Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yesterday there was a major water main break on E Hartsdale Ave. Stores were out of business again (a year ago they were out because of the flood). I received the following e mail from Randy Cairns of our water dept.
Paul Feiner
As of approximately 2 PM today we have restored water supply back to the customers who were without water due to the main break on E. Hartsdale Ave. We did this by utilizing a back-up interconnection between two different pressure zones at the intersection of Club Way and E. Hartsdale Ave. This interconnection utilizes a 6” diameter pressure reducing valve that has not been active since approximately 1957. The water from the high pressure zone goes through the automatic valve where the pressure is reduced some 50 psi which is approximately the normal pressure in the low zone that E. Hartsdale Ave. is located in. This valve had to inspected, checked, water turned on, flushed and then the controls on the valve had to be calibrated. To our amassment………it worked after 51 years! We checked most of the stores, including Harry’s, and all had water again.
We still must make repairs (which are very difficult and will take a week or more) but, we are not in an Emergency situation. The County Water District will be starting repairs to their 48” diameter water main at the same spot tomorrow at 8 AM. They must fix their leak first so then we can complete ours. Greenburgh’s 6” water main is broken underneath their 48” water main (which is an old 1882 NYC water line that the County bought in the ‘1950-60’s).
No one will be out of water for the remainder of these repairs, unless something else happens.


Feiner needs to update emails/blogsite said...

Paul What ever became of the flood study promised us back on Feb. 8th ? I never saaw an updaTE OR WAS THERE NEVER ONE TO POST?

Anonymous said...

I just assume the study was done and that progress updates and results were never communicated because they made Greenburgh management look bad. I can't think of any reason other than a cover-up to not publish regular updates for such an important matter.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Al Regula advised the Board on Tuesday that the repoert is almost complete. Should be released soon.

Anonymous said...

The Valhala School Audit is in! For some strange reason, it is not being posted on this site. You can look it up at:

Anonymous said...

Internal Controls Over Selected Financial Operations
The Board did not provide sufficient oversight over District financial operations. We identified significant deficiencies in the internal controls over the accounting for and disbursement of WestHELP Grant monies, payment of employee compensation and fringe benefits, the Treasurer’s office and computerized data. For example, of the approximately $1.7 million expended for the Grant, approximately $456,000 was not expended in accordance with the Grant agreement, proposals or applicable laws. Furthermore, the Business Administrator chose to be reimbursed for a term life insurance policy that combined death benefit protection with the opportunity to direct the investment of net premium dollars into a broad portfolio of investment options. This selection provided him with benefits greater than provided for in his contract, resulting in $38,500 in unnecessary costs to District taxpayers. Finally, District officials paid a retired transit police officer as a vendor, while also occasionally paying him as an employee through the normal payroll process. As a result, this employee may have received retirement benefits in excess of the amounts allowed by law and the District may be held liable for taxes, penalties and interest.

Anonymous said...

The valve worked because someone thought spending a few extra dollars for the highest quality available was worthwhile.
Capital "improvements" made by this Supervisor judge costs first - let future residents of Greenburgh fend for themselves, because if we can save a buck now, the hell with what happens later.

Anonymous said...

The valhalla audit does not pertain to E Hartsdale Ave. Let's stop the name calling.

Anonymous said...

Flood study needs extra time to complete to cover up all negligence on the Town's part.

frank lee said...

I'm in complete agreement with 10:11 pm.

I'm racking my brains trying to determine what the Valhalla School Audit has to do with the automated water valve in Hartsdale.

Could 3:57 pm/4:43 pm, or someone else, please educate me?

Thank you.