Wednesday, August 08, 2007


PROCRASTINATION ALERT: I am urging the Town Board to appoint residents to the Planning Board and Zoning Board. There has been a vacancy on the Planning Board since January, 07. There has been a vacancy on the Zoning Board since October, 06. There is no reason why these positions should not be filled. Both boards are very important.


Anonymous said...

One question does Sheehan have anything to say about who is selected on these boards. If he does I will not apply.

Anonymous said...

12:34 is right,If the dictator Sheehan has anything to do with placing someone on any board or in any position in town government, you know that this is a favor to be returned over and over again. If the person does not meet with Sheehan's blessing that's the end.
Take a look at Kaminer,he's the perfect example of what I'm saying.I as a retired developer I would take one of the positions but being under Sheehan thumb,is something that I or any honest person would not tolerate.

data not drama said...

In regards to the specific content responsibilities of either board, I think I would enjoy participating and be of assistance. But I truly have no skills for dealing with the politics and such that Unincorporated Greenburgh is known for.

data not drama said...

Just posting this from the Town's website in case someone else might be interested:

"Division of Zoning, which shall provide professional services for the Town Zoning Board of Appeals and report and give assistance to Town Zoning Board applicants and the public, pursuant to Chapters 240 and 285 of the Town Code and any other applicable laws and ordinances."

"Division of Planning, which shall provide professional planning services to the Town Board and the Town Planning Board, assistance to the Town Planning Board and Town Board applicants and the public, perform land use studies and review ordinances, pursuant to Chapters 250 (Subdivision) and 285 (Zoning, Site Plan and Special Permits) of the Town Code and any other applicable laws and ordinances."