Monday, June 04, 2007


I have received some complaints from verizon customers that they are unable to watch Greenburgh Town Board meetings on public access TV. Our meetings have been preempted by other localities. I have advised Verizon. They promise to work on this during the next few days.


Anonymous said...

this problem has been going on for one month. verizon does not know what they are doing.too bad we gave them the ok to come into Greenburgh. The only thing they give you is promises.Cablevision i'm coming back .

Anonymous said...

Verizon is way better than cablevision, hands down.

Jim Lasser said...

The issue here is LACK OF APPROPRIATE OVERSIGHT. Cablevision has never been able to get quality of the transmission of Town Board meetings up to anything near a commercial level. The video is amateurish, frequently out of focus, and at a resolution best left to cell phones over U-Tube. Audio is almost useless - sound drops out, blasts unexpectedly, or includes a sub-carrier signal guaranteed to induce a headache faster than a politician's speech. Now Verizon has the same sort of problem. Both are huge, successful enterprises - but neither can get this minor problem corrected? Doesn't that seem a bit unlikely to you? Perhaps it's the quality of the equipment being used. If so, why isn't the Town's franchise agreement, which used to require Cablevision to provide such things, being enforced? It might be because there is no current franchise agreement - or it might be because the Town Clerk, the elected official with the responsibility for oversight isn't getting the job done. The provisions of the Verizon franchise agreement, granted with much hoopla about how competition would result in lower rates and better quality, includes language which ties performance standards to similar provisions in Cablevision's franchise. If Cablevision doesn't have to do it - neither does Verizon. That arrangement seems even-handed and does not put either company at a competitive disadvantage. But it presupposes an interested, involved and active public official monitoring and enforcing acceptable standards.
As the Clerk is an elected official, perhaps this is another office crying out for term limits - in the interim, a challenge to the incumbent may be the best way to move towards a solution.

Anonymous said...

When will Verizon give a timetable/map for wiring the rest of Greenburgh

Anonymous said...

Whatever programs are shown other than town hall meetings come up without video. the programs are not taped at town hall . The problem that Verizon has in it's station that receives the transmission and then feeds the tv.This cannot be blamed on the tv or audio mechanism at town hall .The job is being done well there the problem is after the fact.Verizon has had a month to fix the problem to no avail.This is what happens when you try to conquer the tv industry.

Anonymous said...

Check the other programs on the access channel,most of them have no audio. you have to read lips to understand whats going on.Verizon this is no way to run a business ,

Anonymous said...

I knew Verizon was approved, but I know it's not available yet in my neighborhood. What's the specific roll-out schedule?

Anonymous said...

has anyone checked channel 32 tonight the 5th of june. Well I don't know where it's coming from but there was no audio. Could someone tell me how the person in charge of cable could let this pass by, whereas the town meeting from Eastchester is loud and clear. Someone has to be responsible for this problem. How much longer do we have to wait.

hal samis said...

Dear Jim,

you, one early to rise,
while me late to recline
reports of your blogging demise
clearly inaccurately defined

your comments this time to a word
not thoughts of an angry "loser"
but kernels of truth that be heard
recited by a born again schmoozer

but switching to a new rhyme scheme
couplets bursting in unspoke reams
i want to say that with jim i agree
re town staff's much needed surgery

the problem is not by passing laws
but enforcing those even flawed
and if contracts or franchises bid
are not upheld, then of them be rid

if the Town Clerk, can't do the job
and we can't always run to bob
it's time to try a new face out
maybe one lacking voter clout

so shine on verizon moon
hopefully singing another tune
and cablevision, it now is june
no longer shall you be fed by spoon

bloggers are on the point at last
your monthly fees to become ballast
powers that be massaged by medium
angry voters soon venting at podium

fix our cable transmission and fast
or your days in office are the last
voters will remember you and amis
no longer the rules set by anomie

and now jim it's time for sleep
i welcome you back from the deep
perhaps a wedding was the stat rx
weaning you from unworthy tricks.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the cablevision franchise? Wasn't Alfreda supposed to negotiate that franchise for the town? It's been years.

Anonymous said...

The failure to finalize the Cablevision new franchise agreement is costing unincorporated Greenburgh about $60,000 per year for the last three years. In addition, since the Verizon contract calls for PEG monies and Cablevision is not currently paying these and won't pay for this lapsed period (they haven't in other municipalities which have already gone through this), Verizon may claim that there is no longer a "level playing fiel" as mandated by the Public Service Commission and then watch the fun really begin.

hal samis said...

But has the PEG fee disappeared from the Cablevision bill?

Since I only have basic cable, I never took the time to pursue these pennies but I imagine they might be dollars to those with additional service packages.