dont even respond to EMS calls ???

Anyone ???

Anonymous said...

shame on the county executive!

Anonymous said...

"Please circulate this flyer ..." I'd be happy to circulate, but where's the link to the flier?

Anonymous said...

To the jackass who keeps posting about taxes in Hartsdale Fd why don't you run for commissioner in December and do something about it!