Sunday, August 12, 2007


We're making some progress on E Hartsdale Ave. The Town Board should be selecting an engineer soon to conduct a study re: flooding on E Hartsdale Ave and to make recommendations. Stores are re-opening. The jazz concerts have been a big success. Night life is returning.
Now--we have to work hard to beautify the avenue. Give it a nicer look.
Want to be part of a beautification effort? Contact me at


Anonymous said...

We need to beautify Central Avenue and 119. We do not need volunteers. This is a Town job, so CEO Feiner, lets get to it.

Anonymous said...

ONe question that has to be asked,about the property on central ave and 119,is the property that is a total mess private property,or town owned .

Anonymous said...

One has to start somwhere to beautify the area. Centrel ave. and 119,is what it is. The work should have started years ago,when businesses were coming up the line. It's a little too late to change what is there .Your sanitation laws need to be revamped. The existing laws have never been enforced, Who is to blame is the DPW commissioner.

Anonymous said...

It may be difficult to get enforcement with private property, but the median is certainly not private property. It is not too late. Yonkers has improved their piece of Central Ave and WP has improved their piece of 119. So why cant Yonkers do it. Many of the privately owned borders of Central look very nice. Nicely landscaped etc. Why cant the Town do it?

Anonymous said...

this is about hartsdale ave. Too many times have we been pushed aside for central ave and 119. We want a clean and inviting place for people to shop and visit. No offense to anyone but it's long over due.

supervisor pothole said...

what can you expect from a supervisor that was just caught violating ardsley's sign laws?

from that hideous wall in front of presser park to the lackluster look of the entire town, feiner has been blind to visual blight. if he hasnt gotten it in 16 years, why should we trust him now? there once was a guy named d'amato - senator pothole - we in greenburgh have supervisor pothole. woe is us.

Anonymous said...

Violated what sign law. I live in Ardsley and if I want a Feiner sign on my property it's my doing not Feiner's.

Feiner should update his emails said...

Mr. Feiner, I know this is about East Hartsdale Avenue and my first point deals with this topic: Point #1 Let's get Mr. Ritter or whomever to rent out the vacant cleaner's, K Fongs, and the HSBC bank. Point #2 You sent out an email 2 months ago about Starbucks moving into old Gaseteria eye sore on Central Avenue and as Usual you never updated us on this property. Point 3 anything going on with the old Barnes and Nobel store. Please keep us updated on these issues.

feiner and ardsley said...

read this week's enterprise
feiner posted signs in violation of ardsley's laws - as a result the village government removed them (among other things feiner did not get permits to do so plus they were put on con ed's poles without their authorization)

feiner doesnt care said...

what does feiner care - he lives in a gated community

Anonymous said...

Since when did Feiner become a real estate broker.
Is it his job to rent stores. I think that job belongs to the property owners.
IF YOU WANT THE STORES AND PROPERTY RENTED ,GET IN TOUCH WITH THE OWNERS.You keep writing a comment on the blog every opportunity you get but your asking the help of the wrong person.Feiner is not the person that you should put the blame on for all the vacancies.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that the signs were put on Con Edison poles. Did you check each pole to see the No. and codes if the pole belongs to con Ed or the Telephone co. Goes to show you how stupid your comment is.when you dont know to whom the pole belongs. Your hatred for Feiner is making you go a little misshuggina.

Anonymous said...

And what difference would it make if the poles were the property of the phone company versus coned? THEY ARE STILL PRIVATE PROPERTY AND DO NOT BELONG TO FEINER.

Anonymous said...

As if the difference between a telephone pole and a con ed utility pole really mattered. We're shafted either way.

Feiner needs to update emails said...

To Anon 8:22PM I'm not saying he is a Real Estate broker but he Meets With Toby Ritter landlord and never updates on that. He also stated Starbucks is going into where gasateria is on Central Avenue and as Usual no update. If he's not into real estate why all these initial posts wiht no follow up? By the way there are Paul Feiner signs on the phone polls taking away the beauty of the natural park on East Hartsdale Avenue next to Columbia Avenue. If he wants to make the avenue more beautiful take down the signs on the avenue.

Anonymous said...

¿¿¿pushed aside for central ave????

central ave* looks horrible and it has for years ... show me someone on the median strips w a weedwacker and a broom before expecting any support for beautifying east hartsdale ... three years in a row requesting median cleanup and not once has it been done ... and it costs close to nothing to do

* medians south of fountain lane to north of ardsley road especially (a nasty welcome to greenburgh), but also at mt joy, at east/west hartsdale ave ... plus the 'welcome to greenburgh' nastiness on central ave southbound at the white plains line ... at both ends it's like 'hi, welcome to greenburgh, we don't care'

Anonymous said...

p.s. and that intersection of central ave and east/west hartsdale ave ... what nasty looking stores, esp the strip where the florist is on the corner ... can that entire area be legally designated as blighted to allow for needed renovation and some municipal grants or something? if you want to beautify east hartsdale ave, start there at the beginning ... might make it marketable/enticing for someone to consider proceeding down the rest of the street

still tho, i wouldn't even support that until i saw that the town demonstrated any care/interest in simple maintenance of the central ave medians ... the town's biggest embarrassment in my opinion ... and if the supervisor can't even properly supervise the highway dept management to get that done after years and years of neglect and requests, then he certainly isn't worthy of re-election if he can't even handle a routine thing like getting some labor out there w brooms, blowers, street-sweepers, weedwackers, weedkiller spray, etc ... no one even expects it to look professional like yonkers or mount pleasant highway workers do; just simple, complete, regular cleanup, which should be obvious to the highway dept but should be mandated by the supervisor without any need for a special committee or meeting ... just do it, period.

data not data said...

"Is it his job to rent stores?"

Well, the township does bear some big-picture responsibility as part of a comprehensive economic development plan.

I'm not sure if Greenburgh even has such a plan, but if one exists, I don't think that it's working, given the increasing number of commercial vacancies.

Maybe someone could check into the commercial development work of Yonkers and White Plains to see what's driving their successes to perhaps get a sense as to why Greenburgh has been on a such a downslide.

data not drama said...

Haha .. I meant to type "data not drama."

By the way, regarding White Plains and Yonkers, I'm not even thinking much about their huge downtown projects. Little commercial areas in Yonkers, comparable to the Hartsdale train station area, have either been doing well or have experienced a re-birth.

data not drama said...

"but he Meets With Toby Ritter landlord and never updates on that. He also stated Starbucks is going into where gasateria is on Central Avenue and as Usual no update."

Another thing that struck me in this blog section is the above comment. This is very true, Mr. Feiner. You post a topic, but rarely follow through with writing what has evolved or answer questions asked of you within the comments section. I have nothing against you, Mr. Feiner, and I think it's nice that you offer this blog in the first place, but I do think it's odd not to keep up with it. Honestly, I have a sense that this "NEED TO BEAUTIFY E HARTSDALE AVE" topic will just scroll away by next week with no follow-up. I think it would be interesting to know what has transpired in regards to the new Starbucks, what that great news was from Toby Ritter, and many more posted topics that have just been just left unresolved.

Anonymous said...

Who has been stealing Feiner's signs? Many of my friends had Feiner signs posted on their property. They were stolen in the middle of the night.

feiner needs to update emails said...

To anon 11:05 PM If you choose to support any candidate and put the sign on your property the sign should not be touched by anyone. That is your choice to have the sign there. Mr. Feiner is asking for ways to beautify E. Hartsdale Avenue and I think the political signs on all phone polls (Con Ed) polls should be removed to start to beautify E. Hartsdale Avenue and other parts of Greenburgh.

To data not Drama (DITTO)

Caveat Emptor said...

What happened to the committee you appointed several years ago? Couldn't they get the job done - or was it too difficult because there are just some things which require government NON-intervention or the appropriation of significant tax dollars to achieve?
So long as you, Paul J. Feiner, try to bully the landlords and shopowners into creating your vision, beautification will remain one of your unachieved goals. Stop forcing small retailers like the cheese store and the vegetable store to compete with the Farmers' Market whose vendors pay no rent, no utilities, no property taxes and have no permanent stake in the community. (Creating the Farmers' Market WAS an attempt to bully the shops - You personally touted "Lower prices because of competition." Never having run a business you "forgot" about the costs of running a brick and mortar operation.)
Go back to pandering to the real estate developers - why don't you require each and every new development include a big, really inexpensive supermarket and discount drug store?

Anonymous said...

karl rove realized or was told - it time to go - feiner and rove are quite similiar - they know how to win elections but have little ability to govern. government by slogan ("compassionate conservative") or by gimmicks and press releases(feiner's specialty) has lead us to a poltical dead end.Time for Feiner to go.

Anonymous said...

One must be remember that whatever type of business one wants to start, it must receive the ok from the civic assoc. The empty spa,could have been a supermarket,but the civic assoc,fought against it. The rug place had the same problem. The supervisor has no say as what happens to vacant stores or buildings. The civic associations run the show.
This is the reason Central ave. looks the way it does.
If the property owners were allowed to do what they wanted,Central ave. would look the way yonkers does with all type of establishments.
Hartsdale ave. must be have a good uplift. It's the best part of the area to shop and just walk arround. The buildings and grounds are well kept. It's a pleasure to enter that part of town.

Anonymous said...

About the Feiner signs ,stop knit picking. You hate this man so much that everything that will help his reelection bothers you.
For you and all the haters I do hope he wins big,this way he could put thank you.signs all over the place.What about Bergers signs ,how come Feiner supporters never have said anything about her signs. Do you see the difference . The Feiner defenders have more self respect than the haters. Too bad.Hatred gets you nowhere,the only thing it will do for you is hate more.

Jim Lasser said...

Dear Anon at 10:31 -
You are plainly and simply wrong. There is no civic association approval necessary - and no mechanism to obtain it if it were. The only time there are ever hearings about opening a business is if a building permit is required and that permit needs a variance. Then the Zoning Board of Appeals (Feiner appointees all) and the Planning Board (Feiner appointees again) make those decisions. Civic associations sometimes appear at those hearings, but usually they don't.
Get your facts straight and join your local civic association if you think they are so powerful.

Michael Kolesar said...

First, re the signs in the Village of Ardsley:

The Village has had an ordinance specifying where political campaign signs are permitted in pubic areas, including utility poles, I think since 1993. One law that's applicable to all candidates. In last year's State Senate race, a sign from then Senator Spano was removed by the Village for violating the law. Virtually all campaigns are notified by the Village Manager of the law. Sorry, no excuses. Poor campaign management.

To Jim Lasser: Aren't all appointees to Town Boards approved by a majority vote of the entire Town Council? If so, then "labeling" anyone an appointee of a "Supervisor' is a bit of an overstatement. These individuals had to have been approved by at least three votes (Hal Samis - sound familiar?)

data not drama said...

Beautification is great, but I feel that the fifth and ongoing neglect of basic roadway cleaning throughout Unincorporated Greenburgh (particularly in the commercial areas) should be addressed before special beautification efforts.

It would be beneficial to know what has become of these related town-wide topics and the sixty-one comments by citizens.

"Please participate in our (town-wide beautification) committee's activities."
posted by Paul Feiner at 4:10 PM on Oct 25, 2006

"What are your thoughts?"
posted by Paul Feiner at 12:24 PM on Jan 16, 2007

"Keeping the town clean and green must be given high priority attention."
posted by Paul Feiner at 1:12 AM on Apr 15, 2007

update on garbage/debri on roads...
"This is an important quality of life issue."
posted by Paul Feiner at 3:55 PM on Apr 15, 2007

data not drama said...

Oops, a typo:
" ... but I feel that the fiLth ... "

Anonymous said...

Well Jim has gotten up from his sleep Critisize his dearly beloved civic assoc. he goes gaga.Members of the civic assoc have been present at meetings trying to throw a monkey wrench into any new development. Stop your BSing. Whether it's zoning.or planning they were there and their concerns stopped whatever a developer wanted done.
This is the reason that Central ave, is so filthy.

Jim Lasser said...

Dear Mike -
Thanks for the clarification, you and Hal are right. But, if memory serves, all of the current members of both Boards have been sitting long enough that they were subject to the older style Town Board which, frankly, never disagreed with the Supervisor about anything.

Jim Lasser said...

Hey, Anonymous at 12:13 -
Your functionally illiterate carpings are reminiscent of the someone using his thumbs to type on his blackberry while driving through Hartsdale.
And try signing your name, or are you too embarassed?

Anonymous said...

I'm not embarassed,i'm just happy to see that your back.
I knew if I insulted your civic would wake up.
Look at all the problems they have started this time arround. I guess you can't believe that they could have been that stupid.
This is just another mistake they made to add to their previous ones'.
Complaints are written on the blog concerning the dirty streets in your area.How come the assoc. does not go after the department to clean the area up.

data not drama said...

"the dirty streets in your area"

There are many concerns throughout the Town, but yes, when it comes to roadway maintenance, Edgemont's two main roadways appear to be the worst maintained in all of Unincorporated Greenburgh -- Ardsley Road (County responsibility between Scarsdale and Central Park Avenue; town responsibility between CPA and Ardsley) and Central Park Avenue (the entire stretch, not just in Edgemont; a State roadway but the Town's legal responsibility for its routine maintenance).

Perhaps the Edgemont Community Council could pressure the County and Town to be accountable for its basic responsibilities to taxpayers.

No part of unincorporated Greenburgh deserves to be neglected, and I think taxpayers from other neighborhoods, too, should document here what they see as poor/non-existent roadway maintenance.

As I said before, such basic matters need to be rectified before undertaking any special beautfication efforts.

Anonymous said...

I think there are parts of 119 that look prettty shabby too. Lets face it, our town doesnt maintian streets or enforce rules fairly.

hal samis said...

Just can't help noticing that whatever the topic it all leads back to Edgemont.

Maybe it is the Supervisor's fault for not giving them their own topic. Please, Paul, give them their very own topic so then they won't feel the need to act out the "look what they're doing to me now" transaction.

As there are some immediate issues relating to this week's Town meetings I have other work to do and will have to forgo my blog "responsibilities".

In any case, someone already said it: The Town Supervisor is not a store leasing broker. And even when store spaces have been leased, don't expect stores to be in occupancy for many, many months. But if bloggers are really, really interested, they could always contact store leasing brokers who generally know what's happening at all vacant space, even when they don't themselves have the listing.

And, if the owners really, really wanted to lease their space, they can always reduce the asking price which is THEIR election NOT the decision of RESIDENTS who miss the traffic that fully leased stores bring.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


1. It should be obvious to the town management by merely driving around town. You'd have to be blind not to notice the years of embarrassing neglect in certain locations. No citizen should have to contact anyone about this matter. It's not a special project; it's a baseline municipal responsibility.

2. Isn't Mr. Feiner the town SUPERVISOR? He's been made well aware of the complaints and should, therefore, direct whatever employees/departments involved, to simply do their routine job tasks.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:21,

As an anonymous former employee, perhaps you would care to tell residents what other working arrangements exist between DPW and the Parks Department. I already know about Parks picking up the garbage in downtown Hartsdale.

feiner tuned out said...

one thing is clear from these blog posts - paul feiner is incompetent and is a supervisor in name only. whats worse, is now he seems increasingly indifferent.

Michael Kolesar said...

While I certainly believe that the Town should be administered better, part of the problem is that according to the Town's organization chart (as published in the Annual Financial report), ALL of the department / functional heads report to the ENTIRE Town Council, not jus the Supervisor. Thus, I conclude that any Town Council member has equal ability / responsibility to direct a department head to act or alternatively, no one has that "individual" ability and then we are back to "just three votes."

Not a very strong organizational way of operating. A Town administration is not like a city, such as New York or Yonkers, where a Mayor has strong appointive and administrative powers.

comment on kolesar said...

mike - you omit one fact - feiner is the only full time town board member. by all accounts, he is a terrible administrator. he is not a leader - he is a troublemaker. troublemakers generally govern poorly.

otherwise, your last post makes a strong case for either term limits or the need for an alternative to the one party town greenburgh has sadly become. we need a check on the incompetence/indifference of lifers like feiner and juettner.

hal samis said...

What is clear from these posts is that there are some people in Town who want so badly to see Feiner out of office, that they have no qualms about lying in pursuit of this.

It is certainly a novelty to see anonymous posters seeking to achieve online credibility by throwing any kind of unsubstantiated claims about while freed from the restraints of "pride of authorship".

Hey, let's practice term limits this Fall by not re-electing Eddie Mae Barnes. She's already served 20 years and Feiner will have served only 16.

It won't come back to bite you when you're anonymous.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Comment on Kolesar,

In my view, it makes no difference whether a Supervisor is "full time" or not, but whether or not the individual has the authority to act by her/himself. As the Town of Greenburgh currently operates, a Supervisor does not have unilateral authority to hire (appoint) or terminate department heads. That rests with the entire Town Council. That's a weak organizational structure, but that's what is, in part I believe because of state law.

In a Village where a Village Manager / Administartor is the "Chief Operating Officer", if things don't get done, it's easy to look at one person and a Village Board has the power to do just that - hold someone accountable.

Do I think that the Town is well run? Definitely not. But the entire Town Council must share the blame. They can make the changes. They can send specific direction as a Council to a department head and say get the center islands and the streets clean by next month or we'll get someone else in place to do the job. We're (the Town Council) tied of hearing and reading (assuming that any of the Town Council members read this blog - (just joking as I am sure that Mr. Kaminer provides a digest of the postings daily (on my taxpayers' nickel - talk about waste in the "A" budget)).

If demonstrated administrative ability and experience were a requirement for the position of Town Supervisor, it would seem that both candidates leave much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the NYS law is so antiquated, why doesn't Unincorporated Greenburgh just become a city? Unincorporated township areas were designated a century or two ago for the rural areas of forests and farms, but we're sure not rural anymore. Just seems like having our status as a city would be a more realistic and efficient system. And of course the villages would be happy to form their own township.

The set-up for the current urban-suburban Unincorporated Greenburgh certainly doesn't work, so I don't understand why it's just tolerated. I know I'm probably over-simplifying this, but why not just submit two applications to the state - one for the villages to be unified in a new umbrella township, and one for Unincorporated Greenburgh to change its status to a city.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Anonymous 8/15 9:57 PM,

I suspect that if you (I wish that you would at least identify what part of the Town you live in) pushed your idea foward, the Village governments' would jump at the chance to form their own independent government, whether that be a City or Town. That's why they are spending real taxpayer dollars with Pace University.

I agree that under the existing structure as I understand it, it doesn't make sense.

hal samis said...

Dear Mike,

As you correctly point out, the Supervisor and the Town Council must bear equal responsibility; however you ignored the obvious flaw in the full-time, part-time straw man argument.

No one is required by law to run for the Town Council. If it is truly a part-time position (I agree) and citizens seek this sinecure, accept its pay and benefits package, then they must also fulfill the quid pro quo...DO THEIR JOB.

Especially since the taxpayers are now providing a legislative aide specifically to assist them over their obvious frailties.

If they don't want to know bad news, then don't allow them to shoot the messenger but get them out of the kitchen if they're afraid of being burnt.

Why should Eddie Mae Barnes be running for her sixth term after completing five terms of 4 years in each term. 20 years so far collecting a Town paycheck and someone wants to excuse her record because she is a "part-time" employee. What private employer would tolerate on the job training lasting so many years?

There would be less citizens classified as low income families were they to earn for their own full-time employment just what the members of the Town Council receive as salary for their part-time positions. The value of their next year salary package is probably over $800 a week -- for part-time work. I'm not paying royalties so let me just sample "Nice work if you can get it..."

The answer is not changing the system because this idea stalls whenever it is brought up to any of the incumbents or new candidates. The definitive answer is in replacing the Town Council which is a much easier task than changing Town Supervisors. Here we have a four member Town Council with enormous collective years of experience and amongst them we can't find three correctly cast votes. The outside candidate for Town Supervisor, Ms. Berger, knows even less than the Town Council members if that is possible, and that is particularly troubling since they are the ones advising her.

Tonight's Town Board meeting was a wasted opportunity to tell the Town who she is and what her view of Town matters is. After tonight's meeting there is but one Town Board meeting remaining before the Primary; per "Variety", boffo at the box in the nabes, Town Hall the week of Labor Day weekend.
How much will residents learn of her grasp of Town matters if she attends the meeting and uses all of her 5 minutes to address issues.

Not having to speak and betray her ignorance is clearly the strategy that her handlers have plotted. Attack Feiner and find voters who will blindly follow the allegations without analysis is the hoped for result. The mental picture of this approach is one of sheep following the herd over the cliff.

If you want better government, start with the little bites that can be accomplished every two years, start this year by getting rid of Bass and Barnes: "thanks for applying but we're looking for someone with a little less experience" sounds right for hiring "part-timers".

On the other hand, in selecting the person to run the company is where experience counts. Even if you can't get the idealized Chief Executive, you still got to fill the seat so you take the best you got, election to election.

Perhaps when "Mr. Right" comes along there will be a choice but for this year, it is still "love the one you're with" and pull the levers where it counts, for those who cast "2 of the just 3 votes".
This year's crop of recurring nightmares have had the chance to make their mark and if they can't make the major league cut, then send them back to the minors; still true in both leagues: 3 swings and no hits is an out.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Hal,

I didn't think that I was ignoring or letting the "part-timers" off the hook. Quite the contrary.

As many people know, the reason that I didn't seek a second term, which would have been an uncontested election, was because I took my responsibilities as a Village Trustee very seriously. This for an unpaid position. I put in a lot of hours and my family paid a stiff price for two years. No one forced me to run in the first place. But while in office, I gave quite a lot.

I realize that you do not walk the streets of Ardsley, but I and my family continue to meet people who wish I was still on the Village Board. These chance encounters are some consolation to my wife and son as they hear first hand how people feel and while they didn't like the sacrifice that they made, they have a better appreciation now almost one year later.

So, long winded as this has been, I agree, if someone isn't up to the job for the amount of "time" that is needed, don't run. One can sit on the side and comment.

Hal for Council said...

Hal, you have never articulated why you aren't pefect for a part-time position like Town Council.
Care to elaborate on why you believe yourself unfit?

time to try something new said...

greenburgh needs two things - term limits and a move away from amateur hour. we need an end to political careerists and deadwood (read feiner and juettner). we need to explore hiring a professional manager like they have in the villages. these two steps (which the town can do on its own) are the remedy for what everyone agrees is a town government that is both dysfunctional and out of date. At least its worth a try.

hal samis said...

Dear 8:45,

Am I a dumb Democrat?

No, I am not dumb so I must not be a Democrat.
Yes, I am a Democrat so I must be dumb.

I should "care to elaborate on why I am unfit to run for Town Council"?

I am not dumb and I am a Democrat.
Need I add that I am a Democrat who will not be voting for Berger, Bass or Barnes.

And try playing these mindless games with your dumb, democrat friends.

Anonymous said...

A little over-reaction Mr. Samis - I read the question completely differently - more along the lines of "Why won't you run as you are the clearest thinker signing his name to his opinions."
Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

More from the Son of the Shadow

Samis For Town Board in 2009! Bye-Bye Francis, back to Baker Street, back to Nero Wolfe and Archie and back to Hercule Poirot. Maybe President of the Dobbs Ferry or Francis the Duck-Out Memorial Hospital!

Last night all of us were privileged to see and witness the “where as master”, Sir Francis the Duck, aka The Talking Mule, dedicate himself to not only the saving of the Dobbs Ferry Hospital, but having it named after himself. He justified that bold action by reminding the select audience at Town Hall and all of us in telly-land, that his long hours in the electro-shock therapy unit, entitled him to first dibs on naming rights. He felt that his long-association with those electric cattle prods would stimulate him beyond his almost legendary verbosity, which hallmarks his role as the “Shadow Supervisor.” Who should know more about this action, than the Son of the Shadow?

But of course, along with Sir Francis, the surviving members of the CABAL, want the naming rights to the commissary. It has been suggested by their august committee that it be open seven days, and that the varying culinary delights offered at the Francis the Duck Memorial Hospital, be named after the fine folk who put him power!

Some suggestions range from:

1) The Double Whopper and Cheese “Berger” for her many big whoppers!
2) The King Zog II- baloney and cheese with English mustard- for his hot faux exposes!
3) The Edgemont- roast beef on white bread with mayo, because they want to be like Bronxville
4) The Francis “Peking” Duck- served with feathers intact and still quacking!
5) The Krauss - Pigs Knuckles for his days at Stalag 17!
6) The Ella Kate Smith – finishing dessert apple strudel with schmaltz!

More from the Son of the Shadow!

Anonymous said...

"son of the shadow"'s cultural allusions date him so that i suspect he is really "great grandfather of the shadow" in disguise

gaff-funkel - please go away said...

so true - the shadow family appears to be the gaffe-funkel clan

too bad gaffy wont go back to where he came from (mt vernon) and leave us in greenburgh alone

(funny how white plains started getting better once gaffy and his shadows left).

Anonymous said...

HI JIM -Haven't heard from you in a while.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:59,

Jim can't come to the phone right now, could you call back?

I understand he's very busy trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and that will take up a lot of his time.

Feiner needs to update emails said...

Well it's been 5 days since the master of all emails has posted this beautify East Hartsdale Avenue Blog and as Usual no update on this topic from the Master himself.I do not mind the comments about helping other areas of Greenburgh being more beautiful but some people have gone way off topic for this blog site.Let's stay on the topic of beauty. Paul still waiting for your update of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Some local Democrats hypocritical on ecology
Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner has preserved vast amounts of green park areas, and has done so with mostly state and county money. Feiner has addressed global warming by imposing efficiency standards on new construction and via other programs. Democrats chant that global warming is a major issue. Yet Feiner, a pioneer on this most basic of local environmental issues, is facing a primary.
Trees and natural green areas remove CO2 from the air. The new mega-rich Democrats moving into Greenburgh can't wait to rip out trees and green areas for their McMansions, driveways and sidewalks. They are contributing to the destruction of the environment that they say they care about. Bigger houses use more energy, and pollute more air and water; simultaneously, they reduce green areas and trees that remove pollutants. Lawns are not as environmentally friendly as wild areas.
Democrats who want to blame others for environmental woes but don't want to pay, sacrifice or deny themselves anything, may prefer someone to cater to their whims instead of Feiner's visionary record of protecting green space for the future. Parkland does cost, and doesn't provide immediate gratification, but it makes a difference for the earth's ecology.
Politicians sidestep basics like maintenance of pipes and bridges so they can spend on showy, vote-getting programs. It turns out that can sometimes cost lives. It's good to see a leader who does the right thing on environmental basics. It will be interesting to see if Greenburgh's Democrats agree.
John Russo

Ethics effort should look close to home
In the Aug. 2 article, "Town OKs $25,000 for ethics panel attorney," I found it interesting that Greenburgh Town Board aide Gil Kaminer justified the expenditure by explaining that without outside counsel, Assistant Town Attorney David Fried might be forced to investigate a charge of unethical behavior by his boss, Town Attorney Tim Lewis, or by Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, "his boss's boss."
Most interesting is what Kaminer apparently did not say, stopping short of including his own bosses, Town Board members Francis Sheehan, Steve Bass, Diana Juettner and Eddie Mae Barnes, as potential targets of the ethics panel attorney. He failed also to include himself.
Kaminer was the person called out publicly at a Town Board meeting for supposedly issuing a threat to the Valhalla school district superintendent if there was a large pro-school turnout at an "open" Town Board meeting. This incident was witnessed by others. Several other town residents heard Kaminer make similar comments the night of the meeting.
Kaminer's intention was clear: suppress any large pro-school comments by school district residents, clearly an infringement of a citizen's right to free speech and lawful assembly. Since Kaminer's salary is paid for by town residents, this was an appalling charge, and the Town Board was urged to investigate. But since Kaminer takes his direction from Councilman Sheehan, it was no surprise that nothing was done.
Ethics Board? Where were they? When the future Ethics Board attorney is retained, I know where he should start looking first.
Tim O'Leary
White Plains

Local thief stole freedom of speech
I'm a believer in Greenburgh because I'm a believer in America. Our amazing town historically has been identified as "our nation in miniature." No wonder that so many great ideas to reach the rest of our country were either created here, or tested here first. Corporations and political parties have for many years been aware of the power of Greenburgh. That's why I find disturbing a little thing that happened to me recently.
It's about a piece of paper. I called the police about it. It was just a green paper sign stolen from my front lawn - not because someone wanted it, but because someone didn't want the three words on it to be seen. What had really been taken was my freedom of speech.
But worse, I was not the only one silenced. Apparently, others who planted that simple green sign have also had it uprooted. I guess a new seed of an idea can be seen as dangerous when it begins growing in the fertile soil of Greenburgh.
What did the sign say? In three short words, it expressed the liberating idea that our town supervisor can be re-elected without controlling help from America's political bosses and special interests - that there could be a new political party just for Greenburgh, serving our citizens first, and that this party would defiantly be called, "The Greenburgh United Party.'' Yes, a new idea for local American towns.
Oh, the sign said, "I'm with Paul."
Terry Pavone

data not drama said...

"and as usual no update on this topic from the master himself"

I've noticed this, as well. With all the blog topics, Mr. Feiner chooses not to provide updates or conclusions to matters; they just scroll away and seem to be forgotten. I've got nothing against the guy, but it is weird.

hal samis said...

Perchance the blog really exists for Feiner to gather information about what residents are thinking about and not for him to be making updates and reports. I believe that is the reason the Town maintains email lists for both the Town Supervisor and the Town Council and a separate list for the Parks Department.

But what is the highest and best use of the blog? It is when Feiner introduces a topic (of his choice) and then turns it over to the public to exchange views and vows, even if the downside is that posters often depart from the header or all roads lead to dumping on Feiner.

Think about it this way. At Town Hall, the public also has opportunities to speak, 5 minutes during Public Comment or unlimited during Public Hearings. But since the public doesn't control the room, the Town Board can run your comments through the shredder, even if by only their right to be the last one standing. Here on the blog you can duke it out ad nauseum.

The other thing about the blog is as a 24/7 online apparatus, you can get off what's on your chest immediately, even without an unusually high call volume warning.

So far the blog exists for what you want it to be. However if anyone should have the right to use it as he pleases, or not use it, it should be the one who is paying for it, Supervisor Paul Feiner.

One thing I have learned from the blog is that there seems to be a very large number of voters in Greenburgh with the same last name, Anonymous. I wonder how the Board of Elections handles this when the polling stations open?

feiner's record stinks said...

back to the topic - there are too many signs on east hartsdale - many of the signs are old, damaged or faded. there are several makeshift signs in various stages of decay. there are many illegal signs. there is inadequate removal of trees and shrubs blocking sings. one could go on and on. feiner's record on the visual blight stinks. where is his supervision?

Anonymous said...

the Scarsdale Inquirer recently called E Hartsdale Ave "hip" and praised the new jazz concert series Feiner and morganelli are sponsoring.

Anonymous said...

hip? thats as cool as "jiggy"

and when the music stops?

Anonymous said...

6:13 How about bringing this to the attention of the department of public works commissioner. That's his job,to check out these complaints.I'm sure he will be willing to assist you with this matter.

Anonymous said...

Contacting the DPW oftentimes results in no action. I have a vibe that the secretary who answers the phone and checks voicemail chooses what she's like to pass on. I may be wrong, but from my experience it seems pretty hit-or-miss to get action when making a call to the Greenburgh DPW.

It would be nice to have a DPW e-mail address, or maybe a town "Problem Solver" page like Yonkers and NYC have. They're both very diligent about follow-up.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say but the DPW secretary is a snip and she does choose the calls to her likeing .Maybe she was trained to do so by her boss since he hates to work...
If you dont get any action bring your problem to a television station,then and only then you will receive some results.

greenburgh dpw a joke said...

btw - i did contact dpw - they said they had no jurisdiction over east hartsdale as it was a state road - total bs

when con ed was notified about the illegal signs on their property they took action

greenburgh dpw stinks

data not drama said...

Yes, I've had the same experiences with calling the DPW. There's a situation at the end of my street that's calling out for a lawsuit any day, but no action has been taken by the Town. Is there an e-mail address that residents could use to bypass that secretary?

Also, yes, East Hartsdale Avenue is a fully Town road. (West Hartsdale Avenue is a State road; the Town is only required to do its routine maintenance.)