Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Greenburgh Town Board approved a local law to allow for the designation of additional dates where sidewalk sales will be permitted when deemed warranted by the Town Board. This law will allow more sidewalk sales on E Hartsdale Ave.
The Board also approved a law amending the town code entitled tree cutting, topping and removal on distribution lines rights of way. The law,drafted by Mike Sigal and Dan Rosenblum of the Conservation Advisory Board, recognizes the need to preserve trees. Trees provide benefits to communities--flood prevention, water purification, reduced soil erosion,etc. The purpose of this law is to require that trees be cut and maintained in compliance with certain nationally recognized standards. When tree removal is necessary that reasonable efforts be made to mitigate the loss of trees by replanting of trees.
Con Ed will be required to follow the tree maintenance practices for utilities established by the National Arbor Day Foundation unless otherwise authorized in writing by the town's consulting arborist.
This legislation could become a model for other communities around the region.


Anonymous said...

The town can pass all the laws it wants, but ConEd's activities are not legally bound any individual municipality's laws.

Whether they should be or not is a different issue that could be addressed at the state level, but the fact remains that the town has no authority to enforce this law.

Jim Lasser said...

Has the Town created a budget line and funded enforcement of this local law? If not, why not? Part of responsible governance is making sure the resources for enforcement are in place and available.

Anonymous said...

Great point about responsible governance! (8:23)

Also great point about the fact that this law cannot be legally enforced. (3:45)

Anonymous said...

I am pleased that Mike Sigal and Dan Rosenthal of the Conservation Advisory Board proposed this law regarding proper trimming of trees and that the Town Board passed it.

At the very least, Greenburgh is on record as requiring the cutting to be done properly. Con Ed is on notice that the Town cares and is watching.

Anonymous said...

good story WCBS Radio today.

hal samis said...

Aren't all of you forgetting the
"great point" that November candidate Steve Bass scored by getting himself identified in the public's mind as being the driving force behind this feel good law.

In doing so Bass stepped on the backs of the actual authors, even though they toiled without demanding recognition. Mr. Bass continues to perform his rendition of the "Eve Harrington" role (in more ways than one) from the film "All About Eve". This film is crying out to be remade, set this time in Greenburgh. Close your eyes and imagine the outing scene:
Sorry, I meant opening scene:

The screen gradually focuses to reveal a room full of cheering people. As the camera pulls back, its POV reveals that we are in a theater at a celebratory dinner for a political candidate who has just won an important election. The two presenters, Paul Feiner and Tom Abinante, played by themselves, present the coveted Golden Gavel to the anti-heroine elect, Eve Harrington, who is about to begin her acceptance speech. She promises that it will be short as she has very few people to thank. However she does want to mention her aging mentor, Mark Channing (played by perennial ingenue Francis Sheehan whose last screen credit was the role of a henchman in "Hostel on the Saw Mill 3") for all his help. Throughout the speech, the action is being crosscut with WIDE ANGLE view backstage where, seen listening carefully and taking notes is, new to Unincorporated, Suzanne Berger, playing one of her many selves. As Eve is about to leave the podium, she trips, stumbles and falls (JUMP CUT TO ECU of smiling Suzanne) when..
Eve in her bed in her bedroom. Eve, hair tousled, abruptly sits up, rubbing her eyes..
As the camera moves in for CU on her face, Eve's expression changes from registering shock to sadness as she comes to the realization that it was only just a dream.

Residents wishing to invest in this production are requested to contact "line producer", Gil Kaminer.

Meanwhile, back to the topic.

If the Town has to go to Court to defend itself against an action brought by Con Ed, Mr. Bass will quietly change his stripes in the Town provided dressing room aka "Executive Session".

Anonymous said...

thanks steve for taking the credit for law you didn't write.

Anonymous said...

Bass does not even know why he is sitting on the town board unless he gets coached from Sheehan and Kaminer.Since Sheehan took office, His sidekicks are becoming senile.Their main focus is on disrupting meetings and bad mouthing the supervisor.Did Bass think that the truth would not come out as to who wrote the tree law. We need a rapid change come this September for the primaries and then in November. FEINER--MORGAN--BROWN--BEVILLE--

Jim Lasser said...

Dear Mr. Feiner and Members of the Town Board who voted for "sidewalk" sales -
Did any of you take the time to solicit the opinions of your professionals? How does Chief Kapica feel about controlling the crowd in and around DeSantis Plaza if there is both a concert and sidewalk sale occuring simultaneously? Can one safely and efficiently move emergency vehicles through the corridor from Central Avenue to Fenimore Road during the proposed event? Where will the EMT's and ambulance be stationed? I'm sure there are many additional considerations which have never have occured to me or members of the Town Board, but would be second nature to an experienced professional. Has anyone thought to consult with the Hartsdale Public Parking District? Using the Plaza for a concert will almost certainly close off access to the parking garage at the north end - and prevent those travelling west from using either lots on the east side of the Metro North tracks, as well as effectively closing the southbound Pipeline. Will parking regulations be enforced? Will tickets be issued for expired meters. If the sidewalk sale and concert attract 500 visitors, half of whom arrive by car, where will visitors park?
How difficult will it be for them to leave?
With so many restaurants now located along East Hartsdale Avenue I'm curious whether they will be offering food. If so, has the Building inspector established rules and regulations governing the provision of electrictity to sidewalk cooking stations. What about the use of portable propane gas grills and burners? What about sanitary facilities?
Has anyone consulted with the Hartsdale Fire District to insure they are aware of the size and nature of the event?
I'm not asking to know the details of the arrangements - I'm asking whether those who voted for this idea have thought it through. Or is this another fein(er) idea whose details are being lost in the excitement of the moment?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lasser, What does the city of New York,brooklyn Queens and the Bronx do when they have their outdoor festivals. Have you lived in a caccoon all these years. Kapica knows how to handle this matter, that's why he's chief.This could be handled in the same ways as our neighbors. You just dont want this to take place. Well that's tough.If all the requirements are met it should go on. The program is not run by children,I think we do have smart people in other areas of town.

Anonymous said...

Trying to unite people from all parts of town is great. We need something to change the atomsphere of Greenburgh. All the hatred of Feiner ,is making this town a bad place to live. He has made a great difference in our quality of life. The problem is some in the chosen areas want more than he could deliver. His board is part of the group thats always demands, so nothing he says or does gets done.Many people want their town back. Civic associations have ruined what we had. There are better towns arround the U.S. that have sidewalk sales, concert and festivals ,WHY CAN'T WE.

feiner is the problem not the problemsover said...

dear anon at 11:12

Feiner spearheaded two of the most divisive matters in the town - the hideous wall at presser park/webb field and the purchase of taxter ridge

he also defends the illegal westhelp contract which came about due to his deceptions

feiner is corrupt, incompetent and divisive. he has overstayed his welcome is nothing more than a career politician. its time to pull the curtain on this long running farce.

Jim Lasser said...

Dear Anonymous at 11:02 -
I am looking forward to attending the jazz concerts - I am asking whether anyone has done exactly what "the city of New York,brooklyn Queens and the Bronx" do. When permits are issued they are issued by the Police Department, not the City Council. You are so focused on hating me you've entirely missed the point. The smart people need to know there is going to be an event - and I'm willing to wager Chief Kapica wasn't fully informed in advance.

Anonymous said...

Is 11:02 better known as "Reeking Carbuncle" the man who organised his White Plains nayboors to keep "those people" out of his nieghborhood?

Anonymous said...

Let Kapica speak for himself. I'm sure he knew and he had to give some input into the decision.I do not think plans were made without the knowledge of the police dept.