Monday, December 15, 2008


TDYCC President Obama Inauguration Event

The Theodore D. Young Community Center is hosting a special viewing of the President Obama Inauguration on January 20th, 2009. This event will be shown via satellite on a movie-size screen. All are welcomed to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

The gymnasium, the studio and the lounge of the TDYCC will be utilized for viewing. The lounge will be reserved for only seniors. Children must be accompanied by an adult for admittance to this function. Attendance will be limited to 200. A fee of $2 for pre-registration is required by January 14th.

We urge you to bring lunch and a snack as a busy day of activities is planned. Doors will open at 9AM. At 10AM we plan to hear from local politicians and our seniors, who can share memories from 40 years ago, and relate those times to today. Children may read poems or essays they have written with regards to this momentous occasion. The inauguration is scheduled for Noon. Following the ceremony, Washington, DC has scheduled a parade with commentary from select TV stations. We will close our doors at 2PM to allow for normal after-school programs.

Lunch is available with prior reservations at $5.50 for those under 60 years and $2.50 for those 60+. If interested in joining us at this event, or ordering lunch, call 989-3622 by January 14th or register at the Community Center.

We look forward to having you join us in celebration.


Anonymous said...

Hey Samis -
You're bitching about the limited number of taxpayers and residents who could be accomodated at the library opening - AND - You're right about it.
NOW - how about noting that while the Theodore Young Community Center's celebration of the Presidential Inauguration is "open" to anyone, the number will be restricted to the first 200 people on line when the doors open on January 20th at 9AM (for a noon event!) Naturally the 200 places will be reduced by the number of places "reserved" by Feiner and colleagues for their friends, TDYCC employees and their families and "community" seniors.
Want to hazard a guess how many spots will be left for the taxpaying community members who are footing the bill?

Anonymous said...

Why a $2.00 fee?

Anonymous said...

Except for Ardsley (staff development day), all the rest of Greenburgh's children will be in school on January 20th. For students to come to the community center to "read poems or essays they have written with regards to this momentous occasion," you would have to obtain written permission from each school district involved and from each individual parents.

Anonymous said...

What? No bus!?

Anonymous said...

glad that the town is doing something special honoring our new President Obama.

Anonymous said...

Since there are approximately 1100 children living in Unincoporated Greenburgh that do not attend public schools, have they been invited to participate?


Hal attended the opening of the Greenburgh Library and was very well behaved. We're proud of you!

Anonymous said...

"What? No bus!?" LOL ... Though the town would have to schedule and pay for bus service to pick up and drop off the student poets and essayists at their individual schools.

needed - outside the box thinking said...

needed - a resolution to stop the town from pandering

this is getting sickening

2009 is the year to clean house

proud to have voted OBAMA said...

Unless the town is prepared to hold this same type of event for every president elected, this is wrong.

His win does not signify an extraordinary historical event for just one community of people. His win signifies to all of us that we have achieved a level of colorblindness in this country and we should certainly celebrate this, but to hold a public event just to highlight this is wrong.
It only serves to draw attention to what the Obama's of the world are are trying to change. It's not "them and us" it is "WE" and in this town there is certainly no "we" . WE elected this man. Not Fairview. When will this town realize that their actions only perpetuate why there is a big need for this celebration? Obama is a human being. Start perpetuating that!

The town has no business sponsoring an event of this kind.
Very destructive, and divisive and offensive to voters. Who we vote for is a personal decision and the town should not publicly celebrate the election of ANY president. What message are we sending to do so?

Would we be holding an event like this had Hillary won? Doubtful, and it would have been as big a milestone for woman, if she had won. What if we elected a Jewish president?

It's a new era and the people in this town, including Paul, need get thier heads out of their a$$es.

The entire country can be colorblind and Greenburgh just can't seem to do the very same thing.


amen said...

2009 is the year to rid us of this racist garbage.

Anonymous said...

Paul did you have a celebration for the other presidents.



Anonymous said...

It is not just rascism. Paul lives by the divide and conquer mantra. TOV against Village, white against black, Paul is the ultimate devisive force.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the buses going to Washington?

BEEP BEEP said...

3:40. I don't know but I will speculate.

Originally, Paul suggested the trip, town funded, leaving from TDYCC. He was called to the carpet for this new "fun idea".

Then Paul decided that there should be a fund raiser to get the money fro the trip. Fund raiser to be had at TDYCC, I believe.

I have no idea if that fund raiser ever happened and if it did, I assume no money was raised. Do you think the people of Fairview would PAY for this trip? haha!

Anyway, Paul tried to pull a fast one and didn't get away with it, this time.

So, instead he goes and arranges for this "celebration" $2 please, we will entertain you, feed you and if you don't live in Fairview, you're disinterested as the "festivities" have nothing to do with the interests of the population entire.

Anonymous said...

Dear 12/16 8:54 AM

I am not of Obama's "background", yet I am proud to say that I voted for him twice, once in the primary and again in the general election.

As to the rest of your comments --- AMEN.

Anonymous said...

We will give you a gold star for your comment on how many times you voted.
Now you can go to the front of the class. Wow wee

Anonymous said...

Why a $2.00 fee?

$2.50. That's so you & I don't complain that "we" have paid for this little event, however, we are paying for it one way or another by it being held at the facility.
My spouse (republican) is pretty upset about it too.
8:54 is absolutely right. No way, no how does town government belong hosting any such event at the expense of the tax payers in a town building.

It is for the very same reason that candidates rerunning for office, do not celebrate their wins in thier government workplace.


Anonymous said...

The inauguration of a President of the United States is historic. This inauguration is more historic. A good program for the town to get involved in.

feiners head still in butt said...

Oh. Hey there Paul @6:59.
Love it. "more historic"
You have a recreation room in your gated community. Why not throw the party there?

Anonymous said...

It would be expensive and operationally challenging for the town to bus selected children from individual schools to the event (if permission were granted) and then back to their schools in time for dismissal.

Anonymous said...

I would think that any child from any school would be granted permission IF asked to participate AND I'll bet the farm on knowing that those children would be accompanied by a parent who would gladly share in the experience, what to witness their child's reading and transport their own child back & forth.

But more importantly, we have arranged to bus kids back & forth for this? Is it too much to expect a parent to transpot a few kids? Who is paying for this?

Anonymous said...

If the town wants to have a party let them take it elsewhere or pay for the renting of the center.
The party is just for the Fairview residents so why should we pay the expenses.

Paul where did you have the party for the previous presidents?
Are you starting to drum up votes from this area for your reelection.
You need more than their votes to win.

Anonymous said...

It would be expensive and operationally challenging for the town to bus selected children from individual schools to the event (if permission were granted) and then back to their schools in time for dismissal.

Paul, You have some nerve. We are paying HUNDREDS of THOUSDANDS of dollars for transportation to TDYCC and you're telling me that you can't give my kid a ride from Central Ave or West Hartsdale Ave to the center on ONE day?

Yes. That's exactly what you're telling me. That's exactly why I'm making it my mission to see you never get re-elected again.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Greenburgh Democratic Party be paying for this?

Anonymous said...

TDYCC Pool Closing Friday, December 19, 2008 for unknown length of time.

WHY - Well Whitehead action or inaction and failure to sign requisitions submitted by former Pool Director caused the pool to be shut down by Westchester County Health department. Pool not in compliance with VGB law by 12-19-08

Paul glad you had such as ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSet managing TDYCC. Soon Whitehead mismanagement will surface in all areas. HAEY!!! Blame ur self

Anonymous said...


There is an overwhelming "culture" change at the TDY Community Center. We have gone from the depths of despair, to hope. We have gone from mistreatment to respect. Deceit has been replaced by truth. Laughter and joy have stamped out misery and pain. The efforts to put a haut to our good work are a fleeting memory. Memo attacks have been replaced with conversations of understanding. Your "control freak" approach is a relic of a most forgettable nine months of chaos and shame. We are moving forward. We are coming together as a team. When there is such happiness and good feeling, there is no room for you. No room for closed door meetings centered on trickery, pitting people against each other, and back stabbing. Those meetings have been replaced with camaraderie, mutual respect, and improving the work. And yes it's all about the work. The Center's mission is to help people. Remember? It's a mission which can only be accomplished when we as a staff set a good example. In an almost laughable contrast to you, Mr. William Carter, our new Commissioner treats people with respect. He is joyful and upbeat.
Valerie, we had a great Holiday Party. Of course, you didn't attend. Too much good feeling and happiness for you? But then again, have you EVER attended? No! Even when we wanted to celebrate Obama’s historic win, you found a way to prevent that from happening. It's hard to imagine anyone so cruel as to purposefully try to put a damper on this special milestone. But your efforts failed as we got together anyway. Even on that special day, you embraced bad feeling and bitterness.
You just may escape the Police Investigation. But NOT because you are innocent, but only because those in power, may have something to lose if you are charged. In your mind, it would be a great day to come back to the Center with a big smirk on your face thinking to yourself, "I got away with it"
But even if an injustice of that magnitude does occur, remember God isn't blind. Think about it. What have you REALLY gained in nine months? Are you better now? Has the extra money REALLY bought you ANY happiness? The consequences of your actions have only begun to surface.
Face it. Your continuing to work at the Center is not good for anyone including yourself. You are an affront to every dedicated and honest employee. Perhaps the only remaining benefit you serve is to provide us with a clear example of how NEVER to conduct business. So when we are faced with challenges of the workplace, we need to ask ourselves, "How would Valerie handle this?" Then do the OPPPOSITE. That direction will lead to a path of integrity and honest accomplishment. Say good bye now!

Anonymous said...

I do hope that thi9s party will be by candle light since I think we the taxpayers should not be responsible for such a stupid gathering.

You are probably thinking that having this feast it will gain you many votes forgetaboutit we had previous presideents and you had no feast for them.
Well I think you had better look into the budget to see if you have the money to remove all the snow arround the center.
I'm quite sure that this will be number one on your agenda since it is Fairview.

Anonymous said...

9:23 - George, it that you again? I think you should leave if it is so bad working there.

Anonymous said...

To 11:00am.
The point of of 9:23pm is that it's GREAT to work at TDY C/C! Can't you read?
But not so good for the special favor people Valerie took care of, like Preston who like herself recieved a gift of a promotion without earning it.
Most people would have picked Tim over you.

Anonymous said...

The crooked way business was run at both center for many years was known by all those on the board.

The problem of no show jobs ,stealing money ment to be for repairs was going on way before Whitehead got the postion.
This will continue up until we get an honest board to close both center down.
Feiner refuses to tell the people the truth because he gets most of his votes from that area.
He is the one responsible for all the freebee at both center plus freebees to those living in the housing complexes.
Many people crying poverty have very very good jobs but say they have nothing.
They refuse to show their tax returns so they continue to live off of the government.
Feiner knows this so he too is guilty of fraud.

They will be using the center for a party let them pay for the heat ,electricity and all the other expenses.

According to Paul and Sonya the people in Fairview are dirt poor regardless whether they drive Mercedes .cadillacs and other expensive cars..
Paul we are not sleeping any more.
Things will be changing real soon.

Anonymous said...

The Town Board should be complimented for appointing Bill Carter as our new Commissioner TDYCC. The search committee process did what it was set out to do, the community was involved in the process and appointed the best choice.
The Supervisor and Board members promised us an open process. They kept their word.

Anonymous said...

If he's so good why has he not submitted his budget with the necessary cuts.

Anonymous said...

As distinguished a presence as Mr. Carter may be, the reason he has not submitted a budget with the necessary cuts is that he has never managed anything in his life and wouldn't know how to put together a budget, much less what to cut. He also wasn't able on his own to identify revenues for the community center. And the biggest joke of all was watching Francis Sheehan try to communicate with Carter about these issues. Feiner was no better. Guess if they're going to anything about the community center at all, they'll do it behind closed doors, which is where Feiner and Sheehan seem most comfortable anyway.

Anonymous said...

As distinguished a presence as Mr. Carter may be, the reason he has not submitted a budget with the necessary cuts is that he has never managed anything in his life and wouldn't know how to put together a budget, much less what to cut. He also wasn't able on his own to identify revenues for the community center. And the biggest joke of all was watching Francis Sheehan try to communicate with Carter about these issues. Feiner was no better. Guess if they're going to anything about the community center at all, they'll do it behind closed doors, which is where Feiner and Sheehan seem most comfortable anyway.

tax payers be informed said...

Budget lines for TDYCC are deceptive. You must add in the $744,888 (Fairview Greenburgh pool) to the Centers budget- $3,066.600

2008 Grand total-$ 3,811,488

Budgets for ALL other parks and recreation COMBINED (AFV, Hartsbrook, Rumbrook, Taxter, Webb/Presser, Nature Center...)

Grand total- $2,621.871

Am I the only one who sees something very, very wrong here?

There have been NO CUTS to the TDYCC yet. We need to demand a minimum 40% cut or close it down. We can not afford this and it is unnecessary, totally outrageous and must come to an end.

Educate your neighbors and encourage them to look at the budget for 2008 and keep abreast of the proposed FAUX cuts.

Anonymous said...

We are fighting a loosing battle with both centers.
Feiner wants them opened knowing dam well the thievery that has been going on for as long as he was supervisor.
He knows but does nothing ,yes he did fir one man some time ago and that was it.

We are the fools that let him rape us to support the centers.

If the people in fairview want both centers they should pay for them.

But we all know that Feiner needs the votes so he keeps them open even though the whole town is not allowed within its' walls.

Let's ban together to get three people off the board with the next election.
Feiner has already started to ask for donations so we have to start
working against him.

Time cannot be wasted. We had enough.

Anonymous said...

12/20 12:47P.M. - I guess I was right. That was you George. You're just pissed that she didn't favor you. Who is Tim and who is me?????????

Anonymous said...

Get Robinson in to tthe center enough of the BS Tell Brown to back off and move forward. With Carter and Robinson the center will blossom. Brown is a liason not the commissioner. Bye bYE wHITEHEAD,

Anonymous said...

Whomever is running this show must be charged rental fees for the facility.

There is a charge if one wants to rent a room for parties SOOOOOOOOO
how much will they be paying.

Perhaps another freebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To 5:36pm

Why would ANYONE want to be "favored" by Valerie Whitehead?

Name one person who is better off for knowing her? JUST ONE.

Try taking your meds before you type.

Anonymous said...


Hasn't most of us had a boss from hell sometime in our lives? Then haven't we wished to change places with that person?
Next month, this situation actually occurs! Valerie Whitehead didn't want James Robinson at the TDY Center. Despite the fact that the Parks Dept had 3 Dept Heads and the TDY Center only had the "TEMP LADY". Whitehead let a personal agenda rule out over what was best for the Center.So next month, guess who Whitehead will report to as her boss?

tacky said...

Dear 8:00,

I surely hope that you don't work at the TDYCC but I suspect from your rantings that you do.
How embassassing and unprofessional.
No wonder people want the center closed.

Anonymous said...

To 9:38pm

If you think stating the Truth is " embassassing or unprofessional" then you should move to Russia where censorship is freely practiced.

Also any person with half a brain knows the nasty comments made about the TDY Center are said by either 1- racists or 2- people who don't know where the Center is located much less ever partcipated in a Center program.

explain said...

what other town has a set up like greenburgh with a parks and recreation program and a community resources center like tdycc?

the place will blossom under robinson? who is going to be paying for the blossoming? the center should be given to the Y or made into a special recreation district for its users in fairview.

if you cannot show where something like this exists elsewhere in the state of new york or even westchester - close this racist place down.

poster child for TDYCC said...

Dear 10:28,

Your remarks are vindictive and lacking maturity. If you do work at the center, you should be fired. We, the tax payers that pay your salary, would not want anyone like you mentoring anyone with an attitude where getting revenge, wishing someone else ill will,trying to destroy another's reputation, is appropriate.

I'm sure, although you sign anonymous, you are well known as it usually isn't hard to figure out who the loud mouths are and I'm sure others that work at the center read this blog and know you.

You exemplify what many believe the center to be. Self serving & intolerant.

You be be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you what has happened to the center since Feiner took over as supervisor.
You cannot run a business without anyone overseeing the every day problems.
Feiner gave them the money every year and let them go on their merry way,without anyone watching this ship that is now faqiling because we the tax payers can't afford it's upkeep anymore .

Feiner do you understand this we cannot afford the both centers anymore.

Anonymous said...

It did not just happen,the Town has been pumping money into the center for years. Tony Veteran was supervisor and Ted Young was the director. Nothing has changed in 30 years! It's a BIG MONEY PIT!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess someone had their fingers in the pot over all those years.

Paul has been on board the longest so he is responsible for the happenings at the center.

The work session today proves one thing that the center belongs to the Fairview community alone.

Smarten up folks them are stealing our money caus the claim that they is poor.