Friday, March 28, 2008


Earlier this week I suggested that the town follow Mamaroneck's lead and turn a garbage truck into a veggie truck. Nikki Coddington, our energy conservation coordinator (today is her last day) came up with a better suggestion: Make the cybermobile our veggi-mobile. This makes alot of sense. The cybermobile is used for educational purposes. I would like to pursue this suggestion.


Since you have been inspired by Mamaroneck’s vegetable-oil-powered garbage truck and you have suggested the Town should try to get a “veggie truck” of our own, I have a suggestion. Rather than do this with one of our garbage trucks, how about using the Cybermobile? Why: as an educational vehicle, it is a perfect “ambassador” to educate the community about this technology; it sits in one place for long periods running its generator on smelly diesel, so this would be a cleaner alternative reducing local air pollution (I’m told it only smells like French fries!); and maybe as a unique vehicle, it gets treated differently anyway, so I think would be a preferable first choice compared to a garbage truck that is one of a fleet subjected to heavier service on a daily basis. You could request donations of used vegetable oil from local restaurants and publicize them—further benefiting the local community…and presumably the donations would be free.

As you know from our Clean Transportation Plan, there are practical issues with using an alternative fuel (storage, maintenance, repair, technical knowledge etc.), so I hope these would be taken into account if you decide to go forward with this project.


Nicola Coddington
Energy Conservation Coordinator
Town of Greenburgh


Anonymous said...

The Valhala School Audit is in! For some strange reason, it is not being posted on this site. You can look it up at:

Anonymous said...

Internal Controls Over Selected Financial Operations
The Board did not provide sufficient oversight over District financial operations. We identified significant deficiencies in the internal controls over the accounting for and disbursement of WestHELP Grant monies, payment of employee compensation and fringe benefits, the Treasurer’s office and computerized data. For example, of the approximately $1.7 million expended for the Grant, approximately $456,000 was not expended in accordance with the Grant agreement, proposals or applicable laws. Furthermore, the Business Administrator chose to be reimbursed for a term life insurance policy that combined death benefit protection with the opportunity to direct the investment of net premium dollars into a broad portfolio of investment options. This selection provided him with benefits greater than provided for in his contract, resulting in $38,500 in unnecessary costs to District taxpayers. Finally, District officials paid a retired transit police officer as a vendor, while also occasionally paying him as an employee through the normal payroll process. As a result, this employee may have received retirement benefits in excess of the amounts allowed by law and the District may be held liable for taxes, penalties and interest.

Anonymous said...

Well what is your response to the report concerning the audit in Valhalla.
I think they have to return the money.
The board voted now stand up and make sure they return the funds plus and make sure that they do not receive anymore money.

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace that this town insists on doing things against the law.
What is it that makes the comptrollers findings so hard to follow.
You all gave Fairview the money when it should have been shared town wide.
Could it be that you all feel that you are beyond the laws.
Do as I say but don't do as I do attitude is not something that the residents want to see or hear from the town board.
Enough is enough this gives us much more confidence in Kolesar that he will find many wrong doings that have been going on in Greenburgh as far as collecting and spending money.

Anonymous said...

the new Town Board is working cooperatively. They are solving problems. They are not fighting. Can't bloggers do the same?

Anonymous said...

But the cybermobile won't be funded for much longer. The counts will show little demand, unless the numbers are padded.

If you must go veggie, try it on street-sweepers and weed-wackers. There is big demand for properly maintained roadways.

hal samis said...

The thing about the cybermobile is that it is not on the road much.
It only makes a few stops a week within unincorporated Greenburgh.

How then will this limited mileage user promote the image of energy conservation?

Wouldn't something equally as recogizable but is seen all around Greenburgh 24/7 be a better "poster child" for vegetable oil? Something like the Town Supervisor's car?

The cybermobile must use its generator during its lengthy stay in Hartsdale only because the Library Board refuses to park it near a land line source of electricity. They prefer, instead, to take up three prime street parking spaces (the burden for this lost revenue is subsidized by the Parking District's fee paying customers and the downtown merchants) and squander gasoline while, at the same time, adding to the mechanical problems which put the cybermobile out-of-service at least a cumulative month each year.
They don't care about this because they are The Library Trustees and not responsible to the Town Board.
Perhaps, before Ms. Coddington left, she should have instead considered how to run the cybermobile off the smoke blown by the Library Trustees.

And, I'm not so sure that a fixed location, lingering odor of french fries can be considered a welcome by-product of this "demonstration".

Anonymous said...

the supervisors car is not the town's car. It is the supervisors private car--gas, vehicle, repairs paid for by the supervisor, not the town. PAUL FEINER

frank lee said...

Could someone please explain to me why, other than the comments of Mr. Samis and 7:41 pm, why the remaining anonymous comments are neither constructive nor relative to Ms. Codington's and Mr. Feiners' suggestions.

I, for one, feel that the suggestions are worth exploring, though I don't know enough about the feasibility of the project.

Please expand on the proposed suggestions on the blog and/or at the next Town Board Work Session/Meeting.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

F.Lee may I ask who died and left you boss of what is written on the blog.
Have you always been so precise in how things should be done.

frank lee said...

1:46 pm

Thank you for your anonymous comment and the personal attack.

Hopefully no one died. I certainly am neither qualified nor interested in becoming the "boss".

I just find it offensive that bloggers post anonymous comments regarding any information/proposal that Supervisor Feiner put on his blog, whether or not the comments are related to the topic of the blog.

Precise? Yes.

Anal? Definitely.

But chaos breeds more chaos.
Nothing more, nothing less.

So air your grievances, if you so desire.

Just clarify for the rest of the community what the Valhalla School Audit has to do with the Vegi Cybermobile.