Sunday, July 13, 2008


Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner announced a new initiative --being headed up by student intern Andy Laub. The project will be called the Greenburgh You Tube initiative.

Andy, a resident of Ardsley (recent grad of the Soundview PreparatorySchool in Yorktown, founder of the Politics Club and a soon to be freshman at Dickinson College) will produce many short video's highlighting different aspects of life in Greenburgh. Each of these short video's will be posted on You Tube. Last week, for example, Andy, posted the following on You Tube:
* The Town Board ceremony honoring John Evans of Greenburgh - a blind Empire State Physically Challenged Gold Medal Award Winner;

* A brief interview with a town employee who drives an electric powered vehicle around Anthony Veteran town park;

*An interview with pool lifeguards;

*Video's of the town lap pool (interview with a swimmer) and of the interactive kiddy pool.

* Highlights of this pasts Saturday's concert at the E Hartsdale farmer's market will be posted this coming week. Short video's of other town programs will also be shown on You Tube.

During the summer Andy will interview civic leaders, department heads, elected officials, employees. He will produce video's featuring the work our employees do. We will visit parks, the various business districts, different neighborhoods, municipal buildings and we will interview senior citizens who might want to record some of their memories about Greenburgh's past.

Feiner said that after the summer internship program ends - the YOU TUBE INITIATIVE will continue. We're looking for volunteers who might be interested in helping us produce other GREENBURGH YOU TUBE video's. We expect hundreds of very short video's to be posted during the coming year. The goal: people who are considering moving into the town will be able to see what living in Greenburgh is like. We think that Greenburgh is a great community --we want people to be able to learn as much about the town by watching short video's of Greenburgh on You Tube. Those interested in watching the video's should visit. and search Greenburgh.

Residents who are interested in helping with the Greenburgh You Tube Initiative (and those who would like to be interviewed) should e mail If you would like us to feature your neighborhood on a video - please advise. Please also help us by suggesting programs, employees, services, individuals that should be profiled. If you have a camera - you can help us by posting your video's about Greenburgh on You Tube. Take video's of your neighborhood, the best playgrounds in town, your favorite restaurants and stores, interview your neighbors. Post the video's yourself or send your video to Supervisor Paul Feiner at Greenburgh Town Hall.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Anonymous said...

Would you please, Mr. Feiner, attempt to master at least a fifth grade level of basic English writing skills, particularly for apostrophe usage. It's so embarrassing to read your writing.

English Grammar Tutor

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be a high school senior this fall. I'd love to see someone make a You Tube video on how Greenburgh operates two separate recreation departments, each with its own set of commissioners, each operating each year with millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, one department for the general population of unincorporated Greenburgh, and the other for the economically disadvantaged, most of whom are African American. In my American history class this year, we learned that racial segregation like this existed mainly in the south and had mostly disappeared. Now from reading the Scarsdale Inquirer, I see that it still exists, right here in the northeast, right here in my own town, right here in one of the richest counties in the country!
And my parents are paying for the privilege of maintaining this dual recreation system with a 21% tax increase. Wow!! My buddies and I have got to get the word out about this. Greenburgh should be ashamed of itself. It is an embarrassment to the country.

Anonymous said...

You are so right.
One does not have to be a student to see what is and was has been going on for some time.
Read some of the comments on this blog which all state the same thing that we have to pay for something that is only used fully by the residents of Fairview.
You are wrong with one statement that they are disadvantaged economically by no means. We are fitting the bill for everything.
If the center should stay open to satisfy the Fairview residents they should be paying for everything.
How fast they would put the lock on the doors.Them pay you have got to be kidding.
They have been getting freebees too long that it has become their way of life.
We are the fools that have waited so long to express our feelings as to how we have been screwed.
Do you think this will change????
I doubt it because we have no one with a back bone to speak up.
In todays world sorry went out the window.
Does this town board feel sorry for the rest of the residents?
Does this town listen to the rest of us?
The center is a waste of time and money.
It happens to be the biggest hangout arround.
Every program is geared for the residents of Fairview.
Lessons to teach one how to ---African drums
African dance
What ever they want to teach always pertains to the African way.
They made it their own let them fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is "YouTube", one word.

hal samis said...

Here's the script for my proposed video.

Wide angle pan along a typical tree-lined residential street which could be anywhere USA.

Camera takes note of what appears to be a solitary pedestrian. As the long shot gives way to medium, the Camera focuses in on the pedestrian to reveal that this is a mailman which gives way to:
(Audio over the shot is synched

POV Camera follows the mail carrier from house to house intercut with shots of just his moving legs taken from below the knee.

After following for two to three houses, camera now follows mail carrier from the street (absent sidewalks), along the front walk, up the porch stairs and follows him right up to the mailbox beside the front door.

As the carrier nears the mailbox the Camera gradually zooms in on the contents of the carrier's mailbag and ends with a CU of a piece of mail. The return address of the Greenburgh Receiver of Taxes is clearly visible on the envelope.

The camera pulls back to follow the path of this particular piece of mail being removed from the carrier's mailbag to showing it being deposited in the mailbox.

Thereafter, the Camera pulls back to a medium shot of the carrier walking back to the street while he walks out of frame.
(Audio: footsteps recede)

Camera remains fixed focused on the front of the house for about 30seconds. We see the front door of the house open and an elderly male come out of the house to pick-up the day's mail delivery.

Camera begins slow zoom toward the mail box. As the homeowner removes the mail from the box, the Camera moves in again to focus on the piece of mail from the Receiver which is at the top of the delivery pile.

POV Camera: We see the homeowner's hands as he flips through the mail and as the mail from the Receiver again comes into view, the Camera moves back to establish a medium shot, low angle which contains the front steps of the porch, the mailbox and the homeowner about to open the now familiar envelope.

Camera is now at knee level and we see the homeowner's knees begin shaking and start to buckle.
Camera pulls pack and turns up to reveal the homeowner's left hand clutching his heart while in his clenched right hand is the opened envelope and a piece of paper obviously was the envelope's contents.

As the man appears to stumble and pitch forward, the paper is released and flutters downward as the wind carries it downward to settle on the bottom of the steps.
(Audio: a garbled "23" is heard followed by a thud as though a body had hit the floor.

The camera aims down again to reveal at the top of the frame just a portion of the man's left arm as it lies limp over the top stair while on the bottom step is the letter.

CU of the letter reveals the words TAX BILL which once established, the frame dissolves replaced by the wide angle pan familiar as the opening shot.

Superimposed over this shot is the message: Move to Greenburgh, new listings are available daily. Call your local Realtor.

Voice over: This message sponsored by the Greenburgh Association of Real Estate Brokers in conjunction with the Greenburgh Town Board, Paul Feiner, Town Supervisor.

Fade to black.

sequels for samis said...

hal - did you secure a permit for this fine piece? didnt steve bass sponsor an increase in fees for filming in greenburgh? who knew this might help with the budget mess?

i look forward to the sequel.

here are a few ideas:

a set of forgotten (foregtable?) plans for a library extension are unearthed - see how they ended up being used in greenburgh.

parkland is bought by three munipalities including greenburgh- see what happened when taxpayers asked how do they use it or even find it.

a town councilmember holds office for 18 years -see resident responses when they are asked what she did for them.

a law is passed in 1982 - 30 lawyers in greenburgh are asked what it means.

a school art project results in the creation of hundreds of ceramic tiles about 9-11. see how they ended up on central avenue in greenburgh via federal funding.

see you in the post production room.

krausstube said...

another idea
ed krauss files a foil request.
watch town officials react.
could resignations follow?
only youtube will tell.

juettner on youtube said...

here's one:

diana juettner's greatest moments on the town board.

guess what - its a silent film.

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:49,

Greenburgh operates THREE separate recreations. You have forgotten the Edgemont Recreation Corporation who consists of such elitists that they would rather pay for taxes for Greenburgh rec & then pay again for their own rec just to no co-mingle with the other Greenburgh Rec'ers (Non Fairview, white, christian) in sporting events or camps.

So we all pay for the TDYCC Recreation and the Fairview community wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh, and the TOV gives money to the Edgemont Recreation Corporation to accommodate them. Over there. away from the other right color/wrong religion folks.

Unincorporated Greenburgh is one giant class, color bunch of bigots.

Anonymous said...

Why are the community center and the town hall isolated in the northern section of town? If they were on Central Ave, then maybe the rest of Greenburgh would participate. If I lived in Edgemont, why would I go all the way up there anyway? Distance is probably a more likely reason for Edgemont having its own rec department than racism. I wonder what its history is.

Anonymous said...

Does the Dads Club Of Greenburgh receive town funds or services for its athletic programs? It serves Greenburgh Central school district kids, just as Edgemont Rec serves Edgemont school district kids. If the Dads Club for Greenburgh Central kids receives funds or services, then it would be fair that Edgemont Rec receive funds or services. But if only Edgemont, then that's not fair.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Edgemont is going to be part of unincorporated Greenburgh much longer. The council makes no effort to control TOV costs and provides minimal services. Police OT is apparently just a device to juice pensions, not provide service. The Edgemont Day Camp doesnt provide buses, etc. Unlike Gburgh.

donde? said...

so where will edgemont go if it leaves the TOV?

decamp to taxter ridge perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Greenburgh Dad's club receives any money. The point is that it is Dad's Club of Greenburgh and it should include all kids regardless of school district. Most of the kids who participate in Greenburgh dad's club sports don't even attend GC. GC has it's own sports teams.

Greenburgh Recreation should & does provide camp for all TOV families. Why the duplication of this service at Edgemont Recreation and camp programs at TDYCC along with money to support them? DIVISION.

Anonymous said...

"Dads' Club Of Greenburgh, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation, has been in the business of sponsoring and managing youth sports programs ... The Club ensures that the youngsters residing within the boundaries of Central School District No. 7 in the Town of Greenburgh, have an opportunity to participate in extra curricular recreational sports ..."

Anonymous said...

"The Edgemont Recreation Corporation is an active non-profit organization that offers a variety of recreational programs for elementary through high school students in the Edgemont School District."

So (see previous posting) both ends of the town are covered by two private rec organizations, each serving the kids who reside within two primary school districts of Unincorporated Greenburgh.

As long as both are treated equitably by the town, there's no problem. But if Edgemont Rec receives town services and funds, and Greenburgh Central Rec (Dads Club) does not, then that would be a problem.

Anonymous said...

You call it division I call it racisim.
The center is for the residents of Fairview alone.
We pay toward the upkeep which none of the repairs have been done for some time. Close the center or sell it to a private concern.
Better still the way it is being run and used for Fairview alone have them buy it and do what they want and leave the rest of us alone.
Paul this center has become a one way street.
All for one and none for all is a good motto which suits the center all the way..
Sell or close it.You keep talking about duplicate services well the schools have the same services which we also pay taxes for.
The only thing that the schools do not offer is the free baby sitting that is offered to the free loaders.
These people collect from the state and at the same time own their own homes plus hold down a full time jobs.
Why shoud the taxpayer keep paying so these people can live off the fat of the land.
Paul you have put this town at odds by giving and giving to this center with no return for the rest of the area.
Why should we all be subjected to paying taxes for a program that is for a chosen few.
Yes Fairview residents do pay taxes but as you have read on this blog how many have illegal apartments and want more .are they being charged the right amount of taxes for their dwelling or will this be another freebee for them
You as a supervisor should be fair.
What you constantly do is rob Peter to give to Paul.You as well as others on the board know that these people live better than many of us since we have to break our butts to survive.
Maybe the rest of the residents should start demanding and yelling all that they would like from this town.
The difference is we do not have so many men of the cloth that will lie for us or that will go to bat for us.
PS I pay top dollar for baby sitting services and to send my children to camp and at the same time pay taxes to Greenburgh.
No freebees for the rest of the town

hal samis said...

And how does Edgemont rec, or more correctly, where does Edgemont rec spend its money? Look to Scarsdale -- at the Teen Center.

One might suppose that when spending Town money they might want to keep it in the family, so to speak.

On the next cold day in July you might find that Edgemont rec has decided to participate in programs run at the Community Center.

Which probably is the explanation why stores don't sell wool mufflers in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to use this part of the blog but at todays work session it was mentioned that more money is needed for asphalt for the library.
Well it was also stated that the company used is the same company used by Regula for the town roads.
This is very interesting and it should be checked thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul
Did Sonia Brown hire a new staff assistant at the comunity center for $60,000. If so, I thought the Town had a hiring freeze.
Can you answer please?

Anonymous said...

Do other towns or cities with more than one school district within its borders have separate recreation programs supported by that town or city? Do they run separate community centers that clearly define its use by offering services pertinent to those living around that center? I tend to think that they do not.

It was just a few short years ago that there was only one set of recreation services offered by the town that included all. The point is not that money is fairly being given to support seperate groups, the point is why are there seperate groups/camps/centers/teams?

The school districts do not support the recreation programs so why is recreation defined by school district? Schools already have their own programs that again, duplicate programs that are offered by the town.

It is duplication of services, wasteful spending of tax payers money and it is created to separate groups of people and in this case children.

Look back about 10-15 years ago and you will find that this was not always the case. There were no separate camp programs offered at TDYCC oe EDGMT. In fact, even after Edgemt rec formed it's own camp programs (Greenburgh rec gives them money for this) any child living in Unincorporated Greenburgh could have joined. They have only recently redefined this camp program to include "only EDGMT SD families"

Make what you want of this. I've heard every argument on why these "separations" are necessary or fair of right or just.

Anonymous said...

Once again Samis gets his facts wrong - or bends them to suit his prejudice against Edgemont (or is it jealousy? stay tuned for an indepth look...).
Edgemont Rec spends almost every one of its dollars on sports programs for elementary school kids. When it has had surpluses (raised by EDGEMONT parent donations) Edgemont Rec has been extraordinarily generous. The EHS track, lighting and even some maintenance costs (!!!Note Town of Greenburgh: MAINTENANCE COUNTS!!!) have been covered.
The sports teams compete in the same league as the Greenburgh Dad's (another generous and well-respected VOLUNTEER organization) and no one has yet insisted that, for example, Irvington school district children should be limited to joining teams based in and sponsored by Greenburgh 7.
There aren't TWO separate (but equal) recreation departments, or even THREE if you count Edgemont Rec, there are NINE!!!! Each of the incorporated villages has its own - and that is racist, wrong, expensive and wasteful. But Hal Samis (who has never had a child in any TOG school district) chooses to charge only Edgemont with insensitivity. Hey Hal - you grew up in an upper middle class lily white neighborhood in WHITE Plains - got some guilty feelings you're trying to compensate for?

Anonymous said...

9:42. The Villages are taxed & pay for their own recreation. There is nothing wrong or racist about this. The problem is why are the 3 (3 in theory, 2 in actuality) separate recreation entities in UNINCORPORATED Greenburgh defined either by school district or neighborhood to suit each individuals needs? Repetitive, wasteful & SEGGRATED.

Anonymous said...

whoops!!! :SEGREGATED

hal samis said...

To 9:42,

"once again Samis gets his facts wrong..."

Nice try but which facts did I get wrong. Yes there is an elephant and yes you described one part and yes I described another part. Does that make my "facts" wrong?
Does Edgemont rec contribute to the Scarsdale Teen Center? Yes or No?

Does the Town of Greenburgh contribute to Edgemont rec? Yes or No?

Does this mean that some of the dollars that Edgemont rec gets from Greenburgh find their way to Scarsdale? Yes or No?

Do Edgemont teams compete with teams whose rosters are residents of Fairview? Whom Irvington school district kids play against is a another question should se be dicussing all Greenburgh school districts but it does not excuse or devalue the observation that Edgemont kids have nothing to do with Fairview kids.

And does the Irvington school district get money from Greenburgh? Yes or No?

Meanwhile, my issues with Edgemont are not with the entire population of Edgemont but instead relate to perhaps as many as 25 residents. Unfortunately, blogging shorthand makes it easier to refer them as Edgemont but most Greenburgh residents would recognize that I need not list each name and that there is nothing to indicate that these 25 can speak and commit for more than 25.

But let's continue to UNDERestimate the power of anonymous. By the way, there are no "anonymous" listings in the white pages -- from Edgemont or elsewhere.

On a blog topic where the previous comments discussed Edgemont rec, anonymous berates me for singling out Edgemont and "charging only Edgemont for insensitivity" seems to have struck an exposed nerve. As to just who is feeling guilty --"methinks the gentleman doth protest too much".

While the "everyone else is doing it" defense is found on the list of fallacies in argument just after "I was only following orders".

Surely you don't (big brother is watching) believe that I feel guilty about where I grew up: 131 Soundview Avenue (between Prescott and Hartsdale Avenues) in the Highlands section of White Plains in a large house on 1.75 acres. Today I live in Hartsdale in the Highlands Apartments coop as a renter (why I don't pay taxes) in a one bedroom apartment -- and this doesn't make me feel guilty either. After all I live in #80 on Money Magazine's list of 100best cities. And my son, now in college, did grow up with his mother in Manhattan and attended kindergarten through 12 at an expensive private school with annual tuition (to which I contributed) costing for one child the equivalent of what Edgemont parents pay for their whole school age family.
And this doesn't make me feel guilty either.

However, two adjacent school districts, Edgemont and Greenburgh 7, not getting together; that should leave a lot of liberal Edgemont (all 25) residents feeling guilty.

Put that in the elephant's trunk and smoke it.

Samis has facts wrong said...

Samis once again has his facts wrong.

The Town of Greenburgh has a contract with Edgemont Rec, a private not-for-profit corporation, to furnish summer recreation services to Edgemont children. According to Gerry Byrne, the reason for the contract is that Greenburgh Rec doesn't have the space in its summer programs to accommodate Edgemont kids.

Why is this fair? Because Edgemont property owners pay taxes to the town and one of the services they're supposed to get is day camp for their kids. The contract that Edgemont Rec has with the Town of Greenburgh reduces the cost of day camp for Edgemont residents.

Edgemont Rec, as indicated, is a private company. It raises a lot of money through the fees it charges and it donates a substantial amount of the money it raises. It has recently made substantial gifts to the Scarsdale Teen Center to support the center's outreach to Edgemont teens.

That effort should be applauded. Unlike other communities (including the villages) which have community centers with programs for teens, Greenburgh does not offer any programs for teens in Edgemont. The Theodore Young Community Center does not provide such programs. Nor should it. The teen programs offered by the center are only for the economically disadvantaged teens in the town.

Anonymous said...

Samis, being with Feiner, lets blame everything on Edgemont camp, gets a little tiresome. Edgemont did not create these problems. Now that the chickens are coming home to roost, does Feiner have any solutions. The villages were willing to have exorbinate costs in the TOV -- they dont care. Police OT, TDYCC, they dont care. Of course the thought of having to pay for TDYCC may change their minds.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Edgemont Day Camp ends up costing much less than having children at a Town camp. Edgemont Day Camp does not provide buses, breakfast or lunches. Like everything else in Edgemont, the parents do a lot of work. And if the Edgemont Day Camp were disbanded, I would guess the counselors would apply for jobs at nearby private camps.

Anonymous said...

Does the Town of Greenburgh contribute to the private rec program for Greenburgh Central 7 students (Dads Club)?

Yes or No?

Anonymous said...

The Edgemont Day Camp costs more than the camps run by the Town's parks and rec dep't.

Anonymous said...

According to Gerry Byrne, the reason for the contract is that Greenburgh Rec doesn't have the space in its summer programs to accommodate Edgemont kids.

Why is this fair? Because Edgemont property owners pay taxes to the town and one of the services they're supposed to get is day camp for their kids.

This is exactly the kind of crazy argument blogger 8:13 mentions.

I suspect the Edgemont Day Camp ends up costing much less than having children at a Town camp. Edgemont Day Camp does not provide buses, breakfast or lunches. Like everything else in Edgemont, the parents do a lot of work.

Ding! Why would the families of Edgemont carry this burden when a perfectly good camp program is already in place offering much more then they can financially provide? Ponder this very carefully.

Does the Town of Greenburgh contribute to the private rec program for Greenburgh Central 7 students (Dads Club)?

1) Yes. But, there is no Greenburgh 7 Dad's Club. It's Greenburgh Dad's Club. Period. Greenburgh Central has their own Basketball, softball, swim teams...... as does every other school district. The two are unrelated. Greenburgh Dad's Club sport teams are "suppose to" be Unincorporated town teams. Not school teams. Edgemont created it's own "Dad's club" just for Edgemont kids. So, you can go see a basketball game where 2 Dad's club teams play each other except one is called Greenburgh the other Edgemont. PS 90% of the Greenburgh kids that play on Dad's club teams attend private schools & live in Hartsdale. So, not only does Edgemont want nothing to do with Fairview, they want nothing to do with Hartsdale either.

The question here is does Greenburgh Parks & rec contribute money to Edgemont Dad's club? Anyone?

Hal's fact are right. Not only does Edgemont Rec get money from Greenburgh but it donates money to Scarsdale Teen rec. It also secured grant money and donated it to Scarsdale. It also donates money to the Edgemont School District. I don't know about you but I'm not happy with this arrangement, being a non-edgemont person.

Also, Greenburgh on behalf of Fairview secures & continues to secure enormous anount of grant money of which Greenburgh generously matches to support the TDYCC and the Fairview community. For programs designed to enhance the quality of life in its own community. I don't know about you but being a non-Fairview person, I have trouble with this.

The way I see it is that Edgemont & Fairview have a great deal in common and it's nothing to be proud of.

12:52 -- You have your facts wrong said...

Both Dads Club and Edgemont Teams play in Greenburgh Rec. Also some Village teams (dont know why they are playing on TOV fields).

hal samis said...

So, 11:37,

Which facts were wrong? Before or once again?

And when or where is the baseball game between Edgemont and Fairview to be played?

Anonymous said...


see the link below for softball (that is what little kids play) you will see Dads Club, which includes all children within Greenburgh 7 -- Hartsdale and Fairvew, Edgemont and Elmsford. And if you could explain to me why Elmsford is playing on TOV fields, let us know. At various times of year, you will also see schedules for other teams.

curious said...

when it is played, will it be on youtube?

juettner = disaster said...

once again we see the disaster that is diana juettner as town board liaison to greenburgh parks and recreation.

the good news is the word on the street is juettner, facing a heavy challenge from klondike bar, will not be running for re-election.

open government (esp televised work sessions) exposed her as a do nothing know nothing on anything that had to do with greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Klondike bar supports village use of TOV property without taxation. Why are village people still using veterans.

hal samis said...

Next month Money Magazine will be running its annual list of the 100 best places where Klondike Bars are sold.

TOV freeloading said...

veterans park is partially in the village of ardsley but no taxes are paid for this by unincorporated. this means veteran park is being subsidized by ardsley taxpayers.

why are TOVs seeking a free ride?

seems free loading is a way of life in all of unincorporated greenburgh - justlook at how they stole the land where the old town hall was.

Anonymous said...

Just read the Journal News story on the Westchester County bookmobile and I'm furious!

All this BS in Greenburgh forthe past six months about a cybermobile (which is nothing mroe than a fancy bookmobile which breaks down a lot) running and then not running, and now it turns out that my county tax dollars are already paying for a bookmobile that could come to Greenburgh and perform pretty much the same services.

Talk about stupid waste and duplication of services at the town level. Greenburgh needs its cybermobile like another Bernstein lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Klondike bar should focus on doing his job instead of running for office. This just confirms he is just another political hack like Denglar to get a job courtesy of Feiner. We cant afford this.

Anonymous said...

2:37, there is plenty of tax exempt property all over greenburgh. Good news, you are getting more, courtesy of the county.

freeloading facts said...

the saw mill river road property is actually in unincorporated greenburgh - not the village of ardsley. the loss of this property from the tax rolls impacts unincorporated greenburgh, a fire district in unincorporated greenburgh and the ardsley school district (about 45% unincorporated greenburgh).

try as you want you cannot escape the fact that TOV is freeloading on the village of ardsley at veteran park.

same is true at the library.

facts are stubborn things.

Anonymous said...

oh please, there is no freeloading at veterans. every jurisdiction has tax exempt property. You actually gain, because no school chidlren there. but dont worry, waterwheel will have enough children to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

No games between Edgemont & Fairview, No games between Edgemont & Hartsdale. No games between Hartsdale & Fairview!

Hey wait one darn minute!

Hartsdale, White Plains, parts of Elmsford, parts of Ardsley and Fairview do play against Edgemont. They play on united teams that represent TOV Greenburgh! These kids don't all attend any one school. They attend many schools but they unite to represent Unincorporated Town of Greenburgh. What a novel idea!

Games between segregated Unincorporated Greenburgh teams, separated by conveniently using school district boundaries as an excuse, should have nothing to do with TOV teams. Edgemont is not a separate Village. Fairview is not a separate Village. Hartsdale is not a separate village. These teams should be united and play to represent the Town in which they live in and pay taxes to. Last time I checked Edgemont was part of the Unincorporated Town of Greenburgh! The seperate schools do have separate school teams that do play against each other during the SCHOOL YEAR. Yes! Edgemont plays against Woodlands (gasp) as they should, as here, they represent their respective schools!

There should not be separate camps. One Town camp is sufficient and if any other group of folks thinks differently, then they should build a private facility with their own money. No more paying to these "other" groups to offset costs. No more FREE use of the pool for the select group of campers.

If Edgemont SD wants to run a camp program, supported by the Edgemont Rec. Corp (PRIVATE) , they can run it at their own expense and on their own facilities. If Fairview wants their own camps, they should do the same.

I do not want to support this division morally and certainly with my hard earned tax dollars!

This BS has gone on way too long here in TOV.

Finally, some of the bloggers here pretend to be daft on this issue. It's a moral issue and many don't like it shoved in their faces. They are tenacious in the game of pretend as they believe that if they say something is righteously so, long and hard enough, it will be believed as such. Very few are fooled.

Keep up the fine work! Nice way to raise your kids!

Anonymous said...

There is no part of White Plains that plays in Greenburgh Rec. Do you not understand that a postal code does not determine the municipality in which you live?

Anonymous said...

4:01 You are dumb. There are plenty of families with WP addresses that reside in Unincoportaed Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

and 4:01 they play on Greenburgh teams as they are part of Greenburgh Rec. I know this as I am a coach of one of the teams.

Anonymous said...

@;53 the bookmobile will not becoming to Greenburgh.
Check with the county.

free loading continues said...

please tell me where else but greenburgh does the town own a part of a village for which the villagers are excluded!

stop the subsidy and stop lying about it.

Anonymous said...

The county will be happy to run its bookmobile in Greenburgh as long as Greenburgh has no bookmobile of its own. The county doesn't want to waste resources either. So will someone please tell the county that Greenburgh's cybermobile is dead so that the county service we pay for can start serving us as it should.

sorry ardsley said...

The Town of Greenburgh owns property in a number of villages, not just Ardsley. That doesn't mean the town "owns" a part of any village. The reason that Ardsley residents can't use Veteran Park is that the Finneran Law says Ardsley needs to pass a resolution, subject to a vote of Ardsley residents, saying it will pay its fair share of the costs of Greenburgh's parks, the same as all other unincorporated Greenburgh residents.

If Ardsley residents don't like that, they can ask their village government to ask the state legislature to amend the Finneran Law. They can also ask the Town Board to do the same. But it looks like you might have to wait until after the Court of Appeals looks at it before the state legislature will do anything, and there's no telling what the state legislature would do in any event.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the TOWN OF GREENBURGH GAVE THE VILLAGE OF IRVINGTON a substantial parcel of land (more than 10 acres) at Taxter Ridge. The entire portion of Taxter Ridge which is located immediately adjacent to the ONLY public road is property of the Village of Irvington - which was granted title by a deed of gift made by the Town.
Talk about your freeloading...

Anonymous said...

Per its by-laws, Dad's Club of Greenburgh provides athletics/ recreation for those who reside within the boundaries of and/or attend school in the Greenburgh Central 7 School District. Edgemont students are excluded from this private recreation club.

Anonymous said...


Yes. This is a fairly new rule. I'd say about 4 or 5 years maybe? Before then that wasn't the case until, of coarse, people thought it best to create separate teams.....

confirmed slackers said...

so its agreed
greenburgh is free loading from ardsley and all the villages visavis the old town hall site

funny how unincorporated uses finneran when its convenient to do so

Anonymous said...

Who agreed? Ardsley 1 and Ardsley 2? Take it to court if you dont like it.

theft said...

ardsley did take it to court and won.
the victory was stolen by ill conceived finneran law passed after the court of appeals said greenburgh's taking of four acres of ardsley village property mandated that ardsley be allowed to use veteran park.

theft is theft. try being honest for a change.

Anonymous said...

I have no issue with Ardsley or the rest of the villages using Veterans, but then the parks should get charged to the A budget. This isnt just about who has access, but also about who is taxed for it.

Anonymous said...

Take Ardsleys money for ALL rec services & give them access to the pool. No cherry picking. No a la carte services. If they want to be part of Greenburgh Parks & Rec, fine. If not, fine.

grand theft park said...

why not just pay taxes on the four acres you stole and compensate the villages for the theft of the old town hall site?

veteran park pools need millions of dollars for repair - where is the money coming from?

Anonymous said...

Dear Grand Theft:

This land was first stolen from the Weckqueskecks. GIVE IT BACK!

Anonymous said...

We have too many parklands in Greenburgh. Strart selling some of them off.
The town board knows very well that the residents cannot afford to constantly refurbish these dumps.
You can get a good penny if you sell to developers and at he same time the new homes would bring in revenue.
Stop thinking as to what will happen to the schools.
The schools do not put or keep the monies in our pockets.
You can keep maybe two of the parks that are used the most.
You have got to do something to help the residents town wide.
Another thing that is poorley managed is the center.
This center has not bought in any money at all. Now they are asking for more.
Sell it to a private concern to run or just close it.
You are choking the residents with taxes. We tell you some ways to save but these things you just won't listen to.
Paul have your parents mover into Greenburgh and maybe then and only then you will listen to the pleas of the residents.

Anonymous said...

I think we all relize that edgemont is racist community because if they didn't have these views they would be sending there children to Central 7. They alone have made C7 an African American only school.

please stop being silly said...

thats silly.
the edgemont school district is nationally rated and one of the best in westchester. thats why most people move to edgemont.

what stopped the residents of central 7 from creating a top flight school district?

districts like edgemont have openings for out of district students. there are a number of central 7 kids attending edgemont. the same is true in another good district - ardsley.

most of the kids in central 7 go to private schools.

if central 7 became a better district than either edgemont or ardsley, then some parents of those districts would either move or pay the out of district tuition.

please dont infect this blog with thinking of people like sharpton and weems where everything is seen thru the prism of race.
its really economics.

Anonymous said...

Crime in Greenburgh is at an all time low----BS
Check your tv news tonight and see what's happening in this town.
It looks like the thieves read this blog that constantly states that the police are no where to be found.
Have your weapons ready this was a home invasion.

Anonymous said...

The Greenburgh police do a damn good job. They are the finest. I think we are blessed to have a fine Town Supervisor who is always helpful. Our government was recognized for being among the best of the best. Praise god!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right our supervisor is the greatest BUT the rest of your comment is for the birds.
Our police dept. is not the greatest they may have been years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dear Misinformed Blogger at 2:06PM
The Edgemont School District (UFSD #6 at Greenburgh) predates 1850, though I no longer remember by how many years...For the first hundred years of so, Edgemont High School students went to Greenburgh (Central #7), Yonkers, Bronxville, Scarsdale or White Plains - depending on which district charged the lowest tuition and had enough room. Around the time of its centennial a group of local residents decided to extend the Edgemont system to 12th grade. They invited the Hartsdale School District (District #8) to join them in building a high school - but Hartsdale declined, fearing school taxes would rise far beyond the then current rate if a high school was built. Instead, they voted to merge their district with Greenburgh 7. Hence the current district which combines Hartsdale and Fairview.
There have always been, and probably always will be, legitimate differences of opinion on how much education is enough, how much it should cost, and who should foot the bill. Edgemont chose one course of action, Hartsdale another.
There has been much discussion about allowing basement/attic apartments, legalizing existing squats, changing the zoning to accomodate the immediate economic needs of a segment of our community. As we get to the decision point, it might be well to remember the story of the failure of Hartsdale and Edgemont to merge. Once you make a choice, you must be willing to live with the consequences. More importantly, you must be willing to impose those choices on your children and grandchildren forever.
Be careful what you wish for - politicians will grant any wish that secures them another term of office.

1850 and juettner said...

1850... thats the last year juettner said anything of value.

Anonymous said...

Let Ardsley residents visit the 4 acres of land at Town Park that is in Ardsley and they will be visiting a Swamp!
Get Over it!

You have to "PAY to Play"

Anonymous said...

Stop all the BS details in the police Dept. and put the cops on patrol! It so simple, it is scarey!
Ask to see a daily report of what each police officer does on a daily basis and you will see there is a lot of wasted resources.

Anonymous said...

Stop sending 2 officers to the hospital on medical calls. No other Police Dept. does it ! Why should we?
If you have 7 patrol officers on the road and 2 go to the hospital for 1 hr, and 2 more go on another medical call, now you are down to 3

give it back said...

if its of no value - then give it back......

so - what are you waiting for??

Anonymous said...

Give it back to whom? The people who owned the land in the 1960s. Ardsley never owned the land.

Anonymous said...

Listen guys, the courts will resolve this. Either villages will pay for their share of parks and rec, or wont use. I live in unincorporated Gburgh, and I can live with either result. I think we need more certainty, will decide path of improvments to Veterans, and expanded programs at TDYCC for villagers.

spits lunch out onto computer screen said...

Haha! Just what Ardsley wants. Expanded programs at TDYCC.

Anonymous said...

Cory will not approve.

eat it and weep ardsley said...

Once Ardsley finishes snookering Greenburgh into giving away the multilmillion dollar Waterwheel property and Ardsley gets all that "affordable housing" there and elsewhere, it may well want expanded programs at TDYCC to serve the economically disadvantaged population that will live in those homes.

Anonymous said...

Do you want us to take homes under construction for many years and not near the completion stage.
Do you want for us to take the roadside town property lined with boulders an accident waiting to happen.
Do you want us to take pictures of Central avenue with all its debris.
Paul we cannot take pictures that will depick anything other than what is here at the moment.
You know and we all know how department heads are not doing their jobs to the fullest.
Would you want for us to take pictures of your parklands including Taxter which are all in shambles.
I don't think taking pictures of the town will help to convince people that this is the place to live.
I wish we could help the young gentleman in charge of You Tube but at this time the town needs your assistance in making it a beautiful place not a dirty place to live.
You have to take the first step in having the right people in charge.
The dpw and the Rec dept. happen to be the worse in this town .Don't you think a change is needed.
What are you waiting for, what is here at the moment is staying until the changes are made to make this a desirable place to live.
Many have voiced their opinions over the years whether on the blog or at town hall meetings,but nothing has changed and maybe nothing will. WHO KNOWS !!!!!!!!

adios juettner said...

juettner certainly doesnt know.

lets hope she is not around when the library building open in 2010

Anonymous said...

The You Tube initiative has a great deal of potential. QUality of the video's could improve. This is a very creative, out of the box concept. Kudo's to Supervisor Feiner and his student intern, who is working on the project.

Anonymous said...

To 7/18 12:38 Pm

Who knows you ask? The Shadow knows. Also Klondike bar knows.