Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hartsdale Farms to open today...sports club gets permit...farmer's market opens Saturday

Hartsdale Farms is the latest E Hartsdale Ave store to re-open. The building dept has advised me that they expect the store to re-open today.
The fitness center has filed a building permit with the Building Dept last week so we expect them to re-open soon.
No information from K Fung's or the Bakery.
Farmer's market opens Saturday from 9-2. One additional farmer!


day late and a dollar short said...

Today, more than 14 weeks after the April 15 nor'easter destroyed businesses on East Hartsdale Avenue, causing millions of dollars in damage, Feiner has still not come up with any comprehensive emergency contingency plan to deal with the flooding there.

As a result, despite the millions of dollars that have been or will be spent to get the returning businesses back on their feet, they are all at risk of being destroyed all over again this summer in the next heavy rain because Feiner hasn't put an emergency contingency plan together.

Feiner was asked to come up with a plan shortly after the nor'easter hit, when it was revealed that the town engineer warned two years before, in 2005, that because of inadequate infrastructure, East Hartsdale Avenue was vulnerable to flooding from even a "moderate" storm.

Feiner supported a long-term study, but did nothing more.

Then, after Tropical Storm Barry caused still more flooding on East Hartsdale Avenue in early May, Feiner issued a press release promising to come up with an emergency contingency plan.

But he didn't.

At a town board meeting two weeks ago, Feiner was again asked to come up with an emergency contingency plan, and suggestions were made to consider pumps or sandbags, among other things.

Feiner responded this time by issuing a press release asking the town engineer to report on the feasability of using pumps or sandbags, promising to post his response as soon as it was received.

The town engineer then submitted his resignation; no written report was made.

At last night's town board meeting, the town engineer said the problem on East Hartsdale Avenue was so severe in a moderate to heavy rainstorm that having pumps and/or sandbags placed there wouldn't do any good.

Some comfort that was.

In the meantime, Feiner has still done nothing about a comprehensive emergency contingency plan.

Even if pumps or sandbags wouldn't do the trick, there is so much more that could be done short-term to minimize the damage from future flooding on East Hartsdale Avenue.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a hydrologist to figure out what the town could do to protect the property owners and merchants there.

Yet Feiner either can't or won't talk to his staff or use any of the other town resources at his disposal to figure out what that might be.

hal samis said...

Apparently there isn't a rocket scientist or hydrologist on the blog or Town Council either.

Because these residents being really concerned about the Town, first last and always, they wouldn't keep the solution a secret.

Just like we're still waiting for the Town Council sidewalk solution, we'll we waiting for the big windbag(s) under the ECC umbrella to find an umbrella large enough for Hartsdale Center.

Anonymous said...

One solution would be for a certain apartment-dweller further upstream on North Washington to do a better job of securing his personal garbage.

His garbage tends to float downstream in a major rainstorm, tending to clog the already-too-small drainage pipes which, according to the town engineer, is what's causing the flooding.

bob doesn't know what he is talking about... said...

a dollar short (bob bernstein) came up with a dumb solution: sandbags,pumps. Feiner isn't shooting from the hip (like bernstein does). The town is currently reviewing six proposals from qualified engineers. They will analyze what went wrong. The consultant the town hires will also help develop a contingency plan.

personal attacks no substitute for action said...

What's with all the personal attacks on Bernstein?

Based on what the town engineer said last night, it doesn't sound like the idea of using pumps and/or sandbags was a bad idea at all, regardless of where it came from.

It just sounds like the problem on East Hartsdale Avenue is so bad that pumps and sandbags wouldn't be of much help.

That's not going to be much comfort to property owners and merchants on East Hartsdale Avenue when the area is hit with the next major rainstorm.

But has Feiner even told the property owners and merchants that the reason the town won't spend the money on pumps and sandbags is that in the opinion of the town engineer, who just quit, the problem on East Hartsdale Avenue is so bad that it wouldn't be worth the effort?

Has Feiner thought of what else he could do, in the interim, to protect the property owners and merchants who've just invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to get back on their feet?

Bernstein told Feiner many weeks ago that it was up to Feiner to come up with a plan, that he, Bernstein was a lawyer in private practice with no staff to research what's needed, but that Feiner who works full-time for the town, has a staff of his own, including an engineer, a public works head, and numerous other professionals he can call on for help.

It's good that the town is reviewing bids for consultants to come up with long-term solutions. And it's nice that the the consultant the town hires will throw in his or her thoughts on short-term solutions too.

But these proposals will take months to develop, even on a short-term basis, and then, before anything is done, we'll have to consider the cost and who pays.

In the meantime, East Hartsdale Avenue is exposed big-time to the next big rainstorm -- and all Feiner seems to want to talk about is WIFI, a sidewalk sale for the one store that sells merchandise, and other distractions from the very grim reality that the merchants there are facing.

Maybe that's okay for those who live in other parts of Greenburgh, but for the thousands who live, work and shop along East Hartsdale Avenue, that's unacceptable.

Haven't public officials in Greenburgh learned anything from Katrina?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the majority of the Town Bored can issue a proclamation against Hurricane Katrina.

hal samis said...

Let's see what we're worried about. We have such a serious problem that even the next heavy rainfall could cause extensive damage and all the Supervisor is doing is doing is whistling wi-fi.
Ok, let's go with that.

Existing Problem + new rain = disaster x 0 Supervisor solution

Time to September Primary = just over two months
Time to November Election = just over four months

Risk to Hartsdale businesess = just over four months plus the time since:
a) starting 2005 with memo or
b) starting 2007 with April rain

Supervisor is doing nothing so that means the Town Council and their aide cannot do anything either and the Hartsdale Center must wait until Berger wins and can solve the problem.

Berger, a serious candidate who knows about these things because she is "qualified" to be the Supervisor is not going to provide the solution until she wins. Thus the Hartsdale merchants remain at risk until November, hoping that Berger wins, plus the time it takes her to implement her solution; this solution being her very first order of business.

Bob Bernstein cannot solve the problem either because this is not his staff's job. The Town's staff cannot solve the problem because they don't know there is a problem because Feiner hasn't told them.
Simple solution: Bernstein's staff (otherwise known as the Town Council) should tell the various Town departments that there is a problem.

Apparently the game plan is to tie everything, including resonsibility for the ordering of paper clips, to the Town Supervisor/CFO. Hopefully this will change when the Town passes the redundant Email FOIL law then the Town departments will be better able to communicate with each other and will now be able to FOIL by Email their information requests of each other and thus the left hand will be able to tell the right hand that there's something wrong and even, could you send out a truck...
cc. Town Council

Anonymous said...

Why is Samis attacking Bernstein personally here?

Probably for the same reason that Feiner attacks Bernstein personally whenever Feiner appears before groups of village Democrats.

I know he does it because I'm a Democratic district leader and I've heard him. I had never really heard of this Bernstein guy before, and watching an elected official like Feiner attack a private citizen like that made me feel really uncomfortable.

Feiner even answered this village official questionaire the candidates filled out in which, I couldn't believe it, there was Feiner attacking this Bernstein guy again. It's really weird that Feiner's doing this.

If there's a problem in Hartsdale that's not being addressed, and it sure sounds like there is, I'd much rather see Feiner and his people focus on the problem at hand instead of engaging in these pointless personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

Feiner is doing more than any other elected official or community member to help the merchants on East Hartsdale Ave. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

".......I'm a Democratic district leader and I've heard him. I had never really heard of this Bernstein guy before,....."

You are kidding, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

In what area are you a Democratic leader. I will change my party affillations as soon as posible. Here comes another Republican. Bernstein is out campaigning with Bass, for some time and as someone said in one of the comments Bernstein is a democratic leader of Edgemont.

Michael Kolesar said...

May I direct everyone's attention to the Town's organization chart which is an exhibit in the town's annual financial statements. NOT ONE DEPARTMENT / FUNCTIONAL HEAD REPORTS DIRECTLY TO THE POSITION OF SUPERVISOR. They all report to the Town Council as a whole.

Check it out. The document is on the Town's web site. The report is indicated as having been prepared by the Town Comptroller, Mr. Heslop. Direct all corrections / questions to him.

As to Mr. Samis' comment, at the national level, candidates for President from either party are offering THEIR SOLUTIONS. I echo Mr. Samis' question to Ms. Berger AND the other candiadtes for seats on the Town Board, what are your proposed solutions. We have seen that the incumbents aren't coming forward with any solutions, so why do you deserve a seat on the dais?

I hope all acknowledge that this is fair question to all candidates, whether incumbent or wanna be.

hal samis said...

Would someone please define a personal attack?

Surely it must be more than using a person's name and ascribing deeds to that person?

Those who thrust themselves into the limelight be they politician, "civic leader", or citizen should not be surprised to see their names being used, perhaps in the same ratio as mirrors such individuals putting forth their names.

Everyone has a name. Sometimes it seems that everyone has the same name, anonymous.

If the ascribed deeds are untrue, then one would expect the "victim" to deny or explain the deeds from their perspective.

Another thing, that I seek clarification on, is the newest blog slur, the one that says the Supervisor issued a "press release". Is every communication by him to residents and the media (the media may reach residents not on the various email lists) a press release? Should the Town Supervisor not communicate to residents? What are the defining criteria to differentiate between "legitimate" communication and a "press release" the words when used on the blog give the impression that the sender is doing something frivolous if not wrong. If any of these meet the definition, maybe the neutral way to report this would be to say: "Feiner sent an email". But please, someone please explain to me the difference because I have a handful of "dispatches" from Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Bass that I would like to file in the proper folder.

And who IS this Bernstein guy? He seems to be everywhere but this blog. Odd that he would ignore this outlet where so many of his followers seem to congregate. I hope to see him avail himself of this no cost opportunity to share his important information with everyone. Certainly he must be aware that this is a means to respond and disseminate news, facts, opinion, partisanship on a immediate and timely basis vs say, The Scarsdale Inquirer which is a weekly. Theoretically, one could return from a Town meeting and post your version minutes later.

Of course the one problem with the blog is that poseurs, sorry posters can say anything they want, true or not, by using the various anonymous tags. They can do this again and again under different names because being anonymous, they won't suffer the personal fallout from lying.

So please, would someone answer my questions. Like Sargeant Friday, I just want the facts.

Hopefully someone will tell Mr. Bernstein about this forum. Many of us would like to be enlightened and read his wisdom; this blog represents an opportunity to receive it direct from the horse's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Have the pipes and sewer grates all been thoroughly cleaned? I know that was part of the problem, but I have a vibe that the pipes haven't been flushed out in a while.

Anonymous said...

As a frequent reader of this blog and comments, I'm beginning to think that "bernstein," a name ritualistically invoked in many posts and, yet, whose appearance on this blog has never been scientifically confirmed, is a mythical figment of fevered imaginations - kind of like Greenburgh's own Yeti or sasquatch (or Wilson, for you Phish fans). Joseph Campbell might have something useful to tell us. "Bernstein" is the other, the unknown, or, maybe, he is all of us?

Anonymous said...

East Hartsdale Ave is starting to look very nice. Thanks to all who made it happen.

hal samis said...

Dear 11:32,

Close but no cigar.
What takes home the prize is the plot from the movie "Forbidden Planet". Were Bernstein only Robby the Robot.
Instead, he is Dr. Edward Morbius of the Planet Altair IV.

Greenburgh, stand-in for the Krell civilization, is ultimately done in by the power surges needed to combat the self-realized "monstors of the id" which emerge from Morbius' mind.

Likewise Berger, while not Morbius' hot looking daughter, does share the same naivete.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that we're going to be able to shop at the farmer's market. We need it!

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud that high powered attorney Bob Bernstein is not a private citizen! I don't know whay everyone keeps saying that! He's very public. With that reasonsing then Cindy Sheehan is a private citizen as well!

Bernstein is the opposition he's fair game to be criticized!

Anonymous said...

Is Bernstein an elected public official? No, he's not.

Does Bernstein have a $140,000 campaign warchest like Feiner has with which to smear private citizens and civic leaders who dare to criticize him. No, he doesn't.

Can Bernstein speak for as long as he wants at town board meetings like Feiner can? No, he's limited to 5 minutes like every other private citizen.

Can Bernstein get extra time to speak on important issues like others often do? No, Feiner only permits his supporters to speak beyond the alloted five minutes.

Can Bernstein use the town's e-mail system and website to send out and post press releases like Feiner can which trash private citizens and impugn their integrity? No, only Feiner can do that.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein can use his surrogates: Steve Bass and Francis Sheehan to comment for him or to read his statements

Anonymous said...

Bernstein is a limited public figure:

"A person can also become a "limited public figure" by engaging in actions which generate publicity within a narrow area of interest. For example, a woman named Terry Rakolta was offended by the Fox Television show, Married With Children, and wrote letters to the show's advertisers to try to get them to stop their support for the show. As a result of her actions, Ms. Rakolta became the target of jokes in a wide variety of settings. As these jokes remained within the confines of her public conduct, typically making fun of her as being prudish or censorious, they were protected by Ms. Rakolta's status as a "limited public figure"."

He's a high powered attorney/community activist. He gets his name in the paper and etc. He's fair game. You all need to stop defending him and allowing him to hide behind his private citizen. "Oh I'm a poor helpless little private citizen standing up to the bullies" garbage.

Anonymous said...

This "limited public figure" talk sounds like someone out there in Feiner's camp is trying to play "lawyer" to see how much mud Feiner and his friends can sling at private citizens to get them to shut up.

Just because a resident may be a "limited public figure" on one issue or another doesn't give Feiner and his friends a license to intentionally say knowingly false and misleading things about that resident, does it?

I didn't think so.

And if Feiner allows such trash to be published on this town-linked website, as part of his re-election campaign, does that put both his campaign and the town at risk for a lawsuit or is it just the town that's exposed?

hal samis said...

Dear 12:45,
Which are the knowingly false and misleading things?

Anonymous said...

The angry tone of some of these e mails against Feiner is only making people support Feiner more. Most people don't like it when someone is attacked unfairly.

Feiner's crtics are right said...

Feiner is being properly criticized for his dishonesty and divisiveness. Sixteen years of his self promoting press releases and gadlfy antics is enough. Or you think its OK to take campaign money from the Town's auditors? Thats a disgrace.

Hartsdale Wine & Liquor Store said...

Wasn't this about the store's opening on east hartsdale?
Since I'm at risk of losing everything I've REBUILT it would be nice to have an emergency contingency plan put together.
The last two rain storms have wet my new basement.
I've been to Town Hall Meetings. I'll probably never go back. You know, it's not like the Town Council shops in my store so there's no need for me to see them at town hall. It'd be nice to actually have one support us and make a purchase. Just one, I dare you. That goes for you bloggers too.
I've been open for 6 weeks. Losing profits everyday sadled by two empty stores (Hartsdale Farm & HSBC).
Oh, by the way, the farm is NO WHERE NEAR READY TO OPEN. The town gave them the C. of O., but they are not ready to open.
Here's a peek into my personal loses-
Inventory- $13,000
Clean-up&Reconstruction- $22,000
Loss of Business- $50,000
Past due Invoices- $38,000
Hair- graying early
Weight- 20lbs. lighter on the stress diet.
FEMA= nothing for a business owner
S.B.A= more debt
Luckily my wife is still with me. If you've seen her then you know.
I'm noticing people love to bash each other on this blog over what happened, some aren't even affected by the flooding.
Thank you for that at least.
Why not do it while enjoying some wine.

Anonymous said...

Bass took campaign contributions from the towns auditors and the same people who are criticizing Feiner are campaigning for bass. that probably includes anonymous

Anonymous said...

has the greenburgh democratic committee ever accepted contributions from people they shouldn't get donations from?

Anonymous said...

Bass got a one-time contribution of $250 from the town's auditors in December 2005. However, he returned it.

Feiner has received thousands of dollars in contributions from the town's auditors, but hasn't returned a dime.

Contributions to the Greenburgh Democratic Committee are a matter of public record.

Earlier this year, Feiner wanted Greenburgh to pass a law making it illegal for candidates in Greenburgh to accept money from political parties.

Feiner got no support for his proposal.

There are no restrictions on who may give to political parties in America, and no restrictions in America on whom political parties may choose to give money to.

Anonymous said...

Did Feiner pocket all the contributions. I don't think so. Ask his fellow democrates who contributed to their campaigns and how much.I'm sure that every dollar is accounted for. Remember Feiner does not influence the planning and zoning board,like someone said To do favors for developers, Why not ask Sheehan ,if any favors were granted by the planning board he was on the planning board for years.years,were any favors given .

Anonymous said...

AGAIN, just a simple question to the Supervisor:

Have the pipes and sewer grates all been thoroughly cleaned? I know that was part of the problem, but I have a vibe that the pipes haven't been flushed out in a while.

Anonymous said...

Why not ask Regula, about the pipes and drains. What does Feiner know. He can tell them what people say the problem is, but Regula's men have to do the work.

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing how Feiner continues to avoid taking responsibility for what goes on in town.

Now he's refusing to take responsibility for coming up with a short term emergency contingency plan for East Hartsdale Avenue. Instead, he's blaming Al Regula and would have probably blamed the town engineer too, were it not for the fact that he just quit.

Feiner's also refusing to take responsibility for accounting for the WestHELp money. Here, he's blaming the town comptroller or the town comptroller's precedessors.

It's raining pretty hard tonight too. I wonder how much flooding the stores will have by morning.

What a pity Greenburgh has a town supervisor who thinks the buck stops everywhere in town but his own desk.

PS -- Somebody tell Feiner (who clearly doesn't spend much time on East Hartsdale Avenue) that Hartsdale Farms didn't open last week and isn't anywhere near opening. The same goes for the bakery, the gym, K Fung and all the office space that's now vacant.

Anonymous said...

Every action the town takes requires 3 votes of the Town Council.
The town budget was not approved by the Supervisor alone. 3 Town Board members are required to vote for the budget.
The entire town council must approve flood plans for E Hartsdale Ave. The Supervisor cannot act alone.
The town is currently reviewing 6 consultant RFPs and will be conducting a flood study of the avenue.
The building inspector gave the c/o to the farm.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:52 sounds just like Feiner.

It is the responsibility of the town supervisor to come up with a short-term emergency contingency plan for East Hartsdale Avenue.

It doesn't take three votes to do that; it takes the initiative of the town's only full-time elected official to put the plan together. Feiner announced in early may after Tropical Storm Barry caused more flooding that he would put such a plan together -- but he never did.

Now he says it's not his job to come up with any short term measures.

That's small comfort to the merchants who've poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into reopening their businesses, but who could lose everything in another big rainstorm.

When one considers all the things that a responsible local elected official could be doing, Feiner's anemic response is pretty pathetic.

Feiner also doesn't seem to understand the difference between issuing a certificate of occupancy and reopening a store. Hartsdale Farm got the certificate of occupancy because it completed the electrical rewriting required by the town.

But that store is weeks if not months away from reopening. A lot of time and money is still required. Merchandise from the flood in April is still on the shelves. The place is a mess.

Feiner obviously hasn't been down there in a while and hasn't a clue what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

The supervisor is working on a plan and devoting lots of attention to helping the avenue - he acts, doesn't complain like anonymous.

day late and a dollar short said...

So far, Feiner has NOT acted. The merchants on East Hartsdale Avenue are just as vulnerable today to another devastating flood as they were back on April 15 when the nor'easter hit.

Feiner has known for two years that the drainage infrastructure there is inadequate. He did nothing to warn the merchants this past April that they were sitting ducks.

A resident recently asked if pumps and sandbags could be put in place to protect the merchants. The town engineer said the problem was so bad that pumps and sandbags wouldn't do any good.

Feiner of course is quick to tell us that a popular local market has a certificate of occupancy, but doesn't tell us that it will be weeks or months before the store will actually reopen.

He also hasn't told the merchants that the flooding potential there is so severe that pumps and sandbags would be useless.

Even though there's so much that could be done, Feiner's done nothing short-term to deal with the problem.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time that Hartsdale Flooded? Could this have just been a freak incident?

Anonymous said...

This was no freak incident.

East Hartsdale has been flooding for years, though none of the floods were as severe as the one that occurred on April 15 this year.

In 2005, after a series of floods, the town engineer prepared a report which concluded that the drainage infrastructure in that area was inadequate to handle the amount of water that gets generated in a moderate rainstorm, thereby causing the flooding.

He also warned that the drain pipes get clogged with every major rainfall, thereby making the situation even worse.

Anonymous said...

If drain pipes get cloged it's the responsibility of the DPW to take care of their part of cleaning and the owners of the property should do the same. Feiner can only advise his staff as to what the public says, he's not the one to clean the drains.The DPW department is getting very lazy in caring for all the needs of the residents. It's time for a change.Whomever becomes bosom pals with Sheehan is against the wants of the residents. Paul make the necessary move to get someone who is for the people and a cleaner Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

If Feiner can only advise his staff as to what the public says, as anon at 8:36 suggests,then the town is very much in need of a new town supervisor, one who can see clearly what needs to be done in places like East Hartsdale Avenue and then knows how to marshall the town resources needed to lead the town in getting the job done.

This business of always acting like some put-upon town gadfly won't solve any of the major problems facing the town.

It will only be more of the same.
We can't afford that anymore.

Anonymous said...

The Supervisor and Town Council are making intelligent long range decisions regarding E Hartsdale Ave. They are in the process of hiring a consultant who will review what happened. The consultant will make recommendations so that this kind of disaster will not happen again.

Anonymous said...

It's the short-term emergency contingency plan that's needed for East Hartsdale Avenue that's not being addressed. That's the responsibility of the town supervisor and he's evidently not up to the task.

Anonymous said...


Berger is not up to the task either! We know what we have with Feiner, The problem is it could only get worse with Berger!

Anonymous said...

It can't get worse with Berger -- it can only get better.

Feiner's response to the merchants and property owners on East Hartsdale Avenue is that short-term "you're on your own, the town engineer told us two years ago you're at risk of being flooded even from a moderate rainstorm, and as the only full-time elected town official Greenburgh has, I don't talk to town staff, town staff doesn't talk to me, the town engineer who wrote the report on East Hartsdale Ave just quit, and consequently, I really don't have a clue what else I can do to help you short-term other than pray no more big storms hit while I'm still in office."

This would be funny were it not for the fact that the merchants on East Hartsdale Ave who've reopened have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and, thanks to Feiner, are just as much at risk today as they were before the nor'easter hit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny not one of the merchants has expressed themselves here on this or any other blog.They seem to be thankful that all has been and will be done under the guidence of Feiner. It looks like everyone else is speaking for the merchants,and most probably don't even shop in Hartsdale.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:32 evidently doesn't read the blog much -- and thus hasn't seen the posts from the owner of the Hartsdale Liquor store who's complained about his basement being flooded at least twice since the nor'easter did and who called on Feiner to put together a short-term emergency contingency plan to deal with the next storms when they hit.

Anon at 2:32 also doesn't seem to spend much time on East Hartsdale Avenue talking to those of us work, shop and live there. The merchants there are our long-time friends.

Our hearts sink, as do theirs, every time it rains -- not knowing whether their basements will flood and how much new damage will result.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is not Pro-Feiner is afraid to post by name. I know merchants who were terrified and furious at the thought of medical clinics opening on Hartsdale Avenue (one of Pauls ideas that wasnt well thought out -- fortunately the council put the breaks on it). They saw that as potentially destroying their businesses. And if it could happen to then, it could happen to you.

Anonymous said...

Feiner never proposed a medical clinic on E Hartsdale Ave. ANonymous: prove your allegations. Tell us when the application was made, what was the name of the medical clinic.
If you are going to distort the truth or lie, you shouldn't be writing on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Here are the facts, Anon at 11:14.

At the request of the lawyer for the Greenburgh Health Clinic, who had also put together the fundraiser for Feiner that had raised tens of thousands of dollars from developers with applications pending before the town (most of whom were his clients), Feiner two years ago proposed a change in zoning town-wide that would permitted medical clinics, including methadone clinics, to open as of right in a number of locations throughout unincorporated G'burgh, including on storefronts on East Hartsdale Avenue and near Edgemont's two elementary schools.

At Feiner's insistence, the town's planning board voted 3-2 to approve Feiner's proposal, with Feiner's running mate this year Kevin Morgan among those voting in favor.

Residents did everything they could to fight the zoning change that Feiner and Morgan wanted, and publicized the fact that Feiner's proposal, while perhaps well-intentioned, was incredibly ill-conceived and would have had disastrous effects.

Residents also took matters into their own hands and drafted their own zoning legislation that would permit medical clinics, such as the Greenburgh Health Clinic, to open in unincorporated Greenburgh, not as of right, as Feiner had wanted, but subject to special permit if certain conditions were met.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed.

Steve Bass introduced the residents' proposal, the town council unanimously rejected Feiner's proposal and instead adopted the so-called "special permit" legislation.

Anonymous said...

Feiner and Morgan never advocated for a medical clinic on E Hartsdale Ave. There was never any application made to put a medical clinic on the avenue.
Provide the public with the name of the proposed clinic.
You can't. lie!
Just like you did during the last campaign when the Fair Elections Campaign Committee criticized Sheehan's campaign for misrepresenting the facts.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:17 doesn't want to believe the facts.

The facts are that Morgan, as a member of the planning board, voted for a zoning ordinance, introduced by Feiner, that would have allowed medical clinics, including methodone clinics, to open as of right in storefronts on East Hartsdale Avenue and along Central Avenue near Edgemont's elementary schools.

Feiner and Morgan wanted the zoning change, but residents said allowing all kinds of medical clinics to open up as of right in commercial and residential districts would be reckless and irresponsible.

At the time Feiner and Morgan were advocating for this radical change in the zoning laws, the only medical clinic seeking to open up was the Greenburgh Health Center, which had purchased a site to build on Knollwood Road.

Thanks to the town council, Feiner's proposal was rejected, but had it become law, there's no telling what kind of medical clinics would have been allowed to open up as of right in these locations, no matter how inappropriate for certain neighborhoods they may have been.

Anonymous said...

Morgan and Feiner were right to have a clinic of some sort along the Central Ave, corridor. Many of us need help in one way or another. and another thing if the developments were permitted we would not have the problem of the upkeep of the land full of weeds and debris.Yes you cut your nose and spite your face.