Friday, June 01, 2007


Harry's of Hartsdale re-opened tonight, with an incredible party. E Hartsdale Ave is back, big time. The restaurants are crowded, the stores are coming back. Aristocrat Cleaners also re-opened today.
I was advised that the bagel store should re-open within two weeks. And, the chinese restaurant should re-open sometime in July.
The commissioner of public works has sent out RFPs to consultants. We're going to conduct a study re: causes of the flooding. We're going to develop a plan of action to reduce the potential for a future flooding catastrophe.


Anonymous said...

Has the current pipe been thoroughly cleaned yet?

Sancho said...

Here’s a strategy that I’d like to throw out there. Since the machine is really heated up to put an end to Feiner’s incumbency. I have an alternative. Feiner should not seek reelection this year.

But, what he should do is declare his intent to seek the NY assembly seat and primary Richard Brodsky. Feiner’s main problem is Brodsky. You have to cut off the head to put an end to the beast otherwise they’ll keep coming after you.

Brodsky is not a liked man in the NY state assembly. For the good that he does do he is arrogant. The governor came into his territory to make that clear and frankly I don’t think he’d be too sad to see Brodsky primaried in 2008. Feiner would make a great opponent to him. Heck, many of his colleagues in the assembly don’t like the guy.

In any case if Feiner loses know that Brodsky had a hand in it.

hal (Don Q) samis said...

Dear Sancho,

Tilting at windmills? This is why you will remain my second banana: I don't pay you to dream the impossible dream.

How many votes are cast by those in Albany for or against Brodsky or Feiner?

Anonymous said...

greenawalt is going to primary richard

Anonymous said...

back to the topic ... Has the current pipe been thoroughly cleaned yet?

Anonymous said...

the speak wants brodsky out. so does the gov.

Anonymous said...

Greenawalt would be better than Brodsky. But someone should primary him in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Greenawaalt is not for a big job in Albany. You say Brodsky is bad and hated, do you think Greenawalt will be a primary candidate. Heck no.He'll sell us down the river.He knows nothing about politics. he only mentions the parks problem.,at town hall meetings then he repeats what other speakers say.