Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week of December 14th: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important that are not addressed in other topics. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

(From December 28th until January 18th, I will be unavailable to create posts and make revisions to the blog, as I [Marc Herman] will be traveling in Israel. However, I have set up the blog to automatically create Miscellaneous topics for each week so that discourse may still take place on topics other than those posted by Paul. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email me at (at) and I will attempt to resolve them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your feedback!)

-Marc Herman


town fails drivers said...

the intersection of sprain road and ashford avenue is one of the most treacherous in greenburgh. what honest driver doesn't have his heart in his throat when he approaches it
yet the town, in allowing toll brothers to build over two dozen mcmansions right near by will only add to the danger (unless the awful housing market conditions continue and toll brothers abandons its plans)

a few years ago the corner parcel at the intersection was available for purchase (where a huge new house was built but has seemingly been only offered for rent due to a number of factors)

a proposal was made for the town to buy the parcel and improve the site line of the intersection.

the town did nothing.

so when you go thru that intersection just remember the 100s of thousands going to the valhalla school district for luxury cruises, the thousands of dollars going to subsidize the nutirition programs for other towns, the waste in the library project due to poor oversight, the dubious xposure program, the no show jobs at the tdycc.....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner: Could you at least get two more stop signs installed there? Really it needs a traffic signal, but installing the two needed stop signs would be a huge help.

Anonymous said...

The construction of more homes will not effect the traffic. You know it and so do all the locals.

What is needed is a good engineer to study the traffic situation ,to somewhat widen the road but above all put up a light.

Stop signs are of no use when the drivers are busy talking on their cell phones and not paying attention to the traffic.

Where are the police to enforce the cell phone law???

Most of the drivers that are using the cell phones are ladies in big SUVs for some reason the phone is attached to their ears.

If the developer wants to build homes he should not be stopped because the town has NOT done right by the public.
They have money to throw away at the center,xposure and Taxter Road
and all the other acreage at Hart park.

We the public are the ones at fault for not fighting back to all their money spending habits.
The next big problem will be the library because they will not survive without funds from the taxpayers.

All in all dont blame the developer blame the town.If anything- the new homes will bring revenue needed to keep taxes at a good rate..

Anonymous said...

How much vacation time does that Supervisor have that he can take 3 weeks off at once?

feiner drops the ball said...

mr feiner lives down the road from this dangerous intersection - that he has been unable in 18 years to do anything about it shows his priorities - fairview, valhalla school district, nutrition programs that feed other towns, xpsoure.....

does he really merit another two years?

Marc Herman said...

"How much vacation time does that Supervisor have that he can take 3 weeks off at once?

12/15/2008 11:52 AM"

I'm not the Supervisor, I'm a college student going on a Birthright-Israel trip. I can see how some confusion may arise due to the format of the blog, but I generally sign my posts.

Anonymous said...

marc - have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Nasiah tova! have a great trip.

travel agent said...

why not a one way ticket for the whole town board to israel?

who would miss them?

Feiner's right hand man said...

Marc I believe that you are a 20year old fool looking for some kind of goverment job. Marc you are probally aware but you say you do know where the Bloggers are writting from. You do track them by using their IP address.

Anonymous said...

See also Frost/Nixon for Feiner's justification of many of his deeds:
"If the [President] Supervisor does it then it's not illegal."

Marc Herman said...

"Marc I believe that you are a 20year old fool looking for some kind of goverment job. Marc you are probally aware but you say you do know where the Bloggers are writting from. You do track them by using their IP address.

12/15/2008 3:48 PM"

Quite a bold statement; but incorrect on all counts. I'm 19, attending Binghamton University for a finance degree, and personally, I would never pursue a career in politics. It's simply not for me. The Bpath counter does *not* track any IP addresses, as I have previously and repeatedly stated. Let's get this back on topic, as this post is about town issues, not myself.

Anonymous said...

very professional Mark, now back off people this guy did nothing wrong. College kid probably getting some extra college credits for helping out the town i hope. And be smart never work for this town and you will already have a foot in the rite direction mark.

Anonymous said...

what percent of SWAT live in Greenburgh

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Leave Marc alone! What's wrong with you asshats?

Anonymous said...

" ... he has been unable in 18 years to do anything about it ..."

Unable or unwilling? Two more stops signs at this intersection should be a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

Saw this in the JN this morning. What is our exposure? Doesn't the town have some kind of indemnity?

District should drop fight for funds.

While residents face the loss of homes and jobs, the Valhalla Board of Education at its Oct. 28 meeting authorized school attorneys to begin legal action to collect money due under the defunct WestHELP Partnership Grant. At the approved rate of $190 an hour, the district could spend more than $375,000 annually on a frivolous lawsuit to fund their trivial pursuits.

Two audits of this grant by the state comptroller found that the Town of Greenburgh could not legally grant or otherwise give money to the Valhalla school district.

Taxpayers may recall that this grant pumped $1.8 million into the district over a three-year period, none of which was used to offset the skyrocketing cost of education. Instead the grant funded off-budget projects conjured up by a small group of unelected residents and rubber-stamped by the Board of Education. These included adult outings, opera tickets, lunches at trendy restaurants, adult cooking classes, summer trips to the Grand Canyon, payment of a private school expense of a board member's child, a second full-time salary for a district administrator and a dinner cruise on the Hudson.

Greenburgh officials were told the money was used to educate homeless children. Valhalla residents were told that no money could be spent on regular education or to reduce taxes.

While many local governments are cutting budgets, Valhalla is spreading our wealth to their attorneys and chasing money meant to help the homeless. If the district has no educational need for $375,000, it should be returned to the taxpayers.

John F. Fitzgerald


Anonymous said...

It is time to demand OUR money back.

amen said...

with interest and legal fees!

Who makes this up said...

The Greenburgh Police Department wishes to remind residents of and visitors to the Town of Greenburgh that beginning at 1:00 a.m. on Monday, December 1st, Snow Parking restrictions will take effect. The restriction prohibits parking on town roads within unincorporated Greenburgh between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. nightly through March 15th. A conviction for violation of the ordinance carries a $20.00 fine.

Are you kidding me. A whole $20.00 what a deterant this is. Another foolish fine that will never be inforced.

Anonymous said...


It is widely enforced. Just ask the people living in apartments on EHA.

The bitching will soon commence!

Anonymous said...

there are no parking restrictions on Concord north of east Hartsdale ave why is this he is not a board member anymore

Anonymous said...

Why is there a $150 fines for leaves and $20 for a car? Seems to me that the $150 is just a money raiser? FEINER MUST GO.

Anonymous said...

It's $20 if it's not snowing. If it snows expect to pay much more because you will be towed if the roads need to be plowed.

I don't think one fine was issued for leaves but I assure that many will be issued for snow ordinance violations and you would think those who get tickets, had to pay 1 meeeelion dollars by the way they will carry on.

Anonymous said...

According to the Scarsdale Inquiror, there were many tickets issued for leaves. Many in Edgemont which we know Feiner hates. Why 150 for leaves, 20 for cars, even in no snow?

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see any tickets on cars on the side streets.
The police keep far away from these roads they seem to concentrate on the main drags.

hal samis said...

Chief Kapica is very proud of his December 1 winter regulations.

This seasonal routine also includes one item that intrigues me because it really shows what a load of bull the Chief shovels at budget time.

Everyone is familiar with "What if someone were to die" which is the lead-in to the need to fund some expensive but seldom used program.

Part of winter rules in Policeland determine the removal of the portable signs that are placed on heavily trafficked streets that have crosswalks (in the crosswalk) -- like East Hartsdale Avenue by the train station or a few blocks west. Or at the Bailey School on Hillside Avenue. They are in service all the rest of the year, just not when the Chief's winter rules kick in.

What the signs remind drivers of is that state law says that drivers must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. A good idea? If not, you don't have to read further.

So, if they serve a useful purpose (like maybe to save a life) the rest of the year, why not in winter when cars may need to take extra precautions because of skidding or when visibility may be impaired from falling snow. Of course, if you can't see the crosswalk sign, you probably won't stop anyway but again, if they are used in the Spring, Summer and Fall, are they less important in Winter?

Yes according to Chief Kapica. They "may" make snow plowing more difficult. They may even get hit and broken or totally destroyed. On the other hand, how many snow days actually occur during winter?
Even if there were so many days that the police were unable to stop writing parking tickets and move the signs out of harm's way, I'm willing to bet that most of the days of winter regulations are days that plowing or sanding are not being undertaken and the signs may not be at risk. Who knows, maybe the snowplow drivers or trucks spreading sand or salt could even be trained to avoid the road signs which are located in the same spot day in and day out the remainder of the year.

But let's say that is impossible and the alternative is to remove the crosswalk signs and we should be happy that they are used during the rest of the year when the roads are not as slippery.

However, if the signs do have some merit as a reminder to drivers not to run over pedestrians in the crosswalk, then this is really what Chief Kapica is saying to residents.

"I don't care if you get hit by a car,
what if someone were to hit a crosswalk sign?"

So to save the couple of hundred bucks needed if a fallen sign has to be replaced, it is ok with the Chief to remove it rather than run the risk. And at the same time, it is ok for the Chief to fund programs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for the reason, "What if someone were to die".

It is ok because, unlike my bringing this news to residents, either on the blog or from the Town Hall podium, the Chief puts on a more dramatic show, raising his voice and letting the blood rush to his cheeks.

What if someone were to die or at least just get clipped by a car? Indeed!
That's why we pay big bucks to support Police EMS.

RIP Harry said...

Sadly, Harry Lawson as past away:

Unfortunately, this provides Feiner with an opportunity to suggest the renaming of some Greenburgh facility in Harry's honor, so Feiner can look like a great humanitarian.

Do not let him do this.
It's not that Harry is not deserving, quite the opposite, it's that we change the name of facilities (Juniper Hill=Lee F. Jackson, Webb Field=Presser Park, Fairview Community Center=Theodore T. Young.......)so often and without merit, that it has become meaningless.
It is unfortunate that we have rushed to rename facilities after those who contributed nothing to the community and here we have Harry Lawson much more deserving and I can't stand the thought of making it a "Feiner moment".

How unfortunate that I've even thought of this so soon after Harrys passing.
My pandering, rotten government makes me think this way and I'm not liking it at all.

flying shoes said...

i've been asked what do i think about the shoe thrower - here is an interesting perspective (its an abstract):

author - Jonathan Spyer
The flying shoes that greeted President Bush at his press conference in Iraq on Sunday are the latest emblem of an outlook that sees all events through the prism of a wounded sense of Arab nationalism. This political culture sanctifies anti-Western fury, and continues, half a century after decolonization, to see the Arabs as hapless victims of the West. The tremendous popularity of Hizbullah's Hassan Nasrallah and even the non-Arab Mahmoud Ahmedinejad among broad masses of Arabs is a product of this political culture.
It is an undeniable fact that the individual more responsible than any other for the enfranchisement and elevation to power of the Shi'ites of Iraq is George W. Bush. The man who established a situation in which the Iraqi Shi'ite Muntadar al-Zeidi is able to work freely as a journalist, worship freely as a Shi'ite, and vote freely as a citizen was the same one at whom Zeidi chose to hurl his shoes. The peculiar political culture of self-righteous fury that bestrides the Arabic-speaking world constitutes perhaps the single largest barrier to its rational and mature development. The writer is a senior researcher at the Global Research in International Affairs Center, IDC, Herzliya. (Jerusalem Post)

hal samis said...

Dear shoeless Jon (Hannibal, Mo.?)

Who asked you? Steve Bass?

allah akbar said...

its shoeless muntadar - or ill cut your head off

hal samis said...

"and one of these days these boots are gonna walk over you"

To Harry L's Memory said...

If you can't say something nice about a person,say nothing at all.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

ed krauss said...

I wonder what would happen to a journalist, in the White House who throws a shoe at the President?

Guantanamo Bay?

It's amazing, "W" is given credit for saving us from terror, and he ends up dodging errant shoes.

What a way to
go out? I wonder if his dad's friends could once again buy him a seat in the Texas Rangers presidential suite?

Now back to the mundane.

Has Paul come up with a new idea in the last 60 seconds? No? Give him time, it's really early.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the Greenburgh town line signs that were supposed to be provided by the bank at town hall?

hal samis said...

Sent to the Town Board which is voting to night on a Resolution to hire Al Regula and Butch Nana as "consultants" for $90 and hour each to a maximum of $30,000 each.
As retired Town employees, they are receiving full benefits including medical.

Whatever the tax increase is, it could be less if the Town Board were really serious about cutting needlessly incurred expenses -- which they are not. Instead they are relying more heavily on stealing from the Fund Balance to cover operating expenses. This too is in contravention of the famous Fund Balance Policy which specifically stated DO NOT OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS, DO NOT USE FOR OPERATING EXPENSES. Watch the glib Mr. Sheehan make excuses.

the email follows:

"A good Department head establishes a chain of command and hires capable employees who can continue to perform their duties even without the Department head on the premises. A good Department head established operating policies and procedures that are supposed to be adhered to by the various lower ranking levels in the chain of command.

If neither of these basic conditions are present in the DPW, then Mr. Regula and Mr. Nana were not good Department heads and by this standard alone should be the criterion arguing against their continued retention. That they have to be "persuaded" to accept these Consultancies is further endorsement against hiring them while bringing into question the competence of the Town Board.

A Department as far reaching as DPW which engages in a broad variety of functions cannot operate without the existence of Supervisory personnel running the day-to-day operations of its varied enterprises. To the best of my knowledge, these Supervisory personnel are still in the employ of the Town; these persons, who are actually involved with the daily running of the Department, have not elected to jump ship along with Mr. Regula and Mr. Nana. Does the Town Board believe that the DPW cannot operate without Mr. Regula and Mr. Nana for a three month period? The immediate seasonal threat of winter is the same seasonal threat that the Town encounters year after year. Are there new streets in Town? Why isn't it enough to follow the same procedures as were used in Winter 2007-2008 again in Winter 2008-2009? If there has been a "sea change" of snow removal SOP, by December 1 these changes should already exist, not waiting for situations to be handled by being spontaneously reactive with the onset of snowfall. Unless it is your intention to find a means solely to financially reward Regula and Nana at taxpayer expense (the Department heads that you want to continue albeit as Consultants,), the feared conditions are by themselves not enough cause to waste another $60,000 on their assumed professionalism.

Does the Town really want to use Mr. Regula and Mr. Nana to continue their legacy by earning fees to assist in the hiring of their replacements? I would think that a fresh approach is what is needed, not more of the same old and tired busiiness as usual approach of those recently occupying these positions. Were the Town to commence construction on a new Courthouse (which it is not) would it want to hire the job applicant for DPW vetted by Mr. Regula following his stellar performance as owner's rep on the Library expansion et al? What the Town needs is fresh blood to head DPW and the idea of PAYING the previous job holders to participate in the hiring process of their successors is repugnant.

There is enough evidence to question whether Mr. Regula has been a good Department head and whether he should have been fired as the consequence of his failings. That the Town Board wants to rehire him as a Consultant is a blatant insult to the Town's taxpayers and voters.

Further, does the Town intend to approve hourly billing ($90 per hour) from Mr. Regula which may include his considerable travel time and travel expenses to and from his far-off home?

How does the Town Board justify the need to engage BOTH Mr. Regula and Mr. Nana. If the system breaks down and "all hell breaks loose", can this not be handled just by the geographically closer Mr. Nana? The Town is not planning any major projects in the next three months so, this too should alleviate the burden of running an "unmanned" Department.

Since the final Town Budget results in a high tax increase (could have been higher does not excuse the remaining increase) the Town Board should not be content to rest while still leaving fluff in the budget. The full year (2009) salaries for Mr. Regula's and Mr. Nana's positions need not remain at the yearly figure if they are not being filled immediately. That the Town wants to use this money for their Consultant fees, these fees need not incur if they are not retained as Consultants.

I urge the Town Board to reconsider and try and make do with the existing and returning DPW managers that surely must exist even without the top two positions filled. If this presents such a grave threat to maintaining an acceptable level of DPW services, then either Mr. Regula and Mr. Nana failed to hire competent subordinates and should be allowed to wander off into the sunset uncensured or that, alternatively, there are a sizeable number of subordinates still on the job that should be fired because they do not have the confidence of the Town Board."

Anonymous said...

ITA Hal.

No one is expendable and although there may be a blip in the department, I'm sure those remaining can handle it.

hal samis said...

Now let's look at another item to be voted upon at tonight's meeting.
You remember, this is the austerity budget because of harsh economic times and high upper 7s tax increase under no circumstances should be allowed to be lower due to eliminating non essentials, no matter how small the cost is.

Sent to the Town Attorney (who is quarterbacking this item) and the Town Board.

the email:

"Dear Mr. Lewis,

As usual you have attempted to serve your master -- and screwed up.

A few months ago you may remember that I asked you why activity (pre-installation) at DeSanti Plaza in Hartsdale was underway when the curator (Ms. Scheiblberg) was without a contract, new or extended. I also asked who is pushing this less than significant program and why was the Town Board still expending so much effort by meeting with the curator on multiple occasions and discussing this matter during work sessions.

At that time you indicated that the curator was doing this on her own and at the risk of not being compensated. In short, she was doing it out of the goodness of her heart, at her own liability and "on the cuff". Now the Resolution clarifies that she was expecting to be compensated and the Town Board despite presenting taxpayers with a high tax increase is dipping further into taxpayer pocketbooks to satisfy Ms. Scheiblberg and her Patron.

Tonight the Town Board is voting on the Resolution to reward the curator for her efforts to "support the economic vitality of Hartsdale Village" which no doubt makes the current economic malaise even grateful for her efforts to overcome the reality of a dearth of customers. Nothing inspires people more to go out and spend than have their taxes support a revolving exhibit of sculpture located on the only non-commercial blockfront and located not in the path of shoppers who might utilize the parking garages.

But to enable the Town Board to accede to the Supervisor's demands, you have supplied an accompanying Contract for execution per the Resolution and this Contract curiously commences not from a quarterly or semi-annual basis or even by the customary start dates of the four seasons of the year. Instead it is back-dated to June 6 2008 (which I believe was already cinclusive in the expiring contract, said contract I believe terminating on June 30) and ends on December 31. Now what inspired this creative back-dating?

Well, since this Town Board does not recognize or abide by legal niceties, the actual contract terms hold no special significance for them whereas it does capture the fancy and imagination of the public.

Let me share with you some of the problems in approving the Resolution and its accompanying Contract. However, I warn you that I am holding back others so that the Town Board's embarrassment will not be complete tonight should you attempt a hasty patch job. And as a further advice, that you cut and pasted from the one year contract leaves the thoughts and provisions of a yearly assignment in conflict with one ending at "half year". But even these are not the held back hidden gems.

The contract calls for seasonal rotation of the exhibits (Section 1.2). The previous exhibit was mounted and removed not in compliance with this schedule and the June 6 commencement date has apparently been adjusted to acknowledge this. However, the successor exhibit was not installed in a timely seasonal manner probably as a result of her employment status. Thus the current exhibit which only was completly installed in November gives rise to the questions: Is the current exhibit, the Fall exhibit? If so, then is it to be removed and replaced by the Winter exhibit, Winter starting next week on December 21? If the current exhibit is to be called the Winter exhibit then where was the Fall or Summer exhibits? However you want to whitewash this, UNDER THE TERMS of the Contract, the curator has not fulfilled her contractual obligation and is not entitled to $1,880 for two exhibits; nor is she entitled to disburse an additional "$400" for two exhibits to artists.

However even more important is per BOTH the Resolution and the Contract:
"Whereas the Scuplture in the Park Program has been a venue for a revolving exhibit of scuplture by LOCAL artists; and"
Contract (Section 1.1)
"Contractor agrees to administer, curate, and oversee installation of a revolving exhibit of sculpture by LOCAL artists in DeSanti Plaza, Hartsdale"

THE CURRENT EXHIBIT IS THE WORK OF A NEW YORK CITY ARTIST per information observable at the exhibit

And, as far as I can fathom, the Town has decided to resolve the outstanding questions of insurance liability for damage or theft of the exhibit by ignoring it. The Town has declined to represent whether or not it may be held responsible.

Of course, you can attempt a quick contract surgery but the other ticking clock language scattered about will go unfixed.

It's not for nothing that taxpayers have nothing resembling an attorney as Town Attorney. What counts is your willingness to acquiesce to the Supervisor's demands."

Anonymous said...

Has everyone heard about the latest piece of stupidity by the Town of Greenburgh? The pool at the TDYCC will be closed after 12 noon on Friday until the drain covers that are mandated by law are put in. I know that the law went into effect earlier than expected but, considering the heavy use this pool gets, why didn't Paul Feiner take as much interest in this as he does in Gay Silverman's team, the Silverstreaks? He made certain that HER team got its swim time even though the pool needs more time for the local swimmers and its own team.

I think that many of the problems Greenburgh is having are due to the influence of one man: Mr. Paul Feiner. Join me in toasting him for running an inefficient, unresponsive government.

councilmember samis said...

perhaps your first order of business as a member of the town board will be to change the legal department?

Anonymous said...

In reviewing the list of resolutions for tonight, I see one that would authorize the spending of about $76,000 for a study re savings of consolidating services of Dobbs Ferry and Greenburgh police. My questions are:

1. Is the town paying for the entire study? If so, why shouldnt DF pay some.

2. Have we resolved issue of illegality of police services in A budget? And not just the usual head in sand.

Lets just pay police to police TOV, and get rid of marine, swat and emt.

Anonymous said...

1:51 -- the problem is that fish stinks from the head

Anonymous said...

Hal you're an idiot. Do you really want union employees calling the shots when it comes to their own overtime. The decision to use overtime is made by department heads who do not get OT. Go ahead let the foremen make the decisions on when to start and stop plowing. The street will probably still be clear but so will you wallet.

Anonymous said...

To 1:54.

The Greenburgh-Dobbs Ferry police sharing cost comes from a grant from the state. There is no requirement for matching funds.

heard it here first said...

bernie madoff

he made off allright

hal samis said...

Dear 3:32,

1) To: DPW Supervisors
From: Town Board/Comptroller
Re: Overtime

Effective today, all overtime must be approved in advance.

2) If #1 above doesn't work, would I choose that CSEA workers get the benefit of the $60,000 to be paid out as Consulting fees or instead paying it out as overtime to workers,
You bet your bippy.

Anonymous said...

TDYCC Pool Closing Friday, December 19, 2008 for unknown length of time.

WHY - Well Whitehead action or inaction and failure to sign requisitions submitted by former Pool Director caused the pool to be shut down by Westchester County Health department. Pool not in compliance with VGB law by 12-19-08

Paul glad you had such as ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSet managing TDYCC. Soon Whitehead mismanagement will surface in all areas. HAEY!!! Blame ur self

Anonymous said...


There is an overwhelming "culture" change at the TDY Community Center. We have gone from the depths of despair, to hope. We have gone from mistreatment to respect. Deceit has been replaced by truth. Laughter and joy have stamped out misery and pain. The efforts to put a haut to our good work are a fleeting memory. Memo attacks have been replaced with conversations of understanding. Your "control freak" approach is a relic of a most forgettable nine months of chaos and shame. We are moving forward. We are coming together as a team. When there is such happiness and good feeling, there is no room for you. No room for closed door meetings centered on trickery, pitting people against each other, and back stabbing. Those meetings have been replaced with camaraderie, mutual respect, and improving the work. And yes it's all about the work. The Center's mission is to help people. Remember? It's a mission which can only be accomplished when we as a staff set a good example. In an almost laughable contrast to you, Mr. William Carter, our new Commissioner treats people with respect. He is joyful and upbeat.
Valerie, we had a great Holiday Party. Of course, you didn't attend. Too much good feeling and happiness for you? But then again, have you EVER attended? No! Even when we wanted to celebrate Obama’s historic win, you found a way to prevent that from happening. It's hard to imagine anyone so cruel as to purposefully try to put a damper on this special milestone. But your efforts failed as we got together anyway. Even on that special day, you embraced bad feeling and bitterness.
You just may escape the Police Investigation. But NOT because you are innocent, but only because those in power, may have something to lose if you are charged. In your mind, it would be a great day to come back to the Center with a big smirk on your face thinking to yourself, "I got away with it"
But even if an injustice of that magnitude does occur, remember God isn't blind. Think about it. What have you REALLY gained in nine months? Are you better now? Has the extra money REALLY bought you ANY happiness? The consequences of your actions have only begun to surface.
Face it. Your continuing to work at the Center is not good for anyone including yourself. You are an affront to every dedicated and honest employee. Perhaps the only remaining benefit you serve is to provide us with a clear example of how NEVER to conduct business. So when we are faced with challenges of the workplace, we need to ask ourselves, "How would Valerie handle this?" Then do the OPPPOSITE. That direction will lead to a path of integrity and honest accomplishment. Say good bye now!

Anonymous said...

After watching the circus tonight about Fulton Park i must say that the residents of Greenburgh should start a procedure to impeach this entire board.

How much money did Deli Delicious give to your campaign?
How much did the lawyer representing Westhab give to your campaign?

You should all HANG your heads in shame because this was a done deal behind closed doors before it was told to the public.

Now we have the same situation as there is in Ilinoise here it is somewhat different money was paid to change the laws.

You all lied over and over again.
If the project is funded by New York state the place is open state wide for rentals not only in Greenburgh.

I do hope that the residents go to the right people to prove that what you are doing is illegal .
I do hope that the state refuses to fund this project on the grounds that it should be thoroughly investigated by the Attorney General as to what and why this is being forced onto the public.

You have just lost your seats because OF the way you conducted yourselves tonight was worse than the first degree,second or third sex offendor.

You were just like a group of wild animals that could not be tamed.
I do hope that they sue the pants off the town.

I am willing to give up my pay check for them to go foward.

You all lied and so did the Westhab representatives.

What has happened to Greenburgh. You have sold us all down the river.Whatever you do from now on is and will be taken as a crock of shit.

You all have lost your credibility in acting as complete idiots.
Paul you should do us all a favor and resign.
Your political career has gone down the toilet I really didn't think that you ever had one but I felt sorry for you and gave you the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe you could get a job cleaning latrines after the spectacle that you showed us tonight..


hal samis said...

Rape by Resolution was just committed against an entire neighborhood. The perps were all seated on the dais.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Just three votes and all's well that begins well.

2009 is the year.
Feiner, Sheehan and Juettner.
Bye Bye.

This New Year, your Resolution should be Revolution.

It feels right.

greenburgh rip? said...

so it bye bye feiner sheehanigans and juettner

and hello to



it may take three votes but you still need three candidates who can win.

Anonymous said...

Bob Bernstein wore a sweat shirt at the Town Board meeting last night saying something like "Bob the Legend"
legend in his own mind.

Feiner to Fulton Park: Drop Dead said...

There may be no shortage of candidates after last night's meeting of the Greenburgh Town Board which, like many meetings recently, ended in chaos, with Feiner calling a recess so the board could retreat into "executive session" and make the rest of its decisions that night in closed backroom.

What happened? Residents of Fulton Park, who had been coming out to meetings for nearly a year to express opposition to Westhab's application for a zoning change to build high density, so-called "workforce" housing, had been presented a month ago with a zoning amendment which defined "workforce" housing as housing available to tenants with an income of between 60% and 120% of Westchester's median income, and which, to satisfy Westhab's funding issues, allowed Westhab to rent to tenants with incomes as low as 30% of the average area income on no more than 20% of the available units, provided the remaining 80% are rented to tenants with incomes of 60% or more of the area average.

That was the local law on the table last night. It literally was available with the town clerk all evening. That is, until it came time for the town board to vote. Then, at the direction of Francis Sheehan, the board substituted a different version of the local law, one which eliminated the 60% requirements altogether and allowed Westhab to market its units to anyone making 30% or more of the average average income.

There was no notice of the change. By law, the public must be given notice of any substantive change in a proposed law and there must also be a hearing on the change. The town board chose to violate those laws. It also had apparently met in secret, in violation of the state's Open Meetings Laws, to hatch this strategy, which literally involved "bait and switch."

When residents discovered that they had been "had," they erupted in extreme anger. Feiner and the other board members could care less. Sheehan in particular, who orchestrated the secret change, was especially arrogant about the matter. Officials from Westhab, however, had been clued in all along that the change was being made.

In response to repeated questions as to what would happen if Westhab wasn't able to satisfy the requirement that 80% of the tenants have incomes of 60% or more of the area median, Westhab officials said, not to worry, they'd meet the required incomes, knowing all along that the income levels had been cut in half -- and the public hadn't been told.

Westab and the Town Board, led by Feiner and Sheehan, have now created a mess. The zoning has been changed, but the residents of Fulton Park (and the rest of unincorporated Greenburgh) know the Town Board can no longer be trusted to comply with the law. Armed with the two resolutions, and a tape of last night's proceedings, every law enforcement agency in New York will now be notified, from the Governor's office, to the Office of the Attorney General, to every office responsible for funding housing projects. If they are involved in lending money to projects like this one, they will be urged not to approve any money for the project. Private lenders will also be notified.

What Feiner, Sheehan and the rest of the town board did was a spiteful and vindictive way of thumbing their collective noses at the rights of residents of Fulton Park -- and by extension the rights of all other residents of unincorporated Greenburgh. What was done to Fulton Park can now happen to any neighborhood.

This is not a matter that will end quietly. The fight is not over.

Anonymous said...


Who cares if Bob was wearing a sweatshirt? He showed a lot more respect for the Town that our elected officials did. They have gone too far this time. But they are so arrogant they dont realze it.

Anonymous said...

I watched the town board meeting last night and couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was so horrified. Bob Bernstein, not dressed in any sweatshirt that I could see, went to the dais, discovered that just as the town board was to vote, it was substituting one resolution for something else. All I could hear him say among the shouting was that the town had changed the resolution from what had been presented to the public, that this was an important change, and that the public was entitled to know about it. I could barely make out what he was saying, but I could tell he was telling the Fulton Park residents what the town was doing, and then all hell broke loose. If Bernstein hadn't figure out what the town was up to, no one in Fulton Park would have known. Feiner and the rest of the town board looked like criminals up there. And that big guy who wouldn't let Bernstein get to the microphone to explain to those of us at home what had just happened looked like something out of Nazi Germany. Good government? Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Bob Bernstein doesnt think he is above the law. But I know 6 people who think they are.

klondike bar said...

for months klondike bar has been warning bloggers about francis sheehanigans.

i hope from now on when klondike bar speaks, people listen.

2009 is the year to stop this phony.

Anonymous said...


They had this all planned a long time ago.

They will be having homeless in that complex and section eight,because one of the speakers said that they have to do what the government wants.

Anonymous said...

To the fulton Park residents make sure that you go after this town board with all guns.
You have the rest of the town with you this time which means a hellava lot.

They opened up a can of worms so that any town in NY could change their zoning laws to suit the developer.

Great board. Good government.
We are now under a nazi regime ,how do we salute you guys with a heil or a shoe.

hero of fulton park said...

maria gomez is a hero. a real one.

its people like her that we need - not dregs like juettner and phonies like francis sheehanigans.

hal samis said...

Last nights Town Board meeting was just one more story coming to you live from the 80th best place to live and being broadcast, more or less, on cable; it should win an Emmy as best show in 2008, category: continuing reality format.

Even though the event was advertised on the Town website and TV guide as starting at 8:00, a half hour later than Town Board meetings normally start (or at 7:15 pre-Feiner team), this did not prevent the Town Board from wandering in late, causing the meeting to start around 8:30.

Good thing too because all that the Superviser could scrounge up to waste time at the beginning was the poet (oblique justification for having a $61,000 arts consigliere, etc.) when the Town Budget is reacting fund balance-wise to a new declaration by its officially declared state of "emergency") and a few moments of silence. Needless to say that despite the crisis, the Town Board has only cut essentials from the budget while crying "wolf". Anyone or their program with a vested interest and who is invested in Feiner's campaign war chests survived the cuts intact. (see Xposure, private tennis lessons, town clerk stipends, etc.) Still with no controversial public hearing (taxi insurance) on the Agenda, it looked like a sure shot at 5 minute public comment at the end of the meeting since by 9:30, all that remained on the Agenda was the Town Board's rapid fire vote to approve Resolutions including the Decisions on the Budget and Fulton Park (the zoning change to suit). Of course, with visions of sugar plums and a full 5 minutes to discuss town issues (last enjoyed in April 2008) dancing in the public's head, somehow an excess of time remaing slipped away as it has been known to do when the Town Board senses bad vibes a coming. It's not for nothing that this is known as Greenburgh Mean Time.

What followed the 3 minute public comment was a Feiner produced infomercial for WESTHAB in which WESTHAB was invited to the podium to "answer questions" even though the Public Hearing was long ago closed, these answers would not be part of the record and there were fewer than normal residents in attendance. Savvy Town Board watchers, especially those holding majors in Feiner and minor degrees in Sheehan, could predict what would happen. The Fulton Park residents, smart but naive in the ways of the Town Board, thought that getting these answers would mean something in a broader context, perhaps even expose something that would cause Town Board members to demonstrate an eleventh hour willingness to come to their senses and vote differently than what their blood oath with Feiner dictated. What do you think?

So with Feiner asking leading questions, WESTHAB responded as though all Westchester's tired and sick and poor would be sheltered by WESTHELP's proposed development. And, remember, reMEMEBER, REMEMBER the developer has made concessions by not building a six story building of 40+ units.

Sidebar: I still don't get the fuss over why the project makes more sense and should justify a zoning change which would be townwide were the resident mix be (per qualifications by varied formulas) affordable or workforce or any other moniker. Zoning and buildable relate to the land and this zoning change is to allow a greater amount of buildable than the plot will bear. For example, if zoning buildable considers traffic, does it matter if the residents are affordable housing qualified or work force housing qualified? My bottom line is that this whole matter is one of a developer asking for a zoning change so that he can build more than his parcel allows as of right. Everything else following is diversionary and devisive.

Back to the meeting: Feiner who knows exactly what he is doing was able to create a subtle shift in sentiment to those who were watching or would hear what went on at the meeting. (this will change again later in the evening following an unanticipated event).
To Joe the plumber, here was a Town Supervisor who was clearly seeking to have the Fulton Park residents questions answered. And the good vibes were even shared by the Fulton Park residents who all wished the Town Board Merry Christmas. Peace and Harmony, Good Will, yada yada. So what! Following the q & a show, the Town Board was still going to vote against Fulton Park, but they got their questions answered, right? In fact, if I were trying to out manoeuver Feiner, I would direct the residents not to ask any questions at this late date, after the Hearing and the Public record were closed. Then Fulton Park would go down in "history" as the unenlightened victims of the conspiracy, not as the fully informed victims of an open government.

However, one little glitch in the Feiner scheme, one little crack, one missing nail and the kingdom...
Bob Bernstein, fortunately standing by the Town Clerk, asked to see a hastily prepared Sheehan Resolution which contained language and definitions heretofore not discussed publicly nor seen by the public or perhaps even by the entire Town Board. The effect of this "change" was to negate all that had been answered, all that had been agreed to or "promised" by WESTHAB and the Town Board and, in effect, to result in a whole new ball of wax which gave back all the, even limited, protections and promises that Fulton Park thought it had won. As Bob Bernstein characterized it, the Town Board was mounting a deliberate "bait and switch" by substituting instead new and more WESTHAB partial criteria.

When, what the Town Board's architects of destruction, Feiner and Sheehan, were pushing to be voted upon quickly became known to those in the room, a spontaneous reaction of (1) disbelief, swept through the meeting room followed by (2) a groundswell of anger as the previously well-wishing "Have a Merry Christmas" Fulton Park team rose up out of their seats and approached the dais. It was tsunami season again in Greenburgh; natural events which seem to coincide with Town Board meetings.

Protests, epithets, etc. were "discernable" even to those with hearing impairments. Since ultra reactionary Scarsdale Inquirer reporter, Susan Wolfert, was elsewhere attending her final meeting as Library Trustee and the Town Hall meeting was being covered in her absence by Edgemont/Hartsdale editor, Heather Murray, readers will have to wait to next Friday to see if her coverage will differ from what appears this week as Ms. Wolfert's reportage of the previous Town Board meeting. (or ditto the meeting before that)

From Wolfert's article out today.

"Several angry exchanges between residents and the town board helped push the Dec. 10 meeting until almost Dec. 11 and included a threat that the board would not hear public comment at future meetings. A prohibition on personal attacks is written on every board meeting agenda. but is rarely heeded or enforced.
At last week's meeting, Town Supervisor Paul Feiner announced, 'If there are any interruptions from the audience, we will take a five-minute break and cancel the public comment session.' He added there would be no interruptions from the board members either."

There are two more paragraphs on this but buy your own copy. My point is that Ms. Wolfert, clearly a strong law and order advocate and adherent to the Inquirer's vision that nice men and women don't raise their voices...won't get into the WHY that makes nice men and women act like they do when before the Greenburgh Town Board. Perhaps Heather, observing first hand, will have a different take.

After few pretenses at adjourning, the Town Board ignored the protest and voted to approve the offensive help WESTHAB Resolutions (the Town Board had previously passed the offensive 2009 budget without comment) and the meeting ended with the Town Board presumably going into a (previously unannounced) Executive Session.

The Fulton Park residents hung around and discussed response strategies with Bob Bernstein but my observation is that their Merry Christmas good will had been withdrawn.

Just another typical day in dogpark Greenburgh, USA.

News Bulletin: Analysts have just advised clients to sell short Greenburgh debt.

Feiner clearly violated law said...

Bernstein and Fulton Park had a right to be angry last night. Feiner, Sheehan and the rest of the town board flagrantly violated the law when they passed a completely different definition of "workforce housing" than the one that had been the subject of a prior notice and public hearing.

Here's what the law says:

"Where a municipal legislative authority, after notice and hearing, rejects or substantially changes a proposed zoning ordinance, it may not later adopt the subject ordinance without a second hearing preceded by appropriate notice. Substantial changes made after a hearing on a proposed ordinance may be beyond the scope of the original notice and hearing, and in such case an ordinance enacted with such changes and without a second hearing will be disapproved. Wide public discussion of such changes does not obviate the necessity for a second notice and hearing."

When a town board behaves as lawlessly as Feiner's board behaved last night, it follow like night the day that such a board is totally lacking in legitimacy and not entitled to public respect.

Feiner and the town counsel, Tim Lewis, certainly knew they were violating the law. Sheehan certainly should have known as well. And if they didn't know, judging from what I saw on TV last night, they were certainly put on notice by Bernstein, who is a lawyer.

Feiner pulled a similar stunt against Fortress Bible Church and the court quickly granted an injunction against the town.

But the problem with enforcing the law is that a rogue town board, which is what we have with Feiner and his cronies, will do exactly what they set out to do in the first place. Only next time, they'll dot the i's a little better.

But their contempt for the law and for the public is clear and unmistakeable.

I sure hope Feiner's friends in county and state government are paying attention. If they want the public to see why Feiner is considered such a public flake, all they need to do is show the public what Feiner did to the good people of Fulton Park last night. In clear violation of the law.

Anonymous said...

I have not watched such entertaining tv as last night in a long time. The kids who could not get their way showed their true colors. I applaud the board for not putting up with all the BS. No matter what excuses the Fulton Park residents put forward THEY JUST WERE NIMBY They could care less about their rightous attempt to use the zoning as an excuse. But the best was yet to be seen. Bob Napoleon Berstein, Hal Hannible Lecthner Salmis, Ella lizzy Border Preiser were a disgrace for all to see. Play this back for your family during the holidays they will be proud. Oh I forgot no one in their right mind would live with Hannible. Must suck the board will not be imtimidated anymore. BOB you screwed your neighborhood, the town the villages and anyone else you can for your ego. The chief should have locked you all up. Feiner should have had the balls to remove you all. And the self annointed Bock, Gomes and the liar Zuck car approve of the project then turncoat, violate the law then blame the board. Dont you get it the residnts of the town have seen through your game. The ones who should be gone as Hannible stated are themselves. I am embarrassed to say you all live in the town. So take your ball and go home. Intimidation must end and it proved out last night they will not tolerate your crap. Beat watching cable late night.

Anonymous said...

The only people misbehaving badly were the ones liste correctly above. So BOB the lawyer KNOWS best what a joke.

Anonymous said...

The only ones in favor of this are Paul and the Paulettes and Westhab.

Fulton Park, Bernstien, Samis and Rosenberg have all spoken up against it. If Westhab wants to build something, they should buy property where they dont need zoning changes. Again, everyone should boycott Century 21 and any other businesses of Westhab board members.

Anonymous said...

The employees of the Department of Sanitation of the town provide an essential service that helps protect the health and welfare of the public these crucial public servants keep greenburgh running smoothly and efficiently. Yet, in order to protect the health and welfare of the public, sanitation workers, those who collect and dispose of our waste, must face hazardous on the job conditions every day. In fact, sanitation work is more dangerous than firefighting or police work. Sanitation work ranks as the fifth most dangerous job in the United States.

Examples of Hazards greenburgh Sanitation Workers Are Subjected To:

Being Crushed by Machinery
Trip, Slip and Fall in garage or in the field Motor vehicle accidents Exposure to Hazardous Materials

Anonymous said...

We never had a town clerk like we have now.

What or who gave her the authority to voice her opinion in town matters.

Is sh gearring herself for a higher position.
Watch out Feiner she will cut the hand that fed her.

She should stick to the cable problems and setting meeting dates.

Her business is to stay out of law making procedures.
The other town clerk did a great job without sticking their noses into town business
She should be silenced by the board members..

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of hearing Alfredas voice. Maybe she could have at least reminded teh board that arent supposed to vote on revised proposals without a new public hearing.

Ed Krauss on Perfidy said...

12/19 5:41 PM

I don't know if you're Feiner or Sheehan. But it matters little. Because you're a gutless part of the female anatomy.

You justify a Grand Larceny, in full and living color, on Cable, seemingly without shame, or fear of breaking the law. You trash the people who tell the truth and deify the shameless, heartless sons and daughters of female dogs.

I hope this act of PERFIDY is truly the last straw and the final nail in the coffin of the luckiest man(Feiner)and woman(Juettner) on the face of this earth. They have done nothing but damage to this town for nearly 20 years.

Without contributing even zero, Juettner has collected nearly $500,000 in salary, a pension and lifetime health benefits. Along the way, beside screwing the town, she has screwed Feiner, as a member of the "Fantastic Four,"screwed Sheehan when she put her name to a rogue petition substituting Timmy Weinberg's name for Sheehan's. She has screwed Bill Greenawalt by not campaigning with him against Feiner when the objective was to rid this community of this ignorant leach.In a sense, she's a "serial screwer."

Then we come to Sheehan. He is a total disappointment to me, as well as others. He is the poster boy for the saying: "success doesn't change a man it simply unmasks him." And, this computerized robot, without heart or feelings,and a face buried in his laptop,is the real Francis Sheehan who will be really surprised if he thinks "sucking up" to Feiner after spending two years trying to bury him, will take him as part of his slate. I know Feiner since he first ran for the legislature. And, once you're on his "S" list, his paranoid personality keeps you there. So SUCK away my man, your days are numbered.

Tim Lewis is the guy who doesn't know he's the Town Attorney, and NOT the Town "Board" attorney. He's there to protect us and advise the board about what is legal or not. On the 18th, he yet again allowed them to break the law. He should not only be fired, he should be disbarred.If he can't tell right from wrong we don't need him.

Then there's Judith. Will someone explain her job title to her. Like little children, she should be seen and not heard. She was elected to clerk,not to chime in on political matters. And, in as much as we should be attempting to get back nearly $2million from the Valhalla School District, there is an obvious conflict of interest, given her position on the Valhalla school board.

By the way, Paul/Fran,5:41PM, it's Lizzie Borden, not Border.

Are you as dyslexic in your thinking as you are in your ah blogging? Boy you really have things bassackwards. Or are you simply a dyslexic A-Hole? Ed Krauss

ed krauss said...

10:57 was really me.
I forgot one thing. To all the heroes from Fulton Park, I pledge to you any help you'll need for justice to be done.

Don't give up. You have RIGHT on your side.

If you hav to go to court I'm sure therest of the town will help.

Anonymous said...

Well another bad hair day heard from. Ed your us of the english language is a disgrace. Finally you and your cohorts are getting what you deserve a board that will not put up with your bs. It sucks when your wrong and no one listens to your childish behavior. Let Salmis and others run against Sheehan and Juettner. I have been suprised how Sheehan saw the writing on the wall and decided to work for the town not against it. You all thought you could use him to screw the town well he must have been exorcized from your evil ways. Ed your constant rambling is pathetic and as everyone in the county and greenburgh knows you are a non entity. Please forward Salmis's name to run, let his past ans history finally come out , YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN HALLLLLLLL. Don't open the closet. You lost the fight on the Library, now Hesthab, attacks on Regula and Nanna , attacks on Madden attacks on Luciddo. This blog and your 3 mins of fame on tv will be all you ever see. The MAJORITY of the town voted for Feiner and a new slate to get the town back on solid ground. The remaining board except Juttner have worked positively so get over it. Your budget complaint and attempts to drag Kolesar down with you stinks. Mike is doing a good job however his constant siding with loosers will be his down fall. The board despite warnings from EVERYONE hired him and I pray he will start to work with his fellow commiss. and dept heads. Mike make us proud stay out of politics at least until you decide to run??

Anonymous said...

There are no hero's in Fulton Park what a joke . They are racists and against affordable housing NOT THE ZONE CHANGE. Where are all the real redidents from Fulton Park?? Well I am one but don not want my windows broken or a fight. They do not represent us the majority. They fought against Stickleys, and repairs to 287. When Bock did not get his way now he complains against speeding and flooding what next?? The old building is an eye sore and the new will benefit our property values. YES the developer did try to sneak one by us but you don't get it. YOU WON you lowered the building and will keep out the likes of what we had. Commend yourselves dont condem the board. Imagine what new residents think when they see our childish ways. Finally Irene is a liar and hipocrat se welcomed the project and praised it until the neighbors learned of her sneaky ways. So how do you reconcil your backdoor ways you attack feiner and the board SHAME ON YOU. IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT MOVE I can use nice new neighbors. Section 8 and homeless would be better

ed krauss said...

12:29 AM
What means "my us of the English language?"

Who in the county knows I'm a non-entity?

Sheehan "saw the light?" I guess the Force was with him.

My critcism, and even my rambling, comes with a byline-Ed Krauss.

You on the other hand will never get the credit your prescient, sagscious meanderings call for, because you're a whiz in your own mind. By the way, in street vernacular, Whiz has another meaning. Look it up in your Modern Anonymous Dictionary.

Well, I guess you're voting for Feiner. Drats, it won't be a shutout.

Anonymous said...

Feiner must go! Where do I sign up for "The Campaign Against Feiner"?

Anonymous said...

Feiner is stealing money from our piggy-bank (fund balance) and taking credit for HIS ability to keep tax increases down. DO NOT LET HIM DO THIS.

Anonymous said...

I just drove through Sprain Valley rd on my way to work Paul what happened that no tickets were given out to vehicles parked on the roadway overnite which caused the street not to be cleaned properley.


Anonymous said...

I tuned into the rerun of the town meeting on Thursday night and was surprised to see that we have children sitting at the dias and another at the podium.
Where are the strong people who are eleted to oversee any town government.
We were looking at a bunch of whimps that stood up as though they were ready for a fist fight and then backed off and called for help..
Chief chief coming from your mouths sounded like when a child calls out to their mother because a big bully is attacking them.
What did you expect the chief to do??

You all have showed your true colors and Samis was right three next year and the rest to follow.
Tim Lewis should resign while he still may have a license to practice.

Paul you stated that you had a political career to think about may I ask after your failure in running this town who would want you.
On the other hand do us all a favor and try running for another office so we could get rid of you.


This town needs real men and maybe a woman to try to put this town back on the maps as to having a good honest government.
You all have lost what the word honesty means.

As for Tom Madden he was Sh-----g in his pants. Does he consider himself a man????
Who did he think he was in not allowing anyone to take the mike to express their views.
HE WAS THE FIRST ONE TO CALL OUT TO THE CHIEF is he a man or a mouse..


Anonymous said...

I think the people in Fulton Park should contact the County DA about being targeted for violations. NOW.

investigation needed said...

certainly andy spano would be interested in what is going on in greenburgh if feiner is targeting people like maria gomez.

and why not mr zerka?

Anonymous said...

Now that the library has moved out of Town Hall, we can provide office space to the New York State Comptroller's staff and County DA staff.

Anonymous said...

Ed Krauss. Just read you commentary. It's dumb!

Anonymous said...

With all the investigations that are going on plus the ones that will be coming up it is a good idea to give the space to the State Comptroller and the State Attorney General this way we would not have to go into the city.

Anonymous said...

The board has met the right person to be knocking heads with.
I'm talking about Maria Gomez.
She knows of what she speaks so I think this board will be in for a rude awakening real soon.

She will fight you till the very end and she will be the winner.
Congratulations Maria you have done your homework.

Anonymous said...

We never had a town clerk that stuck her nose in town matters whether at work sessions or town meetings.

Who gave her the ok to chime in to matters that do not concern her and what she cannot vote on.
Do your own job and leave town matters to the five town board members.

I think you are looking for Feiners seat. Well that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in greenburgh, and I always remember before we moved up here how mean the realtor and the neighbors were when my mom and I went to look at a house in Fulton park. Basically if you were 5 to 10 shades darker than white they did not want you moving in the neighborhood!
Well guess what I am glad that Feiner and the board approved the housing, payback is a b--tch!

Feiner now libeling Fulton Park said...

Anon at 9:43 is libeling Fulton Park, which is not racially segregated at all, but racially diverse. What's more, unlike Mayfair Knollwood which objected to a homeless shelter being built a mile from their homes on the WCC campus, Fulton Park residents accepted a homeless shelter at 22 Tarrytown Road, just a few steps from their own homes, and for more than a dozen years, Fulton Park residents welcomed the residents there, many of whom were neglected by those running the shelter. Of course, Fulton Park had its share of crime and quality of life problems stemming from some of the more undesirable tenants who came to live at the homeless shelter. But Fulton Park did what it could to make the neighborhood a welcoming one, which is why prominent African American community activists like Pat Weems has spoken out frequently on behalf of the Fulton Park neighborhood. She knows these folks are good people. They are a warm and loving group of low to moderate income working families who don't deserve what Feiner and his cronies and Westhab are doing to them. LIke the complete jerk that he is, it is Feiner who's accusing them of NIMBYism, and it's Feiner telling anyone who'll listen that the residents of Fulton Park are racists.

Anonymous said...

Paul if there is any racisim in this town you are and have been the one up front to start all the problems.

You keep putting the blame on others when you are the one that has segregatted this town.

Anonymous said...

Lets get down to business that is some old business.
What ever happened to the sewer investigation.
Have you shelved this one also.
Don't even try.
I want my money back with interest.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree that Feiner is a racist, in his 19 or 18 years working for the Town he has a a very diversed group of employees, although he needs to hire hispanic employees, besides that it is basically like the United Nations at Town Hall.
Second, in the past no one ever wanted to be bothered with the TDYCC, heck you never even saw to many other races there. NOW that the center is done over and there is drama going on, the first thing people want to do is get rid of it!
I went to the center as a kid and was a camp counselor there for 3 to 4 summers. These were the days when James Robinson, Hopeton,Valerie,Mr. Young, The Abrams Brothers, etc were very involved in the activities and the lives of kids growing up in Greenburgh.
I say all of this because it is sad that when folks get a little money and power, they get to big for their britches! I will not point fingers as most of you have done, but I think some of you that have been involved with the center need to remember where you came from and that you started at the bottom.
The bottom line is most of you use to make a difference in our lives when we were kids and it is sad to see how some of you are acting and/or treating people!
I think from meeting Bill recently, he seems like a man that will bring the center back to what it use to be!

Anonymous said...

Memories are what you have left.

The residents are tired of paying three to four million dollars each year for a failing facility.

Where is all this money going?????
Paul knows but he has to win the election so he's buying votes.

This time arround he will not win.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obviously Paul and the Paulettes want TDYCC closed. There is no other rationale explanation for allowing no-show jobs supervisor Valerie Whitehead, no- bid contracts with Xpsoure, teh $10,000 trip to playland. They know how stupid this all is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gomez is a very smart lady.
She has done her homework to bring Feiner and company down.

How about endorsing Maria Gomez to run against this supervisor.
A better person well suited for a change you and I cannot find.

gomez is great said...

maria gomez is awesome. she is a brave smart lady who exposed westhab for the scam it is.

the fulton park folks are the real heroes of this town.

their fight is our fight.

this town needs gomez. maria - please help us stop the disaster that is juettner, feiner, sheehan, morgan and brown.

regarding the tdycc said...

regarding the tdycc - if you want it - then pay for it - it should be sold to the Y or made into a special recreation district paid for by fairview and/or north greenburgh.

the town should not be in the business of social programming. this is a racist relic that has no place in 21st century obama america.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the status of the TDYCC pool? Will it be open on 1/5 as stated or will it still be closed. Are we getting credit on our memberships?