Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today is election day.
Vote for the candidate of your choice for
State & County Judges


Anonymous said...

I give you respect for not promoting your campaign on your blog.

Anonymous said...

That's the way to go Feiner,you're what every politician running today should be .

the test of Feiner said...

Chase Caro, a now disbarred attorney has been ordered to return $750,000 in restitution to his victims. Feiner received $10,000 from Chase Caro and his affiliates (albeit before Chase Caro's crimes were known).

Feiner should do the right thing and return this campaign money so his victims can be made whole.

hal samis said...

Let's visit the how to track the money trail Department.

Feiner "should have known" that this money that he received came from "victims" of Caro and not from any of Caro's legitimate income over the years.

With such canny ability to know which money received was ok and which was not, Feiner could similarly answer that he has already spent Caro's money and what remains in his fund is from other sources.

And, as you so cavalierly supply but brush aside, Feiner accepted Caro's contribution before Caro was charged and later found guilty. So I assume that what you are seeking is charity for victims and for that you should go to "God is on my side" Eddie Mae Barnes who I am sure would be happy to designate Mike (Ethics Board Chair) Sigal's $500 contribution (illegal acceptance on her part) for the use of Greenburgh fraud victims.

Anonymous said...

Feiner did not receive any contributions from Caro since he was re-elected Supervisor two years ago. Didn't Caro also contribute funds to US Senators, Governor Spitzer, Attorney General Cuomo and others? He was a major fundraiser for national and NY political leaders.

action not indifference said...

no one says feiner knew of caro's crimes.

but now he knows. feiner has a choice to return all or some of the money to chase caro's victims. the crimes are described below:

Westchester Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Theft
A White Plains attorney pleaded guilty to stealing $470,143, the proceeds of a 2006 Peekskill house sale, from an elderly client, the Westchester County District Attorney's Office announced yesterday. Chase Caro, 49, who practiced in White Plains and New York City, ignored numerous requests to transfer the money owed after the payment of litigation related fees, instead using the money for personal and business expenses, the office said. He eventually sent the client a check for $310,000, but it bounced, according to the district attorney. Mr. Caro was arrested in January and has been free on bail; he was suspended from the practice of law in March. He faces 2 to 6 years in prison on his plea to one count of second-degree grand larceny. Restitution in the amount of $780,000 to the original victim and an additional victim identified during the investigation will be considered at Mr. Caro's Oct. 29 sentencing.

hal samis said...

After the person who purchased the home from the elderly victim cancels the transaction and returns the deed, then Feiner might return the contribution. Please let readers and Feiner know when the first event happens.

silly and cold said...

thats both silly and pretty cold

surprising from someone who blogged how he was concerned about how the elderly and those on a fixed income could weather the 23% tax increase.

feiner has been tested and failed to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernstein,you're still barking up the same tree.
What will be your next line of lies be to get the attention that you are seeking .
Forgetabout it .The crime that you and your best friends committed with Dromore rd. is the worse crime that anyone can commit especially being a man who swore to uphold the law.
Let's see what happens with this court case.

2 year old bloggers - so foolish said...

first - im not bernstein
second - please cite every penal law statute you allege bernstein violated?

the funny (or sad) thing is that if were a victim of chase caro, you would be lucky to have an attorney as skilled as bernstein who among other things is specialist in creditor's rights.

i dont know where you live, but if its in unincorporated greenburgh, bernstein saved you millions of dollars in taxes - with maybe more to follow.

Anonymous said...

Adios $400,000 study.
sheehan & co should know that the money for the "study" will be used to reduce taxes, not to pay a consultants staff.

hal samis said...

Dear Yorick,
aka not Bernstein speaking,

Would "among other things a specialist in creditor's rights" be as rigorous chasing every disbursement by Caro, no matter how old? Mr. Bernstein isn't representing a Client here is he? And just so I have the big picture, what in the universe of "among other things" is Mr. Bernstein not a specialist in?

And because I'm now curious while this whole matter is at least year old bread but still I've got a few minutes, when did Caro's misdeed occur? When did the matter first get filed with the Courts?

Finally, "Feiner has been tested", by whom? by what court, agency, group, or even the newly passed, toughest ethic laws...

To me the only test that matters is the one in which residents en masse respond, not those administered by anonymous bloggers. Today is such a test date. Let's see if the electorate agrees with you.

2006 - when feiner hired chase caro said...

In the following press release Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced the arrest of Chase Caro (DOB 6/19/58) of 30 Hartford Lane, White Plains, New York on one count of Grand Larceny in the Second Degree, a class “C” Felony.

On August 1, 2006, the defendant (picutured below left), an attorney, received approximately $470,143 on behalf of an elderly client which represented monies received involving the sale of a home in Westchester County.

Despite numerous requests from his client to transfer the money owed after payment of litigation related fees, the defendant failed to do so. On November 28, 2006, the defendant provided his client with a check in the amount of $310,000, which was returned by the bank for insufficient funds. The defendant instead used the funds owed to his client to pay the defendant’s personal and business expenses.

Bail was set at $5,000. Caro’s next court date is January 9th, 2007 in Greenburgh Town Court. He faces a maximum of fifteen years in state prison. Assistant District Attorney Brian Conway, of the Public Integrity Bureau, will prosecute the case.

Update on Thursday, July 12, 2007 at 03:34PM by The Editor - Ian Shuter
Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced that Chase Caro (DOB 6/19/58) of 30 Hartford Lane, White Plains, New York plead guilty on June 21, 2007 to one count of Grand Larceny in the Second Degree, a class “C” Felony.

hal samis said...

Thanks for the info. So we have Caro's misdeed occurring on or around August 1, 2006, presumably following the closing of the house sale.

Now all I need is when Caro gave Feiner the contribution.

Still willing to play along.

Anonymous said...

To Test of Feiner and the others on the Chase Caro soapbox: Please stop or ask Gov. Spitzer, AG Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Hillary Clinton to return all the money they received from Chase Caro as well. None, including Paul Feiner, accepted money from Caro after his arrest. What exactly are you trying to prove? And, by the way, according to the site www.campaignmoney.com, Clinton is the one who accepted money most recently, not Feiner. Your charges mean nothing to anyone else but yourselves!

Anonymous said...

According to www.campaignmoney.com, Caro gave Citizens for Paul Feiner $2,000 in 1999 and $500 in 2000. That's the last contributions documented by this site. In 2004, however, Caro gave $11,500, none to Feiner but $5,000 to the Democratic Executive Committee of Florida and $2,000 to Friends of Hillary and the campaigns of Sen. Kennedy and Gephardt for President. In 2006, Caro gave $3,150, again, none to Feiner. Where's the $10,000 you keep throwing around?

hal samis said...

2:48 has it exactly right.
The anonymous blogger who made a mountain out of, not even a molehill but a hole is a dying species trying a neutron bomb out on the blogging population.

The argument is that Feiner should return this contribution even though it was not tainted and made and accepted long before any hint of future Caro improprieties. The raising of doubt in contrast with the actual chain of events is the whole basis for this ridiculous "dialogue" started by an anonymous blogger.

That the faction opposing Feiner has to resort to these sham allegations is by itself reason enough to vote for Feiner.

Fortunately residents are aware of these games and who is playing them.

Anonymous said...

Another piece of idiocy be those who ask that Feiner return money he received from Caro in 2000 is that there has been so hint, much less an allegation, that in 2000 Caro stole any money from anyone. Put another way, the money Caro gave Feiner in 2000 was Caro's money, not money that he took from a client.

But these nuts have to manufacture something, anything, to keep up their crazy attacks on Feiner.

Winning is the best revenge.

feiner crowd too sensitive said...

sounds like the feiner crowd protests a bit much.

no one suggested feiner has to return the money (btw - caro had his wife and secretary make contributions also to feiner)

feiner has a campaign war chest that he barely touched (after all his competition was berger, a candidate with no name recognition or following).

feiner hired chase caro but at no charge - assuming he did get legal services from caro, why not make an in kind contribution to the victims.

imagine what a great press release that would make. should be tempting to the king of government by press release.

Anonymous said...

To 4:57 p.m.,
Hard to believe you are blogging here since you obviously cannot read. Don't know what else to conclude after you say "no one suggested Feiner has to return the money," which is exactly what has been suggested. Scroll upward. Allow me to say this again: no one cares. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Well all of you CABALISTIC MORONS!
The Throw Feiner From the Train Act is officially over. You know who you are! The Barnes-Williams duet sang its last swan song tonite! King Zog II, the rotund, gravity challenged prankster from you know where and his futile effort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory failed miserably. Paul Redd, the the churches, King Zog II, Princess Chee Chee Berger and their whole motley gang got stomped!

How much was the race card played in this one? But Sonja Brown strode into the Union Baptist Church, was recognised and spoke last Sunday. Justice was served. Well where was the backlash? Where was the sympathy vote for the has-beens? No they couldn't read the tea leaves, so they sought the GOP nod, and they got the poison penned letter and GOP endorsement from Myles Greenberg, who said vote for them and "divide and conquer." Well, Myles, Bernie the Attorney, Sir Frantic, Chee-Chee and Princess Michelle all went to bed early. Their horses ran dead last, with Striped Bass out of the field early.

Next in the cross-hairs is The Talking Mule. Sir Frantic believes that he'll be around for his own expensive and ignominious defeat, but the prediction here is that he will resign rather than face the music over Dromore Road.

I don't think he'll be back with his video tape. But we taped him and his minions ripping down signs in Greenburgh last night, it is all on the infra-red. Great politics, when after 11pm, the night riders of Sir Frantic thought they could reverse the electoral tsunami with sophomoric tricks. Well Halloween is over and the trick is on you. We have you and your crew on tape, and it has already been turned over to the Westchester DA!

The Shadow Group LLC

Anonymous said...

How much money was spent on this campaign by the various contenders for the dukedom of ruritania?