Monday, November 05, 2007


Please post your comments about town issues/concerns


hal samis said...

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Why can't the supporters of Eddie Mae Barnes report correct math results unless their "confusion" was merely to convey the impression that just a few votes could make the difference

These are the Official BOE Primary results:

Brown 3,135
Morgan 3,074
Barnes 2,948
Bass 2.439

The difference between Barnes and her nearest opponent is 126 votes not the 26 that the Bernstein crowd are promoting.

Much of what Mr. Bernstein postulates has been similarly inspired.

Anonymous said...

samis, you ask a silly question when you ask why bernstein and his supporters lie about figures. bernstein lies about so many things. it worked for him with this town council. it won't work for him with the next town council.

Anonymous said...

Reading the transcript of a previous meeting concerning the fund We the residents of reenburgh must thank dICTATOR sHEEHAN AND THE OTHER BOARD MEMBERS bASS,BARNES AND JUETTNER for the tax raise that will be bestowed upon us in the next budget.
How we appreciate having a stenographer present to report the facts truthfully.
Now remember on the 6th Barnes and Williams must not gain one vote.
We have to start with some new members that will be working for all of us.
Sheehan and Juettner take a good hike,we had enough of both of you.

Morgan,Brown,Belville and of course Feiner,should be the names of your choice.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the voters come out to give Morgan,Brown,Beville and Feiner the votes necessay for them to be over the top for the position that they are seeking for one reason to defeat the Bernstein machine.
Second to defeat Sheehan and Juettner.
This is the only way that we will get back to the democratic way of living.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan I read your lies on the message part of the town of Greenburgh.
What kind of a person are you and the rest of the council members.
Do you take the public for idiots?
You and the three idiots on the board voted to give everything away for a chance to get back at the supervisor.
Who the hell do you think you're kidding.
We have taken enough of your lies
and how you lined the pockets of friends by depleating the fund.
You voted for every consultant even getting your own goffer.
Sheehan I have to say, your political days are numbered,maybe your teaching days are at an end because forensic science is part of being truthful,so that leaves you out. .Juettner you may or may not practice law openly.You have been silent too long and on the wrong side of truthfullness .
Our tax hike is because you wanted to defeat the supervisor so bad but you never thought of what would happen to the residents who put you in office.
Thank you for this big hike but it will not go forgotten until the next election if you care to run.
As many have said,the two of you should resign,you have digraced us enough.


gimmicks said...

what is with all these rantings? there is going to be a tax hike because among other things the town board hid the increase in the budget cycles of the past two years with phony zero percent increases. thats a gimmick.

now, who is the master of gimmicks?

apparently the rest of the town board saw that gimmicks work and followed suit.

well guess what - gimmicks dont work.

Anonymous said...

How low can Barnes and Williams go. Their new TV ad has the primary endorsement by Sen. Cousins in it. Cousins has publicly supported the DEMOCRATIC primary winners. Someone should call Cousins and see how pissed she will be. Nice going mean and meaner you are going to lose and now you want to take the senator down with you.

You tried the democratic party NOT

You tried the republican party NOT

You settled with the conservative party LINE ???

You screwed the town
you screwed the residents
you now screw a Senator

do you honestly believe the public supports you evil witches. Burn in hell

Anonymous said...

Bob never could count he still tells people he's 6' tall .

Bernstien has that little mans disease .

Now Sonja can stomp him down to his real manhood size.

Anonymous said...

If Barnes and her Crew, snoop dog sheehan, lil nellie williams, tu pac bass, and buckwheat bernstien could count and did not spread LIES they would have lost by many hundreds more. Fade away now you already lost your dignity

Anonymous said...

tomorrows election is a referendum on Francis Sheehan. A vote against Barnes and Bass will send a message to Francis: to shape up or we will ship him out in 2 years.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:17,
That may be the only reason to justify Greenburgh having a navy.

Anonymous said...

Well, it was terrific of Edgemont Eddie Mae to show her face at another Greenburgh Church that she doesn't attend. She has now decided that the Westhelp money to the school district was illegal. I agree and I think that she should be arrested for voting for it.

She showed up with Francis, another fake Greenburgh Baptist and Democrat, campaigning against Democrats. Eddie Mae and Francis refused to listen to the voters in the primary. Does anyone out there ever expect Francis to listen to the voters? I hope they yell loudly tomorrow "Two more for Francis, none for Edgemont Eddie Mae."

hal samis said...

Congratulations to

on a hard fought victory.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think Barnes voted for Westhelp before Heir Sheehan came aboard.
But then he too voted for the plan.
Now since they were in a house of worship in Edgemont all of a sudden the plan was illegal.
What happened being in this surrounding made a such a rude awakening.
What a farse.

sick and wrong said...

wrong. the farce is judges running unopposed. select three and you are only given a choice of three.

our men and women are dying in iraq for this?


Anonymous said...

To the likes of Lorin Brown and others who steals signs and vent their venom for Paul is sickening. Get a life. You got a second chance and start looking for the good of the town.

Anonymous said...

Who eaxctly is this Lorin Brown?

Anonymous said...

Lorin Brown is a self-righteous fool who also seems to be paranoid and blames Feiner for everything. He is also a Democratic Party activist and that is where he makes his noise.

Anonymous said...

Lorrin Brown is the person who is always on the atack of the supervisor.
What ever comes out of his mouth does not make any sense anyway.
Now you can see why the democratic party is in deep trouble having idots like L.Brown representing a district.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Feiner Team for another decisive victory. Take that, Sheehan and your former legislative assistant.

Anonymous said...

Well all of you CABALISTIC MORONS!
The Throw Feiner From the Train Act is officially over. You know who you are! The Barnes-Williams duet sang its last swan song tonite! King Zog II, the rotund, gravity challenged prankster from you know where and his futile effort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory failed miserably. Paul Redd, the the churches, King Zog II, Princess Chee Chee Berger and their whole motley gang got stomped!

How much was the race card played in this one? But Sonja Brown strode into the Union Baptist Church, was recognised and spoke last Sunday. Justice was served. Well where was the backlash? Where was the sympathy vote for the has-beens? No they couldn't read the tea leaves, so they sought the GOP nod, and they got the poison penned letter and GOP endorsement from Myles Greenberg, who said vote for them and "divide and conquer." Well, Myles, Bernie the Attorney, Sir Frantic, Chee-Chee and Princess Michelle all went to bed early. Their horses ran dead last, with Striped Bass out of the field early.

Next in the cross-hairs is The Talking Mule. Sir Frantic believes that he'll be around for his own expensive and ignominious defeat, but the prediction here is that he will resign rather than face the music over Dromore Road.

I don't think he'll be back with his video tape. But we taped him and his minions ripping down signs in Greenburgh last night, it is all on the infra-red. Great politics, when after 11pm, the night riders of Sir Frantic thought they could reverse the electoral tsunami with sophomoric tricks. Well Halloween is over and the trick is on you. We have you and your crew on tape, and it has already been turned over to the Westchester DA!

The Shadow Group LLC

11/07/2007 12:19 AM

Anonymous said...

Hal you and the many gloggers have won in this most important election.
Now we have the three votes to give us back our town.

Anonymous said...

Hal IF in capital letters IF Sheehan should resign would you be ok if we submit your name to Feiner to take over Sheehan or Juettners seat.
Something tells me they won't be hanging arround too long.
You have the knowledge of good management,the B---S to fight back and above all the know how to run an honest government.
We have three honest members now a fourth will not hurt.
You have made quite a difference on the floor at town meetings. Honesty for you was the best policy.
I'm quite sure many residents thank you in giving us the insight of all the evil that was going on behind our backs.
Well this is coming to an end BUT
come January things will be different.
Waiting with patience is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

The Victory celebraqtion at the Elmsford Raceway was wonderful. It was not as exciting as the one on Primary Night. But, all in all, it was quite gratifying to be surrounded by the families and friends of Paul, Sonja, Kevin and Judy. Paul Feiner has been tested often over the past 25 years. He has run many times and though he, like all of us, has suffered setbacks, he's been undefeated in Greenburgh though thirteen general elections and a number of primaries. He certainly has become the new comeback kid, with his two great victories in 2007, following his hard-earned and close battle in 2005. He has weathered a great deal of abuse over the past five years and he is still possesses the boundless energy of youth, with the wise head of the tested warrior.

His slate also endured many attacks from the Democratic Party bosses, the partisan single-issue press, the Scarsdale Inquirer, and their relentless opponents and their backers.

Probably over 1000 signs were hung in this campaign and though a number were removed by the local DPWs, many were ripped down by various vandals, in and out, of our opponent's camps. But what else is new?

Some of the attack ads were of the race "card" variety, others focused on the Valhalla School Board, the SAT Program, the phony issue of "choice", fictitious slush funds, fund-raising, inexperience, accusations of polluting, and character assassination. But, all things being equal, Sonja, Kevin and Judy were made up of sterner stuff and didn't cave into the abuse hurled in their direction.

Their opponents, Suzanne Berger, Steve Bass, Edie Mae Barnes, and Alfreda Williams, campaigned as the only "real" Democrats. They were no more "real" Democrats than their challengers. They were only given that title through the endorsement of the Greenburgh Democratic Commitee.

Yesterday, and on September 18th, the party system, which is controlled by a few individuals failed.

In Mount Vernon the party's choices were also defeated. In other communities incumbants were defeated, and in Greenburgh three incumbants with 36 years of experience, and the party's backing, were soundly defeated.

Paul has survived over the last 2.5 decades because he has exercized good judgement and a fair approach to citizens of every persuaison.

Now is the opportunity to put factionalism aside, and get down to the hard work of solving Greenburgh's problems, keeping the quality of life high, and being fiscally responsible so people will be able to live in our town.

I am sure they are up to the challenge!

Richard J. Garfunkel