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Town of Greenburgh

Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board

Tuesday – July 22, 2008

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

2:00p.m. Interview: Library Board Candidates (pending)

2:15p.m. Money Magazine (Greenburgh was named among the Best Places to Live in the United States (number 80) – We want to mention on stationary (Board, TA,)

2:30p.m. Steps in Hiring a Commissioner (Process & Questions – TDYCC)

3:00p.m. Budget Review: Parks and Recreation

3:30p.m. Budget Review: TDYCC

4:00p.m. Special Town Board Meeting—Appointment of Library Board members, NYS grant to library

5:00p.m. Meeting with Aquatics Director, TDYCC

5:30p.m. Adjourn

East Hartsdale Farmers Market Live Outdoor Music Series – Performances to Date

July 19th and September 6th – Westchester Harp Ensemble: 10:00am – 11:00am

July 26th – Charles Montgomery: 12:00noon to 2:00pm

And Wednesday, August 27, 2008 from 6:45pm to 7:30pm

August 2nd – Julie Corbalis

also Al Frankel and The Blues Dogs

October 11th – Ceasar Cantori

We are looking for more jazz artists! Please contact Judith Beville, Town Clerk at: 993-1500

Upcoming Work Sessions

July 29, 2008 – Work Session – Tentative

· Budget Review – Police Dept.

· Greenburgh Nature Center

· Leaf Blower Ban Law

· Budget Reviews – Town Attorney and Town Comptroller

House calls / Community Outreach Meetings:

· Monday, July 21st – East Irvington – 7:15pm at the Taxter Road Parklet

· Monday, July 28th – Valimar (time/place to be determined)

Work Session Summary – July 15, 2008

Interview: Library Board Candidate

Diane T. Creston, resident of Hartsdale, was interviewed to fill a position (effective January 1, 2009) on the Library Board that will expire on December 31, 2008.

FAST Swim Team

Town of Greenburgh resident, FAST team mom and FAST Board Member, Bridgett Brown, requested that the Board consider a resolution to increase the USA (Swim) Association fee to $54.00 in order for FAST team members (children) to be considered in competitive ranks.

TDYCC Pool Coverage

Elmsford resident, Sheryl Joseph spoke to the Board regarding her concerns that the TDYCC pool has “inadequate” lifeguard coverage on the weekends. Town Board members agreed to review an alleged pool related incident that reportedly occurred over the July 12th /13th weekend. Questions were raised with respect to the Aquatics Advisory Board.

Cablevision Agreement Between the Town of Greenburgh and Cablevision of Southern Westchester, Inc.

The Cablevision Franchise Agreement between the Town and Cablevision was presented to the Board for review and discussion. Representatives from both Cablevision and Verizon were present. The date for a Public Hearing will be set at the July 22, 2008 Special Meeting.

Library Construction – DPW and Triton

As a result of a claim that has been filed, the Board will investigate the claim and the Department of Public Works’ Commissioner Al Regula stated that he will immediately inform the Board of any change orders pending. .


SHORE and the Town, represented by Deputy Town Attorney Ed Lieberman, discussed the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions regarding the purchase of property from the Town located at 770 Saw Mill River Road for the purpose of constructing “affordable housing.” The Town expressed concern regarding what could happen to the deed restrictions”…if there should be a foreclosure…” It was agreed that the Town will have the right of approval regarding any refinance, sale, exchange, assign, lease or otherwise transfer of property…”

Part Time Workers and Consultants

The comptroller informed the Board that 17.5 hours in a work week would constitute part time as defined by the County of Westchester. The Comptroller also asked the Board to decide on a definition for the position of consultant as it applies to the needs of the town.

Sewer District- The Town Board is going to review recommendations and will respond to State comptroller within 90 days.

Budget Reviews will be rescheduled for July 29th, 2008.

Executive Session

End of Work Session




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Anonymous said...

Will Town residents and employees be given first crack at slots for SHORE housing? All of the town?

Anonymous said...

It would be unwise to include the Money magazine designation on stationery and such. Study the methodology for how it was computed. It could be embarrassing for Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

The Cablevision agreement reminds me that it's been a year or two since the Verizon agreement and much of the unincorporated town still has no cable choice. Is there a timeline for Verizon to complete its work?

Anonymous said...

Which 770 Saw Mill River Road - North Elmsford, Ardsley village, South Ardsley?

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:27
What's embarrassing about being 80 best out of 50 or 60 or 100,000? I'm proud to be living in a town that is GREAT.

Anonymous said...

80 best --Greenburgh made the top 100. AMAZING! AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

The reason why the center should be closed is because of your insistance in not bringing in revenue that is needed to let it stay afloat.
$54.00 is a drop in the bucket.
You have got to be crazy in charging so little.
You are not a good money manager and that is why Greenburgh is in trouble.
How much is the going rate to swim in a private pool?
For the services that are available at the center we the taxpayers should not have to pay taxes if the place were run correctly.
What must one do to make you understand that the center is a failure big time.
Paul you and the board are keeping it opened to satisfy the residents of Fairview but at the same time the rest of us have to be burdened with the high taxes.
The residents of Fairview also pay taxes but they are the only ones that use the facility.
Why not be fair. Sell it or have knowledgeable business people run it.

Anonymous said...

Some of the residents of FAIRVIEW are always asking about the salaries given to those in charge of running the center.
How could you pay all this money out to a failing institution.
Are you trying to give the rest of the residents a worse screwing than what we got this year.
Paul this center is stealing the taxpayers money.
Had this center been somewhere else you could bet your bottom dollar that it would be run with the funds received from the different programs.
Why is it that those that use the center are granted this privilege
of not paying the going rate as is done in other centers.
You have said over and over again that you have to curtail certain things to save the taxpayers money.Well we have told you over and over again three million plus every year for this center is crazy.
Where does this money go.
How about some answers.

Anonymous said...

If all the Town is doing is looking at budget and making certain the budget is adhered to, we need a new superivsor. we need budget cuts. massive

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that Greenburgh is embarrassing, but the magazine's survey methodology is being ridiculed.

Anonymous said...

Last year this guy who is a lawyer bragged that he was honored by a super lawyer group. Found out it's an advertising gimmick. Feiner and town did not have to pay to get recognized. The MONEY mag award is based on merit, not on advertising.Being the 80th best is an achievement we can all be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Elmsford resident, Sheryl Joseph spoke to the Board regarding her concerns that the TDYCC pool has “inadequate” lifeguard coverage on the weekends. Town Board members agreed to review an alleged pool related incident that reportedly occurred over the July 12th /13th weekend. Questions were raised with respect to the Aquatics Advisory Board.

No lifeguard on duty? Lifeguard decided to leave their post? What incident?

Whatever it was it sounds like there were people swimming and no lifeguard. UNACCEPTABLE. Could you imagine if someone were to have drowned? BIG Lawsuit!

How many millions does it take to run this place properly?

Anonymous said...

The magazine didnt recognize Feiner. And it specifically pointed out Veterans. The Town didnt acquire Vetereans under the Feiner regime, instead all it has it acquired is useless land which has spawned legal problems.

Anonymous said...

We do not have the millions to run the center anymore.
The place should be closed down.
There is no salvation for this failing institution .
How do the residents have to explain what is going on with this center is not acceptable.
It does not bring in revenues so please close it.
If it were a good bussines venture I would keep my mouth shut but it costs each and every houshold mega bucks.
By the way we don't even use the center .To keep this opened for a few is crazy.

Anonymous said...

TDYCC and GC are both run as employment programs. If they perform any useful services it is coincidental.

Anonymous said...

The Greenburgh parks dept and TYCC did a marvelous job today--family day at AFV park was fun, well attended, enjoyed by most. Good work town government!

Anonymous said...

Doing a bang up job today doesn't change the fact that the center is stealing the residents money.
How much was the revenue was received from the users?
I bet it was all for free.

Anonymous said...

Another use of Veterans by moochers --

Anonymous said...

Article in the JN discusses the new Scarsdale Community Center - a self-supporting, independent residents' organization. Perhaps that would be appropriate for the Fairview-Elmsford Community Center, as well. It just doesn't seem appropriate to have it as a municipal department.

Anonymous said...

In another section of this blog one poster notes that Town Supervisor Feiner has made an on-camera statement about the value of the building purchased by the County. He said that in his opinion the building is worth only $1 million. Unfortunately the owners have brought a cert and are asking for a significant tax refund, claiming the building was overvalued for tax purposes. Supervisor Feiner has now handed plaintiffs a very large stick with which to beat on the Town and the Ardsley School District - which will end up paying the largest portion of any settlement.
Meanwhile, the Town is discussing budget cuts and service reductions because tax rates are too high. Somehow the Supervisor has missed the idea that if you reduce the valuation of one property, you must raise taxes for everyone else to make up the shortfall. Hence, saying the building purchased by the County is overvalued ends up costing the taxpayers even more than the loss of future taxes - it means even more of the past taxes collected will need to be refunded. What was he thinking about when he went on NewsChannel 12 yesterday?
Feiner's frequent "disconnects" between his job responsibilities and his personal opinions are among the reasons he needs to be replaced with professional, knowledgable and dispassionate MANAGEMENT.
In the next few weeks the Town will be considering revisions to the current code of ethics. Mr. Feiner objects to the revisions to the ethics rules because they will inhibit his personal freedom to express his personal opinion - and he's absolutely correct. However, when one enters public service, one gives up certain personal freedoms. (Think about having to place one's investment portfolio in a blind trust - most of us support the ethical basis for that rule - it is a violation of one's personal freedom to choose.)
Similarly, when one undertakes the job of representing ALL of the people, one must forego the expression of personal opinions.
If Supervisor Feiner finds he is unable or unwilling to withhold his personal opinions, he is free to resign and become Citizen Feiner.

hal samis said...

Dear 11:03,
What a line of manure.

When one becomes an elected official, they are still human beings. They are not required to give up their personal liberties.
The example of a blind trust is to prevent the temptation of insider knowledge; not to strip one of their assets.

Another treasured asset is freedom of speech.

Or perhaps you would be more comfortable electing a computer.

Personal opinions are exactly that.
And when they are such, it is the human being speaking, not the machine, not the office.

Furthermore, who takes Mr. Feiner seriously when he makes real estate pronouncements?

There is no large stick for the plaintiff's favor from a Feiner statement in passing and you know it. Instead, the Court relies on appraisals and comps.

Try again. Surely there are better cards in your deck.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:03,

Feiner stating his view as to the value of the property is no different than him asking the Fortress Bible people to "donate" a fire truck so they could build their church and school, and then saying "just kidding". Whether you support the Fortress Bible Church or not, the way that Feiner handled it puts the town taxpayers at risk.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Fairview cannot support to have another church in it's area.
The location which is intended to have this church built is not suitable because of the heavy traffic and poor parking .
By the way why can't they built where they are worshipping now.
Again Fairview has too many untaxable buildings in the area.
How about giving them a break.
Tell the church to go else where.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hal,

I respect freedom of speech, and I know Paul must have been aggravated when the County purchased the property. But his response, AFTER the County voted was juvenile and immature. Is there a chance it might influence a certiori hearing? Of course? What benefit could it bring? Nada. It was him venting. Thanks Paul.

Anonymous said...

Who is Samis think he's kidding?

When the court does the cert analysis for 450 Saw Mill River Road, the court will look to the appraisals, the comps and the admission on local TV from the town's chief fiscal officer, Paul Feiner, that the property is only worth $1 million.

That he may have been "just kidding," or "just venting," are arguments the town may raise, but they won't make Feiner's gaffe any less admissible in court.

That's why, according to the Town's latest financial statement, we taxpayers are facing a potential exposure of $3 million in connection with the Fortress Bible litigation, all because Feiner took matters into his own hands and said all the church had to do to get its approvals was donate a fire truck.

Sorry Samis, Feiner's reckless comments put the town at risk, and those who live in the Ardsley school district (including Feiner who lives there too) will now learn a very serious lesson in why the town can't afford Feiner anymore.

Anonymous said...


If you dont want the church there, Pauls comments were not helpful. Do you understand that churchs have a federal law on their side, guaranteeing them a fair right to locate as they see fit?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Samis -
I respectfully disagree. Public officials DO give up certain rights and privileges.
As a public official one is expected to set an example of proper behavior - something Mr. Feiner has failed to do on a number of very public occasions.
I accept that courts should look to appraisals and comps, but there must be some weight given to the opinions of the elected officials involved. For you to characterize a civil comment as "a load of manure" undermines your own position. If a nerve hadn't been struck by the comment, you (and presumably your patron) would not have reacted so angrily.
You have magnificently illustrated the reason many comments are anonymous - the disrespectful expression of your disagreement does neither you nor your patron credit. This blog should be a place of civil comments - you have lowered it to the level of a fishmarket. For shame.

Anonymous said...

put Fortress Bible on Dromore RD.
Dobbs Ferry Rd is to crowded

Anonymous said...

Fortress Bible bought the Dobbs Ferry property years ago. It is roughly 6 acres, or about 6 times the size of the Dromor Rd property. It is on a major road, Dobbs Ferry and adjacent to a highway. Dromore Road is about an acre, and has minimal access.

Anonymous said...

Is there a legal procedure available to impeach a Town Supervisor? I'm asking this seriously.

Unincorporated Greenburgh residents should not have to bear the risk any further. I know he cares, and perhaps he was talented 10-20 years ago, but now it's like the town is managed by a senile old man. I know that Mr. Feiner is not that old; maybe there's a more appropriate position for him?

As the CEO and public face of Unincorporated Greenburgh, though, he demonstrates that he is poorly suited for the responsibilities of a 21st century manager. If not impeached, hopefully he will care enough about us to not to run for any more terms. (Why aren't there term limits, by the way?)

Anonymous said...

Impeaching a town supervisor may be done through the courts, but it's extremely difficult to get the courts to remove from office a government official who's been duly elected by the people. Sheer incompetence isn't enough. The better course of conduct, especially for unincorporated Greenburgh, is to find someone else to run against Feiner and win. It will take someone with brains and guts, someone who can raise substantial amounts of money, someone who is willing to devote the time necessary and, of all, really wants the job. Look around. Do you see anyone out there who fits that bill and might be persuaded to do that?

Anonymous said...

Wasnt the Town told to stop allowing non-residents to use Veterans? Why wont he?

Anonymous said...

The church bought the land some time ago well that's too bad.
Dobbs Ferry Rd does not need any more traffic.
So it's close to the Sprain Pkwy. How much land on this side belongs to the state.
If this group is granted this permit to build a church many residents that have land adjacent to the pkwy. will be asking for permits to build a home .I for one have enough frontage to build a beautiful home .
If this is granted you will have to do the same with many property owners facing the Sprain.

Anonymous said...

The Fortress property also has access to Dobbs Ferry Road and Polmeander. If you have property that has access to either or both that 6 acres I dont see a reason why you cant developer.

Anonymous said...

I beleive that the Fortress property also has access to Bonnie Briar, which is presently a cul de sac, but the right of way goes to the Fortress property.

On the other hand, homeowners with property adjacent to the Sprain and no other egress would have to request permission for a flag lot, which would be unlikely.

Anonymous said...

I do not always agree with Supervisor Feiner. However, he is honest. He is smart. We have to credit him for running a town that has just received national acclaim, being recognized as one of the top 100 local governments in the entire country. This is amazing. Services are great. The Supervisor, his department heads and the entire Town Board seem to care and listen. The town has very high bond ratings (think it is the highest).
Supervisor Feiner isn't out for himself. He drives his own junky car. I like him. The town is well served by his leadership. HSM

Anonymous said...

Wow, HSM, what kind of happy-pills do you take? He may be passionate and caring, but who in their right mind could ever claim that he's intelligent or that he has any leadership skills? He might be good for a grassroots lobbyist position, but certainly not as the executive manager for a major organization like Greenburgh.

hal samis said...

To 12:18 and 12:39 and 2:08,
readers: guess which of these comment(s) are those of rotund lawyer.

Sorry you get so disturbed when you get a dose of truth thrust at you.

2:08 wants to remain anonymous because the writer is "offended" by my comment. The writer starts with the pronouncement that public officials do give up certain rights and privileges of citizenhood...and that is the extent of the proof. What do elected officials give up? No support, no documentation, no explanation; other than with regard to a later question but written as a statement "but there must be some weight to the opinions of elected officials involved". Yes, that weight is "0". Courts are familiar with politicians and if Feiner says 1 and Spano says 10, are either of them experienced enough to know? That's why the Courts disregard puffery and rely instead on appraisals and comps.

The rest of the post is about that when Samis writes, it strikes fear in the hearts of bloggers which is why they don't use their own name.

12:39's tack is sneakier. "That won't make Feiner's gaffe any less admissable in Court". So far, Feiner's gaffe is only a gaffe in the mind of the blogger, and let's say that the Halpern legal team decides to bring this before the Court -- which is unlikely because they know that this is wasting the Court's time, something that does not go over well with judges in Cert Court. These judges decide based on facts from experts not on opinions from politicos -- Feiner or Spano. So what sounds like bad news, "admissable in court" is unlikely even to be mentioned, and if mentioned, it will not be part of what the judges will use in rendering a decision.

What is irksome about this matter, the struck nerve if you will, is that residents have many more significant complaints to bring and are trying to turn any minor issue into another helping of Mrs. Murphy's chowder.

Where's the concern about how the Town Board is going to proceed at the Tuesday "Special Meeting of the Town Board" with the little matter of amending the Library Referendum budget. If they keep increasing the budget, then they can keep saying it is on budget.

Just like the Town Board has decided that it is ok to amend the passed 2008 Town Budget.

Where are the written legal opinions from Tim Lewis, from Bond Counsel, from the Dormitory Authority of New York that what the Town Board is going to do is permissable. I, for one, would like to see it in writing.

But more to the point is that the Town Board knew for months that this showdown was coming; why can't they schedule a regular Town Board meeting at 7:15 to discuss this and permit Public Comment? There is no urgency and, if there was, then why did the Town Board wait until there are no regular Town Board meetings.

This is not open government. This is hiding in plain sight.

And why does the Town Board vote to approve change orders costing more which give as their explanation -- due to delays -- yet still maintain that there are no delays?

Finally, this is not likely the last amendment to the Library Referendum Resolution. At this writing, the Town Board has no idea how much the project will actually cost, even allowing for the extra money they are adding in to the budget.
This will not be the last; hopefully it is not the least.

Now, this is something immediate that the public can try to do something about -- it is not County business, it is not awaiting a decision of the Court and it affects tax payers directly.
Apparently this is something that doesn't concern bloggers -- because it is not Feiner alone.
A lot of sacred cows may fall if it gets looked into; the Town Board may be reenacting WESTHELP/Valhalla again and Mr. Sheehan will declare after the State Comptroller looks into it (you can be sure it will be forwarded) that he wasn't aware of any legal problems because he was assured by the Town Attorney, Tim Lewis.

Tim Lewis, now there's a person that inspires confidence in legal matters relating to the Town.

samis as town clown said...

Samis may be many things, but a lawyer he's not, and yet on legal matters that he assures us he's the expert and it's the lawyers who are not.

Samis insists that no court will ever take seriously what Feiner says about the value of the Saw Mill River Road property. The English translation of that is that Samis doesn't believe any court should take such opinions into account. The truth is that such opinions are thrown into the legal hopper all the time, which is why public officials are advised by their counsel not to talk about such matters while tax cert proceedings are pending. Samis pronouncements are nothing more than wishful thinking. He in fact has no idea what he's talking about.

Next Samis tells us that he alone knows more than than town attorney and the town's bond counsel when it comes to amending the library referendum. He's outraged that the town board will seek to amend the referendum authorization in order to increase the amount of the project's cost by $400,000. He leaves out, of course, the part of the change that makes clear the increase is on condition that the $400,000 is covered exclusively by grants that won't cost unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers any additional money in property taxes.

Facts are stubborn things, Samis, even for would be lawyers like you.

Anonymous said...

In tax cert proceedings, the property owner and the municipality each furnish their own appraisals and comps, and the judge is supposed to decide between the two. When a public official weighs in with his own opinion as to value, and in so doing, he sides with the property owner, that opinion will carry substantial weight, no matter the public official is and no matter why the comment was made.

For that reason alone, cases like that will almost certainly be settled substantially in the property owner's favor because no municipality looking out for its taxpayers would want to take a chance to see whether the judge would ignore such pronouncements from the town's public official. Because if the case isn't settled, the tax hit could be much much worse.

For those of you who have Paul Feiner as your supervisor, you have my sympathies. He costs you far more than you realize.

hal samis said...

8:22 and 9:04.
Again, the lawyerly pretense that being thrown "into the hopper" will affect the outcome.

Feiner's got an opinion, Spano's got an opinion. Which, when thrown in the hopper, will carry more weight?

Back to appraisals and certs.

I am not a lawyer and never pretended to be one; while from what I see of some of the normal practices of some local lawyers -- I am grateful that I never decided to be one.

Part of law requires a careful reading of "evidence", statutes and testimony. From what in my written post does this comment gain substance?

"Next Samis tells us that he alone knows more than the town attorney and the town's bond counsel when it comes to amending the library referendum."

What I wrote, and readers can judge whether this makes me a clown, (scroll up to confirm):
"Where are the written legal opinions from Tim Lewis, from bond counsel, from the Dormitory Authority of New York that what the Town is going to do is permissable. I. for one, would like to see it in writing."

Clearly, when there is no question of advertising titles, even superlawyers forget how to read or, ignore reading at all by instead resorting to the time tested path of creating fiction when needed to make their point.

One need not be a lawyer to read the law or read opinions. But reading, rather than conjecture, is likely a more professional approach. Only anonymous sharks like to take a bite and run, even when they have such defined conceptions of their self-importance that they regard all blog readers with contempt; not even caring if readers were to scroll up and see the proof of their inventions.

One legal paper I'll be sure to read carefully will be the Dromore depositions. I'll be looking to compare what is sworn against what is written by anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I've read the posts between Samis and his anonymous critics, just as Samis suggests, and there's no doubt that the person blowing smoke here is Samis.

Andy Spano didn't go on News 12Newsmakers and offer an opinion as to what the property at 450 Saw Mill River Road is worth. Only Feiner did that. And he shouldn't have. So when Samis says that "Spano's got an opinion" and both his and Feiner's will be thrown into the legal hopper, Samis is the poster writing fiction here.

Samis also seems to think he knows who his "anonymous" critic is (assuming it's one person), what with references to "rotund lawyer" and "Dromore." Maybe the guy he's talking about reads this and takes appropriate offense, or maybe this is Samis writing fiction again, perhaps his own personal Harvey, but the rest of us don't know who or what he's talking about and don't much care. Samis, if you'd do your homework, stick to your points, and admit when you're wrong now and then, people in Greenburgh might take you seriously. Right now, the headline "samis as town clown" seems to fit.

samis is good for greenburgh said...

samis is quite effective.
thats what scares his anonymous attackers.

when samis told bass and barnes they were history - he was right.

samis has made a convincing case juettner and sheehan are wrong for greenburgh.

they both know samis is not clowning around. in fact, rumor has it juettner will not even be running.

good work samis!

hal samis said...

Is News 12 the only place that politicians can register real estate opinions? Only what gets broadcast matters? I'm thinking that the cert judges are not going to be viewing videotapes of the broadcast.

Does the blogger presume that Spano has never given his opinion of what the property is worth or just that he didn't do it on cable.

Does anyone, in particular the judges, care?

What is apparent is that no one cares what the Town Board is going to do tomorrow at their work session and their special town board meeting.

As for being a clown, I could recite the lyrics as sung by Donald O'Connor but I won't attempt the choreography or, I could continue to function as the impersonal "paducah" to anonymous bloggers.

As I've said before, if you don't like the heat, when you see my name, don't stop; just scroll on past.

Anonymous said...

Samis hit the nail on the head. His posts may give off heat, but they don't shed light. Now why is it we're supposed to be upset about some meeting tomorrow of the town board? Because Samis isn't getting air time?

They're not voting to raise taxes, but whatever they're doing, the resolution says it's subject to "permissive referendum." So Samis, if you're upset about this, go fill out a petition and see if you can get any signatures.

hal samis said...

And I thought anonymous was a concerned Greenburgh resident.

"Whatever they're doing..."
TRANSLATION: wait until it gets on Channel 12.

The point is that they're purposefully doing it when few will know about. You obviously don't.
Given the choice between Feiner opening his mouth, rightfully or wrongfully, I would choose having the Supervisor and the Town government discuss and vote on important issues when many of the public is not at work and when there can be input from the public. That would be open government not one which follows only the bare minimum noticing requirements and waits to conduct votes when no one is around -- or as in your case, 1:51, knows.

Anonymous said...

What's the important issue Samis? That the town board wants to do what's legally required to accept a $400,000 state grant for the library expansion, but wants to do it in a way that won't add a penny more to what it's costing taxpayers? That sounds like a good idea.
That the town board is taking the action subject to residents getting a petition together to put the measure on the ballot? That sounds good too.
That the town board is doing this in a special meeting where Samis won't be allowed to talk? Hmm, I guess if you're Samis, you'd be upset.
Big yawn.

Anonymous said...

Samis and Feiner are anti library and anti schools (except for Ardsley). But for TDYCC.

hal samis said...

6:13 and 6:56, was that on channel 12?

It is amusing that I still get bundled with Feiner (it must be news to Feiner too) while at the same time I am objecting to the hack job (and dishonest one too) Resolution that the Town Board is trying to rush through when no one is around to question its validity.

What is even a better idea pay attention anonymous) is that the grants be applied, rightfully and legally, to REDUCE the amount of the bonding.  This idea not only "won't add a penny to what it's costing taxpayers" but would save them a dollar or two instead.

But anonymous either is unaware of the reality or is purposely distorting the facts. This is a technique used by sleazy lawyers, trying to get extra mileage out of a half-truth. When residents wake up and question why a project that is said to be on budget now needs more money and new Resolution language to increase the budget so that it can again be called "on budget"; when residents wake up and question why a project that is said to be on time and not behind schedule, they might also question why the Town is approving and paying tens of thousands of dollars in "change orders" to contractors who are submitting claims for higher costs due to delays.  But, of course, none of this interests anyone because Commander Sheehan is waging a war to protect himself from the project fallout and to do so he has to silence his rear guard, Al Regula. And if Feiner is along for the ride with this chicanery, then be sure to remove me from the same sentence in which he appears.

The problem witnessed repeatedly on this blog by anonymous posters is that in their desperation to embarrass Feiner, they ignore anything else that may be to all residents' benefit if it tangentially can appear to damage Feiner.  Like shooting oneself in the foot, again and again and again.

I believe in holding all those who vote for bad legislation as equally responsible.  Each has just one vote; all votes are weighted equally.  If the job is too taxing for the part-time Town Council members and they must rely on the full-time Town Supervisor for how to vote, then I suggest that they vote not to limit public discussion at Town meetings so as to supplement the less than complete picture that they claim they receive.  And that is why the Town Board Special Meeting is being held when it is (4:00 Tuesday afternoon) and why it contains no provisions for public discussion.  The Town Board does not want to hear "no bad news" so that they can claim ignorance after the fact of their vote.  Anonymous bloggers want to take advantage of this enigma because it means that after all is said and done, they will have more ammunition with which to attack Feiner.  On the other hand, I would rather prevent bad legislation than adding mistakes to Feiner's resume. And by Feiner's resume, I remind everyone that if it takes five votes to commit the same errors, then FIVE officials are equally guilty. Get over your problems with Feiner, just one vote, and work on getting just three votes to do what is needed.  True there will be less to bitch about as the result, but what is the objective?  To improve conditions or to keep Feiner in office as the whipping boy. 

Or to build the catalogue of Feiner's sins so that the Edgemont Village crew can add four new members.

Anonymous said...

Samis, you really need to take a chill pill. The town board has evidently decided it is in the town's best interest to accept the $400,000 in grant money, use it to complete the library project, and not ask the voters to approve an additional appropriation.
You, on the other hand, would rather see the grant money used to reduce the amount to be spent even if that means the library doesn't have the money the voters authorized to borrow to complete the job.
You say Feiner's not in your corner on this one. That's laughable. We'll just wait and see.
Didn't he announce last week that he'll support the measure provided the town board votes to approve his new library board nominees. Those new library board nominees have promised to restore the cybermobile, no matter what the cost, no matter how little money is available next year for the library's budget, and no matter that the cybermobile duplicates a service already provided by the county. Isn't that what you want, Samis?
Well, even if it isn't, the town board's resolution gives you, Hal Samis, the right to get signatures on a petition to put the matter to a vote. The clock starts ticking the moment the town board votes to approve accepting the money. Asking your fellow residents to sign a petition with your name on it doesn't seem like something you'd be willing to do, is it Samis?

hal samis said...

Gee,and I just finished getting my petition signed for Democrat District leader.

So what have we now 9:11 (a cry for help)?
Instead more errors from the misinformed or mangler of the truth.

The Library still gets its $19.9 million as approved by the May 2005Referendum. The only difference is that $19.5 comes from bonds and $400,000 comes from the grants. Do you need help in checking my math? This reduces the debt service insignificantly for the average home however thinking in the smallest terms and spending the most money is a distinction earned by Francis Sheehan whose Sheehan's Folly bus ramp wins that award. The plaque reads: Awarded to Francis Sheehan whose campaign to appear indisposable to Paul Feiner gained ground upon the admission that the fabled ramp (at a cost to taxpayers of $175,000) was NOT an ADA requirement nor wanted by the Library but that it is worth it if even one person with disabilities (arriving by bus from points west of Greenburgh) were to use the ramp. This costly ego toy should help when seeking to remain with the Feiner team in the 2009 re-election campaign.

But why does the Library need more than the authorized $19.9 million?
Everyone else but you knows that the project is not over budget.
WARNING: The $19.9 included over $4million for contingencies and inflation. Since "professional" management ran the job, a 20% comfort margin should have been adequate and, wake-up, you're not even getting the Library promoted before the Referendum.

So, if they're not over budget and they had a surfeit of built-in protection, why do they need more money to complete the job?

CLUE: It's the same answer as to why did the Town Board vote to approve change orders (i.e. #47, $49,300 extra because of more expensive asphalt which couldn't be used earlier because of DELAYS these quickly eating up the Referendum provided cushion. For more help ask Al Regula why because he always said that the project was not delayed.

How fortunate to have a new bookmobile around the County. Perhaps you can run after it if it happens to be driving through Greenburgh on the way to San Jose. In any case, Greenburgh is not on its destination list in the near future. But how come the County can operate it for $85,000 and Howard Jacobs of the Library Board of Trustees said it costs $157,000 for Greenburgh to send its version on the road -- for much fewer miles of drive time.

But as for running around Town (unincorporated only) for signatures, why would I want to do that. You don't care, I don't pay taxes and, between the two of us, or despite the two of us, or even to spite the two of us, the Town Board is going to throw caution to the wind and push through a Resolution which is, in effect a passel of lies, marketed as official business. So confident are they of their mission, the Town Board is doing this not at a regular, evening Town Board meeting but at a Special Town Board meeting during the workday of many residents (at least this resident) and at a Special Town Board Meeting which does not even extend the now reduced public comment periods to residents. If they're so proud and sure of their work, why are they waiting to pass it on the equivalent of February 29 and again WARNING: the Town Board was aware of all the problems since mid March and failed to take action any sooner -- thus creating the urgency for immediate voting.

Then too, one must wonder why the Town Board's newest promotion is star treking around in the heat to "hear" from residents while seeking to curtail comment from residents in air-conditioned Town Hall? Can it be that the difference is that hearing from residents in Town Hall is hearing from them on camera and the comments made are made in public as are the responses? There's sanctuary is small groups and there's no public record left behind to haunt.

I certainly admire your determination to play gotcha with me but so far you haven't won a point while losing the first two sets, 6 love. Keep up the good work and you'll surely win the Gil Kaminer award for stay at home moms with lots of time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Samis is right why does the library need more money.

They will need more today and then again tomorrow wasn't the money that they requested more than enough to complete the renovations.
We the taxpayers did not quote the price they did.
Did you ever stop to think that grant mney is paid back one way or another,
So tells me who carries this extra expense ALL THE TAXPAYERS.
Something smells with this project. First it was on target and then we had so much money to finish and all of a sudden there's not enough money for completion.
Who is filling their pockets.
Did they not make enough money under the watchful eye of the town manager?
The funds that the library will demand will never end.
We will be paying for this for all the years to come unless they break away from the town and try to raise their own funds.
I don't care how rich one is or will be, the residents will not be able to carry this expense much longer.
Let the library go on their own .

Anonymous said...

cAs far as the center goes. the fees should be made higher for those that use the pool .
The problem is that you refuse to do the right thing for the residents that have to assume the responsibilty of keeping this place alive.
Raise the dam fees real good and bring in some revenue.
Sure you have an acquatic team who wouldn't when a person is charged $54.00 dollars to join. Why should the residents pick up the tab for chemicles,electricity,security
water and above all insurance.
Are you guys misshuginna.
Bring in enough revenue not only with the pool but with all your other programs, Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul and the booard members i would like to ask you a question....The reverend at the session today is fighting to have multiple dwellings in his area.
The question I am asking were these homes registered as multiple dwelling or were they listed as one family homes.
If they were single family homes these people were in violation for some time and maybe they did not pay the taxes due the town for the property.
They now are asking to make another usable apartment without meeting the regulations of the state ,county and Greenburgh.
You will have to change zoning for all of Greenburgh not only Fairview.
We all belong to Greenburgh.
Fairview wants this but they have been violating the law for some time.
These home owners have benefitted by collecting rents right along.
Tell me do these homes have seperate meters or do they just have one since the apartments were illegal from the onset.
Do not be too fast in giving them what they want because you will have to do this throughout the ENTIRE town.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the work seesion that was held on July 22nd. I am very confused. Parks and Recreation gave a detailed report on where his cuts would be coming from.

The Community Center gave their report, if one could call it that, and not only were there no cuts.....but Francis pointed out that her math was incorrect. This has turned into a joke.

We are planning to cut parks and rec, we are planning to cut the Police Department / we are planning to cut DPW / we are planning to cut the building dept... All of which benifit the entire Town of Greenburgh. All of which directly effect the quality of life that the residents moved into this "80th best place to live"....But the only cut from the community center was a driver ??? The "rest of the Town" (other than Fairview is tired of this nonsense.

People are possibly not going to get their meals....people are going to get less police protection, etc..... and the Center will just eat up our tax payments from the Edgemont, Hartsdale, Valhalla, Elmsford areas of this Town, while fairview enjoys the center.

This Town is NUTTY !!

CLOSE THE CENTER (we should have a TOWN WIDE vote to seewho uses the center, and who wants it closed.

SO, what was ms Whiteheads final budget ?? Oh yes, she's not sure. Her math was off...........

ed krauss said...

It seems "kill the messenger," is almost as plentiful as "on time, on budget."

What's surprising- but shouldn't be- to me, is the "my library, right or wrong," attitude manifest among any number of bloggers.

When will you people come to the realization that this project if a fiasco. More than $20 million dollars and still counting for, an at best, $15 million architect's portfolio. Avant guarde on the outside and Ikea on the inside.The price of poker is now $20.4 million dollars, and some of you are complimemting the town board for their "courageous" vote to misappropriate dedicated grant money to cover a shortfall their lack of oversight created.Three fifths of the Town Board screwed up; 100% of the Library Board with a group noblesse oblige attitude toward the public while exhibiting gross ignorance and naivete by swallowing whole all of the lies put on their plate; and the decision to allow a grossly overworked commissioner to honcho a project which demanded full time attention, brought us to this point.

The resolutions approved by the "special sessions"board vote were lies, complete lies and nothing but lies. Not once did these self-serving "elected" officials tell the truth about the cost, the new cost ,of the library being $20.4 million. Not once did they veer away from talking as if the $19.9 million is still the number when referring to the cost of the library.

And some of you still defend this incompetent board (only 3) instead of screaming from the higest point in Taxter Ridge (another poltically correct, rationally dumb waste of money) , we're fed up and won't take this crap anymore!"

Samis didn't screw it up. He just spent countless hours-free of charge- doing the investigating and reporting our well paid elected officials turned a blind eye on. Going along to get along. G-d forbid you raise a question about the library construction project. Lord, you're anti-libray, anti-education and you must have a hidden agenda and a vendetta against the libray board; the town board(Sonia and Kevin get a mulligan) and/or the achitect, construction manager or.Al Regula

I know you'll find this hard to believe but Hal Samis is an avid user of the library, and very much pro library, I am pro library, and I think even Paul is.

THis is not about emotion, this is about hucking up the librry project, continuing not to want to face reality, continuing to huck it up and passing as deceptive a piece of legislation as I've seen.

Why not examine the facts before you trash the only person in this town who did, and had the courage to try to educate the tax payers.

P.S. I'd be willing to bet real-not Monopoly money- that the $406+K gleaned from our pockets in a different way, will not be enough to finish this watered down $19.9+ grants library.

And when reality hits you square in the wallet, I'm willing to extend the bet, there will still be some of you congratulating the "BOARD," and trashing Samis.

Anonymous said...

Ed both you and Samis have bee 100% right as far as the library fiasco goes.
People just want to believe what they want because they are blinded as to what is the truth .
This town has become one where follow the leaders has become the biggest game.
If the civic associations say it is ok their followers do the same.
Many do not fully understand what will follow with this library construction.
Our taxes will never go down significantley.First of all the project will not be completed on time and if it is the outside will be done but it will be minus the furnishings.
The upkeep of this building will be out of sight.
Did the library board ever think of what was entailed with a monster of a project after the fact.
So each and everyone of us has to carry the burden of poor planning and above all not listening to those who knew what was going on and what will go wrong with this project.
Listen you guys tried real hard to enlighten all of us but you know you could lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
Thanks for trying.

Anonymous said...

Hey Regula going through one street to take a short cut to the Sprain Parkway the boulders on town property are spread about one hundred feet and growing.
How could you permit this to go on when it could be an accident to happen.
With all the construction going on one in particular for six years and all the delivery trucks parked to make drop offs makes this road extremely dangerous.
Since the road is such a short one I would think that it would be kept as it was when I first started to use it many years ago.
Well I guess you will be able to tag a new name to the road .
You have Sprain Road,Old Sprain Road and now you can call this one Sprain Valley Boulder Rd.
Start thinking of peoples safety.
These boulders are put there by home owners so no one sholud be able to park there.
When there are parties going on it is very dangerous to go through the street with all the parked cars.
Sometimes cars park on both sides of the roadway, which if there were ever any type of emergency a fire or an ambulance would have difficulty getting through.
The town did not place these boulders there so the home owners should be responsible in the removal.
So Regula check this road out and see how dangerous it is with it's many curves and blind spots.