Sunday, June 10, 2007


Webb Field, a park on Central Ave, will be renamed today in honor and in memory of Richard Presser. Richard led the successful effort to persuade the town to acquire the park and also was instrumental in motivating town officials to acquire Hartsbrooke and other parks around the town. He also campaigned for the open space referendum in 1997. Greenburgh was the first town in NYS to have an open space referendum, which resulted in 400 acres of open space being acquired.
The ceremony begins at 1 PM


hal samis said...

Let's initiate a new permanent blog topic, similar to the weekly democracy in Greenburgh heading.
I propose we call it "Candidates in Motion".

Today's event was the renaming of Webb Field to Richard Presser Park, now hosting Webb Field.
This would be the 5th photo op at this venue in as many years. No doubt, when the federal grant to renovate the location is finally spent, there will be another event to celebrate this too.

Who was there? Feiner, Bass, Barnes, Juettner, Sheehan, Williams, the Bronz's and Brodsky.

Who was not there? ALL of the candidates running against the incumbents.

What does this mean? Given that the incumbents are not going to manufacture many events for their opponents to get face time, especially over the summer, when these moments happen, candidates should invest a little of themselves and appear in public, at least to assure voters that they know what is going on in town and where/when these events are being staged.

Who else was there? Danny Gold of East Irvington. Mr. Gold will be known as the Richard Presser of Taxter Ridge. Although the Park naming is traditionally reserved for a deceased benefactor, perhaps Mr. Gold was checking out how these ceremonies are handled.

Who else was not there? In the hour during the event, no one was using Webb Field. Perhaps all those soccer players from White Plains were at their Hampton's homes.

What shouldn't be there? The 9/11 Memorial Wall, the "longest in the County". Celebrating an atrocity with an atrocity just doesn't work.
And, what Mr. Presser was honored for today was preserving open space, something that the Wall does its best to contain.

Who shouldn't be there? Diana Juettner, the Liaison to the Parks Department for ignoring the above.

Who shouldn't be speaking? Edgemont resident Eddie Mae Barnes represented the Town Council and spoke for the group. What she actually said was mostly relevant and well-intentioned but she did stumble over the battle by Mr. Presser to convince the Town Board to approve the purchase. Although Ms. Barnes attempted to white-wash this mid 1980's acrimony, she did so to preserve her little vision of "why can't we be friends". However, she apparently was chosen over Juettner because, although Liaison, what does Juettner know about anything.

Anonymous said...

Wondering - Whom was the park initially named for? (Someone named Webb, I assume.)

Also, is removing that ugly wall in near-future plans?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of candidates in motion...

Found this website doing some googiling

Looks like the new site eh?

Anonymous said...

omg, that site is hilarious ... he takes a whole lot of credit for things not of his doing and makes some creative generalizations ... some spell-checking is needed but overall an entertaining website that will guarantee a new supervisor is elected

Anonymous said...

Spelling looks okay actually. I have a web browser plug in that highlights misspelled words. Nothing really came up.

Anonymous said...

Why did Richard Brodsky park his car on Central Ave (in the road), not in a parking space, across from the new Richard Presser park, when he spoke? Why can't he park his car in a legal spot like everyone else? Why didn't anyone say anything to him? Why didn't the police give him a ticket?

Anonymous said...

Brodsky is arrogant period. Here's to a primary challenge in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I missed the ceremony but it must have been well attended as there were HUNDREDS of out-of-towners still at the field late in the afternoon.

Patty Leavy said...

Shame on you for allowing the destruction and unlawful use of Webb Field. Rename it or call it whatever you like but the fact is that it is no longer a place that town residents can enjoy.

You are very aware of the situation and have chosen to do NOTHING about it.

I am a 17 year resident of College Corners and I am no longer proud of my community. The blatant disregard by you and the Town Board in addressing this quality of life issue for College Corners, sends a very loud & clear message.

Also, as a family member of a 9-11 victim who found "the wall" to be well intended but misplaced, I now find it down right insulting as it is best served as a vehicle to throw volley balls against as it sits in a pile of dirt, strewn with trash left behind by the hundreds who come to illegally use the park.

I'm shocked, offended and embarrassed. I can't imagine why you aren't as well.

hal samis said...

Federal funds were obtained for the Park. For this $97,000 grant, anyone can use the park.

However, unlike Taxter Ridge which no one can use, Presser Park has parking.

Anonymous said...

Pat leavy,are you against paul or is your hatred against immigrants who use the park. Or is it your worse hatred that the park was named after some one not of your era.You should be ashamed of yourself. Are you sure that you are an american.I wouild like to know how many times in 17 years you went to Webb field. I live in the area for 51 years and I have never gone to webb field.Do I find it distasteful that immigrants use the park.No,or that it was named after a central figure who once lived in Greenburgh ,No. Grow up please,there is more to life than living with hate.

Anonymous said...

The one thing about Ms. Leavy's comments that I will say is at least she said "The Town Board". Some people actually get that it's not just one man but a whole board. There has to be a majority for things to get passed.

I like the wall it's a beautiful wall. But I do see the problem with its location. But it's not going to get moved.

Furthermore, the people who use that field are respectful people. I've walked past and they set up the volleyball nets and soccer nets and just have a good time. That's what the field is meant for. They also set up far away from the wall. Unless you're Maradonna or Pele you're not kicking soccer balls that far to hit that wall.

It is federally funded and anyone can use it so I suggest more people take advantage of the field. Why can't town residents enjoy it? Other than the people who use it now I hardly see an effort by town residents to use the field other than for the little league baseball games and sometimes football?

As for litter any park (or beach for that matter) will get dirty. I've read of some effective measures in other cities and states that have addressed those issues. One idea that worked (I think in San Diego) was getting rid of the trash cans and making people take their trash home with them! If they littered they got fined! And it worked! I'm not saying that's the best thing for Greenburgh mind you. But parks get dirty and that's why we have the Department of Sanitation or Parks and Rec or whoever deals with the upkeep of the parks. Right?

Patty Leavy said...

Dear Anonymous:

Are you crazy? Where did I mention immigrants or did you assume that illegal=immigrants? Shame on you for doing so.

I don't care what the park is called. I'm sure Webb or Presser are equally deserving of the honor. If it's at all meaningful to you, you would think that you would care about the condition of maintaining a field dedicated to either one. Clearly you are not.

You read "hatred" in my post? ok. I hate that the park is a complete mess. I hate the garbage left at the field and lining Harvard Drive. I hate that "the wall" is used as sporting equipment. i hate that this one lovely, serene field has turned into a circus with people using it in a manner of which "I" would be required permission to do so and with good reason.

To answer your question: My family uses the park very often or at least we used to before it turned into a mess of dirt. My children's Greenburgh softball, baseball and soccer teams use they field when permission is granted.

I'm sorry that you didn't get to enjoy it in your 51 years in Greenburgh. It WAS very nice. Your loss.

My gripe is with the destruction of the field. There are restricted uses for the field of which my children/family abide by, set in place to maintain the field. Do you have a problem with that? Are you willing to pay for the re-greening of the field?

What prompts your hatred?

Fact: The field is a mess but you wouldn't know that because in 51 years, you've never been there.

So? How is it that you know who is using the field? Why have you distinguished a particular group of people you think are using it? They are people, right? Are you really an American?

Why don't you grow up and give up attacking a person based on your inaccurate assumptions? Your reading comprehension is poor at best.

I'm entitled to my opinions. If you don't like it, you can move along or rebuff in an articulate, adult manner. Can you handle that?

Anonymous, have a nice day.

Wall at Presser Park must go said...

Samis and Leavy are right - the wall is a disgrace both as to lcoation and content. But it gets worse - FEMA funds were used to construct the wall! Paul Feiner defends this.

Anonymous said...

FEMA ?? you got to be kidding. NO FEMA funds for the Hartsdale stores, but for that wall???

Shame on Feiner said...

Exactly. Feiner has neither shame nor judgment in this matter. He just wanted a big wall up so he could issue his press release that Greenburgh had the largest 9-11 memorial in the country.

hal samis said...

I don't believe you can blame Feiner for FEMA funds, or even the Town Council with their four votes.
But you know this already.

My understanding is that the FEMA funds were solicited by the Westchester Arts Council to hire the "artist" who designed the wall. See everything is an opportunity for pocketing money.

And likewise everything somehow becomes an opportunity to attack Feiner.

feiner and the wall said...

Hal - isnt it the case that Feiner proposed putting the wall near the old IGA (now Eckerd) and the neighbors howled? Feiner is on record as being in favor of the use of FEMA funds. Now lets hear from Barnes and Bass.....At least I have heard Barnes admit she is mystified by the wall's content. By the way, was anyone from College Corners ever asked their opinion of the wall? Lets put it another way, I doubt such a monstrosity would happen now that Feiner has lost control of the Town Board.

hal samis said...

Feiner was in favor of placing the tiles on the side of the IGA (private property). And the neighbors howled which is why it did not happen and was banished to Webb Field. Had the neighbors not objected, the placement would have to be done with the consent of the landlord, Toby Ritter. If there was a cost to do this, then three votes would have been required to permit this.

Feiner may have been in favor of FEMA funds being used, or not (I don't know) but he or the Town was not the applicant.

College Corners could have responded to the proposal as it was not a secret. However College Corners lacked a unified voice, not even forming a civic association. They also were late to the dance when they "belatedly" heard about the Marshall's (Westchester Square) expansion/North Washington Avenue road re-alignment.

Whether or not Feiner has control of the Council, whether or not it could happen again are conjecture.
What is fact is that even the Town Board, to a person, shows up regularly at all the photo-ops that the Wall has given birth to.
Mr. Sheehan was in office for the last Wall event and appeared. In any case, new or old Council, three members of the Town Council lent their support to the Project and as you know, it just takes three.

Barnes may be perplexed as to the design but then so we all are. Bass is elusive. But don't forget Juettner, the Town Board liasison to the Parks Department. And Webb Field/Presser Park is a Town owned Park. If you want satisfaction, then she is the go-to person.

Leavy said...

Whether belated or ununified, College Corners was very vocal regarding all of the issues its encountered in the past few years. Certainly the road realignment was addressed as College Corners jumped on board with the Washington Ave people against it. There was a somewhat unified effort in CC's. I'm confidant that varying opinions were heard.

As for the wall, anytime a Collage Corner person questioned it we were told "What?! It's wonderful! No one else thinks it's ugly, too big, in the wrong spot........" One was made to feel as if this was such a super, all America, warm & fuzzy thing, it was almost down right unpatriotic to question. Didn't stop me. Didn't make a damn difference. Just as I voice my opinion of the field today I'm asked whether or not I'm an American.

I have a feeling that the wall will come down in the future. It will be replaced with port-o-potties so that the hundreds flocking to the field won't have to go potty in the wooded area any longer. I could be wrong though. Maybe they all just hold it all day. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hal for pointing out that Presser Park is Town owned.

'Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if a College Corners neighborhood association were created. Agenda item #1: Get that hideous wall moved elsewhere. Agenda item #2: Hold the town accountable for maintenance of the park.

take the wall down now said...

The wall is a townwide issue. It makes me cringe everytime i see it and im on central avenue all day long on saturday and sunday (oh - and dont forget the gift of the otherside to the rotary - thats another improper purpose allowed by the Town plus their mural is pretty ugly too). Where do they find these "artists?"

The wall destroyed the last stretch of open land between yonkers and white plains on central avenue. im sure presser would be turning in his grave if he saw what Feiner and company did to his open space.

Feiner, Fema and the wall - sad but true said...

“The Town of Greenburgh is extremely honored that Westchester Arts Council selected Greenburgh for this project,” says Paul Feiner, Supervisor, Town of Greenburgh. “At Webb Field in Hartsdale, where children enjoy recreation activities, this mural will not only help them to appreciate what America is all about, it will add artistic beauty to the park and demonstrate Greenburgh’s longtime commitment to the cultural health of our community.”

The September 11th Memorial Tile Project was initiated by the Westchester Arts Council and Project Liberty-Westchester, which is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Association and administered locally by the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health.

wonders... said...

Does anyone know if the property owner or managing agent of 200 N. Central has complained about the park lately? The office parking lot is usually swarming with people on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

The 9/11 wall had the support of the Town Council. They voted for the wall, they supported the location of the wall. The wall would never have been built without the support and encouragement of at least 3 Town Board members.

You don't say said...

A. Except as otherwise specified, the use and enjoyment of the parks shall be available
only to residents of the unincorporated area of the Town of Greenburgh and their
B. Special Permits. No person, group or organization shall erect any structure, stage any performance or conduct any race, athletic contest, parade or hold any meeting or public gathering of ten (10) or more people in any park or park street except by special permit.

. No person shall, in any park or park street, throw, catch, kick or strike any baseball,
golf ball, tennis ball, football, basketball or other object, not shall any person engage
in any sport, game or competition except in places designated therefor and pursuant
to rules and regulations promulgated by the Commissioner governing the use of
equipment and playground in the park.

Anonymous said...

Richard Presser was consulted prior to the placement of the 9/11 wall and supported the current location. The parks and recreation advisory board approved the location as well.

Anonymous said...

if thats the case, shame on them all. the public was not consulted on this wall of nonsense. more reason to remove it.

Leavy said...

As much as we can complain about the wall, it is there and it appears as if it will be there indefinably. The issue now becomes the state of the wall and its surroundings.

If i recall correctly, there was supposed to be plantings, greenery and a sitting area. I was told this when i protested, among other things, the cutting of the trees surrounding it. There were beautiful trees that could have remained but were cut down or severely altered at and around the wall. Had those tress remained, it would have softened the appearance of the harsh look of the wall. It’s all kinda moot as then the graffiti like mural was painted on the back.

The only changes since that I have seen are 2 planters placed at the wall and a dedication plaque. Of course, the entire surrounding area (the field) has become an eyesore.

hal samis said...

Anonymous @ 11:57,

If this is fact, then why are you anonymous? One can say anything be it false or true when there is no name attached to suffer the scorn if it is not true.

And that Mr. Presser is no longer with us makes it even more difficult to verify.

And the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is hardly an "A" list of qualified people, merely political appointees.

After all, who's looking the other way when there is no capital funding planned through 2009 for Taxter Ridge Park. This means that no one can use it because there there is no parking, bathrooms, etc.

Meanwhile the Town continues to throw $millions into Rumbrook Park which is sinking.

A little more advising is needed if we are to concur that the Parks Advisory Board seal of approval means anything. This blog topic is discussing Presser Park which is hardly the poster child for good management, so it is no wonder why the comment comes to us via the magic of "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: When is that wall being moved?!

hal samis said...

"If I could pray for it to be moved I would move it, but it is as fixed as the northern star whose constant position is known throughout the firmament"

or something

Anonymous said...