Thursday, November 01, 2007


The 2008 proposed budget has been released. We should look at the budget as a first draft. I welcome the opportunity to meet with residents to discuss budget issues and budget options during the next two months. The budget must be approved by the Town Board by December 20th.
If you would like to organize a meeting of your neighbors and want me or any other town officials to attend the meeting and provide you with a personalized briefing--- please contact me at 993-1540, 438-1343 (cell) or 478-1219 (h). I'm available weekdays, evenings and weekends. Other town officials may not be available on weekends. Meetings can be held at your home or at Town Hall.
Government must be a partnership with the citizens and elected officials. We need to have a community discussion: what services we need, what services we want, what services we can afford. We also should focus attention on looking for additional ways to save money, to stretch our dollars so we get the maximum value for our tax dollars.
Thanks for partnering in the decision making process of government.


Anonymous said...

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Paul think about selling some parkland.
Start getting rid of dead wood.
Check out all departments for a good report as to why they need all the help that they have.
Parks dept. and DPW should be thoroughly checked out.
Passing a law to put leaves in bags for pickup will save a lotm on overtime.
Let's face it ,if you could get away with doing nothing during the week,why not have double time for sat. and sun.
Bagging leaves is cleaner and safe.
We are looking out for ways to save the residents some tax money,is that right.Well paying overtime for leaf pickup is one way to save mega bucks.

Anonymous said...

We can't sell parkland. Dedicated parkland requires an act of the state legislature.

start calling said...

so start calling our state representatives

Anonymous said...

Please could someone list state representatives by name and telephone numbers ,this way we could start some kind of a movement to sell the parklands.


Only people who are called anonymous or people who are developers want to sell parkland? Is the guy who keeps litigating over Taxter Ridge being paid for by a developer?

Anonymous said...

At this point you can't tell what Bernstein is paid for.

taxter is about taxes said...

the litigation over taxter is about who pays for greenburgh's one third share - either only unincoporated greenburgh taxpayers or all town taxpayers including the villages.

before you blog off - please read the court decisions and legal briefs on the forms and documents section of the town's website.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the signs put back on the streets concerning the no parking during the winter months.
You know very well that there has been a big turn over of residents who have no idea od this town law.
Instead of having The DPW stand arround waiting for something to do they should check for these signs.
Another thing many residents have put boulders on town property along roadways so that people cannot park off the street.
You cannot tell me that the DPW cannot see this problem
These bolders should be removed so if we do have snow many can park off the street to the side without disrupting snow removal.
Certain corners where there are stop signs have not been cleared.
You have to go pass the sign to see if you can proceed and guess what there he is waiting for you to give you a ticket.
All this work can be done during regular hours,and guess what they are all for the residents safety..

Anonymous said...

There is a tremendous waste of money in Greenburgh. Many ideas are not well thought out before they are put into action. For example the Skate park fiasco at E. Rumbrook Park (rumored to have cost $65,000) that didn't even last 1 year. Now they want to create a doggie park at the same park. I say let the dogs use the abandoned skate park area. ALso with a 23% tax increase coming , why are all dept. heads and workers including town Board members and Mr. Feiner receiving raises?

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Feiner gives back part of his salary every year. The council should do the same.

raises justified said...

inflation does not stop at the doorsteps of department heads. the costs of living go onward and upward. a cost of living raise should not be objected to. also, if they live in greenburgh, how else will they pay for the tax increase?