Thursday, December 18, 2008


During the past 18 years my office has sponsored a snow angel program for Greenburgh seniors/disabled residents. Volunteers (including myself) clear snow from senior citizens/disabled residents driveways. We try to give priority attention to people who are on fixed incomes (who cannot afford to pay for the service) and people who have medical disabilities. The program provides people with accessibility. If you would like to volunteer for the program please e mail me at or call my office: 914-993-1545. It's great exercise and a rewarding experience. If you have a son or daughter who is interested in volunteering or helping out (for a fee--paid by a resident), please advise my office as well. In recent years some people have found it difficult getting people to clear the snow from their driveways/walking paths. Some residents are able to pay students who help out. But--don't know who to contact.
If you are interested in taking advantage of the program - please feel free to contact me. My home phone is 478-1219, my cell is 438-1343 and my office is 993-1545.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Anonymous said...

can you please have garbage angels to bring my garbage to the curb,or do i have to pay my garbage man to do this for me

Anonymous said...

Yes you do need angels to bring the pails curbside for many of us.
The way garbage was picked up before was because there was a good reason for the system.

Dod you boy Regula study the layout of some of the homes.
Before he passed this law that will not save any money he should have done his homework.
Have you driven thru the roads together with you great know all board to see what many homeo0wners have to do to abide by your crazy law.
How about driving thru and see if it is feasible for aqll to do what the idiot regula decided on how to screw the public and maybe he had to coverup another one of his on going fast money scheme.

Paul I suggest that you all do a drive or a walk thru and see if you all made the right decision.

By the way why did Regula buy five new small trucks .
How much did he make with this purchase.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Regula "was gifted" another motorcycle or another big screen TV for this recent purchase????????????

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the volunteer snow angels who give of themselves. Thank you, Paul for sponsoring this program.

Feiner clearly violated law said...

Bernstein and Fulton Park had a right to be angry last night. Feiner, Sheehan and the rest of the town board flagrantly violated the law when they passed a completely different definition of "workforce housing" than the one that had been the subject of a prior notice and public hearing.

Here's what the law says:

"Where a municipal legislative authority, after notice and hearing, rejects or substantially changes a proposed zoning ordinance, it may not later adopt the subject ordinance without a second hearing preceded by appropriate notice. Substantial changes made after a hearing on a proposed ordinance may be beyond the scope of the original notice and hearing, and in such case an ordinance enacted with such changes and without a second hearing will be disapproved. Wide public discussion of such changes does not obviate the necessity for a second notice and hearing."

When a town board behaves as lawlessly as Feiner's board behaved last night, it follow like night the day that such a board is totally lacking in legitimacy and not entitled to public respect.

Feiner and the town counsel, Tim Lewis, certainly knew they were violating the law. Sheehan certainly should have known as well. And if they didn't know, judging from what I saw on TV last night, they were certainly put on notice by Bernstein, who is a lawyer.

Feiner pulled a similar stunt against Fortress Bible Church and the court quickly granted an injunction against the town.

But the problem with enforcing the law is that a rogue town board, which is what we have with Feiner and his cronies, will do exactly what they set out to do in the first place. Only next time, they'll dot the i's a little better.

But their contempt for the law and for the public is clear and unmistakeable.

I sure hope Feiner's friends in county and state government are paying attention. If they want the public to see why Feiner is considered such a public flake, all they need to do is show the public what Feiner did to the good people of Fulton Park last night. In clear violation of the law.



Anonymous said...

"Substantial changes made after a hearing on a proposed ordinance MAY be beyond the scope of the original notice and hearing."

That's not for you, Mr. Samis or Bob Bernstein to decide. It is for a court. For opponents to disrupt the meeting because THEY interpret the change to be substantial shows how uncivilized they are. As for Mr. Bernstein's legal opinions, there is a reason why he is the person appealing the Court's decision. 'nuff said.

Feiner violated the law said...

When the town originally defines "workforce housing" as housing for tenants who earn between 60% and 120% of the Westchester median income, and then suddently changes the definition, without notice or hearing, to housing for tenants who earn only 30% of the Westchester median income, that's obviously a substantive change which requires notice and new hearing. At the very least, when an objection was raised, as it was last night, the town board should have explained what it was doing and why and why it didn't think the change was a substantive one. As it stands, the actions of the town board last night were so egregious, and the actions of Francis Sheehan and Feiner especially so, that civic groups are considering withdrawing their support for the town's comprehensive plan and other civic leaders who serve on town boards are considering whether to tender their resignations.

It is difficult to volunteer to work in an environment where the town board members appear to be behaving in an underhanded and lawless manner.

People don't run to court whenever there's a violation of the law. Sometimes, as was the case last night, it becomes clear that even if a court case were brought, the town would do what it did when Fortress Bible caught Feiner doing the very same thing -- it would simply do the whole same thing over correctly -- but it wouldn't change a thing.

When things like that happen, it's up to the people who witnesses such behavior to tell everyone they know about it. Sometimes it's enough if the officials violating the law are judged by the court of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

I watched the meeting on the internet. I haven't been following the apartment issue but was disgusted by the screaming and attempt by a few people in the audience to disrupt a government body doing their job. Those who yelled came off looking like clowns, not leaders. I don't know your names but please show some respect in the future.

Anonymous said...

Feiner and the town council were caught last night violating the law. They are not above the law and the reaction of people in the audience to what they did was understandable. I'm just surprised no one threw any shoes.

Anonymous said...

I am an attorney and believe that the Town Supervisor and Board complied with the law. No Judge would disagree.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mr. Attorney. Explain how you arrived at that decision.

Anonymous said...

I just drove through Sprain Valley rd on my way to work Paul what happened that no tickets were given out to vehicles parked on the roadway overnite which caused the street not to be cleaned properley.


Anonymous said...

11:54 you say that you are an attorney,I'd like to know where you studied law was it off the internet.
You don't seem to know anything about town laws and methods of passing new laws.
Stick to your type of business and stay out of things that you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

My speciality: Environmental & land use.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the snow angels. A lifesaver!

Anonymous said...

3:34 stick to your own field and stay out of town business.
We have enough with another lawyer by the name of Feiner who studied law also who by the way with his ideas has ruined Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous may think that Greenburgh has been ruined. MONEY Magazine (check the website: says Greenburgh is the 80th best place to live...
S & P has increased the towns bond rating to AAA, the highest rating possible.

Anonymous said...

Wait a moment they made a big mistake.

Our bond rating is nil since we have dipped into the fund balance.

Anonymous said...

Feiner and friends are living in the past.
Once upon a time Feiner stood tall for justice, now he cowers for votes.
Once upon a time Feiner practiced open government, now he's effectively ended the public comment portion of the Town Board meeting.
Once upon a time Greenburgh was well above the 80th best place to live, now we got the designation by virtue of an editorial error.
Once upon a time Greenburgh had a high financial rating based on a very substantial fund balance, now the politicians have raided that piggy bank and the ratings are cautionary.
Once upon a time Feiner counted on no opposition, now he personally attacks anyone who has the temerity to disagree with him.
How sad.

Anonymous said...

Feiner will be something of the past. A bad memory after the next election.

Anonymous said...

Feiner seems to sense that the end of his political career here in Greenburgh is coming to an end that's why he's giving it to all the residents .
Fulton Park---
Only curb side garbage pickups----
snow removal at the lowest point---
and to top the cake less police patrols.

The public had faith in you all along so why rape them in the last part of your stay here as supervisor.

We made the mistake in re-electing you but you made the mistakes that have cost us money that we can never recoup.

Anonymous said...

The Town did not cut patrol officers! They do need to cut the police paramedics/ Swat Team/ Rescue tech team/ the Hudson river patrol/ and take the inside officers and put them outside on the road.
Paul how come you don't do a overhaul of the police dept.
Are you waiting for the chief to leave.

Anonymous said...

Cut manpower from sanitation dept. They are done everyday at 11 am and hang out until 3:30

What a waste!

allin said...

please make some more cuts in the sanitation dept,so we can make OVERTIME to keep up with the PD and FD