Monday, March 24, 2008


Mamaroneck is experimenting with a veggie truck. I am the President of the Westchester Putnam Town Supervisors Association. Today we discussed this initiative. Mamaroneck Supervisor O'Keefe advised me that this initiative will actually SAVE money for Mamaroneck.
I am urging the town to consider this idea.

The Town converted a regular diesel garbage truck to run on used vegetable oil! Why, you might ask. Used vegetable oil produces none of the recognized pollutants that cause air pollution and contribute to climate change.
Town Supervisor Valerie O’Keeffe praised Mamaroneck’s “veggie” truck and all who helped get it running as Councilwoman Phyllis Wittner examines the new paint job. Ben Sands, a Mamaroneck Town employee for the past 37 years, has been “test piloting” the truck since January.
Mechanic Mike Pinto explains to Councilwoman Seligson, Supervisor O'Keeffe and Councilwoman Wittner how donated cooking oil is filtered for use in the new truck.

On February 27, 2008, the Town hosted a press conference at the Town Yard to unveil the new vegetable oil powered garbage truck. V.O. Tech Fuel Systems of Mahopac, New York completed conversion of this 2002 Mack Refuse Collection vehicle to allow it to operate on straight vegetable oil, and Unique Signs of Mamaroneck provided the innovative detailing of the truck’s signage. It is believed to be the first working veggie oil powered garbage truck New York State, and it will allow the Town to test the feasibility of using alternative fuels to reduce carbon emissions.
Town garbage trucks burn approximately 50 gallons of diesel fuel per week. The veggie-truck will require just 10 gallons of diesel a week for start up if the outside temperature falls below 70 degrees. Veggie fuel must be heated to 120 degrees to flow like diesel fuel. Pre-heating is unnecessary during the summer months. Based upon the average cost of diesel fuel over the last several months, the Town estimates that the $7,000 invested in the cost of converting the truck will be recouped in just over one year.
The Slap Shot Café at the Hommocks Ice Rink, La Riserva Restaurant, the Larchmont Yacht Club, the Marini Deli in Port Chester, and several residents are currently supplying used vegetable oil, and the Town welcomes additional donors. As the veggie-truck makes its rounds, residents may detect a mild whiff of French fries or onion rings.
To donate vegetable oil, please call 381-7810


Anonymous said...

Nice idea, but you just cut an Ethanol Fuel set up for town owned vehicles out of the capital budget. The E85 fuel station would be more practical than veggie oil.

Anonymous said...

Good ideas.

Anonymous said...

Take care of highway department operations before considering optional ideas like this. Mamaroneck chooses to maintain exceptionally clean roadways; Greenbugh does not.

Anonymous said...

Instead of looking into the use of vegetable oil for trucks,Al Regular should check out what his men are picking up curbside.
Whenever there is a pickup for recycleables many residents put thier recycles together with their household garbage.
Why is this being picked up by YOUR employees.
This week we all have one day for garbage pickup but these residents have theirs picked up every day.
We have come to a conclusion that a new commissioner is needed to enforce the laws.
My neighbors will be taking pictures of this situation which has been addressed to you several times with no results.
We will also take the trucks that are involved and we will push for
punishment that is due above all to YOU and your men.

Anonymous said...

Who could anticipate the future when they named the popular drink,

hal samis, of course said...


Anonymous said...

The Valhalla audit is in! Check it out at:

Anonymous said...

Internal Controls Over Selected Financial Operations
The Board did not provide sufficient oversight over District financial operations. We identified significant deficiencies in the internal controls over the accounting for and disbursement of WestHELP Grant monies, payment of employee compensation and fringe benefits, the Treasurer’s office and computerized data. For example, of the approximately $1.7 million expended for the Grant, approximately $456,000 was not expended in accordance with the Grant agreement, proposals or applicable laws. Furthermore, the Business Administrator chose to be reimbursed for a term life insurance policy that combined death benefit protection with the opportunity to direct the investment of net premium dollars into a broad portfolio of investment options. This selection provided him with benefits greater than provided for in his contract, resulting in $38,500 in unnecessary costs to District taxpayers. Finally, District officials paid a retired transit police officer as a vendor, while also occasionally paying him as an employee through the normal payroll process. As a result, this employee may have received retirement benefits in excess of the amounts allowed by law and the District may be held liable for taxes, penalties and interest.

frank lee said...

I'm racking my brains trying to determine what the Valhalla School Audit has to do with the Veggie Truck.

I've read the Comptroller's Report and I find no reference to the Veggie Truck.

Could 12:37 pm/4:44 pm, or someone else, please educate me?

Thank you.