Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The Town Board held a special Town Board meeting this afternoon. We unanimously approved a local law authorizing the disbursement of funds to the Fairview Fire district, using WESTHELP money ($100,000 was given to the district). We also approved an agreement authorizing the Westchester Federal Credit Union to permit the placement of an external sign bearing the credit union's name on the grounds of Town Hall. In consideration, the credit union will pay for the replacement of the existing Town Hall sign and will also donate six attractive "Welcome to Greenburgh" signs at various locations in Greenburgh.
The Board met with a number of department heads and discussed the proposed capital buget - making cuts in department budget requests.


ed krauss said...

Your announcement, that the town board, at a special session approved a law to disburse $100,000 of Westhelp rentalincome,
to the Fairview Fire department seemed to me to ooze pride. Beating one's self, pride.

This town is hemorrhaging from a 20+% tax increase. An increase paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of its residents...whether they can afford it or not. And five people vested with the resonsibilty of allocating tax dollars judiciously,"proudly" create a way to pseudo-legally allocate TOWN funds to
a sectional organization.

Man oh man, Nero had nothing on the five of you "money managers."

First, why give any needed funds away to anyone, when everyone needs them?

Second, who are you, and where is your justification for giving money to one fire district when three service the unincorporated?

It's like the misguided last town board giving away $650,000 to a "tangential" school district- Valhalla, which serves a handful of Greenburgh children. While the other nine school districts are schneided, and the NYS comptroller opines the "giveaway" is not kosher, the board still handed over the money,WITH NO STRINGS.

They broke the law the first time, and this "new" board thinks that creating a "law" they will make the misapproriation of town funds, LEGAL.

Fool me once, shame n you. Fool me twice,shame on me. I truly hope that some enterprising lawyer or group ban together and sue!sue!sue!!!

Have you no decency? Have you no common sense? I don't thnk I need answer those rhetorcal questions.

$750,000 equals more than 2% points. And if you look at some of the other avoidable fiscal errors instead of catering to yet another special interset group, maybe you can show those who voted for you WHY.

I don't like coming off as a fault fider but you folks really, really, really PISS ME OFF.

I know cuttng operating expenses are not easy, what with getting people, groups, employees, department heads and others angry with you( by the way you're elected by a majority of the people so you shouldn't worry about whose nose you put out of joint...but your actions prove you do).

However,when a windfall drops into you lap, like the new found revenue stream flowing from the Westhelp rental income, dear G-d don't piss it away. look at where the money could be used to replace tax dollars.

What is wrong with you people? It doesn't take a Bernard Baruch to figure out how to SAVE instead of SPEND when the cupboard is bare, naked, nude, stripped of funds.

THere is the "rule of holes," when you're in over your head, stop shoveling.

You have a unique opportunity. You can continue to "shovel," or you can start making the"right moves."

In tennis, what you did is known as an unforced error (one that your opponent did not cause, you did it to yourself.) In the business world there are "correctible errors" ( that which can be finessed with an eraser.)

It's never too late to save $100,000 or even, $650,000 more.

It's your call. Let's see how the new board differs from the old board, and to what degree of cost-effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

The vote was cast by members of the old board and the new board. Unanimous decision!

scary said...

watching the vote, without anyone expressing a single qualm about its legality was scary.

a new low in greenburgh politics.

Anonymous said...

We all knew that Kevin and Sonia would end up to be turn coats.
They should not have voted for Fairview to receive the money.
This was coming since Kevin praised Fairview for their work and Sonia lives in that area.
Well we got rid of two idiots to bring in two who will only favor their own areas.
The money should have gone to town wide facilities.
Now one can see that the town council is playing along with all the Feiner ideas whether they are right or wrong.
If the town had the money to give away you should have put it toward lowering the taxes NO you all decided to do what you wanted,which was declared illegal by the state comptrollers office.
May I ask what laws do you abide by.
I do think each and everyone of you should be investigated as to why you gave away this money away when we needed for a reduction in taxes.
It shows that each and everyone one of you is full f S--T when you state that you will be representing the people.
Your work session was deplorable it made us see how one sided this entire board is.
Do you think that because the sessions are televised it makes this open government.
It just confirms all our fears that we are heading for higher and higher taxes for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

So we are getting signs to show people where Greenburgh is.
There should be included on the signage the worse town to live in since there is no representation for the people.
If you want to loose your shirt welcome to Greenburgh we the Government will do just that for you.

Cabalist said...

Why did this require a special meeting? Were you afraid of comments from regular attendees? Why was this session NOT available on the internet or cable TV? What happened to Greenburgh's vaunted "dial Democracy"?
My feeling is that you were ashamed of what you were doing, and wanted as few people as possible to see you embarrass yourselves.
Back to the Star Chamber! Score one for King Paul the Omnipotent!

Anonymous said...

Did the town council of Greenburgh ever stop to think that this town is the easy way of getting to bigger and better things in White Plains and Yonkers.
How many vehicles come into our town and stay here to shop?
This is becoming a ghost town as far as business goes.
Not only are there empty stores but the filthe along the Greenburgh major roadways and side streets is deplorable.
Greenburgh signs are great to bring people away from shopping in our towns.

disgrace said...

there was a public hearing on giving $ to fairview.

there was no legal opinion that doing so was proper.

the public hearing was rather inconclusive on whether there is a townwide benefit. given that, the town should not have voted to give the money to fairview.

this is A budget money. there was no indication the villages were in agreement with this giveaway of 1.2 million dollars.

juettner and sheehan are up for re-election in 2009.

they voted to give the money away also. at least feiner and the new board allowed the public to see that juettner and sheehan did so without any hesitation.

i guess this is the same way juettner voted to buy taxter and to build that eyesore wall in front of presser park - just rubber stamping whatever comes across her plate. francis used to know better. he is a huge disappointment. ill bet he spent more time speaking with ella preiser then evaluating the legality of giving money to the fairview fire dept.

Anonymous said...

Do you all think that you did the smartest thing in passing this law.
You should consider yourselves not as law makers but law breakers.
Did you ever stop to think what could happen because you passed laws without the publics input.
Paul so this is open government?
They say there is more accomplished behind closed doors than in the open but this was a terrible mistake because you knew dam well that id this was put out before a regular town board there would have been much opposition.
All your jelly council members folded up also.
I must say you have the worst score of running town government.
You do not know what government means.
Well we made another big mistake this past election but I do not think it will happen again.
We have to put in office people that have a strong back bone not jelly bellies like we have now.
This board are nothing what we expected.Sorry Bass and Barnes.
We have chosen the worse to team up with the so called dictator and the silent one.
Not only will we be on the short end of the stick when it comes to law making but we have to pay for their stupidity with higher taxes until two to four years are up.
There has to be someone out there in other political parties that have the know how to run a town.
This party has ruined us in many ways with their unlawful spending and now enacting laws without the public input.


Anonymous said...

Feiner, Morgan, Brown promised to honor the HELP agreement prior to their election in November. The HELP partnership with the Fairview Fire District was discussed publicly.
Is there anything wrong with elected officials who keep their word?

Anonymous said...

The Town Attorney reviewed the Fairview agreement with Sheehan, Juettner, Brown, Morgan, Feiner and found that the local law complied with NYS law.
The Fairview Fire Dept provides mutual assistance to fire departments town-wide.

just one vote said...

a legal opinion by the town's inside counsel should not be relied upon where the state comptroller has ruled that arrangements of this nature are illegal.

a responsible board would know that.

samis's rule has been changed - there is just one vote - one person

meet town council member feiner juettner sheehan morgan beville

hal samis said...

I'm sorry, did I miss the really bad news buried in this Special Town Board meeting, the vote on the tax increase. Or was it not there?

Especially since the good news that did make it is so good.

I have a policy of trying to avoid A & B and WESTHELP matters but lately I am reviewing my issues with getting involved.

But, let me make this observation.
The "old" Town Board claimed they were misled and but for that, they would never have tolerated allowing the WESTHELP disbursements. And, as the matter dragged on toward the November elections, the old Town Board made much of saying that we've protected the Town because the Valhalla School District is only the temporary custodian of the funding; if it turns out that they aren't entitled, then they have to give it back. So it would seem that the bases had been covered.

Now we have a new Town Board, two new members, the Supervisor and the incumbents filling out their existing terms, Council members, Mr. Sheehan and Ms. Juettner. Mr. Sheehan and Ms. Juettner now have had a long time to study the matter; they can no longer claim that in the haste to make a decision, they were misled.
So, what do we observe, but that for right or wrong, they have voted again in favor. I guess that, according to non-resident Sy Syms, "being an educated council member is the Town's best council member". Of course, depending on where you live and vote, not all parts of Town are equal all the time.

And, as for "welcome to Greenburgh" signs, doesn't it bother anyone on the Town Board that facing a need for additional space at the Courts, that the Town is running around looking to spend $500,000, essentially on trailers, to solve this need while at the same time adequate space is available within Town Hall at no cost! Consider that the Credit Union space is available on notice as per their lease. Of course, The Lease (in the rush to convince that public that renting out the space was a good thing and that there would be no outside signage), this being the same lease which disallowed outdoor signage also gave the Town an out on continuing their occupancy during any existing lease term: if the Town needed the space for its own use, the tenant (the Credit Union) would have to vacate. A risk that the tenant was willing to assume considering that the location was so "prime" for their use. Both the Tenant and the Town were represented by competent Counsel.

Now the Town needs the space because it won't cost $500,000 if the space is used instead to fulfill the near-term needs of the Courts. Not only is the Credit Union space available, but with the Library's fall exit strategy (they can be moving out even before the new building opens), there will be vacated the upstairs Children's room, the "storage" room across from the STAR office, the cafeteria and the room off the cafeteria available. And if this isn't enough, good news! Without an energy coordinator, we can also kick in that office space. And, if there still isn't enough space, I can think of several under utilized conference rooms and the ocean of space wasted in the Assessor's office. And, perhaps it would also be logical to move the part-time Town historian over to the local history room at the new Library. Yes, there is lots of space at Town Hall that can be used to work out a workable deal with the Courts, the Police Department and Town Hall itself.

What's the downside? Why the Town would have to give up the roughly $25,000 of annual rent that the Credit Union pays. This budget altering sum, you may remember, was why Mr. Sheehan voted to allow the Credit Union entree to Town Hall when he was a member of the "old" Town Board. Now that he is part of the "new" Town Board, he has joined them to allow the Credit Union an outdoor sign because apparently business is not so good at the Credit Union and they need this sign to stay afloat. Certainly a point that should give the Town Board reason to escort them off the premises. Does Greenburgh really want to promote a troubled financial institution seeking to continue as a depository for employee and resident savings?

However, this being Greenburgh, the new Town Board voted to allow them their sign and to spend $500,000 for the Court's temporary "expansion" both which makes "good sense" because no one wants to lose the $25,000 of rent that the Credit Union pays and the bragging rights that the Town Hall retains and is adding to when the new sign goes up.

Note too, that in commercial leases, the tenant contributes additional rent (taxes, when applicable, electric, repairs, maintenance, etc) on the basis of their percentage of occupancy against the building's total size.
Thus I would expect that the approved sign size would be in the same proportion to the size of the Town Hall sign as is their percentage of occupancy of the building. Right?

You've got to laugh or cry in giving credit where credit is due;
the new Town Board must be laughing as they deposit their Town paychecks -- assuredly not with the Credit Union.

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oh no said...

oy - sounds like president mccain.

hal samis said...

And Ms Clinton, this relates to the topic, the Special Town Board Meeting, how?

If you can't read, do we need a blind President also?

If that becomes the job spec, then I nominate Gerald McBoing Boing.

This is not a bulletin board but a blog about Greenburgh issues. We have enough problems with the DPW already; we don't need them to bill taxpayers for picking up your trash left here.

Anonymous said...

Why should Fairview residents"ONLY"
be responsible for providing services(Money)to WestHelp? The Fire Dept responds there 0ver 400 times a year. They already have 45% tax free properties including THe Police Dept./Town Hall/Library,/Youth center/ Rumbrook Pk/Travis Park/Old Tarrytown Rd./Yosemite Pk/Elmsford LL field(west rumbrook)/Reilly Pond/Westchester Comm College. Plus they already do town wide services for everybody in the entire Town. No other FD does.

No new courthouse said...

What is this business about the Town Court needing more space? It is probably the biggest town courthouse in Westchester.

Years ago the court facilities were also used for the offices of the District Attorney. When he vacated, there was plenty of extra room.

Has someone made a comparison about how much, if at all, the court business has increased since that time? I doubt that it has increased much at all. Criminal activity and vehicle violations are not a growth business. Indeed, we are told that criminal activity is down.

The court has added personnel because of the incompetence of the clerk's office. Do they need more space to keep the money that is not being accounted for? Maybe if they got a competent clerk they would operate efficiently and not keep having to add personnel to clean up the clerk's mess.

Does each of the judges need her own private chamber? No, of course not. They are all part-time judges. In every other town court judges share one chamber because they are rarely, if ever, there at the same time.

Or is this really the same old same old -- a desire to have a personal top-of-the-line edifice just because that is what the judges would like. Does it sound like the library all over again?

Please stop this madness before we have another budget fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Giving the court extra space at Town Hall is a dumb idea. The court should be located at one location. Court personnel should work in the same building. The Town Board correctly nixed plans to expand the court house (didn't they talk about spending upwards of $30 million on a new court house/police HQ)? Allocating some funds for trailers will provided needed space for the court to operate in an efficient manner. The conditions at the court is so bad that the Administrative Judge assigned a clerk to monitor Greenburgh court operations. WOuld you rather spend a half a million or 30 million?

Anonymous said...

" ... filthe along the Greenburgh major roadways and side streets is deplorable."

Seriously, what does the highway department do all day since they don't do street-sweeping or weed-wacking or litter pickup and such. This is a nasty-looking town to live in. The only reason I live is for the quality of the Edgemont schools. The summer after my oldest graduates, I plan to move a few blocks down over the Yonkers line for the lower taxes and higher quality municipal services.

Anonymous said...

In Greenburgh things are done very differently.
\The judges are partime employees why the heck do each one of them need their own office.
This is poor management on the towns part.
The town waits until complaints are bought foward to take some action in investigating the goings on.
How stupid can our officials be.
Now they want trailers,what is the reason.
Get rid of some of your dead wood and see how much room you could have by doing this.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone check the archives of a recent Town Bd work session? The trailer idea is being pushed by the NYS Courts.

Anonymous said...

Calling it a Town Wide purpose dont make it so.

hal samis said...

Dear 5:21,

Unless you find it onerous to make your appearances as a defendant in more than one Court on the same day, there is nothing that necessitates traffic court, for instance, being located next door to a court where "felons" are being tried. Entirely different matters and different procedures.

As 5:58 has correctly noted, the immediate need for more space is not a voluntary action on the part of the Town. It is the Town's response to orders from the State.
And the State has no special love for Court business being conducted in trailers in a downstate location. The State has just attempted to provide a viable, lower cost solution rather than ordering new construction

How the Town chooses to comply with this directive is up to the Town Board. Clearly the Town cannot afford another construction project for years. Thus, faced with the obligation to provide more space, the Town can either spend money to do so -- and it has already put into motion the the "obligatory" response which is pegged to an expenditure of $500,000. However it can obtain the same required result for considerably less money, albeit shifting some Court functions to another location. Whereas it may be neat and logical to have everything beginning with "Court" under one roof, the tax increases that the Town is facing and will assuredly face for the next several years will be even higher after committing to spending $500,000 up front. Giving up $25,000 in Credit Union annual rent seems to be a much more sensible option under the circumstances -- as well as getting rid of a tenant that should never have been in Town Hall from the start.

So, if you feel that you absolutely need to have all your rendezvous with justice under one roof, you can join the group of taxpayers who complain about taxes going up and not being able to afford to live in Greenburgh but don't want any service cuts OR you can indulge in a little less perfection, undergo some inconvenience and keep taxes down.

Expenses are rising and will continue to do so, not only on a personal level, but especially in government structure which does not yield the sharpest or fastest knife when it comes to cutting costs.

Here is an opportunity to save a substantial expense and the Town Board looks the other way; the closest it comes to dealing with this tenant is allow them to post a sign outside which was intentionally prohibited, for reason, when drawing up the original lease.

Does the Town Board really intend to address rising taxes or just continue the lip service game. Perhaps the newest members, Morgan and Brown, are not yet up to steam and can't see the lack of logic in this equation. However in two weeks they will have been on the job three months and ran indicating that they were deserving of the responsibility. As for the other three members, Feiner, Sheehan and Juettner (ok forget Juettner, she'll never have a pulse) should know better and should be jumping on this option in a heartbeat.

The Town's residents cannot afford an unanticipated $500,000 hit and with a viable alternative at hand, this should be a lay-up.

Or do they really care because their $30,000 salaries can easily accommodate their personal share of the rising taxes; however most residents do not have $30,000 part-time jobs that also include full benefits.

Just charging items on the Town's credit card may delay the bill for 30 days or more, but the bill does arrive.

And that is when you find out about it, when you get your tax bill.

But hey, if higher taxes are not such a problem then the Town Board can continue to do playing have your cake and eat it too.

Of course period historians (those that remember the golden age of Greenburgh some 40 or 50 years ago) know that the quotation "let them eat cake" is attributed to unincorporated resident, Marie Antoinette, a topless dancer and one of the early endorsers of a radical new treatment for migraine headaches.

hal samis said...

Dear 5:27,

In case I don't remember to post you in a few years, goodbye.

Speaking for everyone on the blog, I extend our best wishes in your new home; somehow we'll manage to get over your departure.

Maybe I can be of some assistance when you get ready to sell; I'll be happy to foward your collected posts to your prospective buyer.

Anonymous said...

If the court were to move to town hall - the town would have to spend more funds for security. Bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Why not have traffic court at town hall and all the other cases at the court house.
I think the city of New YOrk has a building just for traffic tickets which is a fantastic idea.
Why cant this be done here in Greenburgh,

hal samis said...

Dear 10:48,

Please explain the EXTRA cost for security were the Traffic Court moved to Town Hall. I would expect that the Traffic Court would take ALL of its existing staffing.

Nothing like presenting a little back-up to justify a "bad idea" conclusion.

And while the Traffic Court is packing up, they can be joined by some of the office space that is lacking at the Courts.

Anonymous said...

Samis is right on the button.
This should be checked out because it works great in the City of New York.
But this is a big but. the idea was not thought of by the supervisor or any board member so we can rest assured that the idea will be poopooed.
This is what happens when good ideas are suggested to this town government they are thrown aside.
At least give us the satisfaction of thinking it over.

Anonymous said...

Courts don't work like departments. A court is where the judge is. The judge who sits on a particular day does traffic cases, criminal cases, town code cases, they are all on the calendar.

The problwm isn't the court or the judge. The problem is that the court offices are in a mess.

It is certainly possible that some of the clerical staff can work out of space in Town Hall.

Of course if we didn't have an overload of people who have to handle the finances that in most courts are handled by one capable person, we wouldn't have a space problem.

Anonymous said...

What happens to all the money that the court collects in tickets and fines, by the looks of traffic there it must be huge! cant some of this money be used to offset the cost of the trailers or new space?

hal samis said...

Dear 2:54,

Thanks for providing me the opportunity: Town Departments don't work like departments either; but let's save that for a rainy day and April's coming.

And why can't we have a dedicated Traffic Court, handling moving violations and parking tickets?

Or Traffic Court three mornings and two evenings, for example. And another "court" handling other matters on three afternoons and the other two evenings.

Or any mix that works. The only reason I have suggested such a use is that there would not be "prisoners" involved requiring a holding cell etc. A clean Court use, if such is possible.

Whether it is a physical Courtroom or back office is not the issue. Whether it involves a space swap with the Police Department or whatever is something I am not qualified to comment upon from afar.

If I were, I might be tempted to add that moving the Assessor's office suite to the Credit Union space on the second floor (hey, if you want your property taxes reduced, go up one flight) and move something Court related to that now vacant space. Whereas there might have been some synergy with the Assessor before (given a substantial financial incentive to move something from the Courts to Town Hall) why not situate it next to the Town Legal department?

But just as incongruous as some may view a Court annex in Town Hall, even more so is a private for profit Credit Union. At least the Courts are a municipal entity.

Now I recognize that the Town Board may feel foolish after just approving outdoor signage for the Credit Union and then to go back to them to say that the Town is exercising its rights under the Lease to terminate their possession but it is precisely for such circumstances that this clause exists.

What the Town Board should do is notice the Credit Union to hold off on ordering signs and explain the problem; that might not only be a professional response but one which would save further embarrassment by causing the Town to be responsible for the sign expense.

Anonymous said...

Moving the traffic court to the Municipal Building would create more problems than it's worth. How will we protect the money? How much more will it cost for security? There are numerous problems. Infficient use of court staff?
So many problems. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Hal: Using our town hall as a court house is not the best idea you have had.

Anonymous said...

Protect what money have you not heard of checks.
The court could set a ruling that fines have to be paid by cash.
It's as easy as that.

Anonymous said...

Put all the cops working inside of the police station on the road where they belong and use the new space that would become avaiable for the court.

Anonymous said...

21.1% tax rate hike.
6% rate hike Con Edison.
Gasoline going up to $4.oo this week and going higher to $5.00.
And this town board decided to give away some money to Fairview that is needed town wide.
You are a disgraceful bunch.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:28,

I agree that it is not my best idea.

It is not my raison d'etre to see the Courts using space in Town Hall.

But, Houston, we have a problem.

So, on the other hand, I am not happy that, given a need as defined by the NYS Court System, that Greenburgh had better allocate some additional space to the Courts, the $500,000 solution (temporary) is not such a great one either.

The difference between my suggestion and the Town Board's is that mine will not cost $500,000 AND mine will not take away from the already sparse parking at the Court/Police area. Trailers have to go somewhere, don't they?

But hey, let's hear from you, or anyone, with a better idea.

Anonymous said...

True or false?
The Fairview Fire Dept is in Greenburgh?
True or false;
The Fairview Fire Dept protects needed fire protection to residents of Greenburgh?
What's wrong with the town helping the fire district so we can be ssfer?

Anonymous said...

How come the Greenburgh Police Dept. do not respond to Westhelp but the Fairview FD has to? The County police handles Westhelp and a private ambulance handles medical transports.Fairview FD responds for any emergency at Westhelp.It cost money! Why should only Fairview residents pay for this? Do what another blogger suggested,turn Westhelp into senior citizen housing and place the propety on the tax rolls and we would'nt need to worry about the money, because The FD would get it automaticlly.

Anonymous said...

true false

the greenville and hartsdale fire departments are in greenburgh.

true false

the greenville and hartsdale fire departments offer needed fire protection to residents of greenburgh.

what's wrong with the town helping all the fire districts so we can all be safer?

what's good for one should be good for all.

Anonymous said...

Greenville and Hartsdale FD's DO Not, I repeat, DO NOT respond to Westhelp. Why should they be compensated if they do not respond there? the residents from Greenville have no tax free properties, except the nature center. Move Westhelp to Edgemont and let Greenville FD take care of them.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget about the proposed bond for fairview fd they want 9 million from us we can not afford this vote no.

Anonymous said...

Fairview's FD does not respond to Southern Greenburgh. I repest, Fairview's FD does not respond to Southern Greenburgh.

In the garment industry people used to get paid by the piece, is that what you are proposing?

I don't drive a car, so why should I pay for highways? I am against the war in Iraq so why should my tax dollars feed a war I'm against?

I would bet my social security checks for a year, that if a wand was waved and Westhelp ended up in Edgemont, you'd come up with another lame excuse for grabbing $100,000 of the hole town'smoney.

You received your poliical "kickback," so shut up and go away. There's nothing left for you to say.

Anonymous said...

WESTHELP is in the Fairview fire district. The Fairview fire district does not receive taxes from WESTHELP since they are non profit, tax exempt. The Fairview fire district deserves the $100,000 since they respond to emergencies.

Anonymous said...

What have you accomplished in granting the money to Fairview-more dissention among the residents of the town.
This seems to be a pattern how you're constantly making residents angry at all your decisions regarding the way you spend OUR MONEY.
Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Why not just simplify matters and create one fire department (with three stations) for Unincorporated Greenburgh, just as we have one police department.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, why not create villages delinated by the fire district lines. Transfer the Westhelp payment to the Fairview FD Village.

Anonymous said...

Quick solutions to complicated problems are wrong most of the time. If you think the Fairview FD village with the westhelp money will sustain Fairview, you'd be in for a big surprise. And Greenburgh would have another first. The first village in the county to declare chapter 11 in its second year of existence, if it would survive that long.

edgemont mia2 said...

this was a huge mistake
even tho it was unanimous, you probably will only see mcnally and edgemont attacking the supervisor

francis and juettner, their former allies, voted for this too. what say you now michelle?