Friday, July 11, 2008


NY HOUSE, a regional publication, published a very favorable article about Greenburgh's leadership in energy conservation and discussed some of our successful GREEN initiatives.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Perhaps the town's building inspectors could become certified as Energy Star raters to save outside rating fees for homeowners.

greenburgh taxpayer magazine said...

the most recent edition of the greenburgh taxpayer magazine just released the following poll results:

taxter ridge as the worst municipal purchase

diana juettner as the worst town council member

francis sheehan as the biggest disappointment

the new library as the ugliest building in town

hal samis as greenburgh's own ef hutton

ella preiser as most deserving of a one way ticket

klondike bar as the best newcomer

Anonymous said...

For good and/or for bad, Sheehan is the only member of the Board who genuinely works hard and carries himself as a professional.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of the town! Proud to live here.

Anonymous said...

Klondike is another "Village First" Unincorpoated doesnt need him.

klondike bar supporter said...

that just silly. if there is anyone who is against unincorporated greenburgh its silent diane juettner. her neglect of her duties has lead to the library fiasco, the taxter ridge mess, the westhelp scandal, the hideous 9-11 wall, the sewer district disaster, the inglorious state of the tonw's parks (juettner is the town board liaison to the library and parks and recreation). oh. did i forget dromore?

juettner is a politcal hack who has fooled too many people for too long.

juettner just serves herself. klondike bar serves all.

Anonymous said...

OK Paul where do we go from here with this rate hike from Con Edison.
You should have been ahead of the game by fighting for windmill farms rather than the conversion of family dwellings.
We have plenty of parkland for windmills to help with the supply of electricity.
Have you realized how much higher our expenses have been raised just this year.
Our tax rate of 21% ,Con Edison 22% and the price of food ,gasoline and house heating fuel.
I think that you could assist the public by at least looking into ways to help with electricity.
If windmills is the right way to go well hop to it.

Anonymous said...

6:50, The problems you name, other than the library, are more the fault of Feiner, Klondike's patron. And the library might not have happened had Feiner not been helbent on letting a supporter buy the property. So the main purpose to get rid of is Klondike's patron.

Anonymous said...

Klondike sounds more like a resident of the Village of Ardsley who's disappointed he can't get into Veteran Park. He blames Juettner for this instead of Feiner, and should know better.

Anonymous said...

Feiner was against the plans to renovate the existing building.
The project went thru as pay pack from the previous board.
Had Feiner said that he wanted the plans to go ahead the board would have voted against it.
We all know when Feiner says something is white the board says its black.
Because of their childish behavior we have to pay a tremendous tax hike for a few years to come.
Thank you Sheehan and Juettner
for adding to all our other woes.
We needed you two on the board like a hole in our heads.

klondike = pleasure said...

what would rather have - a klondike bar or the knowledge that diana juettner has been on the town board since 1991.

since then klondike bar has expanded into many new varieties including its latest taste sensation - oreo cookie klondike bar

4.5 fluid ounces of mouthwatering pleasure esp on a hot day in greenburgh. might be just the thing to help alleviate the pain juettner has caused the town.

btw anon of hartsdale - klondike doesnt swim.

Anonymous said...

No, but he posts on the Ardsley Village website supporting Ardsley v. Town

klondike bar will save you $ said...

a klondike bar on the town council would probably be more effective than juettner. in addition, klondike bar does not need a pension or health care.

hal samis said...

Klondike Bars are on sale this week at Pathmark.

Buy one get one free.

There is a Pathmark in unincorporated.
There are no Pathmark's in the villages.

Klondike Bars come with and advocate a "sell by" date but are so popular that they don't remain in the freezer case very long. Juettner is so far down in deep freeze mode that no one can even scrape away the ice to read her expiration date.

I would encourage the choice, come November 2009, of Klondike Bar or Juettner.

You scream; I scream; we'll all scream for ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Hal, first you wanted "just 3 votes". With that, we got a 23% tax increase. Now you want Klondike, Feiner (AKA Villages first) hand picked appointee. No more village first. We need someone to care about unincorporated Greenburgh.

hal samis said...

If you can tell us who Klondike Bar is, then you will also be exposing that Klondike Bar is no friend of Feiner.

For the record, the "just three votes" in question were Feiner, Juettner and Sheehan.

Who do you have in mind to replace Feiner?

I've can think of many to replace Juettner and Sheehan.

Anonymous said...

Hal, give me a break -- the 3 votes were Feiner and his handpicked team of Morgan and Brown. We can all go back and review your earlier comments where you said the voters could ensure the 3 votes with Feiners team.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise, if you were talking about Feiner, Juettner and Sheehan -- those three votes were around before the election.

hal samis said...

Dear needing a break, aka 10:51 AM on July 13,

The 23% tax increase was the Town Budget for 2008, this year.

Those voting for the Budget were Feiner, Sheehan and Juettner (the just 3 votes at the time). I believe that Bass abstained and I don't recall how Barnes voted.
But who cares, Barnes and Bass are no longer on the Town Board.

Otherwise to a broken 2:46 PM, the "votes" of Morgan and Brown only became effective, team members or not, when they assumed office January 1.

If you're using a laptop outside in the sun, perhaps you need to seek out some shade. NOW!

Anonymous said...

We all know what was on the board last year. Hal, apparently you only support hand picked Feiner people, knowing that Feiner has and will continue to support huge tax increases.

Anonymous said...

Feiner and his hand-picked team weren't satisfied with the 19% tax hike for unincorporated Greenburgh this year. No, they voted in March to jack up the tax hike by another 2+% to make it 21%. Way to go.

hal samis said...

just 5 votes...
It is after 10:00, do you know where your hands are?

Anonymous said...


I live in Edgemont and am so in favor of "5 votes" - Feiner and 4 handpicked allies for town council, possibly you and Klondike bar running. The reason -- I want Edgemont to become a village, and having an all Feiner team, which supports Feiners positions of

1. Higher Taxes
2. Not listening to neighborhood group (eg, multi family zoning, Fulton park)
3. Acquisition of useless parkland
4. Leading the town to incredibly stupid lawsuits (tree falling negiligence, and now Fortress Bible),
5. Unfair A/B budget allocations

will be the best way to get more people to support village.

hal samis said...

Let me think (1,2,3) ok I'm ready.
What saying goodbye means.

1) Edgemont (all 25 of you) will need to have your very own Comprehensive Plan.
I know where you'll be able to buy a slightly unused one on the cheap.
And since one retired cop has solved your burglary problem, Greenburgh can lay off part of its police force.
These savings will reduce Greenburgh taxes for those remaining.

2) WESTHAB has quietly left the party without even sending a thank-you note. Apparently, the Town Board listened to the neighborhood group.

3) The Town has purchased useless parkland. Thank your fellow Edgemont supporters for that burden. The only objection there appears to be over who is responsible to pay, not regarding the purchase. Apparently the few of you who speak loudest favor open space but just can't find any for the Town to buy in Edgemont other than 2 acres on Dromore Road.

4) Those pesky lawsuits. Apparently the Town Board was foolish enough to listen to a neighborhood, the one abutting Fortress Bible. How incredibly stupid. As for the falling tree, yes the Town was under-insured and yes, too, the Town should never have agreed to take over the "park" maintenance for the Cottswald neighborhood. It should have remained an Edgemont problem all along. Anyone from Edgemont ok with the idea of taking back the Cottswald maintenance? I, and speaking for Klondike Bar, would be happy to see you folks run it.

5) I, too, think much of the A/B allocations are unfair. But who am I to speak. I don't pay the taxes and I didn't make the laws. And neither did Feiner and his team write the law. The question of what is LEGALLY FAIR OR NOT is being discussed, quel surpris, by the Courts. So far, there is nothing decisive although the Court is giving out a lot of "chance" cards.
Do you 25 have a problem with waiting for the outcome?

6-forever) Here's where you scare unincorporated by all the taxes that will go up or services which will disappear if Edgemont leaves. Sell it to your neighbors not me. So far, I think that the chance of Greenburgh getting to the top 50 in Money Magazine's list is a lot better than Edgemont even getting to a referendum.

dream is over. walrus is john said...

the dream (or fantasy) is over. there will be no village of edgemont.

feiner will coast to victory in 2009 and juettner and sheehan will be in the dustbin of history.

they will be as remembered as suzanne berger.