Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I am the president of the Westchester Putnam Town Supervisors Association. At our last meeting we discussed healthy eating programs. A program suggestion: We might want to (during the spring) create a community garden. The kids would grow food, cook food and learn healthy eating habits. This could also be an interesting intergenerational program. Funding could be secured via a grant.


Anonymous said...

Don't the gardens at Hartsbrook serve this purpose?


It could be one of the gardens. PAUL FEINER

shame of greenburgh said...

funding could also be obtained by diana juettner, kevin morgan and francis sheehan refusing to double dip into greenburgh's taxes by taking money for health benefits the town would normally provide but doesnt because they get their health benefits from other sources.

shame on all three of you for doing this when so many of your constituents have no health care.

voters and gardners - juettner and sheehan are up for re-election in 2009. lets give them a shovel out of town.

Anonymous said...

How much will this cost?
This is not essential - at least not when compared to adequate police and sanitation services.
Please focus your attention on the doughnut, not upon the hole.

grant? said...

a grant?
isnt that another name for earmark if it comes from the public trough?

or are you contemplating another fiscal fraud via the lanza foundation??

hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Feiner:

Since you aren't concerned with safeguarding essential Town services during an economic downturn but you are instead commiting your team to a relentless pursuit of the sublime, I suggest these items as the equal of what has yet to emerge from your bag of diversionery tricks.

Post under the general heading of what Greenburgh doesn't have and is in desperate need of or at least to be the first:

a water park
an airport
an ivy league college
a ferris wheel
a resident superhero
a football stadium
a movie studio
a klondike bar factory
an after school program to teach
molecular biology to tweens
a missile silo
Custer's last stand to replace
Carvel's first
a wpa project
a fountain of youth
a local reality tv show, say on
the order of Town Board Meeting
a planeterium
the dummy's guide to zoning (5 cc)
a stock exchange
a Michael Jackson theme park
a wishing well
an offshore casino
a museum of politics
an off Broadview Civic Association
valet parking at the GHA
street parking at the HPD
a Comprehensive Fund Balance Plan
a SWAT brand flea collar for
disobedient dogs
an express Town Board meeting,
same as but with no Town Board
a citizens committee formed to
look into renaming Olympic
Drive as Britney Spears Lane
a nutrition program outsourced to
Morton Williams
a certificate of appreciation to
Mark Herman
1000 more parking spaces for the
a pirates of the Indian Ocean all
expenses paid tour for the
Valhalla School District
a partridge in a pear tree

Since these are new programs they will have to funded, like others before them, by budget transfers.

Anonymous said...

A community garden is a priority?! This is certainly not the time to even propose such an idea ... Think! Plus, I thought the town set up a special gardening program at Hartsbrook a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

Still in hysterics over Samis' post! The sad thing is that I could very easily envision Feiner proposing a ferris wheel for Webb Field.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with the idea if its funded with a grant.

Anonymous said...

Lets be fair -- its not only Feiner. Did you listen to the last work session -- Sonya Brown wants a skate board park .

Nat Cohen said...

BOCES has a cooking program and they have land around their site in Elmsford. WCC also has a cooking program and they have enough land to create their own Garden.
Encourage them to share their space and cooking program.

Mr.Samis you missed the following:
Parachute factory for gadflies.
Traning facility for complainers.
Whinner's outdoor park.
Town meetings for know-it-all at Elmsford's The Romance Depot, becuase the entrance is in the rear.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12/03/2008 7:29 PM

"Sonya Brown wants a skate board park"
Guess out board member has no idea that we already have one....its just been closed since it can see it rotting away from the sprain parkway!

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys have anything better to do than complain about EVERYTHING?

Anonymous said...

Hal: You must spend hours a day writing comments. Don't you realize that you're only reaching 10 or 15 people (Bob Bernstein, Ed Krauss, Paul Feiner, and a few others)?

praise for samis said...

and dont forget -- francis sheehanigans - he reads this blog too.

i enjoy my daily doses of samis.

hal - keep up the good work.

p. leavy said...

That my be true but at least the 10 or 15 are entertained and informed.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we pay the program participants to lean how to eat healthy. We pay kids to learn to trade stock, do homework, we pay private recreation corporations to use the pool, we pay for trips to Rye Playland so this would make sense. Yes?

Forget the garden! Let's give them money and see if they spend it on healthy food.

Anonymous said...

How about starting with the snack bar at the pool? Only healthy, organic, locally produce! That should go over really well.

sorry klondike bar said...

lettuce chips....mmmm

sorry klondike bar, you've been deemed dangerous to life, health and safety.

sorry klondike bar said...

lettuce chips....mmmm

sorry klondike bar, you've been deemed dangerous to life, health and safety.

Anonymous said...

You purchased the Geiseman estate for what purpose.
The reason is to give dog owners another place to have their dogs run loose and shit all over the place.
These people do not pick up after their dogs.
You have caused another problem in this town once again.
It seems no matter what you are doing it is turning into one disaster after another.
You have this park without any supervision.
You have this park without telephones or electric services.
You have no rest rooms to accomodate those that use the park for walking.
You have one entrance and one exit for two properties one being a religious institution.
You should have a separate entrance and exit for the parkland.

Anonymous said...

4:10 You're an idiot. Stay out of the park. We who use it don't want it changed. Maybe you should stay on Central Ave. Phones...entrances...

I go there because I want nature. Please stay out!

Anonymous said...

I love nature too but it has become a park for dogs to run free.
I do object to dogs being let loose on the grounds.
I use the park as often as I can to the fullest but I do find it offensive that I have to stop in my tracts because a dog is allowed to run free.
If this park was purchased solely for dog owners it is a big price to pay for the public.
Now I find many dog owners use this park instead of the State park on the same roadway.

The reason for this purchase was to stop development.

The caretaker is doing a great job with all the beautiful landscape and above all keeping the area clean ,the vegetable garden was fantastic,But the dogs are a big problem.