Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I was driving past the Old Town Hall today. It's almost entirely down. The old Town Hall property will be used for parking for the new library. Estimated construction completion date: June, 08.


Anonymous said...

With an estimated construction completion date of June 2008 does that mean the library will re-open for its customers in July or August?
How much over budget (cut the bs, include furnishing the library and putting books, magazines and DVD's on the shelves in sufficient quantity when counting the dollars) is the project?
Why isn't Al Regula posting updates to the library's progress on the Town web-site? How about some pictures? And no one answered Samis on the probable additional cost of piping 5 shallow wells versus one deep well - where is the old Feiner bulldoging for answers?

data not drama said...

Good point. For such a major endeavor, it would seem appropriate to post a monthly update.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame we let this happen in this Town. It's such a waste! of money. I just can't believe the vote won by only 66 votes. If it lost by 66 votes, I know there would have been another vote, until it passed. What
a shame.

hal samis said...

Correction to 9:28:

The original geothermal scheme WAS 5 wells, 1500 feet deep, open loop = $500,000. I calculate 7,500 feet of pipe.

The new scheme, switched to because they could not do the above which residents told them from the start they could not do because of the NYC water aqueduct running below the library is now:

40 wells, 500 feet deep, closed loop = $ ??? I calculate 40,000 feet of pipe. Since they wells are located further away from the building, there will be additional pipe needed to get back to the claiming point in the building.

And, the wells are to be dug mostly below the new parking areas which means, if there is trouble in the future, then the parking will have to be dug up.

As for long term savings, these systems "pay" for themselves over time ONLY IF they last as long as "over time".
There are not very many systems in operation that have yet reached the "over time" nexus.

If you believe that the project will be completed in June 2008, then there are a lot of falling down bridges for sale.

And there is a world of difference between how Ossining presented its new library construction progress, blemishes and all, and how the Greenburgh Public Library Trustees are going about keeping the public updated. The Greenburgh Public Library's mission is not about providing information; it is about hiding the facts.

And Al Regula is charged with not bringing the bad news to the Town COUNCIL before the election so they can say they weren't aware of any bad news.

The Town Council ignored the red flags posted periodically because they saw the Library as one more sacrifice in their quest to unseat Feiner. Taxpayers be damned as the "end" would justify the means say they.

Anonymous said...

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