Sunday, June 17, 2007


I make it a practice to stop by at the town pool weekly - soliciting feedback. Yesterday some residents expressed a wish that we have more shaded areas at the pool. What do you think? Where should the shaded areas be located?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps some more essential matters should take priority for a CEO:

- Does the town have a comprehensive, long-term economic development plan?
- Is there a sidewalk policy in place?
- Are there procedures regarding leaf pickup and snow shoveling?
- Is there accountability for roadway and storm drain cleaning?

More shade at the pool might be nice, and such a matter could be delegated to the appropriate member of staff to investigate further. But when I think of a Supervisor's position, I'd hope that big picture matters would be the primary focus.

Anonymous said...

Feiner proposed a sidewalk policy over a year ago to the Town Board. The Board has procrastinated - they held a meeting to discuss sidewalk location needs but has never come up with a proposed policy or adopted any policy statement.
THis is before the council.
Feiner wants the town to clear up the snow from sidewalks abutting schools, bus stops. THe town council has taken no action.
Feiner is looking at the long term options.

Feienr dragging feet said...

Feiner refuses to take any responsibiilty for his actions as a public official and is putting the villages at risk of having to pay higher taxes.

The State Comptroller told Feiner mroe than a year ago that the town's current method of financing sidewalk construction and maintenance was illegal.

Feiner's so-called sidewalk policy was a non-starter because he never came to grips with the state comptroller's opinion.

As a result of Feiner's failure to act, the town is now at risk that the state comptroller may have to step in and direct the town to charge the cost of all sidewalk construction and repair to the entire town, including the villages.

Feiner may say, "Don't blame me, I'm just one vote." But state law makes Feiner the town's chief executive in charge of complying with state law.

State law says it's up to him to recommend to the town council what needs to be done to protect village taxpayers from having to foot the bill for sidewalks in the town's unincorporated areas -- but Feiner hasn't complied with the law in 16 years -- why would anyone expect him to start now?

Anonymous said...

to the comment above this,since Sheehan has arrived on the scene Feiner is not in position to do a thing. Sheehan has ruled for 19 months,so why do you blame Feiner for not enacting the policy of sidewalks.He has had no say as to what has to be done,without Sheehan puting the skrews into the project. Get Sheehan out and maybe we could go back living a good life. No matter what Feiner says Sheehan shuts him up and the rest of the board follows.we have no more open government. Now about the shade,why do people go to the pools,to swim and to get a tan. They should be talking to the commissioner of parks.Feiner has to understand that you cannot please all the people .

Anonymous said...

Feiner himself is responsible for the town's failure to comply with state law.

It has nothing to do with Sheehan or any other member of the town council.

Feiner may like to pretend that he's nothing more than a "put-upon town gadfly," as The New York Times called him, but like it or not, state law makes him and nobody else, the town's "chief executive officer" who shall be responsible for "the proper administration of town affairs" and that he and no on else "shall keep the town board informed generally concerning town affairs and of the financial condition and future needs of the town and make such recommendations as may seem to him desirable."

So what does Feiner do?

He says he's all in favor of whatever it is anyone wants, be it sidewalks, snow removal from sidewalks, more shade at the pool, or whatever, but when it comes down to who should do or pay for these things, he's either in favor of continuing the town's illegal funding practices or he complains that the laws are unfair, his hands are tied,and nothing gets done.

Anonymous said...

Some people go to the pool to get a tan. Others to relax. Having more shade at the pool will make the pool experience more enjoyable for those of us who are worried about too much sun and cancer.

Anonymous said...

Most of my friends would rather have some shade at the pool than a heated political argument that gets us no where.

hal samis said...

Feiner: Do you think we should offer Coke or Pepsi at Town facilities?
We switch now live to the blog.

Did Feiner accept a campaign contribution from either manufacturer?

In nineteen years, doesn't he know?

Wasn't Feiner told by the State Comptroller a year ago that the Town must allow all brands to be sold?

Wasn't Feiner to suggest a final plan for implementing a brand changeover.

Why not have both brands, look what competition has done for cable subscribers.

Steve Bass has already helped Brodsky establish a taste testing protocol so that residents can register their preference with the State.

Mr. Feiner should be aware that under existing contracts with vendors, it is the vendors that have the final say as to what brand of beverage is provided. This kind of micro managing is both unproductive and illegal.

The Town Council has been looking into this matter for a year and has asked the Chief of Police to determine if either of these brands is unsafe.

The ECC has long favored a moratorium on the sale of all colas on Central Avenue. What is needed is to encourage more commercial development by bringing in more water bars and orange julius outlets.

Is this an A or B budget expense?

Will this apply to the cafe at the new Greenburgh Public Library?

Just three votes.

It is Feiner's job to recommend a decision to the Town Council. He is a full-time employee and the Town Council are just part-time positions.

Why aren't other snack bar items also considered, should we serve vanilla ice cream or chocolate?

Village residents aren't allowed to use Veteran Park. By asking their opinion, Feiner is pandering to their votes.

What does SCOBA say about coke versus Pepsi?

Isn't this already included in the Comprehensive Plan?

How does this protect the flooding victims from the next heavy rain?

ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

more shade at the pool translates to a more enjoyable pool experience. That's what governing should be about. Putting us first.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Mr. Samis,

You forgot one important question - where does Ms. Berger stand on the Coke vs. Pepsi issue? Maybe we can get some little insight into her thinking.

hal samis said...

Like everything else, Ms Berger is sitting on it.

Anonymous said...

Better get a copyright on your material, Mr. Samis, or the next thing you know it will be part of a stand-up comedian's routine. You could have been a writer for Seinfeld. Have to admit to the cleverness of it all - even though I disagree with some of your opinions.

Anonymous said...

Ladies & gentlemen,

Let's hear one more time for our very own Hal Samis!

(Applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause)

PS - Not only is he funny....but is also right!

Anonymous said...

Regarding 3:02 ... If you're a voter who thinks that that's what governing should be about, then shame on you for being one of the reasons that there are so many big issue problems in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

No there is not enough shade at the pool. I say let's pay Sheehan to stand in front of the sun. His head has gotten so big since he took control over Greenburgh that he can easily block out the harmful rays!!!!!

Anonymous said...



and....whoever keeps getting the concession contract STINKS! 4 years now. Crapola. No one buys the concession food anymore.

Anonymous said...

more shade!
less hot air at town bd meetings from bernstein!

Anonymous said...

serious suggestion ... move that webb park wall to the pool ... i noticed driving by today that the wall provides a large shaded area ... would be so nice to have that wall moved ... anywhere

Anonymous said...

Yes, and by moving a federally funded wall to the Veterans park, the villages can join. A win-win. Lets do it.

hal samis said...

Or make Mr. Sheehan a life guard.
He likes playing Dark Vader.

Herb Rosenberg said...

Hal Samis asked "What does SCOBA say about coke versus Pepsi?"

SCOBA didn't take any position on the Coke-Pepsi issue. As all residents know, SCOBA didn't take any positions on any big issues. it just reported the facts and ther law, and then it suggested that a committee of knowledgeable and objective people be appointed to make recommendations as to the applicable laws. We were derelict in not including the Coke-Pepsi question in our recommendation.

But the Town Board didn't follow SCOBA's recommendation anyway, so any SCOBA push for a resolution of the Coke-Pepsi would have been a waste of time.

hal samis said...


I'll drink to that.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Hal and Herb,

Since none of the candiadtes for any of the Town wide offices has yet to offer their solution, in the interest of "let's all work together and be friends", how about the following compromise -
serve Diet Coke and Regular Pepsi or Regular Coke (Coke Classic) and Diet Pepsi. Hey, I am trying to get this art of pandering down. As Ed Koch would ask - How am I doing?

hal samis said...

Or we could leave it up to that great Democrat John Belushi:

"Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, ______

soda inquiry said...

anyone try vanilla coke?

Anonymous said...

sell both coke and pepsi

hal samis said...

Or they could sell coke in the shade and pepsi in the sun.

How about this for a mastercard moment?

I'll have a gram of coke and 16 oz of pepsi.