Thursday, March 06, 2008


Met with seniors today to discuss the proposed work for taxes initiative. We invited them to the comprehensive plan kickoff meeting this Saturday at 9:45 AM at the Multipurpose Center.
One senior suggested that we'd get more people to attend if we offered food. Francis Sheehan indicated that breakfast is being offered to attendees. He indicated that the breakfast is being donated.
So --if you want to discuss the town's future, you can also enjoy a free breakfast. Hope to see you this Saturday.



Anonymous said...

WHo is donating the breakfast? This could be a violation of Sheehan's ethics laws!!!!!!!!!!

preiser needs to atone said...

maybe ella preiser will bring some donuts? its the least she could do after her rudeness earlier in the week. she should reconsider staying a proofreader.

Frank Lee said...

Despite the nasty comments from Anonymous & Friends, and the gratuitious potshots at Mr. Sheehan and Ms. Preiser (who both, at the least, have the conviction and decency to stand behind their opinions), the Kickoff Breakfast is an excellent idea.

I hope there's a tremendous turnout at the Kickoff . . . and that I finally get the chance to meet and "break bread" with my neighbors, Anonymous & Friends.

Kudos to everyone involved, including the magnanimous donor of the free breakfast.

Let's take this opportunity to put aside our differences and move forward to ensure that Greenburgh remains (or "becomes," for those more inclined to criticize) a wonderful community to live in.

Anonymous said...

You all know that your minds are made up to go ahead with the comprehensive plan.
You just want things to seem that the publics input is cherished.
Whatever one says is never taken seriously until it's too late.
Thank God the food is donated
this way you save a few cents from our tax money.
Lots' of luck.

Anonymous said...

It is a crime when some express their comments at town meetings [especially those that have helped the town day in and day out]only to be put down for telling the truth.
The board has reach a point that they do not believe the truth even if it came from up above.
We have lost a lot of confidence in this board which has raped us for sometime.
We thought with new members things would be different but it seems that everything is heading downward and not upward.
Too bad we can't get things going in the right direction to help the taxpayers of Greenburgh.
The comprehensive plan has good points but many bad points because it will stop construction that is much needed to help the tax roles.

Anonymous said...

I am happy with the new Town Board. Everyone is getting along. Good for the town. Bad for the cranks.

Anonymous said...

Big difference when I watch the Board meetings. Town Board meetings are not embarassments anymore.

Anonymous said...

Sure everyone is getting along,that is a plus but what have they decided to make things favorable for all the residents of Greenburgh.
Westhelp money is to be granted town wide meaning all three fire houses plus the schools.
Fairview already received some of their share spending money that they did not receive last.year
How can one spend money without receiving it especially when it is not nickels and dimes..
It may be too early to tell which way this board is going but some indications show that they will not follow the states' ruling .
If so another investigation will be in order.
Now the residents know how to get the ball moving in the right direction which is one audit after another.
The library is another fiasco.
What will be done without raising more taxes to finish the job.
This was not thought fully by the previous board but now we have to see what this new board will do to try to fix the situation somewhat.
As far as the comprehensive plan goes if it does not allow new construction to bring in revenue the plan should not be put into place.
This will be up to the new board.

Anonymous said...

Why should Fairview FD respond to Westhelp for free? It cost money for fuel,training,supplies and manpower.Lets do what someone else said, move Westhelp to Edgemont.

hal samis said...

Isn't the multi-purpose center located within the Town Park, the crown jewel of unincorporated's assets?

Hence, why are guests from the villages not only being allowed, invited to attend and being served a complimentary breakfast?

Perhaps I misunderstood, but the Comprehensive Plan committee consists of many of the same people who spoke against the amendment to Finneran, complaining that no one represents them and cried that the Town Board was giving away unincorporated assets.


Anonymous said...

Hal you should know that people speak with a forked tongue so as to suit the agenda for that night.
No matter what or how it is said nothing can change the big mess in Greenburgh now that is facing all the tax payers but especially the ones in unincorporated areas.
The taxes will go higher the next time arround because no cuts are being made in certain budgets.
You have tried to enlighten the town council of yesterday and this one of today but something tells me it's going to deaf ears.
They just won't listen and one can see that in plain english they don't give a dam so long as they keep their department heads happy.
Poor management.
The first comment said who was donating the free breakfast at the comprehensive meeting.
Could it be a developer or maybe a lawyer?
Very interesting!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GReenburgh was a beautiful community to live in some time ago now it has become a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Ella Preiser has been one of the most imoortant voices in Greenburgh.
When she speaks one should listen.
We all know that the town boards of yesterday and today do what they want but if someone watches and speaks out the way Ella does we as taxpayers could see and understand what has been happening in our town.
There should be more Ellas' arround watching out for our backs.

about unincorporated said...

unincorporated greenburgh has no assets. it has rights and obligations.
it also has severe financial problems that can only be saved by intensive mixed use development of its main commercial corridors.

the era of the open space advocates is over.

Anonymous said...

Ella Preisser is one of the least important contributors to the well-being of Greenburgh. Her micrometer view of issues and law, along with her obvious bias, rule her out as a positive influence. She is frumpy part of the past, that has lost contact with the present, no less the future. It is said that this women doesn't even possess a computor or access to email.

If this is so, how can she communicate and process information in this fast-moving world? She is behind the curve on every issue.

one way ticket needed said...

so true. preiser should set her sights on mexico. no need to worry about town taxes. can someone get her a one way ticket?

Anonymous said...

The close friends of the board members are the ones that bad mouth Prieser,Samis Krauss,and some others.
If they don't agre with the board and their friends they should keep quiet.
Why don't you complain about Garfunkel,Gold And Rosenberg.
You can't because they are special friends of someone on the board.

preiser has nothing to say said...

ella preiser is a self appointed nobody who hasnt got a computer let alone a clue.

ella, has your beloved francis ever explained his vote to appeal taxter ridge??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lumping me in with Danny Gold, who I do not know, and seems to never contribute to this blog or speak out in public, and Herb Rosenberg whose contributions are quite erudite. I admit I have friends on this Board, and I am proud of the association.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Leave Ella out of your blog comments.
Why is it if the discussion is what you want to hear boy is she good if you feel she is touching on something that you don't approve of she's no good.
Of all the women speakers at town meeting she is the most respected
by all .
If you can't say anything good keep the thoughts to yorself.
You all said the same about Samis,boy did he put you all in your place.
He knew more about the library goings on than the supervisor.
As you can see he was 100% RIGHT.
If anyone of the speakers show more intellegence than others that's tough.
They know how to do their homework
and take it to the town board where they expect to hear some answers.
As we know no one answers.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your comprehensive plan is going to the wayside.
I would like to see more development to bring in some tax revenue.
Will this be considered.NO.
So why do we need this plan.
What are you offering to lower our taxes?
It seems that you just want to spend money.

preiser's unabashed bias said...

ella preiser said nothing about the boondoggle known as the library.
when her beloved francis shoved a hastily written ethics law on the town, she sang his praises.

we now know something about preiser - she is simply anti-feiner and his current team.

the sooner she is put on a plane with a one way ticket to somewhere the better.

Anonymous said...

Constructive criticism should be applauded and welcomed by all, but often it is not. Presier, and others have rarely contributed anything that was essential to bringing light to Greenburgh. But they had a right, like any one else, to make a fool of themselves. What issue had Presier fought for, was rejected? She's been dancing around meaningless stuff for years.

The comprehensive plan has a long way to go. It's an expensive way to find out how 200 people think or gripe about.

If there was a legal way to break this contract, the Board should.

development needed said...

the deal was tennis bubble gets done and comprehensive plan goes forward.

no tennis bubble, no comprehensive plan.

use the money instead to find out what white plains has done right to attract development and long term fix for central avenue esp as ridge hill approaches.

time to do the hard work needed not the feel good ego tripping kind of stuff.

if you are not growing you are dying.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm waiting for the lunch or supper to attend another meeting.

Anonymous said...

Central Avenue is dying.
I think you had better get a knowledgeable person to conduct a study asap as to why the businesses are closing.
Don't wait until the plan for the new shopping monster gets under way in Yonkers.
The businesses are leaving now because they know to stay on Central avenue with all the development going on in White plains and then to the south at Ridge Hill they do not have a chance.
Central Avenue will be a ghost town and this will hurt all the home owners with higher taxes because the property owners will be asking for assistance with their taxes since they have no income.How much more can a home owner pay in taxes?