Friday, June 08, 2007


If you are bothered by flights over your home, you might want to attend a community information meeting at the Pt Chester Middle School, 113 Bowman Ave, Rye Brook on Tuesday, June 12 at 7:30 PM. Legislator Tom Abinanti and I have previously called on the FAA to extend the time for public comment regarding the rerouting of planes in Westchester County.
I continue to receive many complaints from residents about flights over people's homes. I will forward all complaints to the FAA and county. Supervisor Robert Morabito's office phone is 939 3075, for directions.


Anonymous said...

I hope someone goes to this meeting, since it seems that the people in Greenwich, Rye, Purchase, Harrison, etc. are intent on having take off and landing paths that the planes take, re-routed to anywhere else in Westchester.

If Greenburgh doesn't speak up, we might soon hear the planes making their descending and ascending paths right over our homes and schools.

The sqeauky wheel get the grease. Some squeaking on our part is called for.

Anonymous said...

the people that live in the areas mentioned knew quite well what was happening over their they are getting tired of the noise and want to dump the air traffic on other communities,maybe they want to move the airport too. I do hope that this change does not happen.

gerry said...

Noise pollution, emissions, and jet fuel runoff into our drinking water supply of Kensico Resevoir which is only 250 yards away, makes the WCA an environmental disater. With the addition of Jet Blue,all of this is increasing on a daily basis and will continue unless we put a stop to this abuse of a COUNTY OWNED airport.