Monday, December 08, 2008


Town of Greenburgh

Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board

Tuesday – December 9, 2008 – 2:00pm

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

2:00p.m WestHab (definition of workforce housing)

2:30p.m. Town Attorney

2:45p.m. Storage Needs (Town Hall and Library)--possible cost savings measure - using vacant

space at municipal buildings --avoiding rent

3:00p.m. Agenda Review

3:15p.m. Budget Reviews (Mike Kolesar, Bart Talamini & Dept Heads as called)

5:00p.m. Executive Session - Legal

5:30p.m. Adjourn

We may resume the Board work session at 7:30 PM to discuss the 2009 budget.


Wish I could Hear said...

Paul could you please do something about the sound in the room either speak up,place the microphones closer or update the sound system because all I hear is muffled nonsense comming out of all your mouths.

Anonymous said...

To 7:45

Asked and answered -- no we will not get to hear. But fair is fair, the Town Board cant seem to hear us.

Also -- notice that Westhab is on for 2:00 -- the harder for anyone to get there to hear what they say in person.

westhab getting special treatment said...

The town has scheduled a public hearing on its definition of "workforce housing" for the town board meeting on Wednesday, December 10. That's when everyone in the community is invited to express their opinion on the record about the wisdom of adopting this change in the town's zoning code. The Planning Board has already recommended against adopting this change. So how come Westhab gets a special invitation to come in to discuss the "workforce housing" definition at a work session? They should be treated like everyone else and be restricted to two five-minute comment sessions at Wednesday's hearing. If they get preferential treatment, which is apparently what they are getting, and the definition gets changed, then going forward with the hearing on Wednesday would be illegal and improper. Typical Feiner maneuver.

Anonymous said...

Paul when you have your meeting tomorrow you might want to clarify something, a former payroll clerk had help, as a matter of fact she had part-time help. The reason I no this is I use to help out years ago in the comptrollers office with office work.
So why is it now that the Comptroller's office is not being offered the same courtesy? It has been on the blog that the Comptrollers office is looking for help and being denied. That is incredulous since this is the office that holds the Town together.
While I can attest that when I first met Mike Kolesar he was not the "warmest" person, I can also say that he has warmed up and to tell you the truth he is about his business, keeping the money in order and catching all the 'blunders" that have been sweep under the carpet.
I don't think we are paying this man to make nice with everyone, and if I stand correct you hired him to come in here and get the books and errors correct, so now when he speaks up about the problems and says he need help he gets a tap on the hand to be good and not say anything?

Anonymous said...

"Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32"

When will all of Unincorporated Greenburgh have cable choice?

wanted and needed said...

a candidate with the sense and courage to say NO

no to taxter ridge

no to walls on central avenue that destroy open space

no to the valhalla school district
no to the tdycc

no to the library and their change orders

no to the fairview fire district

no to westhab

no to xposure

no to nutrition programs that feed other towns at a loss

no to swat

Anyone But Feiner said...

Even if we don't have that candidate, we need to say NO to feiner, Sheehan and Juettner.

Even anarchy is a better alternative to these knownothings.

grow up greenburgh said...

and morgan and brown - such disappointments.

the feiner sheehan juettner era is so over - but they are clueless.

someone like samis or some of the folks from fulton park are what we need - no bs, no temporizing, no fudging, no nonsense, no resolutions on global issues, no vanity demonstration projects, no endless change orders.....

we need candidates with the ability to say NO.

a choice not an echo said...

paraphrasing barry goldwater -

"Let's grow up, greenburgh taxpayers. If we want to take this town back, and I think we can some day, let's go to work."

we need choices - not feiner echos.

Anonymous said...

Some of you bloggers are so immature. Your comments are so over the top negative that many of us have stopped reading the blog comments each day. The blog, when it contained worthwhile information, was interesting and helpful.

dear naive said...

and your reasons to be so positive?
i guess you enjoy waste and fraud on 30% tax increases.

Feiner gives Westhab preferred treatment said...

Wow!! Just tuned in to today's work session and saw that Westhab is getting the very preferential treatment that was feared. Turns out that Feiner invited Mr. Sanborn of Westhab to appear at today's work session. Feiner didn't invite anyone from Fulton Park.

Now we hear Westhab doesn't want a "workforce housing" definition at all. They want "affordable housing" with no floor, so that they can have the ability to rent the entire 28 units to the homeless if they wish. And Feiner says that even though the definition is completely different from what was proposed for tomorrow night's definition, the town board has to vote tomorrow night on the new definition, or they're against "affordable housing."

Folks you gotta tune in to see this: Feiner is telling the town board that no, he never said this was about "workforce housing." Oh no, he said, it was always about "affordable housing."

And no, Feiner said, he doesn't care about giving preferential treatment to Westhab because what the hell, they've waited long enough, and no, it doesn't matter what Fulton Park may want, all they're interested in is "delaying tactics."

It's difficult to imagine a more divisive and vicious elected official that Feiner. Fulton Park residents have every right to be outraged. All other residents of the town should be as well.

Anonymous said...

Westhab now says it needs 100% section 8 housing for 22 Tarrytown Road because without that, it might not get funding. In other words, Fulton Park's worst fears have now been realized. Feiner is delivering homeless housing to Fulton Park for Christmas -- and he's doing it at a special work session where only Westhab's been invited to attend. What slimy town officials we have!

Feiner screws Fulton Park said...

There's nothing more venal in public life than an elected official who says one thing and then does another.

For months Feiner has been selling the zoning change in Fulton Park as necessary for "workforce housing." Fulton Park suspected it was really needed for homeless housing. The town conditions the zoning change on Westhab marketed its units for "workforce housing" without defining the term.

Fulton Park cries foul, says "workforce housing" must be defined. Feiner responds (actually it was Sheehan but Feiner took credit for it) by defining "workforce housing" as housing for people who earn between 60 and 120% of Westchester's median income. A hearing on the change was scheduled for Wednesday night, Dec. 10.

Westhab realizes, however, that it can't live with that definition. Sanborn calls Feiner and Feiner invites Sanborn to a town board work session where the town board agrees to define "workforce housing" as "affordable housing." Affordable housing means housing for anyone earning "up to 80%" of Westchester's median.

That means no workforce housing. that means Section 8 housing or housing for the homeless. Exactly what Westhab represented over and over again was not what was intended. But Westhab couldn't live with that.

So Feiner pretended that he never said this was for "workforce housing." To him, it was always for "affordable housing." Which means Section 8. Which means homeless. And if Fulton Park doesn't like it, screw them. It's Christmas after all. What does Feiner care about their homes, their neighborhood, their lifetime worth of investment in the community?
What a disgrace.

This isn't just about Fulton Park said...

3:38 -

If this could happen to Fulton Park, it could happen anywhere in uncincorporated Greenburgh. Meanwhile, will Waterwheel property be "affordable" or will it be sold at a bargain basement price to avoid the builder needing it to be affordable in order to obtain financing? Is another lawsuit far behind?

Anonymous said...

Will workforce housing be a blight across the street from STAPLES, VERIZON & DELI DELICIOUS?
Isn't this a commercial area?

Anonymous said...

It isn't "workforce housing" anymore. It's a high density low income housing project, the very kind of housing the town said it would not permit in that location. Feiner screwed the people of Fulton Park and he'll screw your neighborhood too if he gets the chance.

Anonymous said...

What is mind-boggling to me is that before Staples was Circuit City and the space was empty a group wanted to turn the space into a roller rink. The Fulton Park came to a WHITE PLAINS zoning meeting, made their case that this was a residential neighborhood and WP denied any variances. WP cared more about these people than Paul does.

Anonymous said...

What is so good about Staples? What does Staples bring to Fulton Park? The building is ugly.

Anonymous said...

The Verizon building across from Deli Delicious, Staples and WESTHAB is an architectural gem.

Anonymous said...

Should the Verizon building across from WESTHAB be declared a historic landmark, preventing future Town Boards from tearing the building down and destroying its architectural features? It's important to preserve the character of this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Are all these people making fun of Fulton Park because they are not as wealthy and can not afford to live in a gated community like our supervisor? They still have a residential neighborhood which they work to keep and improve.

class act said...

the fulton park people have more integrity and class than the town board and the westhab folks to the 10th power.

francis sheehanigans, the father of the comprehensive plan, should hang his head in shame due to the sell out he has become.

2009 is coming and he has to be thrown out of office (along with juettner).

village of edgemont now said...

the only way to get spending under control is the let edgemont become a village

edgemont - please make your move already!!!

isnt 50 years of waiting long enough?????

Anonymous said...


Are you from Edgemont?

Or are you concerned that if Bernstien wins his suit, Village Residents WHO VOTED FOR FEINER, will be stuck with their share of no-show jobs and no-bid contracts, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Relax, everybody. Bernstein isn't going to win his suit. The decision will be based on law, not on Bernstein's huffing and puffing.

villager reports said...

no show jobs etc

thats not our problem - thats unincorporated greenburgh's problem

edgemont would be wise to get away from unincorporated greenburgh

sound legal opinion said...

i have read the briefs and bernstein's argument is powerful.

have you read the briefs?

firm legal advise said...

the court of appeals could have dismissed the bernstein appeal on technical grounds - they didnt - instead they kept the case.

stay tuned

ps - this is not bernstein

Anonymous said...

Yes I read Bernstein's brief. It looks impressive until you read the town's brief, which I also read. The town shows that Bernstein has rewritten the New York State Constitution to fit his argument, and that the laws he quotes don't exist. I haven't seen the villages brief but since they wrote the best one in the Appellate Division I imagine that they will explode Bernstein.

I am not happy with the Finneran Law but Bernstein has not made a good and honest case.

briefs with an s said...

i said did you read the briefs - plural

bernstein's reply to the town brief is damn good

Anonymous said...

I read Bernstein's reply brief. It was short and sweet. He blew away the town and villages by quoting from the very proceedings that led to the Constitutional provision he's relying on, which is something that neither the town nor the villages bothered to do, and which explain quite persuasively why towns must first obtain the consent of unincorporated areas before saddling them with indebtedness. Bernstein also blew away the town and villages for having no answer to his point that when the state legislature delegates specific taxing authority to towns, like it did in Greenburgh with Finneran, it must comply strictly comply or its actions will be deemed unconstitutional. As villages pointed out, the town didn't comply with Finneran when it charged unincorporated for Taxter without restricting access as Finneran required. Sounds like the villages proved Bernstein's point for him.

Again, I'm not Bernstein.

reply brief was a killer said...

i agree. the times square ball will not be the only thing dropping in 2009 - finneran may fall.

legal argument is scheduled for january 13 in albany.

not bernstein here either.

Anonymous said...

1:05 is either Bernstein or his stenographer.

I read Bernstein's reply brief also. Such BS I have never seen. Bernstein is good at persuading himself, and a few others who don't know better. I expect that the Court of Appeals will crap on Bernstein even more than the Appellate Division did.

We will know soon enough. But for your sake, don't place any big bets on Bernstein.

court will be careful said...

only time will tell.

certainly allowing the town board to impose unlimited tax liability on the unincorporated area without its consent is a serious issue and one the court of appeals will handle with care.

word on the street is the town is nervous.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Bernstein (the previous blogger?) is full of himself. No one at the Town is worried having read Bernstein's briefs.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein's briefs,I wear boxers. What do you wear ??

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. Sheahan is now saying only westab should be allowed at work session, not residents. residents are threatend to not speak out.

Anonymous said...

Now they wont even tell us what changes westhab wanted and is getting.

Anonymous said...

The hearing is getting worse and worse. The town is targetting the Fulton Park people.
this stinks bigtime.

Anonymous said...

I cant beleive saying that Westhab cant built on the spot, so the zoning must be changeed. MAYBE THEY SHOULDNT HAVE BOT THE SPOT.

Anonymous said...

And as to the Town being open, why do they not show the council on most shots? Is it because the council members, like Paul, Morgan and sonya have left teh room?

Anonymous said...

1006 get a life you should leave the room.

Anonymous said...

Bet ya that the anon who is impressed with Bernstein is
1) Bernstein or
2) Bernstein's wife

Anonymous said...

Watching town hall meeting last nite where the xposure program was giving their demonstration I must ask, Paul where are the white children.
Why is it that we have to pay for something that we dont have .
Why is it that our children are not permitted at the center that we pay for it's upkeep also.
Paul as a gentleman said last nite the town is violating each and everyone of us in one way or another.
This is and has been your plan right along "the hell with the white folk"
Comes election we white folk won't forget.
With the way you have tried to run this town you have made it a racist problem.
Blame yourself as to the way the public is thinking at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"The white folk"? Where's the Klan rally 3:50?

Paul Feiner said...

Anon 3:50-- your comments are disgusting. The xposure program is open to everyone in the town. And, could benefit everyone in the town because it is a great education tool. Unlike you - I'm not afraid to put my name next to my comments.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Paul the show and tell from the xposure program was time consuming and ridiculous.

If you have to have the public in on such nonsense please have it aside from the general town meetings.

You are taking up time that is needed to straighten out town matters.

Anonymous said...


CSEA Charley said...

Dear Mr Feiner,
Your response to the criticism of Xposure misses the point.
Yes, in theory every student in Town is eligible to participate. There is no bus for elementary students living in, say, Hastings to get to the Xsposure program. Not many students have the luxury of a parental chauffer to drive them to a distant site during the middle of a work day - your daughter is lucky. Her Dad can just walk out of a meeting, pick her up at daycare and drive her to her grandparents. If anyone else on the Town payroll tried a stunt like that (except of course the privileged ones at TDYCC, for whom job attendance is suggested but not mandatory) they'd be toast.
Why not leave Town government for a few years in the private sector? It would broaden your understanding of the nature of governance.

we have met the enemy said...

feiner cannot leave government.
who would hire him?

his failure is our failure.

Anonymous said...

CSEA Charley has it right. The stuff about something being available town-wide is dishonest nonsence. In theory the Xposure program is town-wide but the nature of its "program" is suited to the kids in Fairview, and why would anyone from the distant villages or southern Greenburgh come for it when better programs are available close-by? As a matter of fact, that is true of almost all of TDYCC. TDYCC is a good place and offers an important service, but it is not a town-wide service. The TDYCC was formed to provide a sevvice to the Fairview-Elmsford community, and that is what it does. Saying that it is town-wide is just a bunch of deceptive words, and those words have gotten the town into a financial and legal hole.

stop this man asap said...

francis sheehanigan said xposure was probably the most valuable program the town ever offered.

now francis, i have a bridge to sell you. its right next to that ramp for no one you got in greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing my sentiments concerning both centers.
They are both to accomadate the people in Elmsford and Fairview which we support .
Paul if my child wanted to attend the xposure program would she have bus service from Edgemont dropping her off?
Hell no it's not in the budget so how in the hell can you and the rest of the board say that the programs at the center are to be used town wide by all the residents.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the library does not pay rent on the land beneath the building plus the parking lot????????????

Does this land belong to the town of Greenburgh??????? or should I say to the residents.

Anonymous said...

just want to let all you town tax payers now how you have a fire dept. in your town that (1) has a fire chief that is (4) years over the state required retirement age and the board of fire commisioners and the state keep approving him for a (2) year extension he now 74 or 75 his wife is his secretary and sit's in on the commisioners board meetings which is her job and you don't think she goes home and tells him what goes on which is a major confict of intrest..
(2)fire fighters get unlimted sick time which means if i go out after work crash my car & can't work for 6 months i get full pay i do not go on disabilty and another fire fighter works for me at time and a half is that a great job or what...

arrest the town board said...

the parking lot is owned by the town of greenburgh - which includes the villages

the town board illegally gave the parking lot (where the old town hall was located) to the unincorporated greenburgh library

this property was worth millions

rent is due the villages for the use of town land for the benefit of only one part of the town - othersie the villages are paying twice - for their libraries and unincorporated greenburgh

stop the theft

Anonymous said...

Well crooks will be crooks.
Here in Greenburgh we constantly get held up at gunpoint ,the thieves are brought to light and guess what they go scott free.

If anyone else would commit a crime they would be sent to jail for years.

What kind of justice do we have here in Greenburgh.
What else is needed to prove that there is something wrong with the way that this board taxes the public and spends the money which ever they see fit.