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Plesae post your comments about Greenburgh issues.


Anonymous said...

Mr Feiner: Please direct whoever is responsible to clean the median strips all along Central Park Avenue. It's a simple task that would make a big difference. (Well, it won't be as simple the first time, but it would be after that if regularly scheduled.) Things like this - routine maintenance - are important to the average taxpayer. Thank you.

Go Hal Go said...

Congratulations Hal,

Your long term questioning of Lasser has gotten the following information out of him:

1. Neither the ECC or any other Edgemont Civic group authorized Bernstein & McNally to acquire the Dromore Road property.

2. Lasser admits that Bernstein & McNally attended some sort of meeting.

3. Lasser admits that he has not been briefed as to what is going on regarding the Dromore Road/Harrison Meeting.

These admissions from Lasser are very important. What it indicates is that not only did Bernstein and McNally operate in total exclusion of the rest of the Edgemont Community, but they also have failed to brief important members of the Edgemont Community such as Jim Lasser as to the goings on at the Harrison Meeting.

Since Bernstein and McNally have not come clean with Edgemont Leaders we can view that as a strong indication that something went on that they don't want people to know about. Innocent people are not worried about the truth.

Keep up the good work Hal.

Shame on Edgemont said...

What can also be established is just how shallow "Edgemont Leaders" are. Bernstein and McNally didn't involve them in their Troy business but they all have adopted the concept of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Lasser's troubles with what forum would be appropriate for Bernstein to tell all in is an excellent example of how Edgemonters are dodging the issue. Shame on them!!!!

de gustibus said...

Dear Anonymous at 8:00 and 8:01 -
You misunderstand the nature of the various community councils (both Edgemont's and others) if you believe it takes a formal resolution for an officer to have conversations with anyone about anything. Council leaders (of which Lasser is not one) act independently - they go back to their respective associations IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY THE SUPERVISOR GOES BACK TO THE TOWN BOARD - which is to say, when they have something to report. The ECC gives its officers the responsibility to look for situations which POTENTIALLY impact the commnity, to become informed about those situations, and to begin the process of mitigating those situations. It doesn't require a special resolution - which, if you actually took part in community-based (rather than politically-based) associations, you would comprehend.
Lasser has never denied Bernstein and McNally attended a meeting. Lasser isn't a "community leader" who would be briefed in the course of normal activities. Lasser was recently married - so he may have been busy with his real life.
He does raise one important point - while everyone else dismisses his question about the forum, it has significance. Samis wants a quick, extrajudicial "fix". Sorry, if Bernstein and McNally have said (and they have) there was nothing more nor less than exploratory conversations about something with the potential to have a significant impact on Edgemont (as well as the rest of Greenburgh), why would you suddenly believe them if they put it in a sworn document with no connection to any court proceeding. Perjury doesn't work that way - no legal proceeding, no perjury.
Too bad your hatred of Bernstein has burned out your common sense and bullshit sensors. Lasser made no important "admissions" - and he is right to insist that newspapers, blogs and TV screens are the wrong places for a full discussion. Only patience and determination will lead you to the answers - press releases are good as toilet tissue, regardless of the issuer.

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you elect (over and over and over) a politician with AD/HD? Everyone thinks that immediate gratification is good and having to work through process is bad.
No wonder Greenburgh is in the sad shape it is in.

Anonymous said...

Can we read more about Danny Gold and the purchase of Taxter Ridge anywhere? This seems like the kind of thing AG Cuomo should be looking at.

Latin is a dead language said...

Dear 8:49

You state:

"Council leaders (of which Lasser is not one) act independently - they go back to their respective associations IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY THE SUPERVISOR GOES BACK TO THE TOWN BOARD - which is to say, when they have something to report. The ECC gives its officers the responsibility to look for situations which POTENTIALLY impact the commnity, to become informed about those situations, and to begin the process of mitigating those situations. It doesn't require a special resolution"

OK. Fine. Given the publicity that the Harrison Meeting has generated don't you think that Bernstein or McNally would have something substantive to report back by now??????

You then go on to state:

"Bernstein and McNally have said (and they have) there was nothing more nor less than exploratory conversations about something with the potential to have a significant impact on Edgemont (as well as the rest of Greenburgh)"

Exploratory??? Give me a break. Bernstein has authored documents which are key to the Troy afidavit. The Harrison Meeting is indicative of a process that was far more ongoing than just being in the exploratory phase.

Finally you state:

"Only patience and determination will lead you to the answers"

Nope. A good lawsuit will. That is the only way to corner everyone who operated under the veil of secrecy at the Harrison Meeting. It is unfortunate that YOUR Edgemont Leaders care so little about getting out the whole truth that this is the only real option left.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:22

How low the Bernstein/Sheehan crowd has gone. They now poke fun at the handicapped. Frustration setting in at Berger's poor campaign? Or are you people just mean spitited by nature?

Anonymous said...

Berger who. When did she show up in this picture?

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:26 -
Who you gonna sue? Ghostbusters!

Anonymous said...

9:22 bow your head in shame,stating that handicapped people cannot function.In making such a statement you are the one that is handicapped.
Try looking arround in your household to see if they all function with a full deck.I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I,m happy that Bernstein did not mention my name in his statements,since i am a developer.If he had done so I would not think twice in suing him.
10:16 you have got to learn not to stick up for the crooks.He[Bernstein a lawyer]committed a crime ,and he should be punished for it.
Too bad he's your friend and you cannot see further than your nose.

Anonymous said...

Guess what Bernstein is right, if the villages are in the Town of Greeburgh they should pay the taxes as well for parks and Rec.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:16

Correct me if I am wrong but haven't the Troys begun the process of initiating a suit against the Town of Greenburgh? The smart thing for the Zoning Board to do would be give the Troy's what they want. This way Bernstein/Sheehan & Co. can avoid being deposed in the eventual lawsuit should the Troys be turned down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bernstein/Sheehan and friends aren't worried about being deposed because they have done nothing which would expose them to criminal charges. The laughs will come when Feiner is deposed about his previous dealings with the Troys.

Nothing To Fear said...

Dear 11:25

The last Francis Sheehan was seen he was running away from the Zoning Board Meeting at Olympic Qualifying speed in order to avoid giving testimony.

If Bernstein/Sheehan & Co. have no concerns, why not offer sworn testimony under penalty of perjury?

If Bernstein/Sheehan & Co. have nothing to hide, why don't they come clean and tell us all the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding the Harrison Meeting with the Troys?

I'm sure that any newspaper or news organization would love the scoop. Innocent people have NOTHING TO FEAR from the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

11:25 says that Feiner wil be deposed about his previous dealings with the Troys.

Where does that come from? The lying mouths of the Bernstein bunch? There were no previous dealings with the Troys. It is a made-up lie, like so much that this bunch peddles to divert from Bernstein.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:16

Correct me if I am wrong but haven't the Troys begun the process of initiating a suit against the Town of Greenburgh? The smart thing for the Zoning Board to do would be give the Troy's what they want. This way Bernstein/Sheehan & Co. can avoid being deposed in the eventual lawsuit should the Troys be turned down.

Absolutley not -- just because the Troys have Feiner helping them is no reason to give in.

Anonymous said...

Dear 12:49

Then you must deal with the legal consequences that are sure to follow.

Including, but not limited to:

Exposing members of the Town Council to violation of the Open Meetings Laws.

Exposing Francis Sheehan to violating Greenburgh's own laws when he ordered the changing of the zoning map in direct conflict with stated legal procedures.

Exposing us taxpayers to significant damages resulting from construction delays that the Troys will suffer because the Greenburgh Zoning Board relied on an illegally constructed map to render their decision.

Its alot easier and cheaper to give the Troys what they want. They are surely going to achive their desires via litigation anyway.

Anonymous said...

Can we have two general weekly sections: one for Bernstein-Samis-ProFeiner-AntiFeiner-Dromore-Edgemont types of topics and one for routine matters of concern to the everyday citizen.

Anonymous said...

Anyone is free to post whatever they want. If their subject has traction, it will take off.

Anonymous said...

The Boob Tube Doesn't Lie! Saw it all in living technocolor and babble!

As it was quoted in the movie "Mash," "Watch your goodies!"
The Journal News, quote of the day. The Bernstein suit could raise taxers in the Villages by 300%!

Last night we were entertained live from studio Greenburgh and the Harmon Center in Hastings by the Three Stingless Bees; Berger, Barnes, and Bass. Of course, here the viewing audience, and the hardy few that made up an intimate group of partisans from both sides were exposed to a litany of endorsements and silliness from Steve “Striped” Bass, who will probably be wearing them after he is subpoenaed with his colleague Francis the Ducking Duck. He and the party bosses have lined up all of the local officials to exercise another “knee-jerk” endorsement of the so-called “real” Dems according to the Striped Man.

Of course it was a case of “endorsements over issues.” As usual, from these do-nothing “bumps on the logs,” there were more self-serving platitudes about being the “real Dems,” as if their opponents were chopped liver or from planet Mongo! They talked of study groups, commissions, committees and potential new meetings to study old almost dusty issues.

Fortunately there was a counter-point to their dull and feckless strategy. There was another side to the debate, and that other side, led by Morgan and Brown, hit hard on the Board’s dysfunctionality, their delays, their obfuscations, and their lack of imagination. So what has this Board wrought? It has brought us forth, delays on affordable housing, an expensive patronage mouthpiece courtesy of the Scarsdale Inquirer, delays on the clear-cutting of tree legislation, opposition to a seven day Young Center, lack of oversight on the library, poor planning for a library alternate, and illegal meetings with the uncrowned King of Edgemont, King Zog II.

Of course, Zog II, aka Bernie the Attorney, was not there. Maybe he is too radioactive for theses debates. But certainly his rotundness was the focus of all. But be that as it may, the challengers, Brown and Morgan stuck to the issues. They understand Zog’s threat to the Villages. Taxes could rise astronomically or even higher. So all those fans of the Three Bees better consider their purses and hold tight to their pants before Zog slips in with his light fingers and picks them clean.

As to the main event. It was the reigning champ, the undefeated boy wonder. Paul Feiner, the man with the facts, and the Princess “Chee Chee” Berger. Again it was issues against legal mumbo jumbo. The pretender, from the law library at Bryan, Cave, once again defended the fact that her buddies from her law firm, the beneficiaries of her inside deal with the Town Board, have financed the Princess's royal campaign for friendship and nothing else! Of course she claims that her role as Party Chairperson had no affect on the Town Board. She also stated, that as the new Town Supervisor, she would purchase the Brooklyn Bridge, place tolls on the venerable old structure and eliminate all the property taxes in the Villages. With that outstanding and unprecedented announcement, the crowd went insanely wild. She was carried around the room in a wild demonstration. It was so dramatic that only the old-timers who had seen its like in the VE Day party in Times Square were not overwhelmed with happiness and joy! There was dancing in the aisles until cooler heads prevailed. Unfortunately the party ended on a downer, when Democratic District Leader, Lorraine Brown stated, that the Brooklyn Bridge had already been sold by others to Bahrain to settle some petro-dollar debt.

That was too darn bad. That was Berger’s only real gambit, and she slunk sadly back into her chair! Later on, she was awakened briefly to deny the fact that she would only be a part-time Supervisor, letting the town be run through Sir Francis the Duck and a new city manager, young Mr. Kaminer.

It was all down hill from there. Paul Feiner cited situation after situation, issue after issue, fact after fact, from 27 Main in Dobbs Ferry,to the Water Wheel, to the email search fiasco, to the illegal meetings to create a sub rosa issue referendum in Edgemont, to the wasteful spending on the Boards patronage snitch. It all smacks of Tammany Hall in Greenburgh. No one could deny that the bosses were in control of this candidate. Why? She’s da' boss. She’s now funneling Democratic monies from her committee to herself! That used to be illegal! What else is next? She needs money quick, and just wait for the next filing, more of the same. Money from lawyers with their mouths salivating and their egg-timers ready to be flipped. Watch out for more big bucks from the Yonkers Democrats, they see a good thing with the Princess in charge. So the type on the new Ethics Code, still wet from the uncrowned King Zog's quill, and already The Boss Princess is sliding $5000 big smackers into her own war chest.Wow! The Party Boss issuing the Party's money to her own account! Woof!

State tuned all you Kucklapolitans to the next chapter of the Saga of Greenburgh. All the same cast of characters will be back until they close on the road, September 18th!

The Grandson of the Shadow!

shallow rants said...

dear shadow and your ill brood:

please stop. your rantings make george bush seem semi-literate.

Anonymous said...

Given that the average villager pays less than 2.5% of what an average unincorporated homeowner pays in Town taxes, a little readjustment raising them to less than 8% of an unincorporated howmeowner's bill doesn't sound so bad.
Remember, more than half of the Town budget goes to Parks and Recreation, which villagers have access to - charging them for it seems only fair.
Oops, that was the heart of Bernstein's suit over Taxpayer Ridge.

Anonymous said...

All (son and grandson) of Shadow - and no substance at all. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

And, anon at 2:48, if we could solve the A/B issues, we could deal with rationally, letting the Ardsley village people have access to Veterans park, and having indoor tennis at veterans.

hal samis said...

It is hard to compete with the Shadow family but I'll give it the old school try.

The ECC has recently proclaimed Bob Bernstein day in Edgemont. Actually, he doesn't get the whole day, he has to share it with Chris Columbus, the other famous explorer.

What qualifies Bob for this honor?
Why the recent posting that Bob and his patroness, Queen Michelle, together decided to explore the new world, Harrison, where it was rumored that situations that potentially impact Edgemont are grown. Originally the expedition was launched with the three vassels, the Diana, the Eddie Mae and the St Bass. The fourth, the Sir Francis, caught a lucky break wind and let them follow his Golden beHind. However after weeks at sea, the St Bass had to return to port and missed the great meeting that never was.

Roaming far from the Edgemont shores, the remaining group anchored in the parking lot near the Mamaroneck tribe who offered to trade them all sorts of spices and tease in exchange for wampum. No, no said Edgemont leader Bob, we can get these much cheaper from the Costco tribe. What we want is that piece of land near where the young braves learn the ways of the white man and smoke their peace pipes after learning from the great father the ancient skill of condo. But who would want to live there, too much trees and sports untilities vehicles asked the the chief. Wait, something coming over the tomtom, young brave Kaminer reports that invasion just launched from Fort Hill, the old Army on the Road to Moratorium, so quick, how much instead you offer in junk jewelry?

How about I get back to you said Bob. I'll send you my offer by my usual blowing of smoke but one thing, you can't tell the chief of all the Greenburghs or your own medicine man about this because they will tell everyone and kill the deal.

Of course, you all think you know the rest. However only the Shadow knows the whole story.

Bob and Queen Michelle sailed back to Edgemont, Bob tried to make the deal but while that was in the works, the tribal council met and declared that the property could not be used for anything other than a one-family wigwam. This caused the ECC to lose all interest in owning the property. However, they decided that the story was not really anything that needed to be shared with the other members because as the great warrior Seinfeld advised, "it's all about nothing".

Anonymous said...

To anon- 2:46pm

Better to be semi-literate, as opposed to completely illiterate!

My sense is that Son and Grandson of the Shadow are "right on bro!"

Berger: Feiner is all gimmicks said...

As reported by the Journal News, the best Feiner could do was complain that Berger is too close to the existing board members. What a farce - we had years of Feiner and his Paulitburo who allowed him to be supervisor pothole and create one townwide disaster after another from inadequate insurance to the WestHelp fiasco:

From the Journal News:

Eight-term town Supervisor Paul Feiner came out swinging against Suzanne Berger, his Democratic primary challenger. He accused her of having undue influence over the Town Board, whose members are supporting her candidacy and are frequently at odds with Feiner.

Berger struck back by accusing Feiner of running a "government by gimmicks" rather than the no-nonsense government that she would enact.

"Gimmicks distract from real problems and real solutions," she said. "I think it's time for fresh leadership."

Berger is rignt - we need government and leadership - not gimmicks.

Problems with Suzanne said...

The main problem I have with Suzanne Berger is she has adopted the Edgemont Omerta. No comment on possible illegal meetings in Harrison, no comment on the violation of a women's first amendment rights, no comment on pay for play by Bass, along with her refusal to take responsibility for her firm getting a no bid contract worth upwards of a million dolars thru pay for play contributions to Francis Sheehan.

Suzanne's code of Omerta is a sight to behold. Given the background of some of her supporters, it is a good trait to have.

hal samis said...

Ode to 3:54,

Whither goest Berger?
To wither.

You forgot this paragraph said...

Dear 3:54

You forgot to include these words in todays Journal News:

"A frequent target of the debate was controversial Edgemont attorney Robert Bernstein, who is suing Greenburgh to make the town's six villages share the costs for town parks and recreation......Berger said that, if elected, she would look for legal, sensible solutions to the issues that Bernstein's lawsuit raises."

Interesting 3:54 that you didn't include these comments about Super Lawyer Bob. Could it be that it demonstrates how Bernstein wants to cost the taxpayers of all the villages in Greenburgh serious money? Could it be that it demonstrates how closely alligned Suzanne is with Super Lawyer Bob? Sounds to me that Suzanne intends to sell the villages down the river in favor of Super Bob as soon as she is elected.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne has to do what her Edgemont CABAL tells her to do. Their money dictates her political direction. If Bernstein and McNally say "Jump" Suzanne says "how high for how much!"

Anonymous said...

Berger does not need Edgemont's money. She has gotten tens of thousands of dollars from her law friends at Bryan Cave. All the partners are doing very nicely there courtesy of Suzanne securing a no bid contract from Greenburgh for the firm.

feiner needs to update emails said...

I agree with 3:54 Enough gimmicks from Supervisor pot hole. There should be term limits on all politcal seats. Even Mayor Moneybags AKA Bloomberg has a 8 year limit. Why does the town allow this to Happen? We need new blood and change in our town. That also goes for the town board seats. If you want to make it 4 two year terms for a total of 8 years that's fine with me. 16 years is to long of Mr. Feiner. By the way Mr. Feiner I am still waiting for updates from June/ July blogsite postings if you read these comments at all. Data not drama is also waiting for updates on topics also.

bernstein issue is another feiner hoax said...

thanks 4:45

term limits is a must esp in a one party town/county like greenburgh/westchester

as far as bernstein is concerned, all eyes are on what the appellate division does. right now, the villages are paying for taxter ridge. the alleged tripling of the taxes if bernstein wins is very far off. he has to win a second lawsuit that is on hold pending the result of his first case.

what the anti-bernstein gang fail to note is that if feiner and his phony slate win, the town will give away millions of dollars to valhalla - thats real money. Berger made it clear that is not happening on her watch. Her decision is pro-greenburgh. feiner's way hurts greenburgh. This round to berger.

Berger supports Bernstein said...

Berger supports Bernstein's position on taxing the villages for park use. That hurts her with ALL OF THE VILLAGES. Berger has stated that she supports Bernsteins position on not renegotiating the Westhelp deal. That hurts her with the Mayfair Knollwood people. I would say that Berger's support of Bernstein is doing wonders to cost her the election.

time to get rid of taxter and feiner said...

unlike Berger who has said she would seek sensible solutions to the issues raised by Bernstein, Feiner runs from the issue he in large part created by his reckless purchase of unneeded parkland like Taxter Ridge. We should get rid of Taxter (its too taxing) and the 16 year incumbent Feiner too.

Anonymous said...

The State and the County purchased Taxter Ridge along with the Town. Calling for getting rid of the Taxter Ridge purchase will hurt Berger in Irvington even more. Kepp up the good work Bernstein, you are costing Suzanne the election big time.

Campaign Manager???? said...

Who is Berger's campaign manager? Given her strategy of hurting herself severely in every area of Town but the vaunted Edgemont, Suzanne must have a Feiner infiltrater as her campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how wrong bloggers cvan be. Some are evil, but some are just credulous and believe anything.

So Anon at 2:48 says that villagers pay less than 2.5% of town taxes. Actually it is more, but so what? Villagers pay village taxes for their service. They get next to nothing for their town taxes. Even 1% would be more than they receive back in services.

He says that parks and recreation is more than half the town budget. Wrong again. it is less than 20%. Look at the budget befpre you say such untrue things.

And the viillages never asked the town board to open their parks, and very few villagers have actually used the parks. The Finneran law says that the parks must be restricted to residents of unincorporated Greenburgh, but the town decided not to follow the law and to open the parks to everybody, without asking the villages whether they wanted this. If I send you something you didn't ask for and then send you a bill for it, would you think that you should pay? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty literate person, but I can never understand any of the Shadow postings. Maybe they would make more sense if I had dropped more acid in high school?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:26, if the Villages had raised some points when Taxter Ridge was under consideration, that could have helped. I think many wish they had tried to have a discsuiion wiht Paul.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:55 I suspect that the villages were not informed about Taxter Ridge, except Irvington which obviously wanted it. I suspect also that the village officials didn't know about the Bernstein lawsuit until it was too late for them to get involved.

So here we are, a mess.

Anonymous said...

9:03 -- no Bernstein complained loud and clear, at Town meetings, it was in the newspapers

you would have had to be blind, deaf and dumb not to have heard there were budget issues with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:03, until Edgemont started dumping on the villages a couple of years ago, we in the villages never even thought about unincorporated Greenburgh. Those lucky days for you are over.

Anonymous said...

I mean 10:08, not 9:03.

Anonymous said...

7:51 Anon

Primer for almost literate:

Princess "Chee Chee" Berger-SNL-see Lorne Michaels!
King Zog II- King Zog former king of Albania, refer to earlier explanations
Francis the Duck- Sir Francis Drake, another brigand from an earlier era- google QE I!
Rotund! King Zog II's physique!
Bryan, Cave, whom the Princess works for!
No-bid contract- Bryan, Cave was not the only law firm interested, others work cheaper. But Sir francis greased the skids!
Dromore Road- where King Zog II or Bernie the Attorney wanted to build his castle, or Village Hall!
$5000- funneled from the Greenburgh Dem.Party;s treasury to the losing campaign of the Princess.
The Ethics Code, built in Switzerland, like its cheese, full of holes!

Grandmother of the Shadow!

Anonymous said...

More Pro-Feiner Letters!
Paul has been there for 24 years as an elected official and his record dealing with people, problems and solutions is unprecedented. We need a pro-active people-oriented problem solver, not some party boss, who is in lock-step with her handlers.

Greenburgh needs Feiner as supervisor

My family and friends are worried. We want Paul Feiner back in office as our town supervisor. He does an excellent job. He tries hard and has been very helpful to our community.

What will happen to the Theodore Young Community Center if he is not in office? What will happen to our health center? What will happen to the parks department if Paul Feiner is not our supervisor? What will happen to all of us when we have problems demanding the attention of our public officials?

My family and I have lived on Dobbs Ferry Road for many years, near the health center. We did not have health insurance, and it was a blessing to have the health center help. Thank you, Paul. My children spent many years at the Theodore Young Community Center. Thank you, Paul.

I have a travel and recreation soccer program for 200 children. The school where we played closed their fields for whatever reason. I wrote to Paul and he helped. Today we use our Greenburgh town fields. Thank you, Paul. And he will do the same for football, baseball, basketball or any other sport for children.

Paul Feiner knows our community better than anyone. He appreciates our concerns. He solves our problems. He does a good job. Please vote for him in the Democratic primary on Sept. 18.

Carlos Cardenas


Feiner always available for residents

I moved to the Town of Greenburgh in May of 1989. That year I started getting involved with the Central Park Avenue Civic Association and was assigned as a project to evaluate some of the traffic problems. I called my local legislator, Paul Feiner, and left him a message to give me a call back.

That night he called back to address our concerns and I was so surprised that he would have called me back so quickly and took time out of his evening to speak with me. I know Paul for 18 years and for the 18 years I know him no other way. He will find the time to address important issues. Has no problem calling or meeting with you at your convenience. And he will do anything in his power to do the right thing for people in need and communities that need the help.

Take it from someone who knows Paul well - a vote for Paul Feiner is a vote that will keep Greenburgh a place where you want to live.

Mark Tenzer


Paul Feiner cares about people
I stopped voting in 1963 - after President Kennedy got shot. I became disillusioned with politics, politicians and our process.

This year I decided to re-register to vote. I'm voting for Paul Feiner for Greenburgh town supervisor. Paul has made me a believer in our government. He cares. He listens. He helps. He's concerned abut me and my neighbors. He's responsive.

I live at 200 Beacon Hill Drive in Dobbs Ferry. We were experiencing a problem with our landlord earlier this year. I called Paul and he responded immediately and effectively. What more can voters want?

Harry Stone

Dobbs Ferry

Feiner spoke out on Darfur crisis
In a campaign piece they sent to Greenburgh voters, Town Board members Eddie Mae Barnes and Steve Bass include as evidence of "Real Democratic Leadership," that they are responsible for Greenburgh's Jan. 10 call for the U.S. to take action to stop the genocide in Darfur. That is admirable - the suffering people of Darfur need all the help they can get.

But, it was Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner who, on April 30, 2006, (while the Greenburgh Democratic organization was busying itself with a fundraising luncheon for Richard Brodsky), traveled to Washington, D.C. on a bus with other Greenburgh citizens to meet up with the nearly 50,000 other people on the National Mall to demand that our government increase its efforts to bring an end to the atrocities the Darfuris are forced to endure. Paul's personal commitment to this cause has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to those involved in the struggle.

Roberta M. Roos

Dobbs Ferry

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see people writing letters praising the supervisor - no if only they would understand the things they are so impressed by have little or nothing to do with the job of governing the second largest municipality in Westchester.
A Supervisor who fixes traffic lights, organizes doggie swims and protests atrocities in Darfur is NOT doing what he should be doing - unless one thinks what he should be doing is running for office each and every day at taxpayer expense.

Jim...you still out there? said...

Mr. Lasser,

We have not heard from you in over a day and I am getting worried. Is answering Hal Samis's questions really that difficult? Or as yet another member of the Edgemont CABAL stated "Lasser isn't a "community leader" who would be briefed in the course of normal activities." So does this mean you just aren't informed enough to decide whether or not Bernstein or McNally should come clean?????

Edgemonters have a funny way of shredding each other, don't they??

Wouldn't it be fun watching their behavior on TV fighting with themselves at their new Village Hall on Dromore Road? They could raise money that way, it could be a Pay Per View event.

Anonymous said...

To 8:43, do you think passing useless resolutions in favor of saving Darfur, or pleasing unions by requiring unnecessary apprentices, or calling for the police to investigate emails, is the proper way to govern Greenburgh? That's what Steve Bass spends his time doing, aided and abetted by Eddie Mae Barnes and the other town council persons.

It is hard to find serious government from these people, unless you think marginalizing the Supervisor is serious government.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:43-

I believe your priorities are a bit confused. Greenburgh is being run by the Supervisor, and his literature, positions and activities are geared to Greenburgh and not to extraneous issues. It was Bass and Barnes that trumpeted their opposition to the Patriot Act, genocide in Darfur and other national issues that all Democrats, not them alone, support. Obviously Paul Feiner opposes genocide in Darfur and that reality was articulated in the "Roos" letter to the editor posted in the Journal News web site. But what you miss is that his activities on behalf of thousands of people is important, and is a value-added service to the public. If he is a 24/7 Supervisor that solves problems and gets things done what is wrong with that, or am I missing something? If your traffic light is out, or a street sign is down, or your kid needs an operation, or money has to be raised to get a transplant, or a million other things, that is what is critical to you. If you have to wait to have a traffic light to be fixed for months, you, and others, lose faith in government. What else is new? Stop carping about value-added service. Do you really think that Berger will give that type of service? What makes you think that she has any clue about Greenburgh or how it should be run. If you heard her answers on Monday night you would be also confused by her legal mumbo-jumbo. She's a party boss, who is in lock step with the regulars who want patronage that has been blocked by Feiner for 16 years. That is why many of the CABAL hated him. One prominent member, who for the moment will be nameless, had contracts with the old Veteran administration. When Paul came in he found out that this guy, who a contractor and not a direct supplier had been ripping the Town off for years. Immediately he cut him off from the Town's treasury. Since that day, this guy was a vocal critic and a leader of the "lynch Feiner" mob! Get real and wake up!

Letter to the Editor:

August 28, 2007

Last night in Hastings was the first in a series of debates involving candidates for the Democratic Party nomination, which will be decided in the primary, on September 18th. Ms. Suzanne Berger, the party’s designee, and its Chairperson, was questioned about her involvement in a no-bid contract from her employer, the law firm Bryan, Cave, which was accepted and voted upon by the Greenburgh Town Board, with Supervisor Paul Feiner in dissent. She denied any inappropriate pressure was put on the Board. But in her recent campaign filings, which listed many thousands of dollars, lawyers from her firm contributed a large percentage of those funds. She denied any quid pro quo. She also, as Chairperson of the Greenburgh Democratic Party, engineered a $5000 contribution from the party treasury that she controls to her campaign. Up into a year ago, when the law was changed, it was illegal for a political party to contribute to any one side in a primary. She talks about supporting the new ethics code in Greenburgh, but before the ink was dry on the paper it was written upon, she has violated its spirit. This same law that prohibits contributions from developers to incumbents, allow these same developers to contribute to the Democratic Party and then have the party pass the contributions to Suzanne Berger, Eddie Mae Barnes and to Steve Bass. The public should demand an investigation into the Town’s arrangement with Bryan, Cave, its no-bid 6-7 figure contract, and her connection. In the spirit of the new law she should return all those tainted contributions and reimburse the Democratic Party.

Richard J. Garfunkel

EB meeting change??? said...

If I am reading the revised agenda of the ethics board properly, the meeting will be held today at 2:30 PM and not 4:30 PM.

Does anyone have any other information????

Anonymous said...

If it is true that the ethics board meeting has been changed we can see why.Sheehans ethics board do not want the public to be present .Changing from 4:30 to 2:30 is sending out some bad vibes.
This is one of Sheehans babies,and he does not want any disruption from the public at all.
Whomever reads these comments really should show up to this
Sheehan circus.
Just remember Sheehan and his 3 clowns set forth the ethics laws to be enforced,they had better have some sound information,if not this will be another board going to the wayside..
The ethics board are under Bernsteins supervision,since the head of this board is An Edgemont resident.Need I say more.

Good for Mark!!!! said...

Not all Edgemonters drink the Bernstein/McNally/Sigal/O'Shea/ Krauss cool aid. Or adopt the Lasser attitude of (as did Sargeant Schultz in Hogan's Heroes) "I see nothing, I hear nothing!"

Cheers to Mark Tenzer in his support of Paul. Hopefully he won't be expelled from the confines of Bernsteinland, OH, I mean Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

A vast improvement over the farce that was "Judge" Facelle - a Feiner sidekick who stonewalled the investigation into Feiner's solcitations at the Gregory's fundraiser.

The Judge Has Class...Do You said...

Judge Facelle served his Country honrably in the military, achieving an extremely high rank. He is highly thought of in all legal circles. The Westchester District Attorney dismissed the case because it had no merit. There was no stalling tactic on the Judges part. He judiciously waited for the District Attorney to make her decision before proceeding.

We'll see if Sigal conducts himself with the same class. Since he is a Bernstein nominee, I have my doubts.

Give Bass some soap said...

Is Bass/Barnes going to accept contributions from the Dem party which received contributions from the bad guys who can't directly give to them. Aren't they making a mockery of the ethics law.
Give them some soap! we need a cleaner town council.

garfunkel thought - wrong again said...

the judge sat on the letter for 2 years - he never held meetings, he never told anyone about the dismissal - thats not honorable - its disgraceful

ill bet your garfunkel - the enabler and true believer in all things feiner.

Anonymous said...

The DA knew that there was no merit to what Krauss and others said about contributions.
The reason this is brought up again is Sheehan's law plus he has to make his friends on the ethics board look good for doing nothing.What a waste.My friends that's Sheehan way or no way at all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Feiner should get jail or better yet - a tour of duty in baghdad. let him use his self proclaimed problem solving skills over there.

Anonymous said...

Tenzer left Edgemont months ago.

Anonymous said...

When Facelle refuses to hold a meeting of the Ethics Board after receiving a complaint, he's praised. When Lasser waits to see what, if anything, happens to McNally and Bernstein he is somehow held culpable. That makes less than no sense - the only possible interpretation is that these are issues which cause otherwise sensible people to say very dumb things. Congratulations Lasser on not saying anything nearly as dumb or incomprehensible as the substance-less Shadown klan.

Anonymous said...

This example of the Sheehan/Bernstein hatred of Paul is why your side is loosing the battle. There is no place in Greenburgh for the hatred that you espouse.

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:13
Judge Facelle correctly withheld holding meetings until the District Attorney passed judgement on the merits of the Krauss[Sheehan's Edgemont campaign manager]complaint.
Lasser refuses to ask Bernstein and McNally to tell their side of the Harrison meeting.
You cannot compare the two.
Better luck next time sport.

Anonymous said...


Where is Young Kaminer's defense of the letter to the Journal News once again reporting on his in-appropriate behavior?

Chirp, chirp, chrip.

Where are the Town Bored members rushing to his defense?

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Yes boys and girls, the crickets have drowned out any intelligent sounds from our hallowed town hall.

Ethics board expands Feiner probe said...

The Ethics Board ruled tonight that citizens complaints can only relate to conduct that occurs after July 27, 2007 and that, accordingly, because Bernstein's complaint against Feiner -- the one that shows he took tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers with applications pending -- relates to conduct prior to July 27, 2007, the board will not address it.

However, the Ethics Board said it will nevertheless consider the information in Bernstein's sworn complaint in connection with its ongoing investigation of Feiner's March 2004 fundraiser.

In addition, the Ethics Board said it takes seriously Bernstein's allegations concerning Feiner's unauthorized use of town e-mails and the town's website, and specifically suggested that the town board refer the issue to the Ethics Board for a ruling.

In a related matter, the Ethics Board flatly rejected Feiner's attempt to find an ethics violation based on matters alleged in the so-called Troy Affidavit. The Board found no violations of the ethics laws and said that even if there were violations, Feiner had no standing to raise them in any event.

Bernie and Francis at it again said...

Only Bernie The Attorney or Francis (The Running Man) Sheehan can take a smashing defeat and try to spin it into a victory. Bob and Francis, a significant portion of the Bernstein complaint has been THROWN OUT by your own admission.

There is trouble in Bernsteinland. It seems that the CABAL can't get their facts straight. Francis stated tonight that there was no such meeting in Harrison. Bob B. has stated that there was. Hmmm....Who to believe? Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

It isn't Lasser's job to ask Bernstein and McNally to "come clean". If the commentator chooses not to believe the statements Bernstein and McNally have already made, find a prosecutor to bring the matter to a Grand Jury.

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:14

We have a problem now. Seehan has contradicted Super Bob. Sheehan said at last night's Board Meeting that there was NO MEETING with the Troys. Super Bob says that there was NO ILLEGAL meeting. Lasser should ask for an accounting before the edgemont community council by Bernstein or McNally. That certainly would be the "proper forum." Why do Edgemonters and other anti_Feiner people fear full disclosure from Bernstein/McNally?

CABAL = LIES said...

Sheehan also said that there was no Town Business discussed at the meeting that never took place in Harrison. Another contradiction of Super Bob's position which is that talks were only exploratory. The CABAL needs to get their lies straight!

de gustibus said...

Dear Anonymous at 7:07AM -
If you believe Lasser is either so powerful or so well respected that he can make Bernstein and/or McNally submit sworn affadavits, why wasn't he appointed to the Ethics Board?
Lasser is a private citizen and yet you criticize him for not compelling Bernstein/McNally is provide "testimony" in a manner that is acceptable to you.
Given your inflated opinion of Lasser, perhaps you'd be willing to create a "special commission"?
Composed of Lasser, Garfunkel and a third person like a certified public accountant with no business derived from either the Town, Bernstein's law firm or its clients, or any developer who has had business before any Town group for at least 3 years to investigate and report back to a public Town Board meeting.

Latin is a dead language said...

Dear 8:32

I think you have a wonderful idea as long as that committee has the power to subpeona witnesses and take sworn testimony.

My faith in mankind has risen! Even de gustibus can get one right once in a while!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not aware that Mr. Lasser even submitted a resume to be considered for the Ethics Board. Even if he did, Jim Lasser has shown himself to be an independant thinker, someone who is not inclined to be controlled by either Sheehan or Bernstein. Those attributes would make him a difficult individual to sell to Sheehan.

Anonymous said...

Lasser's not a lawyer so he's automatically excluded from serving on the Ethics Board. Perhaps that's yet another loophole/weakness in the new structure.

Sheehan/Bernstein just won't quit said...

Draft Agenda
Town of Greenburgh Board of Ethics
September 5, 2007 (Wednesday) - 4:00pm
Greenburgh Town Hall

Notice is hereby given of a Special Meeting of the Board of Ethics, at the above date, time and location, for the purpose of discussing the Board's investigation regarding a fundraiser held in March 2004 for Supervisor Feiner (which discussion may in whole or in part be held in executive session pursuant to Section 105 of the NYS Open Meeting Law), and such other business as may come before the Board of

Edgemonters poised to take control said...

Sheehan/Bernstein hope to achieve the success with their ethics board that they know Suzanne Berger can not achieve for them at the ballot box. Sheehan was a Republican. This is an important fact that should not be lost on anyone. What he is doing to Feiner is EXACTLY what the Republicans did to President Clinton. Sheehan is trying to invalidate the results of an election. Sheehan/Bernstein have their Edgemonter Mike Sigal in place to head the Ethics Board. Coincidence? Not on your life. This was a set up from the beginning. Don't allow Sheehan/Bernstein and their minions to invalidate the upcoming primary. What Sheehan/Bernstein will attempt to do is order Mike Sigal to come up with a violation of ethics to charge Feiner with. The Westchester District Attorney dismissed Krauss's (Sheehan's Edgemont Campaign Manager) complaint because there was no evidence to back it up. What Sheehan/Bernstein have been planning for a long while is nothing short of a coup d'etat, with Suzanne Berger waiting in the wings. Don't allow this select group of Edgemonters (with Sheehan's help) take control over the Town.

Feiner's dirty money said...

Hillary clinton is giving tainted campaign money to charity. Feiner is keeping every penny of the 10 grand he got from convicted felon Chase Caro.

Anonymous said...

Ed Krauss ran Bill Greenawalt's campaign in 2005.
Sheehan did not want to have anything to do with Krauss - at least get the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:25

Wrong! Feiner shared that money with Juetner AND Barnes. The CABAL needs to get their facts straight.

Lasser Speaks on another blog said...

For those of you wondering, Jim Lasser still speaks his mind. Check him out on the Hartsdale Flood Study Blog.

Paul's Team Wins!!! said...

Paul's team looked great in tonights debate, especially Kevin Morgan. Bass has adopted the mean spirited persona of Francis Sheehan. We must step away from the politics of personal destruction that Sheehan initiated years ago. We need to go with Paul's team all the way!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Paul's team was the hands down winner this evening. Morgan would be an outstanding addition to the board. He is the strong hope that exists to neutralize Sheehan.

I'm very surprised how poorly prepared Mrs Berger was this evening. Standard questions , in particular, such as the no bid legal contract and the ethics law, she really flubbed.

Bass, I didn't think, that he could have been worse in a presenation than Barnes, but so help me, he was scarry bad tonight. He want on the attack agaist Brown and he came off so poorly, it was embarassing.

Bass, if he has future political asperations, is going to have to rehabilitate himself.

We have been very bothered by Sheehan's antics over the past year, but this Bass behavior is embarassing. He really needs to rethink why he even thinks that he is serving the citizens of Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

A fabulous statement from Mr. Feiner this evening, is that if his team is elected, he will very quickly eliminate the politacal patronage position currently held by Gil Kaminer, probably saving the taxpayers upwards of $70,000 per year.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Super Bob is re-thinking his pick of Mrs. Berger as his trojan horse after these last few performances?

Is this really the best candidate he could find? Even Mr Greenwalt was better on the issues.

Anonymous said...

Barnes and Williams were like deer in the headlights this evening.

How is it possible that they have supposedly spent so much time in Town Hall and not even have as much as a clue as to what they were talking about this evening.

Greenburgh deserves much, much better.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain to me what the heck does it matter, if any , or all the candidates are pro-choice and against the carnage in Darfur?

If any of them are elected or re-elected , does that really matter to Greenburgh?

Is this why it takes so long to get things through the existing Town Board because they are spending time and oxegen on things that are truly beyond the scope of town goverment?

Is there something I am missing here?

Kevin was all class said...

Kudos to Kevin Morgan for the class he demonstrated in dealing with the Sheehan-inspired mean spirited nature of Bass's debating tactics. Bass was out of his league and Kevin nailed him when he read aloud the Bass/Barnes soapy advertisement which called for cleaning up Greenburgh Government. Kevin reminded both Bass and Barnes THAT THEY ARE PART OF THE GREENBURGH GOVERNMENT! At least for now. Way to go Kevin!!!!

Where's Francis???? said...

Where was Sir Francis tonight???? Interesting that Sheehan, Bernstein and McNally were all not present at tonights debate. Birds of a feather do flock together!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Paul and his excellent slate. They murdered the opposition tonight. Paul's holding up the Westchester Guardian and reading their glowing endorsement, Kevin's bar of soap to wash out the lies from Bass's mouth and Sonja hurling back the Barnes-Bass-Bronz trump card was a thing of beauty. How about housing? Another change-up by Barnes knocked out of the park by Sonja. How come Barnes doesn't go to meetings and has even missed critical votes on the Board! Its time to move out Eddie Mae!

Berger, as usual was under-whelming as she reflected again her lack of experience, judgement and knowledge of the issues. She either agreed with Paul, or struck out. No vision, no plans, no nothing, accept to get along with Bass and Sheehan.

She wants to jump from political hack, who uses a private college list, strictly forbidden from solicitation, to Supervisor. Incredible! She should resign from her party position immediately. But on top of all of that she has taken the patronage anti-Semitic Lenora Fullani/Independence Party line, and doesn't even list it on her literature.

When Paul read his wringing endorsement from the progressive, anti-corruption Guardian, of being unbossed and unbought, she slumped into her chair. Yes, he's unbought by her patron Andy Spano, and Richard Brodsky!

The bottom line is that she knows very little about Greenburgh or the job that she's auditioning for, plain and simple. Then Berger cited that Paul was on the Democratic party's literature. That was for the general election! Is she pixilated or something! This is the party leader that has taken illegal contributions from three judges. Doesn't she know better? And, by the way, she has funneled $5000 from the party's treasury in a primary! But she defends the Bryan, Cave zillion dollar give-away! She defends the fact that her firm has paid her back with tens of thousands dollars dollars! They have known her for years, she says!

Talk about chutzpah! How about Bass taking credit for all of Paul's initiatives. That's quite humorous. Bass was horrible. he couldn't get a line out of mouth straight. he was a disaster. But, of course, he forgets that he was appointed by Paul, and has never been in a competitive race. For sure this will be his first and last. He was pathetic. In his six years, his claim to credit was being an inside snitch and waterboy for the CABAL. His info was fed to Sheehan and Sheehan made a career of coming before the Board and bushwacking Paul with insider stuff from Bass. Everybody knows it!

His only remarks and feeble self-defense were his endorsement of Barnes, his knee-jerk endorsements by the party regulars and hacks and his stealing Paul's legacy. What the hell has he ever done? He was bought by the McNally's for $500 and killed the tree laws, and now during the campaign he is trying to get it passed. Where was he for two years?

Two years ago they smeared Morgan and Dengler with lies, and were censured by the Fair Campaign Practice Board. But this year it will be quite different!

I hope and fervently wish that this is the end to the CABAL! Meanwhile, where were the other members? Seems they have gone far away! Bernstein the Greenburgh IED was nowhere to be seen.

Richard J. Garfunkel
A real, card carrying Democrat!

Berger won - Feiner flip flopped said...

Gaff-funkel and his alter egos are all wet. Brown was caught lying. Morgan was caught with his hand in the till.

Feiner was caught in the biggest flip flop of all - his repudiation of the term limits he advocated back in 1991.

Brown and Morgan are exactly what we dont need - rubber stamps for Feiner's "idea of moment."

Suzanne explained things. She repeatedly caught Feiner telling tall tales about her firm and all things Edgemont. She understands what Finneran is about in terms of open space.

The Guardian? Larry Schwartz? What planet are you on. Berger made the point about Feiner's damgerous idea that you only pay taxes for what you use. She is the real democrat.

Just remember, a vote for Feiner and his slate is a vote to give away millions of dollars of Town money to the valhalla school district.

PS - we may just get rid of Gaffy and his shadows.

Anonymous said...

I see that the Marymount Campus in Tarrytown may be sold by Fordham. Fortunately Tarrytown doesnt have to answer to Feiner trying to sell it on favoarable terms to one of his developer contributors.

Kevin and Sonja All The Way said...

Kevin was the class of the Council Debaters. Bass looked like a human veal out there. His lies made his already pasty looking face look more like a wax mask from a museum.

Memo to Steve: Get some sun!!

Memo to Edie Mae: Learn the issues so you don't have to rerad
everything from cue cards!!

MEMO TO BROWN & MORGAN: Keep doing what you're doing, its working!!!!!!

Bernie To The Rescue!! said...

Dear 7:48

QUICK!!!! Tell Bernie The Attorney (AKA Bob Bernstein) to get over to Tarrytown right away!!!!! Maybe he can get his illegal dealings right this time and get the property for a NEW Tarrytown Town Hall!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tarrytown has village officials to look after it. Edgemont is at the mercy of Feiner.


Sheehan, Bernstein and McNally were not in Town Hall for the debates last night. I guess the CABAL could not stand to watch their candidates do so poorly. Maybe that is why Sheehan, Bernstein and McNally do most of the talking at Town Hall. They know that Bass and Barnes can't speak without a written script in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:07

Wrong!!! Edgemont is at the mercy of Bernstein, McNally, Krauss, O'Shea, Lasser and Sigal!!!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way,

Bernstein, McNally and Lasser ALL support Edgemont becoming a Village. They were involved with a committee to investigate it several years ago. Has any one of them ever reported publicly what Edgemont becoming a Village would do to the rest of the Town??????

Anonymous said...

If Edgemont becoming a village would be so negative to the Town, the solution is a supervisor who would treat Edgemont fairly and not incite people to feel they are treated unfairly.

The Town Council does not have a vote on any jurisdiction becoming a village, only the relevant residents.

Decoding 8:38 said...

Dear 8:38

You state:

If Edgemont becoming a village would be so negative to the Town, the solution is a supervisor who would treat Edgemont fairly"

What is REALLY MEANT by the above quote is that Edgemonters want a Supervisor who will give in to their every whim. Being wealthy isn't enough for Edgemonters. They want to get their way on every issue, no matter what.

More 8:38 said...

Dear 8:38

You further state:

"The Town Council does not have a vote on any jurisdiction becoming a village, only the relevant residents."

Relevant resuidents???? Pray tell, who or what would be a non-relevant resident??????

Term limits - good in 1991 better now said...

Feiner said he would server 8 years - he has already served 16!

Term limits made sense in 1991 - they make more sense in 2007.

Berger is serious, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Feiner, as the journal news pointed out today, uses scare tactics to mislead the voters. Berger nailed him on his phony charges regarding her firm and their qualifications (and those of the competition).

Sonia Brown is looking for a job. She offers nothing to the villages and one wonders if she could name them all and who their mayors are. Kevin Morgan may be a nice fellow but he will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for whatever paul "supervisor for life" tells him to do especially when it comes to giving millions away to Valhalla.

Hold Feiner to his term limits pledge.

Anonymous said...

The people who need to be "limited" in their government involvement are Sheehan, Bass, Juetner and Barnes.

Bass and Barnes sat back while Sheehan had Kaminer threaten the school superintendant. They did nothing to stand up for women's rights or the first amendment.

Bass took McNally's $500 and there went our tree law.

Barnes is from Edgemont. How can an Edgemonter possibly represent the Villages?

Anonymous said...

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves here, but based on the woeful performance of Team Bernstein last night, can you image a Town Board where Supervisor Paul had "just three votes"?

Sheehan and Jutner would be lame ducks, Kaminer would have his number retired, the agenda of making progress in Greenburgh would be re-started.

A full time Town Clerk, no more clandestine & illegal meetings with developers, a re-working of the un-ethical ethics law.

A firm beach-head to prevent King Andy Spano, Aide-de-came Larry Schwartz, and that little pain-in-the-neck Susan Tolchin from staging a long anticipated "take-over" of Greenburgh.

Ahhh, what a wonderful world it would be.

feiner - mr give it away said...

and feiner illegally gave away millions!

Under Berger:

no more slush funds
no more gimmicks
a focus on what town government should do - provide basic services
serious discussion about A/B budget isues
no more webb field walls
responsible development
ethical behavior

Anonymous said...

Under a Berger Administration we can expect the following:

Francis Sheehan ordering the police to investigate any "anonymous" e-mails that he does not like.

Bob Bernstein and Michelle McNally writing all our legislation.

More threats levied against women by Sheehan's stooge, Gil Kaminer.

Edgemont breaking away from the Town, causing everyone's taxes to rise.

feiner's distortions said...

is that you paul with your phony scare tactics? edgemont is going nowhere. berger is opposed to incorporation. under feiner, the existing villages are seeking to leave greenburgh.

oh and lets not forget - feiner said 8 years was enough - he was right then - now he has a little taste of power and he wants years 17 and 18!

Anonymous said...

You keep mentioning Paul's length of term......how long has Edie Mae been sleeping at the dias?

Anonymous said...

Berger and her Edgemont handlers keep saying that under Feiner the villages are threatening to secede and form a separate town.

Yes, it is true that the villages are doing a serious study of secession. But it is because of Bass and Sheehan, and their tie-in with the vocal anti-village group headed by Bernstein, that is the reason for the villages thinking of secession.

Villagers may not think that Feiner is especially good. But Feiner does the villages no harm. Bass, Sheehan, the the two silent women, and the Edgemont power-seekers who control them, who are seen as unfair and harmful to the villages

Anonymous said...

10:12 am and 12:03pm Anon

Dream on o'Francis of the Duck and his Rotundness! There will be no Princess Chee Chee Berger regime. Even the dreams of Edgemontania are fading. The royalists are on the run! The fair citizens of Edgemont smell rats as easily as the Villagers. They know the uncrowned King Zog II and his consort Princess Michelle tried to buffalo them with a phony, fear-oriented refendum. Your game was exposed. Hook the folks over the schools and the next big round of taxes! What else is new?

How about Francis the Duck stating that they never met! Can you image Richard Troy dreaming up all those connections with Bernstein and a Village Hall and a Bass-sponsored referendum. He would have to have the imagination of Salvador Dali!

How would Troy know all that "inside" strategy if he didn't hear it first hand. How would he know who all the players were? In other words, fair citizens of Edgemont, who are reading, how would Troy have any clue about Bernstein's designs on that parcel of land and his scheme to build a Village Hall? The deal was in the works, and Troy knew all the players, straight from the horse's mouth, and he didn't bite!

Sorry, its too hard to swallow even for the Son of the Shadow. No one can believe such claptrap!

Of course the Son of the Shadow watched the kubuki dance by the Three Stingless Bees last night. The only thing missing was the forth Bee, his rotundness! Oh wither was he? They talk of gimmicks, well they got their bar of soap back!

More will follow as the Granmother of the Shadow observes from her black/white telly!

The Shadow Group LLC

feiner lied said...

its Dais

feiner said he would be out in 8 years

he lied

barnes never made any such promise

feiner costs the villages plenty said...


Yes, it is true that the villages are doing a serious study of secession. But it is because of Bass and Sheehan, and their tie-in with the vocal anti-village group headed by Bernstein, that is the reason for the villages thinking of secession.

what? the study predated sheehan's arrival.

Feiner does no harm? ardsley had to spend 100s of thousands of dollars fighting feiner over access to old sprain road

the tree case (another feiner fiasco) cost the villages millions

the taxter ridge purchase has cost the villages plenty also

feiner gave millions to valhalla - that was money that belonged to the villages

bottom line - no one can afford feiner

feiner hurts the villages said...

Feiner's been harming the villages plenty over the years.

Let's start with the tree settlement. Feiner didn't maintain enough insurance, the town settled a lawsuit for several million dollars more than its insurance coverage, village residents had to pay for colossal blunder, and Feiner never so much as even gave us a heads up about any of this.

I still remember when Brian Monahan, then mayor of Dobbs Ferry, showed up at a town board meeting and told Feiner off to is face for sneaking this through.

Then there's Taxter Ridge. The law's the law, and if we in the villages have to pay, that's okay, but why the hell didn't Feiner tell us about any of this before the purchase was made?

And while we're at it, what about the rest of the parks in town? If they are all available for our use in the villages, and that's the reason why we may end up having to pay for them, who the hell was responsible for that other than Feiner? Why did he allow that to happen and now that he has, why isn't he out there working his ass off trying to resolve the dispute, instead of just pouring more and more fuel on the fire?

With Feiner in charge, we'll surely end up paying a lot more in taxes if the town loses in court than we'd have to pay if the town would just find a way to settle.

And now I read in today's Journal News about Feiner defending his "practice" of taking campaign contributions from developers with projects before the town. That's just outrageous.

I first thought that this didn't concern me, as a village resident, and then I realized that there's an awful lot of development going on in unincorporated Greenburgh that impacts village school districts. Every time another big development gets built that adds more kids to Ardsley or to Hastings, we have to pay more in school taxes.

And to think, all this time Feiner's been taking money under the table.

The election can't come soon enough.

bass unfair to villages ? false said...

all of the town counsel members (bass, barnes, juettner and sheehan) voted to appeal the bernstein case which held that the villages have to pay for taxter ridge

what part of unfair to the villages is that?

feiner's practices hurt villages said...

and there's more - when feiner takes money from developers (like toll brothers), that impacts on villages on the border like ardsley

we get more traffic, more calls on our fire and ambulance services -

and of course, increased pressure on the school district

feiner's dirty dealings cost village residents plenty

8 is enough said...

feiner said 8 years was enough.
now he wants 18!!

no way!!!

At least the CABAL is trying said...

3 Cheers for the CABAL! After the Shadow the CABAL came back with 6 posts in a row. Sounds like they were all written by the same hand but at least the CABAL is trying. The posters are certainly performing better than their elected represenatatives did last night! Won't it be great to witness Kevin Morgan putting the bully Sheehan in his place! I can't wait until January!!!!!!!!!

Buy The Scarsdale Inquirer said...

Everyone should buy today's issue of the Scarsdale Inquirer. Hugh Schwartz wrote an open letter to Suzanne Berger which puts the proper perspective on the Bernstein public relations ploy otherwise known as "The rantings of Bernie The Attorney (AKA the Bernstein affadavit which was almost thrown out in its entirety by the Ethics Board.) Schwartz did a wonderful job and should be congratulated by all.

bernstein complaint alive and well said...

What's this nonsense about the Ethics Board throwing out Bernstein's complaint?

The facts set forth in the Bernstein complaint about Feiner taking tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers with applications pending are true and supported with substantial documentation.

The Ethics Board said it would take those facts into consideration in its continuing investigation into Feiner's March 2004 fundraiser.

The Ethics Board also said it found that Bernstein's allegations about Feiner's misuse of the town e-mail system and website to be "serious" and specifically asked that the town board refer to the matter to the ethics board for an opinion.

All the Ethics Board did was rule, as a procedural matter, that citizen complaints can only cover conduct that occurs after July 27, 2007. As a result, the Board declined to hear a number of matters, including Feiner's complaint about the $125 that Bass took from a credit union, Feiner's complaint about matters set forth in the Troy Affidavit, and Feiner's complaint on Samis's behalf about something unspecified that Bass supposedly did.

Anonymous said...

Is the way to go for the primary and then again in November.
After the debate one can see from the answers presented by the other group,we have to get the Feiner slate in office.

Sheehan's Stooge said...

Dear 2:24

To quote the Scarsdale Inquirer:

"The Board will not persue Bernstein's complaint as it stands, but will keep it on file as it pertains to the 2004 fundraiser."

This is a HUGE setback for Bernie The Attorney. The 2004 fundraiser issue was being persued by the Board independant of Bernstein's complaint. Bernstein himself stated that he was alarmed that the Ethics Board WOULD NOT consider complaints pertaining to actions that occurred prior to the adoption of the new code.

2:24 Crows about the Ethics Board persuing allegations about Feiner's use of the Town e-mail system. Well guess what? Bernie The Attorney OPENED THE DOOR for the Ethics Board to review the political use of the Town's e-mail system by Sir Francis Himself and his trusted Council Members.

Bernie The Attorney also opened himself up to be sued by the Stone Ridge Manor folks. Poor Bob. After everyone is done with him he will owe lots of money and have no law license to practice with. A big price to pay for being Sheehan's Stooge now isn't it Bob?

schwartz op ed won't help said...

Where does Hugh Schwartz, a planning board member, come off telling us that Greenburgh residents have no right to read about Feiner's having taken tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers with applications pending before the town?

He tells us that especially now, right before the primary, this is information we voters should not be entitled to hear.

Who the hell does he think he is? Why shouldn't we know about these contributions and why shouldn't we know about them now, when we're about to make a decision about keeping Feiner in office?

Why is Schwartz saying this? Because as a planning board member, he assures us that Feiner's never influenced him in how he votes.

Even if that were true, the test is not whether Feiner influenced the planning board. The test under the ethics code is whether Feiner's having taken these tens of thousands of dollars creates an appearance of impropriety. That's what the ethics code is all about.

Schwartz also misses the mark when he blames Barnes and Bass for voting with Feiner on matters when Feiner was getting all this money under the table. The point here is that, as far as anyone knows, Feiner never told Bass and Barnes that he was taking money under the table.

The sad reality here is that Feiner took all this money and all he can say by way of defense is that Greenburgh voters have no right to hear about it -- at least not during election season.

That's a pathetic defense.

feiner can't dodge ethics charge said...

Bernstein's quoted in today's Scarsdale Inquirer as being pleased that the Ethics Board will be consider the information in his complaint in connection with their ongoing investigation into Feiner's March 2004 fundraiser.

It's easy to see why.

Feiner’s been trying to limit the scope of that inquiry for years. In 2004, Feiner only wanted the ethics board to look into one contribution from a single developer with one application pending. Then after citizens complained, the ethics board said it would look at Feiner’s March 2004 fundraiser where a number of such contributions were made. And now, based on Bernstein's complaint and all that supporting documentation, the ethics board says it will consider not just the money raised at that one fundraiser, but it will also look at it against the background of Feiner's having received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions rom these and other developers with applications pending.

Sounds like Bernstein achieved what he needed to do.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that Bernstein achieved was making an ass out of himself.Whomever believes this man is crazy.
His hatred for Feiner is a sickness,that he should address it asap.
Too bad his actions of the past few years have made his area a laughing stock.
How could people have any respect for Bernstein,lawyer and a civic leader,after what he did with Dromore Rd.
From what I understand he is also a district leader for the democratic party,who holds the four board members in his hip pockets.As someone said the democraric party is going downhill.

Poor Bob said...

Poor Super Lawyer Bob,

Francis Sheehan left him holding the Dromore Road Bag. Bernstein has lost all credibility and even within Edgemont, people are talking about him. Bob, Francis played you like a violin! Francis will still be in office for at least two more years and in all liklihood, you will be facing ethics charges of your own as well as potential lawsuits from the people you slandered. Bob, give it up. Your crusade is over. You have lost!

Bernstein down but not out said...

Bernstein still has one ace up his sleeve. Fellow Edgemonter Mike Sigal was placed at the head of Sheehan's ethics board with one mission; NAIL FEINER. Why else would Sigal call a SPECIAL MEETING for September 5th. Any other ethics board would wait until the primary was over in order to look at an ethics charge so as to give greater credibility toward its findings. This ethics board intends to NAIL FEINER on something before the primary. Its' Bernstein and Sheehan's last card to play. Suzanne Berger can not win the election. Feiner can only lose it and Bernstein and Sheehan have devised this strategy of taking Feiner out via the ethics board. That is why Sheehan pushed for the ethics laws so hard. He knew time was clicking away and had to act fast. That is why our new ethics laws are so flawed. Sheehan didn't care about the integrity of the laws, he just wanted to have something in place to NAIL FEINER on for the 2004 ethics charge that went nowhere at the DA's Office. Sheehan and Bernstein HATE Feiner and will do ANYTHING to stop him from being supervisor. Watch out for the September 5th meeting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheehan is a lying hypocrite. Sheehan was cited for lying about Kevin Morgan's record two years ago. Sheehan is a disgrace. Too bad we have to wait two more years to get rid of this piece of garbage. If New York had recall election laws, Sheehan would have been finished this year.

Anonymous said...

I never though I would say this, but I think Morgan may actually win the primary.

Hugh Schwartz was right said...

Dear 3:21 AKA Bernie The Attorney,

You state:

"The test under the ethics code is whether Feiner's having taken these tens of thousands of dollars creates an appearance of impropriety. That's what the ethics code is all about."

So Bob, we are to belive that an Edgemonter that you and Sheehan installed as head of the ethics board, Mike Sigal, is supposed to decide what an appearance of impropriety is? Give me a break! Schwartz's comments ended this debate. Feiner NEVER influenced the planning board.

Did Bass accepting money from McNally and then change his vote on the tree law create an appearance of impropriety?

Did Sheehan accepting money from Berger and then getting Berger a NO BID contract for her firm that could be worth a million dollars create an appearance of impropriety?

Did Bass taking money from the credit union create an appearance of impropriety?

This appearance of impropriety is a slippery slope indeed. Be careful of who you use it against.

Anonymous said...

Feiner supporters are being unfair to Mike Sigal.

Sure he lives in Edgemont, but did you also know he's a Feiner contributor? In the current 2006-07 election cycle, he gave five times more money to Feiner than Rosenberg did.

And don't forget, Sigal was appointed by Feiner to serve with Rosenberg on his SCOBA committee.

And even if Sigal did have it in for Feiner, which hardly seems likely, he's just one vote. There are four other members. Feiner voted to confirm all five of them.

Sigal was quoted in the Scarsdale Inquirer a few weeks ago saying that the ethics board was unlikely to decide anything before the primary, and they wouldn't let the election calendar dictate when their decisions would be made.

Feiner supporters need not worry.

Ethics Board is unethical! said...

If he EVER contributed money TO ANY member of the town council he should NEVER have beel allowed on the ethics board. A conflict of interest has clearly been demonstrated here.

Sis Sigal give that money to Feiner while he was battling his next door neighbor and possibly wanted to gain Feiner's influence? If this influence never materialized does Sigal now hold a grudge?

No one whoever contributed to a Board Member should sit in judgement of them.

Anonymous said...

The 8:15 blogger is right. Sigal is involved in disputes which are before the Town Board. He is also on a political committee that the Town Board established to deal with the contentious budget issues. So is another ethics board appointee, John McLaughlin. These create all sorts of disputes between members of the Toan Board.

What a way to fix an ethics board. And by fix I don't mean repair, I mean set up.

Bunting needs to be reviewed said...

Kenneth Bunting is another member of the ethics board who should not be there. Mr. Bunting did ILLEGAL and UNPERMITTED work to his home and WAS CITED BY THE BUILDING DEPARTMENT!!!!!! Call the Building Department on Tuesday at 993-1562 and ask for yourselves!Prior to being selected to the position, Mr. Bunting did not even offer a resume for review as was required. Question: Why is someone who broke the laws of Greenburgh on this board in the first place???? Answer: Because Francis Sheehan wanted hime there!

Anonymous said...

What Sir Francis wants...................Sir Francis gets!

But wait until the next "just three votes" team settles in!

WE're ready!

Ed Krauss said...

To all of you anons, thank you for spelling my name correctly.
To the 8/29 anons, it would have been a nice birthday present ha you posted one day earlier on my birthday. It would hav been almost as good as being wished HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED KRAUSS on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard, As to your comments about me; I don't drink Coolaid it's not healthy.I drink Drambuie( and ifyou care to send my a bottle,anonymously of course) I'd consider it a late birthday present. Thank you also for elevating to "MACHER" in the Edgemont community.
To 8/29 2:58 I did not have anythingto do with the D.A.
To 8:35 Facelle did not only not act correctly, bu he lied like a cheap Persian rug at a work session. He had a letter from Ms. Pirro in 12/04 telling him to procede with the opinion which he uilaterally sandbagged foe 2 years. Also I was never Francis' campaign manager.
To 12:17 PM8/30 The westchester D.A. dd not dismiss anything frm me, since I NEVER wrote to her.Addtionally, proving criminallity requires a "smoking gun," a quid pro quo, which wasn't worth the D.A.'s offices time.
To 8/30 2:36 I was not running for office, Bill was, and your conclusion that Francis wanted nothing to do with me is as wrong as wong can be, and opens a window to your grey-matter- challenged, cowardly demeanor. It is clear why you want to remain anonymous.My Beloved granma told a friend of mine long ago "if you're stupid, and you keep your mouth shut, only you will know. Open it up and the whole world will know.
Blogs are geat. No fact-checker. So anyone can spew barnyard byproduct all day long.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Morgan will bring integrity back to the Town Council. Lets give him the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

After reviewing all the names in play, I note there are 4 "B's" and 1 "F."
Barnes, Bass, Berger, Bernstein( yes he's the phantom candidate- behind the throne of course) and Feiner.
Who ever first said, "It's time for a change," (Probably a first time mother,) was invariably right.And I fully agree with the concept, with an expanded proviso. Four "B's" and an "F" is not good enough for the second most populace town in New York State.We desperatel need an "A" team. And none of the folks running, including the Shadowy figure "king maker,"don't cut it. Neither do the two who are not running.

So, let's give ourselves an even money chance to compete with the big boys, after all we are the second largest community in Westchester but we're thought of as a joke.

Anonymous said...

Well Ed, you are stupid and a gonif!

Anonymous said...

It's September 1. Steve Bass, Eddie Mae Barnes, Diana Juettner and Francis Sheehan missed the September 1 deadline for filing their campaign disclosure statements with the Town.
They wrote a law. They broke the law which requires that forms be submitted by 9/1. Doesn't say 9/2. Or..9/3 or 9/4. The law says by September 1.
Kevin Morgan, a member of the Planning Board and Paul Feiner complied with the law.

Anonymous said...

An observation from a first time and probably last time posted. Slithering Steve ( Bass if you do not know ) Accused Morgan of favoring a helipad for MSG and accepting money from the developer through Feiner. How far from the truth, BUT he knew that and is not smart enough to ask a question like that and had nothing else to attack him on. We owe it all to the sneaky holy than though Madeline Oshea and Ella Preiser. You all know them ! Always claiming to be watchdogs but in reality part of the town's problem. THEY know that the planning board has seven members and this issue was a review for completeness and a through review was done. The only person's who could have issued the special permits was the TOWN BOARD however the applicant withdrew. Preiser an uninterested goody two shoes who ran the debate with O'Shea sneaking around in the back used her husband Ron to be muscle. You all saw him try to stop Mr. Feiners wife from writing a question and When Don Seigel tried to reason with him he shouldered Seigel. Shades of Plasketts husband attempting to assault Feiner two years ago. I did think maybe its time for a new supervisor however after watching this embarasment he should stay. As for Bass and Barnes time for a long vacation.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:37

Its the law, if a Saturday, Sunday or Holdiay, it is thenext working day.

You know, like tax returns. You do file a tax return?

Anonymous said...

Did we ever get a lsit of the contributions by developers at the "Developers BALL" run for Feiner???

Anonymous said...


*ps - one possible alternative to this draconian ruling could be lunch with Ed Krauss!

Ed Krauss said...

Good morning, anonyMOUSE 6:11PM, 9/1/07. If I am a gonif yet have no arrest record, I'm not stupid. Or, if I am stupid and a gonif, I would have an arrest record. Please check with Chief Kapica to determine which one I am.
As to you, you're either (a) a man(no if you were a man you wouldn't hide behind anonymity)or a woman of few words, (b) a puerile personality or (c) a person of few words due to a limited vocabulary consisting of elementary pejoratives. For fear of taxing your mini-mind with IO( information overload), plese elaborate,if yu can, by using small words. Why am I a thief and how did you-legally- obtain my IQ test results. By the way they're at Suyvesant H.S.at attery Park City. Ask for the records office...if you like, I call ahead.

Anonymous said...

The words used in the newest flyer sent out by Berger,proves whom she is taking orders from ,none other than the famous one Sheehan,
She repeats everything that he has complained about in all the town meeting.
Too bad she does not have a mind of her own.
This shows the voters that she know didelysquat about Greenburgh.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sigel,what will you do about the nonfilings of the three'B'/////
Barnes,Bass,and Berger////
Let's see if you will handle this differently since they are your buddy's [Sheehan] sidekicks in crime.

feiner stonewalling ethics investigation said...

Feiner's refusing to provide the Ethics Board with a list of who was invited to his March 2004 fundraiser, refusing to cooperate with an Ethics Board inquiry is itself a violation, and so far, the Ethics Board's done nothing about it except ask the questions again.

Feiner claims he'd love to cooperate but conveniently no longer recalls who was invited. Mark Weingarten knows who was invited, but conveniently says that list is privileged and none of the Ethics Board's business. Feiner could easily ask Weingarten to furnish the Ethics Board with the list of invitees, but Feiner knows better than to do that.

The list of invitees would be a pretty clear piece of evidence that Feiner was in fact soliciting contributions from developers with applications pending before the town. And Weingarten, who's firm represents many of these developers, has itself invested thousands in Feiner, is there not to harm Feiner but to protect him.

Prediction: The Ethics Board lacks the cohones to a damn thing about any of this.

Anonymous said...

To 12:12, how do you know what Feiner provided to the Ethics Board? Did Sigal tell you?

Anonymous said...

I think that any application associated with Mr. Weingarten must be given extra scrutiny until he provides the list -- the prudent concern being that the lack of knowledge of the list.

Anonymous said...

Why must a list of the attendees
at a fund raiser in 2004,be given up,to Sigel.
He already has the list.He's just trying to make a federal case out of this affair.
What makes him think that anything illegal went on
Mr. Sigel do you remember what you did on a certain day in 2004.Who were you with,what did you eat,what time did you get home.
Do you recall Mr. Sigel were you present at this fundraiser.Now think real hard,before you say no. .

Anonymous said...

All the participants in the 2004 fundraiser should all take the 5th.
what could Sigel do.
Mr. Sigel stop taking advice as to the next step from Bernstein. Both of you are showing too much hatred for the supervisor to make any progress in whatever case you're trying to hang him for.
Your skills as a lawyer from years gone by are not adaptable in this present time. Forget what your trying to do.Concentrate on Sheehan and company and try to give them some solid advice since they committed an outright crime.
Should they be asked to resign according to your regulations. Let's see how you handle the Dromore Rd.crime.

Anonymous said...

The two ladies running the debate should concentrate on other things and not town affairs.
It was improper not to accept questions from certain attendees.ONE CAN SEE THAT THEY ARE ALL FOR bERGER,IN DOING THIS.
They have served the town well now it's time for them to retire.We have too many watchers at the moment.
We still may need Preiser arround because of her knowledge concerning resolutions.But,the other must retire.

Anonymous said...

Sigel ,because your friend Bernstein,has asked for the answers concerning 2004 fundraiser,you're making an ass of yourself. Can't you see that Bernstein has lost all the respect of his fellow residents, since the Dromore Rd,incident.By proceeding in this case with all the hatred associated with every word will just make things worse for yourself and the board
When all is said and done there will be nothing to hang your hat on,because there was nothing happening that you could declare as illegal.SORRY..

Anonymous said...

Sigal is a good lawyer. Too smart perhaps. He is cleverly setting Feiner up by going far afield. There was nothing wrong with Feiner having a fundraiser. Every politician has fundraisers.

The question is whether any ethics law was violated and it seems that there was no violation. Sigal may be reaching.

Besides, Sigal has no place on the Ethics Board. He is on the conservation committee, which has public conflicts before the Board, he is a member of the A/B committee, which is the most political committee in town, he is in a public fight with a neighbor which has been brought before the Board.

He should not be sitting in ethical judgment of people who are on the Board and who have to rule on his recommendations and requests. He has the largest conflict of all.

Talk about appearances!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand a lot of this. Are posters saying that someone ran a fundraiser on behalf of Feiner in March of 2004 -- why would that be -- the Greenburgh elections are in odd years, like 2007. Why would someone run a fundraiser for Feiner in 2004 -- could someone explain this to me?

Anonymous said...

These days politicos run fundraisers all the time, to build up a war chest. I suppose it is because campaigning has become so expensive. It is not good, but it is the way things are done these days. That's why Bass has a war chest from fundraising of more than $45,000, and Feiner has a war chest of more than $100,000.

It is particularly true of politicos who have ambitions. Feiner always wanted to run for Congress (though that is over now). Bass wants to run for State Assembly when Brodsky get some prize or other (remember he wanted to run for Attorney General, and then for Comptroller last year).

I don't know what Sheehan has. Maybe he hasn't started yet, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Brodsky dropped out of the raise after surgery revield a problem with his kidny (which he found out about while trying to donate his kidney to his daughter).

Anonymous said...

Feiner has unfortunately upted the ante on fundraising.

Anonymous said...

Brodsky dropped out of the AG race because he couldn't win. If his daughter were healthy he would have dropped out rather than be roundly defeated.

He did try hard to become Comptroller after Hevesi quit. The word was that it was Brodsky's nasty personality that turned the Assembly members off. And now he has insulted both Andrea Stewart Cousins and Governor Spitzer. It is his arrogance and nasty personality. He actually thinks that he can become Speaker. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

How come Sheehan, Bass, BArnes and Juettner did not file their ethics report with the Town Clerk or Attorney by the September 1, 2007 deadline? They can't claim ignorance since they are taking credit for writing the law?
Will the Ethics Bd issue a statement on Wednesday when they meet?

Anonymous said...

Question for Steve Bass:

Today's lead story in the NY Times , details the increasing chaos in Darfur.

As you know, the solution to this problem has not been solved yet by any of the World Powers or the UN. You however, boldly introduced a resolution in our little town hall.

In light of the unfortunate escalating problems in Darfur, what leadership can our community count on from you in this time of need?

Sheehan violates ethics constantly said...

Sheehan needs to be brought up on ethics charges right away!

1. He ordered Gil Kaminer to threaten the school superintendant, violating her 1st amendment rights under the US Constitution.

2. He initiated a pay for play with Suzanne Berger, securing a no bid contract possibly worth up to a million dollars for her law firm in return for her financial and political support. It must be noted that Berger supported Sheehan, A REPUBLICAN WHO BECAME A DEMOCRAT ONLY TO SECURE PERSONAL POWER. That does not say much about Suzanne Berger!

3. He violated new york state's open meetings laws by meeting with devopers at the behest of Edgemonters Bob Bernstein and Michelle McNally.

4. He was cited two years ago for lying about Kevin Morgan's record.

5. He has now violated new york state campaign disclosure laws.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of the Valhalla raising the Kaminer issue. All these people are doing is trying to extort more money fom Greenburgh. Isnt enough that they got the trips, the SAT prep etc.

Anonymous said...

I am not from Valhalla and I am sure that most people who are aghast at Kaminer's threats are, like me, not from Valhalla or the Mayfair-Knollwood area.

What offends us about the Kaminer incident is the arrogance and the contemptuous attitude that the current Town Council, and especially its leader Francis Sheehan, have and show towards those who are not on board with them.

Just listen to Sheehan, always pompously lecturing with clever distortions. Just watch Kaminer constantly being a public spokesman for the Council. And ask yourself if they have ever treated anyone who disdagrees with them with respect. The only people they respect are those they believe have electoral power, like the Edgemont group.

It is important, for the good of the townm and its future, to get rid of this influence and power playing.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:02

If you are from Edgemont, you are a hypocrite. If you are not from Edgemont, you're just plain dumb. If Michelle McNally was told not to speak up on an issue, Edgemont would not only whine about it, they would have filed charges against Kaminer. What Kaminer did was a clear cut violation of the 1st amendment.

Kaminer CONFESSED in front of witnesses. That is why Sheehan needs to be brought up on ethics charges. These witnesses are known and can be called to testify.

Sheehan/Bernstein/Kaminer would not be able to control the media fallout from such a revelation.

Bass and the Women on the Board will be finished for not supporting women's rights as well as the cover up of the incident. Lets not forget, Feiner wanted this investigated but Sheehan did not.

Suzanne Berger should have been questioned about this incident as well.

Francis The Hypocrite said...

Is it true that Sheehan has a gambling habit? Friends of mine saw him in Las Vegas.

Sheehan the Republican who became a Democrat gambling in Las Vegas. Mr. Holier than thou, always passing judgement on people.

Francis, when you sit in Sacred Heart Church every Sunday doesn't any of it sink in? Whatever happened to judge not for you shall be judged? Whatever happened to thall shall not bare false witness?

Anonymous said...

Kaminer didnt "confess" to anything. He stated facts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Valhalla is not the only area raising their voices about Kaminer.He is useless to Greenburgh.The money spent on this nothing position[fabricated by Sheehan]could be put to better use in an area that needs assistance of one sort or another.With salary and benefits he adds up to about 75 G's.Not bad for just following Sheehans requests.
I would do that as a volunteer,just to get out of the house.How about that Sheehan,you'll probably have many takers other than myself.

Anonymous said...

5,04,9/28---You state that Feiner will give away more money to Valhalla.This money does not come from our tax money. this money is given to Greenburgh,by the county to compensate the existance of Westhelp.
If the ones responsible to allocate this money did so differently it's not Feiner's fault.
He was the middle man in this transaction.
Let's wait and see what the state auditors come up with their investigation before we point the accusing finger at the supervisor.You must remember that the council members voted for this resolution also.The first time arround 3 members the second all four,including Sheehan.

Anonymous said...

Did Ed Krauss really answer that remark? If he did, maybe he is really as stupid as they say! But, personally I cannot believe that he wrote that because I was told that he did not go to Stuyvesant HS. He went to Andrew Jackson High, tried out for track and field and was on the javelin catching squad, and was then drafted right into the Korean War. He served with honor, alternating between KP and latrine duty. But as to being a thief, I have no clue. But he was questioned once about lifting a "rug."

Anonymous said...

Hi Sigel,are you still trying to hang Feiner,before the election[on Bernsteins and Sheehan's say so].I thought the new ethic law stated complaints taken place before july 2007 will not be heard. What happened here' your putting forth a case By Bernstein,your neighbor,that supposedly happened 2004.
In taking this on against the new ruling you should resign.
Your not in this position to help the public your there just to satisfy Bernstein/Sheehan and friends.
Please step down, your services are not needed since you cannot be fair.
You say one thing about the new ruling and you do what the hell you want.