Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The Greenburgh public works department will conduct our annual “Operation Clean Sweep” to remove all signs on poles, right of ways next week. Candidates who want to reuse their signs for future campaigns should remove them within the next few days. In addition to removing the campaign signs –garage sale signs, carnival signs, etc.. will also be removed during “Operation Clean Sweep”.


Anonymous said...

Aren't we worried about Taxes in this town? Why should town employees be used to take down political signs? The people who put them up should be responsible for taking them down or charge the polititians for sign removal.

Anonymous said...

GOOD,using the DPW is a good idea,at least they will be earning their pay for the day.

Anonymous said...

We should hold the political parties and the carnival sponsers liable, they have tons of money to waste on these signs why not pay to clean them up.

remove all illegal signs said...

lets also remove all illegal church signage, notices put up by housing developers, and all old and faded street signage.

all signs on con ed and telephone poles are illegal and contribute to visual blight.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we need to worry about taking down the Feiner team posters. The likes of Lorin Brown and other degenerates stole them all in the last ditch effort to win. Eddie Mae and Alfreda have done nothing in years have them take them down along with the judges who do nothing for the town.

x635 said...

I agree....the people who put up the signs should be the ones to take them down....and make sure they are appropriately recycled! The Town wanting to be greener and the litter caused by these signs contradict each other.

dnd said...

Will a real sweeping ever be done along the major roadways of Unincorporated Greenburgh? It would be more appropriate for the DPW to spend time doing street-sweeping and weed-wacking that's been neglected for years.

Also, isn't it the responsibility of the candidates to remove their own signs?

Anonymous said...

Dear DND -
Clearly you don't get it. The candidates with the most signs are the winners! Under the new regime the needs of members of the Paulitburo and the needs of the Town of Greenburgh are one and the same. Thus having the Town perform an action which benefits an elected official is an action which benefits the Town.
Fall Guy Whiner is merely following Louis XIV's dictat, "L'etat, c'est moi!" and trying to save us taxpayers from having to think about anything.
Note that this idea, having the Town clean up after the election, was presented as a done deal. The headline is very unlike his pre-election stance where it might have been "Should the Town Remove Campaign Signs?
If Fall Guy can direct DPW to perform this action, your question of why Central Avenue can't be swept can only be answered "because Fall Guy Whiner doesn't want it to." Forget Samis' "just three votes" because the new Councilpersons don't take their seats until January - KeepOn Moron and Sonja Brownnose aren't really necessary to governance, they're window-dressing.
Whatever Fall Guy may say, if you do the math you will find that less than 15% of the voters actually voted for the Paulitburo.
To borrow a phrase from the winning campaign, "I'm apPauled."

Anonymous said...

To 8:01 AM on 11/8,
You're the moron! Not to mention a sore loser. I suggest you contact Francis Sheehan, Eddie Mae Barnes, Alfreda Williams and the members of their hit squad who orchestrated and/or conducted the election-eve search and destroy mission of the Feiner signage and have them pick up where they left off.

Concerned citizen said...

I feel if you put the signs up you should take them down and if you don't you get fined per day. The politicians should not be using our DPW workers to do something they should be doing already. Politicians also get paid by the town, so lets get to work and clean up.

Anonymous said...

Every DPW across Westchester faces post-election cleanups, not just Greenburgh. While it would be great if every candidate, the winners and losers, had their people go out and remove the signage that they put up, the reality is that this does not happen. Don't blame Feiner. I'd bet that the majority of the signs are for the judges. Are THEY going to remove their signs? So, it's up to the DPWs to do the work. Face it, that's the only way our town will be rid of the sigange. And the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Whoever put them up should take down the signs. We need new clean and clear signage. The Elmsford sign is faded, the Hartsdale signs should be newer & brighter. The weeds should be mowed around those signs too.

feiner is blind said...

Feiner has been told this dozens of times - he just doesnt listen.
why is it so difficult to remove damaged and faded signs???

feiner - please open your eyes!!

Anonymous said...

To 9:44 -
The use of DPW personnel and Town resources to perform a task that NY State election laws require the candidate and/or her/his political committee to perform is WRONG.
You accuse 8:01 of being a sore loser and that may or may not be true, but you are condoning an improper use of Town resources, which is probably worse - and you are acting like a sore winner which doesn't bode well for the community.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a Berger sign that wasn't taken down.
The red "I'm with Eddie Mae and Steve" signs are still up.
The yellow "Eddie Mae and Alfreda" signs are still up.
Saw some PAUL signs taken down before election day in N Elmsford by a democratic party activist.

Anonymous said...

Will some of the people who took down Paul's signs before election day step up and help take them down when we need them down?

Anonymous said...

To 12:06 p.m.,
Why is it just Feiner and his team who are being called upon to remove their signs? What about Berger, Alreda, Steve and Eddie Mae. Funny, but I don't recall anyone taking down the Spitzer, Cuomo, Andy Spano, Nick Spano or Andrea Stewart-Cousins signs down a couple of years back.

But just for arguments sake, let's say Feiner's campaign volunteers orchestrate a mass removal of all THEIR signs. And then the others remain. Then what? Then who are you going to complain to?

So, since you're citing NYS election laws, I hereby nominate you to send memos to every winning and losing candidate on the state, county and local level to take down their signs. Then file an official complaint against the judges and others who refuse to remove those signs. Why don't you ask Chief Kapica to write citations to those whose signs remain?

In the meantime, will Lorrin Brown please go out and remove all the rest of the Feiner signs from my neighborhood that he couldn't get to last Monday night?

Anonymous said...

good point above ... if feiner can direct the dpw to take down politica signs, he could choose to direct the dpw to do weedwacking ... strange that he doesn't care ... and for the town's county roads and such, it just takes a phone call to the right people to schedule

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:28 -
I would be happy to send the requested letter. Fortunately for my writer's cramp, the Board of Elections includes just such a directive in its information packet for all candidates.
I agree, it isn't just Feiner and his slate - the rule applies to all and if it sounded as if I was singling out the Supervisor, I apologize. I'm sure that you agree he should be setting a good example, and given the dramatic increase in our taxes, requiring candidates to abide by the law is better than our tax dollars going to clean up after them...

Anonymous said...

MEMO FROM: Greenburgh Residents
MEMO TO: (Alphabetically)
Tom Abinanti
Eddie Mae Barnes
Steve Bass
Rory J. Bellantoni
Suzanne Berger
Robert M. Berliner
Judith Beville
Frederick Broda
Sonya Brown
Mark Constantine
Paula Dambroff
Allegra Dengler
Charles Devlin
Paul Feiner
Sandra Forster
Doris T. Friedman
James Hubert
Janet Jordan
Christian Krahulik
Jay Leon
Jonathan B. Levine
Kevin Morgan
Larry Nardecchia
Francis A. Nicolai
John Nonna
Peter Porcino
Scott Seskin
William Sherwood
Elaine Slobod
Suzanne Swanson
Teresa Walsh
Alfreda Williams
Barbara Zambelli
DATE: Nov. 9
RE: Campaign Signs
MEMO: It is now three days since Election Day. Please remove your signs!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have a revenue generating idea, you want to post a sign, great! In a public place, great!!
Set temporary boards -in all major intersections- and pay a small fee to post a sign on the board. Elections are over, the board comes down.
Let's say $5 per board per sign. Other signs posted off the designated place the individual or organization get a summons.
Keep it clean !!!!

Pick up after yourself said...

Isn't it the responsibility of the candidates to remove their own signs?
If the canidates do not remove their signs then they should be charge for the removal. I do not want my tax dollars spent removing these signs.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask a question,why must we have signs posted as to who is running for election.
We receive the newspapers and I'm sure that we all could read.
Not only is this a waste of money for the candidates but the clean up cost more time to take them down than to put them up,
Think about changing this method for the next time.

Czar, the people are revolting! said...

Ah, the new age of the Paulitburo!
In this new age, the Supervisor can direct the Town's Department of Public Works to remove old campaign signs, but cannot direct the Parks and Recreation Department to clean the medians along Central Avenue.
In this new age, the voters aren't even offered an explanation of why Parks and Recreation, funded largely by the "B" budget, is responsible for cleaning a "State road".
Is there something wrong with this picture? Don't drag out the tired complaints about Bernstein, Sheehan and Edgemont - the use of Parks and Rec crews dates from long before Bernstein could spell Edgemont or Sheehan locate it on a map. It dates from before there was a controversy about the "A" and "B" budgets, and it was proposed by Feiner and unanimously adopted by a Town Board every member of whose campaign was completely funded by Feiner.
But, it wasn't right then and it still isn't right. It was one of the Feiner ideas which crashed and burned because it was poorly researched, poorly written, poorly presented to the Board and eventually even more poorly implemented. It drew criticism from the State of New York, but in the first age of the Paulitburo, the mantra was "if you don't like it, sue" and no one did.
With the recently enjoyed Election Day holiday now a faded memory, I overheard complaints from a DPW crew that they had to work today - the legal celebration of Memorial Day. Does the word "productivity" exist in the instructions given to our vaunted labor negotiators? Can the new Paulitburo revive a garbage and recycling collection system that is so complicated it takes a Town-published at taxpayer expense chart to figure it out?
It took the Town of Greenburgh almost 16 years to fall apart so completely - and now it looks like we're in for 16 more years of facilities neglect and knee-jerk reactions. We ought to just sell the whole Town to White Plains and Yonkers and be done with it...

Revolting? They're disgusting! said...

Yes, the complainer said "Memorial Day" not Veterans' Day.
Sort of makes you wonder about the quality of our workforce doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

And to the previously posted LIST OF SHAME, please add:
Sonja Brown
Who may, or may not be the same as the listed Sonya Brown.