Saturday, August 04, 2007


We will be showing our third outdoor movie in the park next Friday night at Massaro Park in N Elmsford. The movie: STUMP THE YARD. Last night we showed the movie ARE WE THERE YET at Travis.
We hope to expand our movies in the parks next year to other parks around town.


Anonymous said...

I believe it's Stomp the Yard, no?

Anonymous said...

Are white people welcome?

Anonymous said...

"Stump the yard"

Is this what we are supposed to do to get rid of the weeds on the Central Avenue median?

Anonymous said...

Haha ... I just wrote about the weeds in the general weekly section. I wonder why Greenburgh management makes the choice to neglect that. It would be so simple to remedy, and would make Mr. Feiner seem responsive to the basic expectations of voters-taxpayers.

StOmp the Yard is actually a pretty cool movie. Though the target market is African-American, I think non-blacks will find it equally entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Predictable but good story, not a "family" movie, but high school kids like it.

MPAA Rating: PG13 (Violence, Sexual Situations, Adult Situations, Profanity)

Running Time: 114 mins

A young man finds that the moves he learned on the street may help him make a better life for himself in this youth-oriented musical drama. DJ Williams (Columbus Short) is a 19-year-old growing up in Los Angeles; while DJ is at heart a good kid and a gifted street dancer, he runs with a dangerous crowd, and one night an underground dance competition turns into a brawl and DJ ends up in jail. DJ's younger brother has already died a violent death, and his mother, hoping to put him back on the straight and narrow, sends DJ off to Truth University, a historically African-American college in Atlanta. At first, DJ feels like a misfit at Truth, but when he gets a chance to show off his dancing skills, he attracts the attention of two campus fraternities. Greek life is a major presence at Truth, and each year the fraternities take part in a "stepping" competition, in which the members show off their synchronized dance moves. DJ joins the ONO house, and is eager to help them take the championship away from their campus rivals, but in time he also comes to understand the brotherhood and community service that's a key part of his fraternity's background. DJ also has more on his mind than dancing and studying when he meets April (Meagan Good), a beautiful coed. Produced under the title Steppin', Stomp the Yard also stars Ne-Yo, Brian J. White, and Jermaine Williams.