Sunday, March 02, 2008


Last week I wrote to the State DOT urging sidewalks on 9A. Weeks ago there was a pedestrian fatality on 9A. Today, the Journal News published the following article indicating that there was another hit and run fatality. I am planning to urge the State Department of Transportation to take another look at the need for sidewalks on 9A. I will also be asking the Greenburgh police dept to make recommendations as to ways we can increase pedestrian safety on this street. 2 fatalities is unacceptable.
The son of a 51-year-old man killed in a suspected hit-and-run along Route 9A in Greenburgh said today his father was a hardworking immigrant who left his native Ecuador to seek a better future for his family.
“He was good father and he worked very hard to help his family,” said Peter Saca of Elmsford of his father, Manuel Guaman Saca. He said his father came to the U.S. two years ago, leaving behind a wife and four other children. “He had no vices. I hope the police are able to catch the person responsible for his death.”
His father's body was found in the snow along Route 9A about 8:40 yesterday morning, though it is unclear when his death occurred.
A truck driver heading north saw Saca about 10 feet from the road near Hunter Lane, Greenburgh Lt. Desmond Martin said.
He suffered blunt trauma, but the county medical examiner had not yet determined a cause of death.
Peter Saca said his father, who lived in an apartment nearby, was walking to work at a production facility off Hunter Lane when he was killed.
The stretch of road near where Saca was found has no sidewalks.
Nonetheless, people still walk along the busy state route, said Bob Yapchanyk, an employee of nearby Safe Haven Self Storage.
"I see a lot of people walking up and down here," Yapchanyk said. "It isn't a good place for walking."
Route 9A is also known as Saw Mill River Road. Its intersection with Hunter Lane has a bus stop.
There's also a Westy self storage business across the street.
Just to the south of Hunter Lane is a shopping center that houses a Goodwill store and a Princeton Ski Shop.
A manager at the Goodwill store, who didn't want to give his name, said after coming to work yesterday morning, he saw police arrive and investigate a wooded area just north of his business.
Police said a blue vehicle might have been involved, based on evidence found at the scene.
The vehicle might have sustained front end damage as a result of hitting the victim, police said.
Police ask that anyone with information call 914-682-5331. All calls will be kept confidential.
Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy contributed to this report.

Reach Sean Gorman at or 914-666-6481.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea to have sidewalks on 9A, but it seems hypocritical to ask for something that the town won't even do for its own streets near school buildings.

Anonymous said...

Attention all Fairview Fire District residents. Vote NO on a proposed bond to build a new firehouse. Our taxes are going up too much we cant afford this. Vote NO on March 28, 2008.

juettner screw up said...

the shame of this is the town and the federal government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on that hideous wall in front of presser park rather than on sidewalks on 9A.

remember - juettner is the town board liasion to the parks- she must be ousted in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Hey stupid the wall stays ,get yourself a life.
If you hate the wall so much why don't you stay in front of it and
picket back and forth so we could see who this commie is.
The names on that wall represent many of our neighbors who lost their lives for the likes of you.
This has nothing to do with sidewalks.
The problem is many people that either ride a bike or walk do this with the flow of traffic.
Many do not know that walking and biking should be against the traffic this way one can see what's coming at them.
I do not know how one can teach these rules to the public.
If they walk when it is dark many carry searchlights or they have neon vests so that they can be seen.
Sidewalks have to be maintained and since maintenance it the last thing that the town or state wants to undertake.
Maybe information should be sent to each household in a few languages as the do's and don'ts of walking or riding a bike on the roadways.
I see many people who have recently arrived here in Greenburgh walking on the wrong side many times.It is hard to explain to each one what they are doing wrong if they do not understand English.
So it is up to either the State or the Town to instruct these people the safety rules of walking and riding a bike.
If this is done the expense of literature is less expensive than sidewalks and maintenance,
Just a thought that maybe you can think about it.
Another thing---
many of the roadsides have either boulders and plenty of debris,which should all be removed .If this is done there will be much more space for one to walk without stepping unto the
Not only is this true for the state roads it is something that homeowners have done, so no one parks on the TOWN PROPERTY in front of their property.
I suggest that the DPW go through all the streets and remove all these boulders and debris so that walking is made safer sometimes one needs room to get out of the way just in case a car is too close to them
If there is no place to go you have another fatality
Paul,this is what is needed first, to clean up town property on both sides of the roadway if this does not work then go to the sidewalks
Your DPW forgets that the town owns fifteen feet from the middle of the road on either side of the roadway which they have not
checked out.Something will be done if something happens on town roads and lawsuits follow.
This will be preventive maintenance to see if it helps the residents who like to exercise.
You must have these roadways cleaned as soon as possible.

money better spent said...

dpw would have the money if we hadnt wasted it on that foolish wall. there is a suitable memorial in valhalla - the one on central avenue is not. have you seen the even more repellent rotary mural on the flip side. this was another stupid giveaway to a private group of public property.

cleaning roadbeds is very labor intensive.

we need a campaign in greenburgh like they have in england - its called keep britain tidy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wall Hater,

While there is much to say about the wall, the wall is here to stay.

Please move along, off of this topic, to something more constructive.

wall will come down said...

no wall is forever. see berlin.

the wall was a mistake and is a monument to government folly.

now lives are being lost on 9A.

Anonymous said...

dear1:13 you are really sick.
What has the wall to do with sidewalks.
Was not the wall a grant given to some society ?
I pray that no one in your family ever experiences the death of a love one as many of us has to a disaster like the one on 9/11.
You are not fit to be called an american.
I'd be careful if I were you .As a doctor I see that you are leading yourself either to a stroke or a massive heart attack . Be careful because this wall is here to stay.
You can try standing in front of the wall and will it to come down which will be you salvation because they will take you away in a straight jacket.
I think you need a good rest sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Removing the bolders and debris along the roadside on town property is a great idea.
The DPW has the equipment to do this plus the manpower.
Regula check the streets in Greenburgh and start clearing up the roadsides.
You have waited too long to do this job since most of the bolders and debris are on town property.
How could the town allow bolders along their property.
Ae you waiting for more accidents to happen .

in good health said...

dear anon at 1:27

my blood pressure is and always has been perfect.

my stress test showed a good heart.

cholesterol a bit over 200 - some improvement needed

guess im not that sick.

last i checked, my passport said i was an american. you apparently need a lesson in the first amendment.

the wall was paid for in part by taxpayers - fema funds.

the fact is the wall is a disgrace and should be taken down. it is a ponderous mess and symbolizes nothing other than folly.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Greenburgh had an Ecuadorean community. It would be interesting to learn about the origins of the many recent immigrants in our area and why they choose to come to Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Stop people from storing there garbage curbside 24/7 as on Prospect Ave. by Fair St.


Anonymous said...

2:31 I have diagnosed you as having some mental problems seek help asap before you get into more trouble.You show too many signs of hatred.That's bad business.

mccain said...

if i hate the wall - GUILTY AS CHARGED. its an eyesore

vote mccain!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the wall is an embarrassment to all who died on 9-11, but that's not the point of this blog section. Since the Town opts not to build sidewalks where needed, 1:33pm's post is especially relevant. If the highway department were directed to do its baseline responsibilities, perhaps there would be a lesser need for new sidewalks.

too much visual pollution said...

dear anaon at 3:22am

thank you for your comments regarding the wall.

one day this blight will come down.

one of the major failings of the town is increased visual pollution in the way of road signs. too many signs and drivers ignore them. this lead to ignoring the signs that matter.

Anonymous said...

Well we all know that the DPW will not do the job that they were hired for to keep the town clean and safe.
They know dam well that the property on both sides of the roadways is town property but they choose not to look because they would have to work.
The town has enough room on both sides if the areas were taken care of by the town.
In many instances the home owners would manicure the place so as to not take away from their property.
Paul this is in your ball park now.If this is done there are many roadways that need sidewalks but this is the best and cheapest solution.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least there is a nice sidewalk now in front of the wall!

Anonymous said...

You hate that wll so much just turn your head to mecca when you pass.
I pass that area twice a day without a problem.
The sidewalk is great also maybe you could come up with an idea that the town will follow up on.
Just remember idiot the wall stays.
Instead of looking at the wall with disgust how about saying a little prayer in thankgiving that your name or one of your loved ones is not displayed there.
Try being somewhat civil.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the crazy wall stalker. Jheeeez! I'm not fond of the wall but to take it to the level that the stalker has taken it, is just plains NUTS

tear it down, please said...

id rather say a prayer for our country and town that allows such silly things to be built only to ruin a lovely vista.

the wall was imposed on the area - see the editorial in the scarsdale inquirer - hartsdale gets short shrift and now it has this gash.

there is a suitable 9-11 memorial in valhalla near the reservoir. that was the result of a worldwide competition.

what we have in greenburgh is nothing other than childish scribblings.

can juettner tell us what it means?

Dear wall stalker said...


Anonymous said...

1:41 anyone answering you comments as far as the wall goes has got to be a nuttier than you.
enough said.

Anonymous said...


I highly doubt that.

Anonymous said...

If not nuttier close to it.NUFF SAID

divisive wall said...

the wall is doing what walls do - divide people
it was a mistake
everyone concedes that
we have a suitable wall to the victims of islamic terror near the kensico dam

do the right thing - take it down

Anonymous said...

May I ask who is being divided in this towm.
There is only one or two nuts that make the claim at the wall should come dowm.
The wall is not a dividing factor.
It's that money's were granted by Lowey to do something for the fallen of 9/11 and not spent on something that he or she thought was right for his or her pleasure.

government waste said...

Spending a further $100,000 on this concrete slab is a waste. $15,000 in FEMA funds were also involved in its construction.

Tell that to New Orleans.

If there is a committee to take this wall down, sign me up.

Anonymous said...

This is Greenburgh not New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

To the Wall-Nut

Get a life you weirdo! How can any one in their right mind care about that wall. Anyone who drives past will see the wall for a nanno-second. It cannot obscure their vision for any perceptible amount of time. Anyone walking along Central Avenue can gaze fondly at the fields and the old Webb school without worrying about the wall. Anyone living across the street or walking on the other side of the road can barely see the wall. So what is the issue?

Taxes? I would worry a bit more about the $16 Billion a month being spent in the Afghani and Iraqi wars that seem endless. The money donated by the Feds and other groups are similar to countless other projects. You should look at the WWII project on the Mall and get exercised by that fiasco.

But your hang up with this monument is a sign of either sickness or an ulterior motive. I assume it is political, because logically it really could be no other reason.

Therefore like others, I believe that you should shut the hell up. Freedom of speech aside, you are vulger and do not have the guts to sign your name, therefore you have surrendered any right of creditability.

the wall is a blot said...

the wall enablers should all hang their heads in shame at this boondoggle.

tear this horror down.

Anonymous said...


correct a mistake said...

maybe i should knock my head against the wall and it will come down.

correct the mistake. take it down.

Anonymous said...

Just give us HEADS UP,this way we could take you to the nearest facility for help.
You are a dangerous person.

Anonymous said...

Dear wall nut,

All is not bad with the wall. It provides cover for the beer coolers, liquor bottles hibachi's, garbage and card games at Presser all Summer long. Word is that it that this year, there will be van service from White Plains to the field! Yay!

Anonymous said...

The Committee to Protect Greenburgh from Outsiders is holding a meeting at the Wall this Thursday. The agenda includes appointing a committee to develop a comprehensive plan to build an even bigger wall around all of Greenburgh, dig a moat and fill it with alligators and piranhas. Also up for consideration are proposals to make English the only language in town, requiring landlords to provide free rentals to really big supermarkets whose prices mst reflect the lowest national price for each and every absolutely fresh item on its shelves, requiring small drugstores in Hartsdale to stay in business and make free deliveries while charging less than "big Box" competitors, and, of course, reducing the price of gasoline and heating oil to the prices charged when the current Town Supervisor was first elected.

Anonymous said...

The racist remarks are not necessary.
You hire many of these peoples to do your dirty work arround your home because of cheap labor.
They are good to work for you but at the same time they are put down by the likes of you.
Do you call yourself an american?
How far back can you go with your family tree to say that you are a a true american.
Stop bad mouthing our neighbors.

Anonymous said...

You will probabley be the first one in the supermakets looking for this bargin.
It's a wonder that you own a home and drive a car, this is probabley done because you do look for cheap labor to do your dirty work.
And about speaking English, let's face it when your family first came to America did they speak the language.
I seem to think that I noticed an accent in your comment.
The wall stays thanks to the donors that made it possible.

Anonymous said...

Has the DPW cruised arround town to see where a good cleanup should be made on town properties on all the roadways in Greenburgh.
If these properties are cleaned up,many areas do not need sidewalks.
Well we can only wait and see what will be done in the next few months.

Anonymous said...


Mr or Ms. 11:09 & 11:15 (same person?) is not bright enough to read your sarcastic humor and thinks this was a racist jab. Please refrain from the use of sarcasm, so that dumb people may be able to interpret your messages.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the message was read the right way by the comments. It should have never been written just in case the writter thought it was funny.
I am one of the people that use the park with my beer,soda and lunch.
I was never told to my face by anyone walking along the park that I should find somewhere else to go.
I work I pay taxes just like you maybe not as much but I'm proud that I came to this country to work and feed my family.
If I use the park it's because I don't have a back yard like you,so please stop talking about us who use the park and leave our stuff behind the wall.
Thanks for the wall.

Anonymous said...

Do you live in unincorportated Greenburgh and pay taxes to maintain the park? Why go you bring beer there?