Wednesday, July 09, 2008


A special thank you…to Town Clerk Judith Beville for organizing an all volunteer E Hartsdale Ave outdoor music series this summer. The following is a partial lineup. If you are a musician or know of bands willing to donate their time on a Saturday weekend between now and the end of October please e mail We will be promoting each band in literature, flyers, news releases, public access TV. We may share excerpts on You Tube.
Dancing in the streets of E Hartsdale Ave—it’s going to be lots of fun!


East Hartsdale Farmers

Market Live Outdoor

Music Series

Live Music and Entertainment at the East Hartsdale

Train Station Stage

Saturdays in July, August, September and October

Performances (as of July 8, 2008)…

“Kick-Off” July 9th – Town Hall – 7:00pm

Featuring Solar Punch

July 12th – Jonathan Flaks: One Dog, Man (Solo Performer)

“A little bite of Classic Rock” – 10:00am to Noon

July 19th – Lois Colin and the Westchester Harp Ensemble – 10:00am to 11:00am

July 26th – Charles Montgomery – 12 noon to 2:00pm

August 2nd – Julie Corbalis: Rock & Pop 1950’s to present – 10:00am to 11:30am

Also; - Al Frankel, The Blues Dogs – 12:30pm to 2:00pm

August 9th – Solar Punch – Solar Powered Environmentally

Inspired Music with a Rock Flair

September 6th – Lois Colin (Time to be announced)

September 13th – Jonathan Flaks (Time to be announced)

October 11th – Ceasar Cantori – Emerging Jazz Artist (Time to be announced)

We are looking for more jazz artists!

Please contact Judith Beville, Town Clerk at 993-1500


Anonymous said...

Can we try focusing more on taxes and essential public services?

Anonymous said...

This is costing the taxpayers nothing!

Anonymous said...

This sounds very nice, though I agree with Anon930 that I'd prefer that the town focus on everyday public services over optional entertainment.

sheehan and juettner must go said...

all frills like art curator at tonw hall should be slashed

paul - time to announce that the budget must be cut very deeply and challenge cowards like juettner and sheehan to say otherwise

hal samis exposed sheehan's folly last night.
juettner was basically road kill.

if you want to know how bad things are going to get, watch how poorly bank stocks are doing.

this is a time for bold leadership - not benchwarming like juettner has done since 1991 and the old style tax and spend sheehan is enamored of. time for slide him down the ramp into three minute land.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i agree, convicted felons (commissioners nephew) hired by the commissioner working with children.

That new position that valerie spoke about last night is a 64,000 A job given to her companions brother - with zero talent or experience. WHAT A JOKE

I dont agree in shuting the center, I think it should be privatized and used for all residents. See if the YMCA wants to take over.

klondike bar said...

diana juetter has failed us time and time again.

the only person minding the library store is hal samis.

the right thing to do is require juettner to turn over her unearned paycheck to hal samis who has been doing her job.

we cannot afford more no show job holders like juettner.

klondike bar, unlike juettner, is very dependable and has gotten rave reviews since it made its appearance. unlike juettner, klondike bar is always available.

juettner has been sticking the town for too long.

time to go stickless - klondike bar for town council.

also - klondike bar is sure to be available at any store samis is minding.

Anonymous said...

"See if the YMCA wants to take over."

That would be a very intelligent move for the town! Any extras like jazz concerts and recreation are nice for a town to have, but not at the expense of so many basic municipal services lacking.

Anonymous said...

That is a good idea, see if the Y would take it over. But Paul Fiener sets the tone at the top with hiring political cronies, like the energy czar. And no one cares about taxes.

hal samis said...

At last night's Town Board meeting a quiet moment of confusion happened and few residents noticed.  Call it the miracle on Hillside Avenue if you will.Town Council member Brown asked for the vote on Library Change Orders (items PW1-8) to be held over because she didn't understand them.When was the last time a member of the Town Board refrained from voting because they hadn't read the material they were voting on; because they didn't understand the material; because they felt rushed or a host of other possible reasons that might dampen the enthusiasm of the other Town Board members. Certainly Diana Juettner, liaison to the Library, doesn't understand them but, and pay careful attention, there is little reason that any of them would know.After all, Al Regula the Town Board's point man on the project doesn't understand them, so who on the dais would be expected to know better.  After all, the Town Board fully expected to approve these 8 change orders; the work being the subject of the changes had already been done...I don't know whether bloggers watched the meeting but the issue for me was PW7 in which the Town Board was being asked to approve  change order #47 "requesting" an additional $49,300 because since the contract to do this work had been awarded (asphalt paving), the price of asphalt had risen (true) and "whereas the area to be paved could not have been made available for the work any earlier due to ongoing demolition and utility related (geothermal wells) excavation work...".  It seems that the contractor is putting in a claim for costs due to delays but I (think I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore) can't understand how this could be because Al Regula always said the project was on scheduleSo, who is lying?  And why would the Town Board be in such a rush to pay for delays which were caused by the Construction Manager?Can't sort this out in your mind?How about waking up and know that the Town Board in April voted to approve change order #33 for curb replacement "whereas it was determined that the newly (they had recently been done as part of the project) poured curbs needed to be replaced and raised to new heights as required by NYS DOT during a site visit...".  So your Town Board agreed to spend taxpayer dollars to replace inferior work done by the Town's vendors.  Anyone agree that the party at fault (the Architect, the Construction Manager, the Sub-Contractor) anyone but the Town should be responsible?  Not Al Regula because he approved the change order for the Town Board vote.  Triton, the Construction Manager, has a few tricks up their sleeve with ways to fleece the taxpayers.  Originally winning the job with, not the low bid, but a promise not to charge for pre-referendum services (the Library needed someone to come up with the $19.9 million estimate to be able to hold a Referendum) and Triton was their choice.  So in the estimate prepared by Triton which came to the $19.9 million, was their own fee of $612,000 which when it became entered into contract form it took little talent to make $680,000 look like $612,000 to our sharp-eyed Town Attorney, Tim Lewis.  Tim is more adept at finding outdated reasons to limit public comment at Town meetings.  Thus, the Town lost $68,000 putting its faith with Tim Lewis.  Not to despair, Samis was on duty and I got the Town to demand a rebate of three free months to make up for this minor typing problem.  I even asked Tim Lewis to get Triton's consent which he did provide by fulfilling my FOIL request for the 2007 document.  Of course, when Triton's $680,000 contract expired in December 2007, the free months were to follow.That is, ff you believe in tooth fairies, Santa Claus and the team of Al Regula and Tim Lewis.  For I found out that Triton is back at the same stand again for another season of "Strike It Rich" and charged the Town these three free months for only half of their regular price.  Regular price means Regula price because he approved their invoices.So when the Town Board visits your neighborhood, now you something legitimate to ask them besides when or where is the garbage getting picked up, can we get a sidewalk, and how much is next year's tax increase going to be? (answer: we don't know yet but we are trying to keep it under double digits which, in turn, means under 99%).  So it is not yet a perfect world in Greenburgh but at least Town Board meetings will end by 11:00.However, Ms. Brown is gearing up to what I believe will be operating at full speed and maybe she will emerge as the brightest star on the dais.  It is too soon to judge but at least there's a glimmer of light over her head. And not from the lonely solar panal overhead. Go girl go!
In the meanwhile we'll have dancing in the streets and possibly a massive traffic jam.If you go, you'll know you're in the right place if you see the EMS truck -- powered by overtime.

See ya there.

Anonymous said...

now that was funny.









Anonymous said...

I guess Regula needed more personal cash.
All his projects come out even at first but all of a sudden more money is needed.
Take a good look at previous projects spearheaded by this guy to see if he is and has followed a pattern.
Sonja and Samis have got this guys number. What happenned to the rest of the board?
It's a crime that when it comes to certain people the board is deaf,dumb and blind.
What is needed to wake you guys up?
Not only did I catch what Sonja said, but I did see and heard how fast Sheehan put her down,because she was expressing her concerns about the resolution.
The members of the board have put Regula in the category of the untouchables. .

Anonymous said...

The public has stated over and over again to close the center.
As someone commented sell it to a private concern.
We do not use this facility how many times must we repeat ourselves.
Why is it that they have free babysitting?
Why is it that these freebees go to one area of town?
I think you had better put your head on straight and maybe by doing this you will see that this center has been and will be mismanaged .You are stealing the taxpayers money in keeping this place opened.
You already have a senior center,schools have all the recreational activities that the center offers. Swimming at the Y's or in the Middle school.
We pay enough taxes for our schools that extend many services for the children.
You talk about duplicate services.
The center is under state investigation must we have a Fereral one also.
Have you forgotten that the center receives many grants that are never used for the reason that they are received.
Not only are you allowing this center to steal from your residents but also the state and federal government.
I guess you forgot where your grants are coming from.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Close the center. Everyone is afraid to state the obvious. It is not intended for the entire community!

Anonymous said...

Between TDYCC, Greenburgh Housing Authority, Loise Bronze Children's Center, GC Early Childhood & GC schools, we are doing nothing but housing, policing, feeding, babysitting, entertaining & educating one small community to the tune of outrageous amounts of tax payers money. Someone with guts needs to put an end to this.

Anonymous said...

Please do not let the lady from the meeting the other ady make her house into a three family. She has been a burden on the town for 30 years already. You should hit her with a big fine, for having the 3rd apartment.
It's not safe! You don't need to ask the Fire dept to know that. It also brings more garbage and more usage of the sewr system, witch she did not pay for, also if there were kids living in this apartment,it's a burden on the schools.

Anonymous said...

The center has become a haven for the freeloaders.
We pay to keep this place opened without using it.
This is unfair to the rest of the town.
It's just a hangout.
Let these people hang out in the surrounding parks.
The poor people who live in this town are the ones that have to pay taxes to feed,house,clothed and babysit the children while they are both on welfare and working at the same time.
Is that fair to the rest of us.
Close the place down or rent it out to some good firm that would make a good go of it.
The salaries mentioned at the town meeting are crazy.
What qualificatios do these people have.
The only one that I could see is that they have relatives in the system and they are black.
Who would you consider as racists.

decision time said...

its decision time. why not a referendum on whether the center should be kept open in its current format or become privatized or have some other fate.

if it truly only serves a portion of the town, why not make it a special recreation district?

every single department and facility must justify its existence and value in this harsh economic era.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the concerts!

Anonymous said...

You are so anti-police. Do you think that every officer you see in on overtime?

Anonymous said...

If you see one you are lucky.

Anonymous said...

What happened to review of police overtime (and I am not Hal)? Do we understand who gets OT and why? If less serious crime, why OT?

Anonymous said...

That part of the investigation is being swept under the rug.
As you know the chief will be retiring in one and half more years so the town not to make him look bad for his next job will not make a big deal until he's gone.
Let's see what the chief will do when he gets to his new job.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to wait? Enough is enough? We have to decrease taxes.

hal samis said...

Story reprinted from The Not The Journal Inquirer

Edgemont Villagers have seized upon their own solution to Greenburgh Police overtime.

A newly launched program seeded by contributions from members of the ECC (Edgemont Community Council) got off to a successful start a few weeks ago and so far, it seems to be working.

There have been no break-ins or burgularies reported in Edgemont since the pogrom's start.

It is not known yet whether this is because the timing for the new program coincided with a known vacation period for affluent burlars or whether the the absence of daily rainshowers are factors.

However, at a press conference held last week at the site of the future steps of the new Edgemont Village Hall, located in the Bursting office building to be built off Dromore Road across from the Greenburgh Nature Center, the ECC announced that the so-far successful operation is indicative of how well Edgemont can function when freed of the shackles imposed by Greenburgh entire.

Michelle MaBelle, speaking for host R.B. Bursting, announced that residents are considering expanding the existing radius of operations by adding the services of retired Police Officers from Scarsdale.

Additionally, MaBelle, using words that fit together, said that the ECC had decided to name the new enforcement patrol, the EVV or Edgemont Village Vigilantes.

Volunteers willing to contribute funds or time to this venture are asked to contact Mr. Bursting at his home office.

Anonymous said...

haha! I read that. I had this funny thought that the burglar lives in the community. Heck they may even be a member of the EVV! Kinda like a fireman who sets fires just to become a hero when called to rescue. In this case maybe just to embarrass the police department. "lookie! Mr. John Q Edgemont does a better job at policing the hood! Burn down the Greenburgh Police station! Why should I pay them for some I do better?" hahaha.

Anonymous said...

With crime increasing all over town, can we have a segment on how to get a gun permit???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I meant for MY protection, me the home owner. And I am not going to have an unlicensed gun.

Anonymous said...

more time is wasted on bs from most of the bloggers that's where the wasted money is their not working

Anonymous said...

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