Monday, July 07, 2008


More from columnist Phil ReismanBlood is Boiling in Greenburgh
7 Westchester County’s pending purchase and renovation of 450 Saw Mill River Road in the town of Greenburgh has given new life to the anti-county government movement.

Tomorrow’s meeting of the Board of Legislators is expected to attract a contingent of protesters led by Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, who opposes the purchase of the vacant office building because it will take the property off the tax rolls. The impact would be especially felt by the Ardsley school district which currently reaps more than $192,000 a year in taxes from the building.

County Executive Andy Spano wants to buy and renovate the building in order to store 1,600 new voting machines. As I noted in my Sunday column, the total cost of the deal is pegged at $13.6 millon, which will certainly help the building’s owner, John Halpern, a generous contributor to Spano’s election campaigns.

One thing I didn’t know, but found out today: It turns out that Halpern’s firm, Ardsley Partners III, is also in the process of suing Greenburgh for a tax reduction. So, not only would the building no longer pay taxes, the town may end up paying Halpern untold thousands in rebates!


Anonymous said...

If there is an ethics board that will listen to this case concerning our famous Spano please let us know.
He is using taxpayers dollars to pull his good friend and large campaign contributor out of a deep hole.
We cannot wait too long to investigate.
If anything the State comptrollers' and Attorney Generals office should be called upon to see what if any wrong doings are going on.
It pays to have friends in high places when you hit rock bottom.
This is not only bad for Greenburgh but it will hit all the Westchesterites in the pocket.
Halpern got a good deal how much was given under the table for this contract.

Anonymous said...

FORGETABOUTIT!!!!!!!!!!!!We'll never know.

Anonymous said...

People in office seem to know how to cover their tracks more than the common criminal.
The saying goes people who laugh last laugh best.
Right now Spano won but let's see what happens at the next step.
Will the public sit back and watch him take away what we have worked for all our lives.
This takeover should have been put on a ballot for the people to vote upon.
He may call it a purchase but we know very well that his friend was in trouble so he bailed him out and by doing this he burdened the Greenburgh residents once again.
Why was this not put to the voters as a referendu.