Monday, December 15, 2008



I spoke with Genie Contratra, executive director of the Library, about setting up a job club at our beautiful new library. The library has a great computer room. The club could provide residents who are unemployed with an opportunity to chat with other people who are out of work. Club members and advisors could provide residents with assistance re: resume writing, contacts, etc... We hope to set up the club in January, 2009. In the meantime - I have been compiling a list of people who are looking for work. Other residents have been e mailing me info about job opportunities in their businesses. If you know of available jobs or want to be put on the list of residents who are advised of job opportunities (as I learn of them) please e mail me at



Anonymous said...

Will Feiner be using the "club" to find a new job for himself?

mayor of fairview said...

what job does he do now?
oh yes - he is the mayor of fairview

hal samis said...

Where was Feiner during the great Depression department.

NY Times, drop dead. No longer will residents be seeing ads
"I got my job through the NY Times"

What's next from Town Hall?
How about hair club for men.

But won't it be tough competing against all those June Xposure grads? And, I'm not supposed to divulge this but Bernie Maydoff has been hired as a guest lecturer.

That leaves an exciting opportunity to earn big bucks working from home. Collect snowflakes. I know a company that pays big bucks for unusual designs.

Or how about door to door sales in the expanding recycling field. I've heard of a company that sells a simple kit that can convert many common items found around your home into rust. The kit is complete, all you have to do is add water. Just contact the Supevisor for the name of the local distributor.

Finally, how long before Feiner sends emails to the Town list advising them that Microsoft is paying $200 to each person who forwards the email...

And before his motley crew descends upon the blog to condemn nitpickers, did anyone see the closing price for "nit" futures today? Through the roof; insiders must know that Feiner is in trouble.

As someone signed off with elsewhere on the blog,
"2009 is the year". It has all the makings of a bumper sticker.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice idea, but it would be a duplication of services. Westchester County already has this as a well-established program just 2.5 miles east in White Plains for all county residents.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with helping our neighbors who are out of work?

Anonymous said...

During christmas time we should all help our friends who are out of luck.

Anonymous said...

"What is wrong with helping our neighbors who are out of work?"

Nothing at all, though since it's a duplication of services already provided, perhaps there are other needs the town can address.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:24 and 8:53,

"And during Christmas time we should all help our friends who are out of luck"

And during the Christmas/New Year's period, there are lots of jobs opening up, even more during a recession.

The only ones who will benefit from this "club" are Al Regula, Butch Nana and the Hartsdale sculpture curator. The Town Board intends to vote on their re-hires at the Special Town Board meeting on Thursday, December 18.

Talk about luck...

2009 is the year.

Anonymous said...

On the surface a constructive idea, but on closer inspection it's wasteful and, about as useful as putting wind farms on bridges.

Greenburgh taxpayers already fund an excellent job assistance program carried out by the NY State Department of Labor (White Plains), whose excellent and professional services and resources I used after being RIF-ed.

Secondly, there are other more useful associations and facilities for job seekers to use than this wasteful Job Club notion, such as using networking tools like that allow people to maintain contacts and take advantage of extended personal relationships and contacts that that studies show are the most productive and results producing ways of finding employment.

Lastly, the supervisor might use his good office as a clearing house and should offier (at no increase to the current cost of town government) to act as a clearinghouse for prospective employers and job seekers. I think, for example, the supervisor might host a weekend call in program on television or host group meetings/job fairs at town hall.

I think the supervisor should look into these suggestions and report back to the people with his plan for carrying out these suggestions.

Anonymous said...

your right 2009 is the right time for all you whinners and losers to move out of your cave and bother another community leave. Suckes when the town in general is trying to do the right thing for residents./

Anonymous said...

11:56 -
Your biases are showing. I hear Richard Garfunkel is hiring people with your qualfications for his new Green Shirts battalion. Why not apply? Or would even that interfere with your brown-nosing?

Anonymous said...

Job club is a good. My friends are not working. They need help. If they are out of work the town won't get taxes. And our taxes go up.

Anonymous said...

6:57 ... Yes, and there is already an established program with a great reputation just down the street in White Plains available for all county residents. It has more resources than any town service could provide, so why attempt to duplicate services already provided?

Anonymous said...

Paul and company love to duplicate programs since it's no skin off their backs.

Anonymous said...

Job clubs are about networking. I have used these clubs in the past. The more the better. Some are good. Some are bad. All you need is one good lead. The job club at the library initiative is good.

the kennedy way said...

i guess we all cannot get jobs the caroline kennedy way

Anonymous said...

Waves to Paul @ 6:57

Anonymous said...

TDYCC Pool Closing Friday, December 19, 2008 for unknown length of time.

WHY - Well Whitehead action or inaction and failure to sign requisitions submitted by former Pool Director caused the pool to be shut down by Westchester County Health department. Pool not in compliance with VGB law by 12-19-08

Paul glad you had such as ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSet managing TDYCC. Soon Whitehead mismanagement will surface in all areas. HAEY!!! Blame ur self

Anonymous said...

We need James Robinson back at the center to get the pool open

Anonymous said...

No you don't need James Robinson at the pool- YOU NEED Patricia Roper, an educated, highly trained professional.
She cleaned up the place; made staff work, held them accountable, no cell phones in the lifeguard chairs, posted notices, sent emails and did a fantastic job!!! She even prepared the VGB equipment purchase requests that incompetent Whitehead denied/ refused to sign.

You need to fire the idiot Whitehead- Yes, no education or professional training, while under a criminal investigation was allowed to do so much damage to a viable program which raised revenue and demanded people pay for usage of the facility.

Now the program going to shiiiiiiiiit - classes being cancelled "cause no one to teach water babies on Tuesday morning" That's a crock? Three staff in the morning can teach the program Ms. Roper taught - and now the class is cancelled. Yes, Roper had some issues but the staff worked at TDYCC Pool and that a FACT!

Anonymous said...

I do think the board members should line up to see where their next job will be.

Maybe there will be something for them to shovel all the crap that they have given to the taxpayers .

Anonymous said...

There you go again duplicating services .

Why is it that an elected official cannot come up with any idea on his own.
You seem to always follow the leader a game that is and was played by children.
You seem to be going backwards.
How old are you?
You have followed for too long but this time you followed the wrong lead by going against the Fulton Park residents and stuck it to the rest of the town.

Grow up .

hal samis said...

Dear Club Director:

Do you know of any jobs for former Town Board members, Diana Juettner, Francis Sheehan and Paul Feiner.

If you do well, I'll recommend your service to Sonja Brown and Kevin Morgan. Kevin will be a little harder to place; he requires an employer that will allow him yet another health insurance buyout.

Anonymous said...

Close TDYCC.

Anonymous said...

Some people in Fulton Park don't care if working people housing is built or not at the old Kings Inn. This inn used to be used by prostitutes and drug dealers. The working people housing is better. And safer.

Anonymous said...

Hal, dont forget the town clerk.

hal samis said...

The Town Clerk has decided to pursue her first love, theater. To that end, we should forgive her for getting temporarily carried away and play acting the role of a Town Board member.

Few know that she had landed the role of personal secretary to Denny Crane (William Shattner) on television's "Boston Legal" but the show was cancelled before she started. Despite that setback and with the encouragement of Arts Consultant Saran Wrap, the Town Clerk is devoting her art to what she is best suited: working as a character actor. I understand that she is up for the part of Sam in the musical version of "Casablanca" which begins previews on Saturday nights at the Performing Arts Center in the new Greenburgh Town Library. However, those desiring to see her work should be aware that all seats for the first two weeks of the regular run have been purchased by the Valhalla School District.

Anonymous said...

The town clerk should resign.

She hasn't done a good job up to now.

I don't know what she's doing but whenever anyone calls for her she's never available.

She is a busy body who has no right speaking out when it comes to town matters at work sessios and board meetings.

She seems to be preparing herself for a higher position.
Paul and Sheehan will have a good fight on their hands if this is so.

Anonymous said...

God forbid!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again the town clerk chimmed in on town matters.
This time she show concern about the children of fairview if the fees for the canp were to go up.

Lady the center stays alive because we subsidize it it to the fullest.

The cent should be for the town but it is not .
The center as the comm.has said is for the fairview community.
We don't need her input as the icing on the cake.

We the residents get the message.
We pay but we are not allowed within those doors.

When will someone on the board including the town clerk feel sorry for the rest of the town who will real soon rebel for paying taxes to the center .

Has anyone checked if the grates needed in the pool at the center were previously paid for.