Friday, March 21, 2008


The Greenburgh Town Board met this past Tuesday to review all the capital budget requests that were submitted by department heads. We decided to defer $1,339,000 in projects. A list of projects being deferred to another year is posted in the summary below. Members of the Board are going to work hard in the coming months to keep future tax hikes to single digit. Some aspects of the budget are out of our control. The town must issue additional bonds to pay for the library construction (which was approved by the voters). The cost of gas, insurance keeps going up. Interest rates are going down, impacting the revenue we’re getting. The economy is also impacting sales tax/mortgage tax revenue. Certiorari’s are also impacting our budget. I recognize that many residents cannot afford double digit tax hikes and am prepared to support cuts in some programs in 2009. Your suggestions, feedback on budget issues is always appreciated. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE TOWN PORTION OF YOUR TOTAL TAX BILL IS UNDER 19%. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE SCHOOL TAXES, FIRE DISTRICT TAXES, COUNTY TAXES.
Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cable Vision Channel 76, Verizon Channel 32)
All Work Sessions are now streamed live.
2:00p.m. Agenda Review
2:15p.m. Busing Associates – Parks and Recreation
2:25p.m. TDYCC – Capital Budget

2:45p.m. TDYCC – RFP (to develop Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis) and Affordable Housing

3:00p.m. Work for Taxes– Pauline Kirkland

3:15p.m. Chauncey Estates – Thomas Madden

3:30p.m. Town Assessor – Executive Session

3:45p.m. PBA – Executive Session

4:45p.m. Energy Conservation Coordinator Interviews – Executive Session

6:00pm. Adjourn

April 1, 2008 Work Session

Ø Sunrise Assisted Living – Follow up

Ø Janet Giris - WestHab

Ø Energy Conservation Interviews

Ø Waterwheel – Village of Ardsley

Work Session Summary – Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Community Outreach

Community Outreach meetings have been tentatively scheduled for Tarrytown, Ardsley and Dobbs Ferry. These meetings will take place during April and May, 2008.

Capital Budget Reviews

The Board conducted a preliminary review of capital budget requests submitted by department heads. The Town Supervisor has not yet submitted his proposed capital budget. Initial revisions have been made in the departmental budgets, however, all revisions are subject to further modifications. The review continues to be a work in progress. The Board recommended that the following items be deferred or tentatively reduced:
Planning Department – Hybrid vehicle - $ 25,000
Police Department – FATS training system - $29,500
Public Works – Reduction in sidewalk rehabilitation - $150,000
Public Works - Curbing Rehabilitation – Reduction - $250,000
Public Works - E-85 Fueling depot - $120,000
Public Works - Greenburgh Nature Center – cleaning station - $10,000

Parks & Rec – AFV - Tennis court lights replacement - $38,500
Parks & Rec – East Rumbrook Park modernization - $476,000
Parks & Rec – Massaro Park – Replace retaining wall - $120,000

Parks & Rec – Richard Presser/ Webb Park Playground Replacement - $120,000

Total tentative reductions / deferments - $1,339,000


hal samis said...

Here we go again.

Ask for the moon, settle for the stars. I don't know what these department heads have asked for.

Let's start with the department round one requests posted on the Town website, so that we can see the starting point and follow it down.

Why wait for the first round to be over. I don't start reading a book at the second chapter, I start with chapter one.

When I go to the movies, I'm the guy who arrives in time for the coming attractions; not the guy who comes in 15 minutes after the feature starts.

I like the concept of a beginning, a middle and an end. I even like telling me what you're gonna tell me, telling me what you're telling me and then telling me what you've told me.

I'm a full input kinda guy.

So before I applaud, I like to know what I'm applauding for.

I'd like to know if $29,000 was cut from $29,000 requested or $29,000 was cut from $129,000, leaving $100,000.

That would make more aware like a Sy Syms customer.

Let's open up the doors and let the sun shine in.

Anonymous said...

What is going on at rumbrook park. The field was just renovated and the lawn is all brown, i wish the town would go after the contractors who perform shoddy work.Why does the parks department want 400 k more for that park?

unincorporated wannbees cost us said...


sounds like the unincorporated crowd that opposes amending finneran to allow additional sources of revenue from villagers are letting their so called assests go to seed.

they just cant seem to stand it that feiner is right and they are wrong and their venality is not lost on anyone.

let hope the rec board is not influenced by these mean spirited folks.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Town Bd work session, Hal,on the web (this was pretty cool). I recall that each of these deletions in spending was for the entire project request. I was hoping some of these projects would have been approved. Realistically, it couldn't happen because of the economic problems we all are facing. I enjoyed the dialogue among Town Board members. Civil, informative, no bad mouthing each other. Refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Twenty nine thousand reduction for the police department.
Paul you have got to be kidding and ashamed to put those figures in print.
Are you trying to make us feel good in saying that you are trying to cut taxes.
With a budget that the police demanded saving twenty nine thousand is a slap in our faces.

Anonymous said...

Wow wee what a savings.
Are we supposed to say thank you for these projects that you all knew would not get off the ground.
Each department got what they set out to get from the beginning.
Where the cuts were made was not needed at all.
The police department's cut was $29,000.00 which is a drop in the bucket since all their demands were given to them.
The DPW cut what they knew would not be accepted by residents that wanted sidewalks in their areas.
As far as curbing goes they knew that they could not put curbing throughout the whole town so make it look that this would be cut out.
What a favor.
THe Rec Dept. cut out things that have been done over and over again,
We have been paying for the refurbishing of all parks each and every year.
So tell me where were the cuts made.
This was done this way so they can say that they tried.
Then comes next year, well since we cut the budjet $1,339,000 we have to raise you that amount plus .
Watch out we are starting to recognize your method of doing things in trying to run this town
which at the moment is a bit scarry.
You could have saved another $100,000.00 but you decided to give that money to Fairview.
May we ask you what are you all smoking.Is the stuff affecting your brains.

Anonymous said...

What are we doing about overtime costs?????

Anonymous said...

There is no control over the B budget. No one cares. Talk talk talk about the courts/trailers. That gets attention. Why -- because it ti sin the A budget.

Anonymous said...

The $1,339,000 is capital budget cuts, not operational budget cuts.

Anonymous said...

So we gave up after one meeting and decided no control of Overtime costs??? Thanks Feiner.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that you are not working to represent the people/
What you are doing is giving away our money to your employees and their demands.
Let the public pay.
Show us what you actually can cut figures and all.
What you're showing us is nothing.
You were given tremendous ideas as to what to do but I guess they were too much for you and the board to handle.
You are preparing yourselves for the greatst downfall comes the next election and the one to follow.
We need people in office that have good back bones which you have not shown.
Not only have you given away the cows but you have given away the barn too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

What is going to happen when Danny Gold and his group of Villagers come down to Town Hall and "request" financial assistance for the new Irvington fire truck?

WHat is going to happen to the budget then???????????

Anonymous said...

Feiner was the only one who opposed the 20 million library expansion. This is one of the causes of the tax hike. Bernstein/McNally, etc..supported this expense.

Anonymous said...

Brick sidewalks in EDgemont? Why should E Irvington pay?

Anonymous said...

Calling 993-1540----Hi Paul this is Danny Gold,listen you have to do me another big favor,as friend to friend you know whay happened to the funds for the fire truck so I am asking you to allocate the funds for this matter.
I know that you will come thru for me.
See you at the next work session.

Anonymous said...

Yes the people in Edgemont supported the plans for the new library,because Paul was against the.
Had Paul said that he was in favor
of the library expansion things would have reversed temselves.
The board together with Edgemont worked against every proposal that Paul made especially with the library.
As far as Taxter rd. well Edgemont wanted more green spaces,gold wanted a bigger back yard and with the purchase of Harts park the civic assoc. would have no development.
Tell me who runs the Town of Greenburgh..

Anonymous said...

Let's see what happens at this next work session.I bet the town grants Irvington the funds for the fire truck.
We know that Paul would not refuse gold that favor.

Anonymous said...

Oh my the work session is on April fools day,what jokes will the town board play on the public concerning Westhelp and the waterwheel property.
These are two subjects that could bring in good revenue to help the residents.
BUT we know no one cares if there is a way to lessen the burden of taxes so long as things are done to please a chosen few.
Westhelp should be changed to a senior citizen complex that will be bringing in tax money.
The waterwheel should also be sold,forget about putting affordable housing in it place.
Get the tenants that live in the affordable houses that refuse to show their tax returns out and rent those apartments to the volunteers.
Now you see how easy problems are solved.BUT the town board does not solve they create more.

Anonymous said...

These are baseline municipal services:

- Public Works – Reduction in sidewalk rehabilitation - $150,000
- Public Works - Curbing Rehabilitation – Reduction - $250,000

While we all know there's plenty of waste in the DPW (overtime abuse, lack of employee supervision, lack of professional operations management, etc.), I don't think that routine municipal responsibilities should be cut.

Anonymous said...

Who has control over public works? I have seen trucks picking up garbage at commercial establishments.

Anonymous said...

What about garbage pickups four and five days a week from some residential homes when they should only be picking up recyclables.They pick up anything and everything that is put curbside without checking for household garbage .
The supervisors pass by checking as to where the men are but they never check what is left curbside.
I put my garbage curbside on my days and the rest out when it is the day of pickup.
Why should some residents be treated diferently ?
We keep our gabage until pickup days where as some homes never have garbage except for saturday or sunday WHy?
Regula has been told of this complaint many times over but it still goes on.
He does not care what happens so long as he is not doing it.
Well years ago sanitation was picking up from commercial businesses.Just remember the working men take orders without orders they will not do commercial pickups.Need I say more.

Anonymous said...

No one cares about expenses in the B budget. All the department heads care about is keeping jobs for their employees. Parks and recs runs classes with 2 people. Cut cut cut.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 5:08
you can't have it both ways. Cuts- any cuts- should be applauded during these difficult times.

Anonymous said...

cut 10 positions in the PD and save 1 million dollars. Life is so easy>

Anonymous said...

1. Get rid of Marine Unit
2. Get rid of School Resource Officer (or if not, have schools that want it pay)
3. Have civilians do EMT
4. Youthful Offender Court – transfer to Family Court
5. Review or establish rules for OT, require appropriate signoffs and documentation.

Anonymous said...

end the absurd comprehensive plan now

Anonymous said...

Stop paying overtime for babysitting the police day camp and send them to the recreation camps,

Anonymous said...

Dear anony who suggests we get rid of community resource officer assigned to the schools.
Tell that to the parents of some of the schools where kids were murdered on school property. They wish they had police in the schools. Being a naysayer for the sake of being a naysayer is not appreciated.

Anonymous said...

So did the cops assigned to Woodlands stop the kid from getting beat up and his leg brokern??

Anonymous said...

The police in this town are playing cops .
I do not think they have the know how to be extraordinary police even though we have the latest equipment to do the work for them.
The problem now is the more up to date aids received makes them work less. Their minds have shut down to every day thinking because they have everything at their finger tips.
Before they had to call in problems today they have a computer in their vehicles that does all the work for them.
So why do we need all that personnel at headquarters,when there are programs on the computers that give out all the answers.
Paul what is wrong with this picture.
Make the necessary cuts and forget about stepping on anyones toes.

lost millions said...

lost revenue from the tennis bubble - millions

reason - small mindededness from the whatever feiner is for im against crowd (lives mostly in edgemont....) who oppose amending finneran

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:17, I agree with you. The PD is way too much than what we need. They may be qualified POs, etc., but we have too many captains, leutinents, sergents. I understand how the Chief wants to promote everyone qualified, but we just dont need that many people.

Anon at 3:12 -- what is your suggestion. Bernstein wanted Villages to chip in. Court said no, but they cant use property. I dont know who is right, Bernstien or the court, but it seems to me that one of them is (i.e., those taxpayers who pay for rec facilities should be the ones who get to uses it). What do you think the answer is?

Anonymous said...

The answer is if we have room for more people then we should charge them an appropriate fee to use the facilities. That makes it a win-win situation

greed said...

no one as disputed that use of veteran park is down.

apparently a handful of selfish users want to keep the pool as their private preserve without regard to cost.

there is a word for this - greed

Anonymous said...

Attention all Fairview Fire District Residents. Tonicht Tuesday March 25, 2008 from 5pm - 9pm their will be a vote at the Fire House located on Worthington Road. The fire districh wants 9 million dollars for a new fire house. Please VOTE NO. Our taxes keep on going up people are getting laid off, we cant afford this. VOTE NO

Anonymous said...


If we compute what the taxes would be on ALL the Village residents for parks and recs, and then divide it up by the number of village people that want to use the facilities that would be OK with me.

Anonymous said...


The greed is the Village residents who want to use the pool, yet not be taxed for it. TOVers dont want to take the pittance that they want to pay for access. I live in the TOV, dont use any pools, but I probably pay more in my share of Town taxes for parks and recs that the Villagers want to pay for pool access.

Anonymous said...

3/25/05 Journal News story by Stacy Anderson on modified tax hike in Greenburgh.

Article quoted "noted" Edgemont lawyer, Bob Bernstein, that although his aborted lawsuit added $341,605to the tax hike, "the overestimated income was substantial. They (the town board) overestimated income (interest income from bank deposits etc.)by three quarters of a million dollars. That's a huge mistake."

What the all-knowing, prescient, Renaissance man from Edgemont failed to mention that the head of the Federal Reserve, banks across the country and worldwide, top money managers, Bear Sterns and most every municipality in the country did the same thing.Commit "that huge mistake."

One has to wonder how Bob Bernstein did with his investments, and how would he have managed the town's money.

This observer knows he wouldn't have fared any better, and would most likely (being out of his league-whether he would pubically admit it or not)would not have done as well.

Coverig one's butt with deflection techniques which Bob has been doing to excess lately, will only make him look like the phony characeture that he has become, when the spotlight shines on the fraud that he is.

Stacy Anderson should be more selective in her choice of people to interview and/or quote. She should interview people with no agenda, or at least honest people who give honest responses.

But Stacy's new on the beat and will be weened of the Bernsteins of the town.

wake up said...

as reported at the work session, millions are needed to fix or replace the pools in the town

wake up - we need new sources of income from the villages and that means amending finneran s the tennis bubble can be built.

Anonymous said...

No, either repeal Finnerman or live with it.

dumb dumb dumb said...

thats ridiculous and foolish. millions of dollars the town needs should just be sent packing??

we need the tennis bubble. get smart.

Anonymous said...

Ok, then

1. Repeal Finnerman or

2. Allow only the bubble

stop ignoring reality said...

the villages have made it clear that is not an option
we cannot modify finneran to allow just the bubble
time to get real or continue to pay double digit tax increases
the party is over. the town needs new sources of revenue. thats spelled one way - amend finneran to give the town board flexibiliy to open the parks to non-unincorporated residents and taxpayers.