Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Great News---Westchester Golf Range to Stay in Business!

In 2002 the town of Greenburgh considered the possibility of acquiring the Westchester Golf Range as our new Town Hall/Library. Thousands of residents objected—they loved the golf range. The town backed down, we did not acquire the golf range for municipal purposes. Shortly thereafter, the golf range owners decided to sell the property to a developer. About a year ago the proposed housing development was withdrawn.

Some good news for golf lovers! The golf range WILL STAY AS A GOLF RANGE! There will be a big celebration this Saturday, July 26. I’m very excited that the golf range is going to continue to provide excellent service to residents of the town. The range is an important recreational asset in our town. The range contributes greatly to an enhanced quality of life for many residents. The new owners plan many exciting initiatives that will enable the golf range to serve the Greenburgh community for many years to come.

Hope to see you at the range on Saturday!


Greenburgh Town Supervisor


A celebration of the Golf Swing will happen this Saturday (7/26/08) at the Westchester Golf Range where the traditional and modern merge.

The modern GolfTEC is having a grand opening celebration at its newest location at The Westchester Golf Range. The Westchester Golf Range is celebrating its 60th year as Westchester’s premier green grass Golf Range.

Golfers, and those who wish to learn the game are invited to this Special Event which begins at 11AM.

There will be free GolfTEC demonstrations allowing the golfer to see and measure their swing to discover what’s standing between them and better scores. The GolfTEC Method uses patented technology includes digital video, motion/bio-feedback analysis and PGA Instruction.

The celebration will include refreshments, contests and prizes including long drive, chipping and putting contests.

GolfTEC, Westchester Golf Range, and GolfSmith gift certificates will be raffled off.

The public is invited to the Swing Celebration this Saturday. Festivities begin at 11AM to celebrate the Grand Opening of GolfTEC at the Westchester Golf Range. Westchester Golf Range is located at 701 Dobbs Ferry Road, White Plains, just off the Route 100B exit of the Sprain Parkway. For information call (914) 407-0134 or go to GolfTEC.com/Westchester.





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Anonymous said...

I just watches the work seesion that was held on July 22nd. I am very confused. Parks and Recreation gave a detailed report on where his cuts would be coming from.

The Community Center gave their report, if one could call it that, and not only were there no cuts.....but Francis pointed out that her math was incorrect. This has turned into a joke.

We are planning to cut parks and rec, we are planning to cut the Police Department / we are planning to cut DPW / we are planning to cut the building dept... All of which benifit the entire Town of Greenburgh. All of which directly effect the quality of life that the residents moved into this "80th best place to live"....But the only cut from the community center was a driver ??? The "rest of the Town" (other than Fairview is tired of this nonsense.

People are possibly not going to get their meals....people are going to get less police protection, etc..... and the Center will just eat up our tax payments from the Edgemont, Hartsdale, Valhalla, Elmsford areas of this Town, while fairview enjoys the center.

This Town is NUTTY !!

CLOSE THE CENTER (we should have a TOWN WIDE vote to seewho uses the center, and who wants it closed.

SO, what was ms Whiteheads final budget ?? Oh yes, she's not sure. Her math was off...........

Anonymous said...

Why the Hell does it take 7 months
and counting to replace Hopeton White. This lady does not know what hell she is doing. Let the Parks dept take over the center!

Anonymous said...

I also watched the work session. I also attend programs at the TDYCC. Valerie is working hard. Events and programs sponsored by the center leadership are well attended. She's working without a deputy. Valerie is doing nice work!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy there must be some fat cats affiliated with that center that the town refuses to investigate.
Get the state and federal governments to investigate since
the town board will do nothing to save taxpayers some money.
About three and a half to four million dollars go to this center every year.
Tell me where does all this money go.
Your work sessions are great. We can see how our money is misused and there is no way that the board will do anything about it.
I guess the board loves the double talk by the rec. commissioner and above all all those that speak out as to how great things are going ahead.
Please wake up these people are pulling the wool over your eyes.
Are the viewers the only ones that can see in which direction the members and those that are pushing for the center are going.
I have to say that this board is not really looking out for our money they are just looking out for their images.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Town Council members for replacing the Library Board!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Town Council members for replacing the Library Board!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the new members of the library board work with the wishes of the town board members but most of all for the residents of Greenburgh.
We need changes like this to happen so the town can get back on the right foot.
As far as the golf range yes it's a good idea but having a beautiful development would have been better taxwise.
But this town has not looked to benefit the public in a long time.
It looks like the recreational projects in this town are considered more than the taxpayers pockets.

hal samis said...

Yes, there will be no homes on the range -- for now.

Likely not due to civic concern but the result of in-contract deal to sell getting stuck in the sand trap.

Triple bogey on the first hole and we're back to a driving range. Ok, so they're making it a better driving range and development remains on the back burner until the economy improves.

But don't worry, the neighbors will one day have another chance to try and move the tees back for the next developer.

You wudda thunk that opportunites to build in the 80th best community would overcome the national miasma.

In the meanwhile, anyone know what's going on with nearby Frank's?

And what's going on with BMW at the former County Limousine site on Tarrytown Road?
Did the "bill" for refreshments at the Comprehensive Plan meetings create a waiting out the clock holding period?

And based on trends, I don't think we're going to see a new Starbuck's on Central Avenue so soon.

Anonymous said...

No homes on the range or par for the course?

hal samis said...

No dog legs either; they're all at the park.

However there is enough going on to tee everyone off.

While sometimes in a round you can play your first ball over, counting it as a Mulligan;
at the driving range you must pay for a basket of sheehans.
Since this is a new improved, driving range, the price to taxpayers for the Sheehan basket has just jumped to $175,000.
Oh the folly of it all.

Anonymous said...

Samis will you please comment further so many of us can understand as to what you are referring to with the golf range.TY.

hal samis said...

Dog leg (a sharp turn on a golf fairway) is a play on Town's providing a dog park.

A golf tee is a small pedestal upon which a golf ball is placed to make it easier to hit or; a raised mound of dirt into which a tee in inserted. Teed off is an expression that perhaps is derived from the feeling after being hit --either physically or mentally; perhaps caused in this case from being hit by excessive higher taxes.

A Mulligan is the name given to a "do over" when a golfer takes another shot to replace a poorly played one. It replaces the bad stroke at no harm to the player's scorecard (stroke count).

A Sheehan is a Mulligan in which only the other players scorecards are penalized. In the case of the Library ramp aka Sheehan's Folly, this unnecessary facility cost the Library project $175,000 because Francis Sheehan, apostle in his own mind, insisted that this was an ADA requirement for the new Library. It was not required (Mr. Sheehan lacks the honesty gene) and taxpayers had to eat this expense for something that even the Library didn't want but now has to shovel in winter and be concerned about its natural use as a skateboarder's heaven.

thanks hal said...

hal - thanks for enlightening us about the sheehanigans.

lets hope his reign of error ends primary night in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation.
Well Sheehan always gets what he wants.
Well we have to thank the whole board for releasing another $400,000.00 Dollars to the library.
Does these board realize what they are doing to the taxpayers.
When is this going to stop.
The library board is at fault also for the ramp. They had the authority to tell Sheehan what was needed but they chose to go along with the looser and guess what they are going byebye.
It seems anyone that hangs on to Sheehans shirt tails gets the heave ho.
That ramp cost us more money when they see the problems it will cause and what it will cost to demolish.
We as tax payers have to remember the things that put this town in bad shape when election time comes arround..

hal samis said...

The following was sent to the Town Board last night.

I attended the Library Board of Trustees meeting tonight, as did liaison Diana Juettner, and I left there in an untypical controlled state of fury.

Just as I predicted, the Trustees are attempting to sneak money from their 2008 operating funds surplus (which has been quietly building toward $300,000 by year end) and move it to staunch the outflow of funds from their leaking Referendum construction budget. They are attempting to do this by issuing purchase orders directly from the Library for items such as book drop ducts, telephone systems, furniture, and the payment of onsite utility bills incurred during the construction period. These are all items intended for and included in the $19.9 million budget. However, their hope is that by paying for the items directly, they will "disappear" from the construction project, not be noticed, and in doing so make more funds available for other items related to the construction project. Thus what was the purchasing power of $19.9 can be expanded indefinitely if more of the items are purchased off the construction project books. Perhaps the Library operating budget should also be used to pay for the additional cost of asphalt.

Tonight's vote concerned an amount just under $120,000 which suggests that the Town Board granted the Library too much money for 2008 operating expenses. And there will be more "excess" funds being liberated through the remainder of the year, if allowed.

But there is more to this than just my usual complaint about mismanagement regarding the Library consturction project.

There is even more than my complaint that with all this going on, no one from the Town Board or the Library will yet own up to the fact that the project is grossly over budget and that the project is not on schedule but delayed. The Town Board votes to accept costly change orders because of delays and then denies that the project is delayed. What gives? But let's move on to what shall become and remain an ongoing nightmare to the Town and Library Boards unless they assent to the following condition which appears eventually below.
By all standards and sense of decency, the conditon is logical and reasonable.

The biggest and most irrefutable abuse of this funds shifting is one that produces an immediately felt hardship upon unincorporated residents, voters, taxpayers and Library patrons. Residents are already paying a 22% tax increase in 2008 which was in part caused by the $3,440,000 allocated to the Library as its operating budget. Concurrently, much was made of the legal cap on the construction budget and repeatedly it was stated that it could not be exceeded. Of course we know that this has already turned out to be false after the Town Board voted to allow the acceptance of some $400,000 in grants to be used to increase the construction budget rather than reduce the bonding. I have foiled and am awaiting written legal opinions with citations referencing the language of the grants to anything which says that these grants, Federal, State or otherwise cannot be used to reduce bonding. Just because any member of the Town Board says it it so is, unfortunately, not a guarantee of such statements being true.

But tonight's vote by the Trustees is the final straw. You will all remember that during the budget hearings, the Library Trustees (notably Susan Wolfert) said that due to their budget being cut that they could no longer provide cybermobile service and Sunday hours at the Town Hall. They didn't have enough money was their claim; a claim that I very much differed with and wrote many emails and letters pointing out that the Library could indeed afford to maintain this popular service. For example I pointed out that the Library said that it intended to spend $180,000 more on books and media for 2008 than was spent in 2007. This seemed ridiculous in light of the likelihood that the Library for at least 11 months of 2008 would be in the same location as it was in 2007 and that there would be no room to add these additional items to already overflowing bookshelves. Even if I accepted Howard Jacobs' statement that the cost of the cybermobile would be $157,000, this one area alone of increased spending could easily cover the cybermobile cost. Nevertheless, come January 1, 2008, cybermobile service ceased.

Now let me be generous; let's allow that the growing surplus in the 2008 operating numbers was a genuine surprise to the Library Board of Trustees and the Library Director. But once aware, as they were in May that this pool of money was available, what did they choose to do with it? Clearly, restoring cybermobile service was not an option. And that is the condition I seek and fully expect to see embraced by both the Town Board and the Library Board of Trustees. I insist that the cybermobile be returned to service using the surpluses that exist in the operating fund; not as the Trustees intend, which is to use them for off-balance sheet construction project spending.

The Library Board of Trustees submitted a budget last fall that showed cybermobile service as one of its objectives. The line items were there; line items which had no other application other than providing cybermobile service. If the Library did not have funds to operate the service, that would be one thing but obviously tonight they have demonstrated that such funds exist -- more than enough to continue the cybermobile through the end of the year. This period would mostly run concurrent with the new Library not being open and would restore the broken promise made to those residents voting in the referendum that the cybermobile would be used to compensate for sharply curtailed service while the Library was under construction.

If the objective reality and indecency of the Library's attitude and being caught in the web of their own making are not enough to restore cybermobile service immediately; then I implore the Town Board to restore the moral balance and make good on the broken promise of the Library Trustees. There is a simple way that the Town Board can do this without interfering with Library operations. The Town Board can amend the Town Budget by reducing its 2008 allocation to the Library by an amount, say $300,000. It can re-allocate this amount to another Department, say the Community Center, which will thereupon operate the cybermobile using these proceeds. Note: the Community Center already provides the driver for the cybermobile. If the Library refuses to lend materials to the cybermobile, the Community Center will use a portion of the $300,000 to build an inventory. And the Town Board will take note of such a lack of cooperation.

It is time to get tough with the existing Board of Trustees. Waiting until January 1, 2009 will not return cybermobile service to taxpayers who have already paid for it in their 2008 taxes but have not received the benefit. This may be harsh and arguable but it is the Library Trustees who are playing the game of "bait and switch". It is up to the Town Board to protect the rights of Library Patrons and taxpayers even if the Library no longer cares about these residents that foot the bills.

This matter needs to be acted upon immediately before the Library initiates purchase orders. Otherwise, the Town Board will have little leverage other than to reduce the Library's remaining operating budget.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noticed that large wall in the library parking lot? There is no fence around it . it does not look safe. It is inviting another lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Why spend money on the cybermobile at all when the county is now offering the same service for much less? Let the Greenburgh library spend whatever money it has; get the new library up and running as best it can; and let the new library board of trustees deal with operating next year under a budget that's going to be less than it had to work with in the old library.

At some point one has to say, even to Samis, enough is enough. Where's your common sense?

hal samis said...

Oh, and bookmobile service one day a month is comparable to what the Greenburgh Library offered?

The Library Trustees do not put forth the idea that the service was unpopular or unnecessary -- just that they can't afford it.
What I have written above would seem to say that they can afford it. They just choose to spend their surplus money on other items, which, frankly I am not sure that they can legally do (transfer operating funds to capital budgets).

Enough is never enough while there are still ignorant people such as yourself who choose to be apologists for the Library Board of Trustees and continue to promote their point of view in public. That the Trustees have stolen your tax dollars under false pretenses remains the issue. And, while the Library is still not up and operating, the Trustees have a responsibility to maintain the a level of service that they are not presently providing.

And whose fault is that? The Trustees failed to execute a reasoned and proper exit strategy to provide Library services during the two years of construction.

Diana Juettner never took an interest in what was going on and failed to point out why the old Town Hall would not work for the Library during construction. Were she alive, she would have realized that most of the problems that faced the Town's occupancy of the building were the same ones that the Library would encounter -- mold, asbestos, no elevator, no ADA compliant bathrooms, etc. Nor did the highly touted Construction Manager even bother to inspect the building before the Referendum. Thus, the project was delayed while the Trustees set about finding usable space. This idea failed, luckily too, because the Library had no money to pay rent (rent is not bondable). Finally, after a prolonged search, Feiner (the big opponent of the Library) offered free space in Town Hall. This meant that full time town employees had to surrender their lunch/break room for two years so that the Library could build a similar facility for their mostly part-time employees.
This was a real hardship because, unlike the location of the Library, there is nothing in the immediate vicinity where employees could take lunch.

So given that Library services would be sharply reduced due to occupying less than 5,000 feet of space (the old Library of 22,000 feet was so crowded say the Trustees) that operating from 5,000feet would obviously cause hardship.

So the Trustees did the right thing and promised to provide increased cybermobile service to try and make up for the diminished service. However that promise was short-lived, lasting only the first year until the Trustees announced that they could no longer afford to operate the cybermobile. Despite a $3,440,000 operating budget. Which brings us back to my email to the Town Board which you think is too much.

Take a long walk off a short plank. (sanitized version)
You may pretend to be the king of common sense, I'll be champion of watching dollars.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: Samis thinks he's doing us taxpayers a favor by pointing out that money should not be spent on completing the library and, even though the county's now it its own bookmobile, the money should instead be spent on fixing and operating the broken down cybermobile, and all so he can argue that the $19.8 million wasn't enough to finish the job and the "trustees stole" our tax dollars.

Unless he's got evidence that the library trustees lined their pockets, and he doesn't,his saying that the library trustees "stole" anything here is typical of his over-the-top "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" ranting that, at the end of the day, sheds plenty of heat but no light.
Samis never liked the library project, he never liked the library trustees, he never liked the library staff, he certainly doesn't like Juettner and Sheehan (but Feiner, he's okay),and he's determined to prove he and Feiner were right and the voters were wrong.
Well Samis. You've now got three votes on the board -- Feiner's, Morgan's and Brown's. How much money have you saved us so far? Nada. Big yawn.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Mr. Samis looking out for us in regards to the library, especially since no one town or library management seems to.

Just one point of disagreement; the bookmobile was not a popular service. I'm glad it's not being run anymore, wasting fuel and resources; it's a thing of the past.

Other than that, I hope that Mr. Samis will continue to hold the library accountable for its proper appropriation of funds.

Anonymous said...

Paul has always regarded the library as not necessary. I guess his kids use the Ardsley library.

Our budget is so out of control. Paul does nothing re police. Serious crimes are up. All the police seem to care about are teenage parties. Police OT is increasing pensions. What is Paul doing?

TDYCC budget is out of control.

These are much bigger issues. But Paul hates libraries and schools unless his kids use them.

hal samis said...

3:13, you do need help reading and maybe you should contact Estelle Palevsky the "retiring" head of the Library's construction committee who may have some credentials in her speciality -- she certainly doesn't know anything about construction.

Those who do take the trouble to read what I write, know that I don't have a problem writing and certainly am not at a loss for words.

Thus I wonder how come you write that I either used the word "stole" or gave the impression of accusing the Trustees of stealing when I never came within a country mile of suggesting that "the trustees lined their pockets", one wonders what alternate universe you reside in or whether that was your own insider Freudian slip-up.

In your universe are anonymous turds which postulate the sky is falling language, over-the-top rants alleged to apply to something I wrote but as my postings are here in full view, I defy anyone to find what anonymous is referencing.

In the universe of anonymous the cybermobile is "old" and the Trustees are confounded by operating the "broken down" cybermobile. And in that same universe, remains the question of why the Trustees say they don't have the money to continue this service in their operating budget when Thursday night they admitted the money was there -- they just wanted to transer it to capital spending for the new building. In everyone else's universe, taxpayers would be aware that the Trustees had authorized the purchase of a BACK-UP generator costing $10,000 for the cybermobile just so that there would be a spare in case of problems.  Either they were wasting dollars then or they felt that maintaining the cybermobile service without interruption had some importance.

And, ask the Trustees, they do support the operation of the cybermobile; they did promise to maintain it during construction which they aren't; they just don't want to fund it. Go ahead and ask them why?  Let them dare to say they don't have the money.In the alternate universe of anonymous is the Westchester Library System's "competing" bookmobile which would take the place of Greenburgh's.  As The Scarsdale Inquirer today informs those of us living in this world, this service started July 16 at the Scarsdale Library and yes it is coming to Greenburgh...on August 12.  So at that rate or if it were to visit Greenburgh even twice a month, that would make the case (in an alternate universe) that Greenburgh can do without its own while the Library is under construction because perhaps twice a month the WLS bookmobile will come chugging along.  In the alternate universe of anonymous it is alright for the Trustees and the Town Board to just keep adding money to the library expansion even while confirming that the project is on budget and on schedule.It is even ok to try and confuse the public by using outside money to pay for things that were supposed to be paid out of the Referendum bonding; pay for them with additional funding and all of this is not being done to reduce the $19.9 million of bonding which has already been commited. It is perfectly reasonable to do this because that way the project forever remains on budget no matter how much is spent.  It is ok for the Trustees to transfer money from their operating account funded from their 2008 allocation and instead use it for the purchase of capital items that are part of the library expansion.  Never mind that at the end of the year when it is all added up, the Library Trustees will say that the project came in on budget even though the total outlay was more like $22 million -- and this amount only providing a lesser Library.

Even the landscaping put in the original budget at $100,000 needs to be obtained from outside the budget.

And take comfort from what the Library Director cautioned in The Journal News: "Not everything has to be there on the first day".Translation: We can keep pulling the wool over your eyes for an indefinite period of time. How about asking her a simple question: Why won't it be there?  Taxpayers are being charged for everything.  It was not me who came up with the $19.9 million budget, but the Library.  And that figure not only included the cost of furniture and shelving and technology and landscaping and paving but also over $4 million for inflation and contingencies.  In theory, if the Library could have been started and completed the day after the Referendum, the Library would have cost less than $16 million.  The $19.9 million was acknowledgement that it would not be built in a day and that manure happens.  Apparently, anonymous was undergoing a three year bout of diarrhea.

So what I am doing, favor or not, is pointing out that taxpayers are getting reamed by the Library Trustees and lately with the participation of the Town Board and together, these two boards are continuing to feed good money after bad to the project even though they refuse to acknowledge that the project is way over the original budget.  Just raising the budget amount only fools fools.And what's wrong with never liking the Library project (isn't it proving itself to be a joke) and what's wrong with never liking the Library Trustees because of their unique lack of ability to manage their project and, other than possibly the highest levels of the management, I have great appreciation for the Library staff.Why should I, or anyone, have appreciation for Sheehan and Juettner, one bullies his way around the truth, if not actally lying, while the other doesn't register a pulse.  However, if you are palsy walsy with this crew, water has found its level.So, do I think that extra money should not be spent on completing the Library?  Totally.  I don't care if they don't have the money to buy a front door.  If they need extra money, let them get it by getting rid of Al Regula and apply his saved salary to the project.  Let them raise library fees for overdue items, not from 10 cents to 20 cents but to $5 a day and use this revenue to buy those things that won't be there on the first day -- but let the Trustees be prepared to explain to their patrons why these high fines are necessary.

And now that we know whom your friends are, let me correct you on your assumptions about Feiner and his team. Feiner was right about the Library and acted accordingly up until recently.  The politician aspect has taken over as the Library opening approaches.  Other than the recent votes regarding the Trustees, how many Town Board votes have been anything other than all 5 in favor? 

On the other hand if you read this blog, which obviously you do, you know that I have written against the Town Board (which includes Feiner) on almost every topic that I know anything about.  I don't claim to know about schools, sewer districts, fire districts, have any special expertise in being smarter than the judges in existing legal actions but I have written against the purchase of Taxter Ridge, the rush to grant special favors to WESTHAB; against the actions of the Town Board (Feiner included again) in voting to add $400,000 of grants to the Library instead of using this funding to reduce the bonding amount and indirectly to lowering taxes.  I have written against the Arts Council $60,000+; the Hartsdale sculpture curator, $4000; the Town Board's silence on the budget problems coming your way this Fall; against the curtailment of public comment (something that the entire slate of activists agree on); against the diversion of attacking County government and then asking the County for help. I attacked the Town Board for making a charade out of the passing of the capital budget, etc.  The only issue I have purposely held my punches back on is the Community Center which I have to get up to speed before I start shooting.  I have my suspicions but, in any case, am willing to give Sonja a year of her four year term to produce results.  Yes, the Director needs to learn math, starting yesterday. On the other side of the coin is that I favor Ardsley residents being allowed to use the Town Pool (paying for the priviledge; I think that as a practical measure unicorporated needs help to fund the pool and tennis court repairs and that these are big items that will weigh heavily on unincorporated pockets unless they will tolerate more users from anywhere and I do offer my full support to Klondike Bar.

Digest that and please come back but try and refer to what you see not what you pretend you saw.  It always helps to use the scroll bar to the right and go back and check what actually appears instead of typing what you make up.  Even when hiding as anonymous, it would be useful to have some credibility.
It makes me feel better when I sweep the floor with you to know that at least you can read.

Anonymous said...

Your willing to give a pass to TDYCC and about every Feiner approved project.

hal samis said...

And that list would include?

Anonymous said...

One reason that people choose to be anonymous on this blog: "It makes me feel better when I sweep the floor with you ..."

Anonymous said...

Is Sonja making every effort to substantially reduce the TYDCC budget? Or, as part of the Feiner team, is she for spend on everything except libraries and schools?

Anonymous said...

Most people stay anonymouse becuase Paul Feiner is vindicative and thin skinned. So if you oppose him, you stay quiet.

hal samis said...

Most people stay anonymous because:1) they are cowardsand like to shoot at those who are not2) lack scruplesand like to shoot at those who do3) hold third hand opinions and like to shoot at those who use facts4) know that they are full of manure and resent those that can do their business, get up and flush5) like to hit and run and don't "have time" to do the actual grunt work that named posters perform so well6) resent me because even though I don't pay taxes and have no personal, economic stake in issues like taxpayers do, I get involved and contribute to the system that affects everyone

And, enough with this masked avenger bullshit as though anonymous were the trappings of a superhero.  Just what is Feiner going to do for revenge?  Raise your taxes, not plow your street, not pick up your garbage (ok, that part is true, he leaves it on this blog for all to see).From the memorable words of that literary giant, Harold Robbins:"Go forth with crowds, in loneliness is danger; call no man foe but never love a stranger." 

Anonymous said...

Samis at 10 p.m. last night says he never, never accused the library trustees of stealing, and dares anyone to use the scroll up bar to prove that he did. Okay. Scroll up to Samis at 2:48 p.m. yesterday. Third graph. He says: "That the library trustees have STOLEN your tax dollars under false pretenses remains the issue." Samis, methinks you speak (somewhat endlessly) with forked tongue. If you lie about something so easily verifiable as that, you probably lie about lots of other things as well.

Anonymous said...

Most people stay anonymous because "It makes me feel better when I sweep the floor with you to know that at least you can read." Wow, you must be a sad old man.

Anonymous said...

Paul you and the board should pay attention to Samis's comments.
What has he written that was proved to be wrong.
You guys are pigheaded .
This guy has laid a full text of what goes on and what is wrong with the library and all you do is turn a deaf ear and make believe that you can't read his comments.
What's happening with this town.
You all should be happy that someone has the balls to unearth the wrong doings in this town no you are the ones that permit the goings on because you remain deaf,dumb and blind.
Boy you have a rotten way as to how a town should be represented and run.
Keep doing what you are doing and see how you are chasing the residents to leave this 80th town on the famous list.
High taxes is a reflection on what you guys failed to do to protect those that you represent.
As the saying goes taxpayers you aint seen nothing yet.The next round will be coming up soon let's see what the excuse will be with the next double diget tax rate.

Anonymous said...

And yet Samis says nothing re the Greenburgh Housing Authority not paying the town the money they owe. Saying nothing re excess OT, expenses at TDYCC.

Samis, get a life, teh library improvement passed a vote.

hal samis said...

Yikes!I've been gotchad? gotchaed?Or not.
Those who get the New York Times delivered know that the magazine section arrives today and with it the crossword puzzle and what used to be William Safire's column "On Language" but is now written by Fred Shapiro. Fittingly, today's words are "quote" and "misquote".

Since you can be sure that I suspect that the anonymice of this blog are lawyers needing practice, I choose my words very carefully --which does take considerable time.  In the manner of superlawyers who take care when reading or "drafting" contracts to be very precise as legal decisions have turned on a single misused word or phrase.                              Let us consider the word "steal" for a moment.  To many people it summons up the vision of thugs wearing masks, holding guns or prying open sliding doors in Edgemont.  However, the dictionary also provides this definition: to get or effect surreptitiously or artfully such as: steal a kiss, steal a base, steal a ball (basketball)...What I wrote was (and you can scroll up again) nothing that suggested like posted by anonymous that I was accusing the Trustees of trying to line their pockets.  See anonymous 7/25 at 3:13pm; see Samis 7/25 at 2:45pm.  In fact what you read from Samis is: "That the trustees have "stolen" your tax dollars under false pretenses remains the issue."  Hold that thought because we're coming back to it.Then I wrote yesterday at 10:00pm what anonymous today at 10:18am thinks is his coup de grace.  Save you the trouble, here's what I wrote to 3:13 (getting confusing but please stay): "Thus I wonder how come you write that I either used the word "stole" or gave the impression of accusing the Trustees of stealing when I never came within a country mile of suggesting 'that the Trustees lined their pockets'.  One wonders what alternative universe you (anonymous) reside in or whether that was your own insiders Freudian slip-up".

So back to 3:13 yesterday who wrote: "Unless he's (Samis) got evidence that the Library Trustees lined their pocket, and he doesn't, his saying that the Library Trustees "stole" anything here is typical of his own over-the-top 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling' ranting."And very proudly he adds today just above this reply that Samis "dares" anyone to use the scroll bar..., that I lie easily and that I speak with forked tongue.This is really child's play, not in the sense of balancing blocks or watching the choo-choo but in the sense of tripping up self-important lawyers who think they got the goods.I have written (10:00pm yesterday again) "Those who do take the trouble to read know that I don't have a problem writing and certainly am not at a loss for words".That would explain why I used the word "defy" as in "I defy anyone to find what anonymous is referencing" which came back this morning from anonymous as "and (Samis) 'dares' anyone to use the scroll bar".  Defy means to be unaffected by, resist or withstand and was chosen on purpose but anonymous continues to exhibit the reading problem which caused me to suggest he get together with Estelle Palevsky, Library Trustee/ Building Committee and Reading Specialist.And returning to the thought I asked readers to hold.  So when anonymous thinks he got me for "speaking with forked tongue" and lying about "something so easily verifiable" all I did was do what superlawyers do and deny that I had written "steal" which I didn't because I had in fact written "stolen".

So let me wrap this up by reminding readers how I ended the earlier posting: "it makes me feel better when I sweep the floor with you". Every day in every way I get better and better. Thanks for the practice.

Anonymous said...

This latest post from Samis is truly bizarre. He tells us that he denies using the word "stealing" but admits (having been caught) using the word, "stolen," but insists that all he meant was "stolen" as in "stolen a kiss." Man, this guy is way way off the deep end. Perhaps he'll next tell us that everything he writes depends on what the meaning of "is" is. Oh wait, that's already been done.

hal samis said...

Wow, now I am or, I'm acting bizarre.
I guess that's a step up from lying, speaking with a forked tongue or ranting "the sky is falling". Perhaps.

Even better than sweeping the floor is outlawyering the lawyers.

And I guess that this anonymous poseur suffers from short term memory loss as well because he forgot about reading a definition for steal: to get or effect surreptitiously. Somehow it seems to fit like a glove when describing Library Trustees who angle for funding, saying it is needed for operating items, there's not enough for the cybermobile and upon raking in their loot, they try to move it illegally to capital projects.
DISCLAIMER FOR THOSE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES: NOT TO LINE THEIR POCKETS is nowwhere to be found but I kinda like the sound of "stolen from taxpayers".

Even simpler language apparently is needed to answer this very confusing concept. When the Library and the Town Board agreed that the expansion budget was $19.9million and that the project was on budget, how do they explain why more than $19.9 million is being spent? All those times that Al Regula answered that the project can't exceed the $19.9 million voted for by the public, did he have his fingers crossed? Come on Al, no crissy crossies. Not with a $130,000+ paycheck.

Anonymous would like everyone to spend their blog time concerned with an examination of "bizarre" behavior by this resident (Samis) with no authority while each day witnesses a new debacle caused by those wielding power.

All the posting I do does not cost residents a penny. Presumably, if town employees come to the blog, they do so on their own time. In either case, no one is under any obligation to do so.

However, what I write about concerns how taxpayers' money is being misspent and whom do you think would be upset over that?
Upset enough to try and divert readers away from what is being said and, instead of thinking about the message, thinking only about the messenger.

Now, who would want to do that?

Even the pitiful comment that I was "caught"? Caught doing what?
Caught using the correct word and challenging anyone to find words I DIDN'T write? Now, THAT would be bizarre.

The simple and hard to swallow truth is that without the injection of the $400,000 in grant money, the Library project has run out of money -- and it isn't near finished.

The dilemma for the Town Board is that without creating the lie that the grants can't be used to reduce the bonding, the project was already dead in the water. So desperate to keep the fiction alive and convey the $400,000 to the project (pity is the Town doesn't even have the full $400,000in hand) they publicly threw out the window the other ball they were trying to juggle; the ball marked keeping taxes down. $400,000 less in bonds and their attendant debt service has some effect in slowing down the march to higher taxes. But no, Sheehan will do anything to safeguard his personal stake in the Library defense and that includes mislaying the truth. (More on this shortly) So now we have a library project increased by $400,000 and are we done? No. because the Library Trustees have some of the taxpayers money to throw in their raging out-of-control bonfire. And the Greenburgh Library Foundation has a few ducats to bring to the table.
It is turning out to be one grand BYOB party.

But all the king's whores and all the king's minions can't bring the project on budget again.

Taxpayers, fear no longer the answer has been given: "Not everything has to be there on the first day".

Make a note on your calendar for the 1st of never.

Anonymous said...

I thought Brodsky also said the $400,000 state grant could not be used to reduce the bond amount. Wouldnt he know? Or does only Samis know?

Anonymous said...

to 7:26 4:48 PM

FOIL away. What you will find out is that Samis is right and Brodsky is dead wrong.

And you thought Brodsky cares about you? Ha!!!!

Wake up and smell the B __ S Brodsky only cares about his $1 million "campaign' war chest funded by special interest groups. He consistently votes against his local taxpayers on the issues that really matter because his special interest "investors" want him to. Get serious and review his votes, not his "press releases".

Anonymous said...


Why are you shocked at Sheehan's $175,000 ramp?? Wasn't it Sheehan who insisted upon the hiring of Gil Kaminer because he required a valet during his Imperial Rule?? Didn't Kaminer cost us well over $100,000 during his two year stay?? Francis did put Gil to good use when he ordered Gil to threaten the school superintendant from Valhalla.

I wonder if you thought we forgot about that Francis? Next year is your re-election and you will be forced to answer for that cowardly deed as well as your illegal actions on Dromore Road.

sheehanigans said...

sheehanigans was also present with regard to the sewer district inquiry.

sheehan told the residents if they are wrong they have to pay for the investigation -they told sheehan to shove it and they went to the state - who confirmed the residents were right.

sheehan - bad for greenburgh.

time to end his reign of waste (see library ramp) in 2009.

Anonymous said...

So how much money has Samis saved the taxpayers? Zero. He worked real hard to get three votes that would vote his way -- Feiner, Morgan and Brown -- and even they aren't listening to him. But rather than point fingers at them, Samis saves his anger for Sheehan and Juettner. Does he think we're all stupid not to see who he's apologizing for?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Samis is an angry old man and you have to take him with a grain of salt with most of his rantings, but it is beneficial that he keeps on top of the library situation.

Anonymous said...

To 7/26 7:50PM

What Mr. Samis and many others worked real hard at was getting rid of Bass and Barnes. They voted for two years of basically zero tax increases that brought unincorporated Greenburgh a 21+% tax hike for 2008 and God knows what, but it won't be small, in 2009 and beyond. Of course, the Supervisor, Sheehan and Juettner went along with this so there's lots of blame to share here, but of course Mr. Sheehan will be running for the hills as he already has started on this issue.

No, me thinks that the replacements aren't thinking or voting the way Mr. Samis would like, but by sending a message that when the elected officials don't seriously listen to the people they will be "toast". Mr. Sheehan and Ms. Juettner, what kind of jelly will you want on your toast?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Brodsky in Greenburgh?
Absentee Assemblyman.

Anonymous said...

Brodsky gave a terrific speech at the end of April at the annual meeting of the Edgemont Community Council. He talked about his efforts to kill the 4% property tax cap bill which, if passed, because of unfunded state mandates and Greenburgh's deteriorating tax base, could wind up destroying each of Greenburgh's school districts, whether in the unincorporated area or in the villages.
Notably, even though the town is responsible for the erosion of our tax base, no one from the town board bothered to show up for the ECC annual meeting. Abinanti was there, and so were Reps from Nita Lowey, and Andrea Stewart Cousins, but nobody from Greenburgh. The town board wasn't even meeting that night.
I guess the 7000 people who live in Edgemont don't matter much to Greenburgh's town board, which would rather pay self-serving "house calls" on Feiner supporters than participate in any kind of meaningful give-and-take with constituents who might actually be informed about the issues.

hal samis said...

"the 7000 people who live in Edgemont...constituents who might actually be informed about the issues"

Of the 7000, how many were at the meeting? _ _ (insert number)

I thought so.

Another self-serving posting from the ECC.

If the author was really concerned about a meaningful give and take, he would be asking for a give and take session(s) at Town Hall where residents from the whole Town could attend.

This will get poopooed because, even though the author and I both see through the walking door-to-door promotion of the Town Board summer tour, the author doesn't like to share the limelight with others.

If I'm not mistaken I believe the tour is walking Edgemont Monday night. Please alert the police that they are not the at-large burglars.

Anonymous said...

A "give and take" session at Town Hall? All I know about is residents have the opportunity to speak their minds -- for 3 minutes -- and then ususally recieve no response. At the ECC meeting, Brodsky actually responded when people disagreed with his position. I guess that is part of the difference between him and Feiner.

hal samis said...

If I wanted to talk about a typical Town Board meeting I would have said so.

What I am suggesting is that the entire order of business is a dialogue between the Town Board and the Town.

On camera, on record, air-conditoned.

And, for the record, Brodsky is everything bad about Feiner and then some.

Anonymous said...


Is there any local politician you like, other than Feiner and his handpicked council people, Morgan and Brown?

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased that the golf range is staying a golf range. Thank you, town government for your support.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brodsky also votes to support continued post employment benefits to municipal workers, so local governments can't get out from under this huge liability. The Town Board was briefed on this issue back in June. OVER $120 million. That's juat the Town portion, not including the Villages. Thank you Mr. Brodsky.!!!

Anonymous said...

And regardless of our Brodsky voted, or the legislation the state enacted, has Feiner ever seen an employee benefit he didnt support. Even if the state didnt mandate it, my guess is Feiner would go for it, and more. Feiner is at the forefront of pool memberships, belowmarket hosuign, etc for municpal employeees. The state isnt mandating any of this.

hal samis said...

I'm sorry 2:54,

I didn't know that I HAD to pick one from column A and one from column B.

If so, can I see the takeout menu?

Or does this make you happier?

All of these answers may be incorrect.
Pick the one you think is most correct.

How about, that old stand-by:
just say no.

Anonymous said...

Hal, of course you dont have to support anyone other than Feiner. Feiner doesnt support anyone other than his team. Which is why when something like the County facility in Ardsley is proposed, he cant call on anyone to help.

hal samis said...

I'm sorry again, 7:17,

I don't want to be a nuisance but would you please tell us how effective, consummate politician that you imply he is, Brodsky was in stopping the then proposed County facility in Ardsley?

What appears to be the broader consensus is that Brodsky=Feiner.

Anonymous said...

No I am implying that no one will help Feiner.

hal samis said...

Or maybe that, even if they would want to, they can't.

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome for the money owed by the Housing Authority to the town.
I think the amount was$334,000.00.
Boy that aint chicken feed.
When do you expect some sort of a payment???????
Do they still have Greenburgh police free of charge to act as security guards??????
Why is it that these people get away with so much?????
Many live rent free because rhey claim that they are poor but check out the hot vehicles that they drive and how many there are in one household.
Poor my foot.
I think this was mentioned about two months ago at a town meeting when should we the residents hear the answers to the questions above.

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome for the money owed by the Housing Authority to the town.
I think the amount was$334,000.00.
Boy that aint chicken feed.
When do you expect some sort of a payment???????
Do they still have Greenburgh police free of charge to act as security guards??????
Why is it that these people get away with so much?????
Many live rent free because rhey claim that they are poor but check out the hot vehicles that they drive and how many there are in one household.
Poor my foot.
I think this was mentioned about two months ago at a town meeting when should we the residents hear the answers to the questions above.

Anonymous said...

The swim team wants to raise fees to $54.00 for each swimmer.
Please tell me why should the taxpayers pay to have this center opened for the users to pay a charitable amount .
This charge is not for the upkeep of the center it is so the swimmers can compete in other swim meets.
They have got to be kidding.
The town should charge each one a dam good fee for using the pool.Why not treat this center as a private club.
By the way it is a private club for the residents of Fairview so I think it would be fair to other residents of Greenburgh that Fairview cover all charges .
The entire unincorporated areas pay for this center but the usage is entirely by the Fairview residents.
This town is really playing some residents real dirty.
With a double diget tax increase this year and double digets for the next few years we cannot afford to keep this center .
Either close it or see if a private concern would pick it up.
Your parks are also going in the same direction.
Yes parks are good if they bring in some revenue. Greenburghs parks just cost the taxpayers more and more money just to say that Greenburgh has upteen parks.

Dear Sheehanigans said...

What ever happened with the sewer district audit? The results are not on the Town website. Where did you get your information from?

sheehanigans said...

here us where you can find the truth sheehan tried to hide


Anonymous said...

I think good Town management would at least benchmark the costs of TDYCC and the police by comparing with a Y costs and state police. These are publicly available costs/statements.

Anonymous said...

Good Town management would never have gotten us into this predicament.

Anonymous said...


hal samis said...

Go to my posting on "Edgemont burglar captured" if you want to know more about Police Department efficiency.

Warning: the contents are not about the Edgemont burglar.