Monday, July 21, 2008


I am planning to request a meeting with the county to discuss the possibility of using Sprain Lake as a site for a boathouse for Greenburgh and Yonkers. Sprain Lake is a beautiful lake – not used by the community. Part of the lake is located within the town of Greenburgh. I am suggesting that the county open the lake up to rowing, kayaking and canoeing on a trial basis this fall on selected dates. Manhattan College is interested in this initiative and might be interested in either purchasing or renting space. This could generate revenue for Westchester County, reduce our taxes and provide enhanced recreation for students and adults. Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick has been pushing for recreation boating on the Sprain for years. I believe that the concept deserves support and follow up. It’s unfortunate that this lake is not being taken advantage of.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

Dear Mr. Feiner.

Thank you for meeting with me the other day regarding the use of the Sprain Lake as a site for a boathouse for the Greenburgh and Yonkers communities. Rowing is expanding exponentially across the country and additional facilities are desperately needed.

When I started rowing at Manhattan College in the late 1970's, college programs and the New York Athletic Club were the only two options for someone looking to row. I was fortunate enough to earn a spot at the NYAC and was able to continue after college but when I stopped competing, there was no place to row for recreation.

Recently, two new programs have been started, one on the Harlem River and the other on Glenn Island and I have been able to return to the sport. These programs are open to both high school students and masters level rowers and are having a positive impact for

many children. Both of these programs are open to all comers and also provide community outreach programs for children with limited means. However, these programs are also almost full to capacity in the number of rowers they can accommodate.

The Sprain Lake has the potential to be a world class course. It is long and wide enough and is not tidal. I think that the entrance to the lake at Jackson Ave would be ideal since there is ample land available for parking and a boathouse without encroaching on private residents. Traffic would also not be a big issue especially since most programs are run early in the morning and immediately after school thereby avoiding rush hour traffic.

I have spoken to several rowing clubs and they are all excited about the possibility of another place to row and race. I would like to enlist your help in organizing a mini regatta in the fall to assess the suitability of the course. The teams invited would provide their own equipment, launches and the officials to create a safe environment for the rowers. We would also try to get the race certified by the US Rowing Association for insurance purposes.

I know that you will do all you can to help this happen and I look forward to working with you to make this dream come true.


Vinny Houston


MikeyP said...

How about adding fishing to that list?
I'm sure a lot of boaters are anglers as well. Or is the lake already open for fishing? Is it part of the NYC Watershed?

Anonymous said...

Very nice idea! Please, though, now delegate this project to someone with appropriate professional background to bring it to fruition. Nothing personal, but the reality is that if the Feiner name is directly associated with this, Yonkers will not cooperate.

Anonymous said...

If it will bring in revenue go for it but let's hope that it is not a failure as the center .

Anonymous said...

Wow now we can see MIckey's frankfurter wagon fighting to get his business started all over again.
It seems he was turned down a few time but this idea will make him take the case to the Supreme court.
How about taking bids for a concession on the grounds together with the boat house.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger I used to sneak onto the grounds to go fishing. Many a times I was stopped by the State troopers.
Good idea to stock the lake up with fish and allow this sport too.
You can bring in revenue by charging a fee for a special fishing license .Just think about it.

Anonymous said...

Now we must say that the lake is clean, Before all the septic tanks would empty and find their way into this lake.
Good idea.
We do need something different in this area.

Anonymous said...

Will this be more freeloading -- paid for by unincorporated, used by villagers???

hal samis said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Yet another distraction from Greenburgh's real needs!
Fun? Yes!
Creative? Yes!
Politically astute? Yes!
Addresses issues? NO!!!
Please focus your considerable energies on things that matter to everyone, everyday - like taxes and clean streets.

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice idea, but it's county property, almost all of the lake is in Yonkers, and an entranceway and boathouse would be more suitable in Yonkers. If the county pursues this idea, I do think Greenburgh should be in full support. However, the efforts of Greenburgh town management need to be focused first and foremost on the everyday matters that affect citizens most - filthy roadways and wasteful items in the budget.

opposition said...

word on the street is the golfers are 100% opposed to this.

Anonymous said...

Boating? Sure but only after you clean the filth and weeds off of the streets.

I went to dinner on EHA Saturday night and cold not get over the dead leaves, weeds and garbage on the sidewalks. Yuck! For crying out loud! EHA has, for the first time in many years, a real chance to be a destination spot. Why is it so hard to clean it up?

Anonymous said...

I just watched the work seesion that was held on July 22nd. I am very confused. Parks and Recreation gave a detailed report on where his cuts would be coming from.

The Community Center gave their report, if one could call it that, and not only were there no cuts.....but Francis pointed out that her math was incorrect. This has turned into a joke.

We are planning to cut parks and rec, we are planning to cut the Police Department / we are planning to cut DPW / we are planning to cut the building dept... All of which benifit the entire Town of Greenburgh. All of which directly effect the quality of life that the residents moved into this "80th best place to live"....But the only cut from the community center was a driver ??? The "rest of the Town" (other than Fairview is tired of this nonsense.

People are possibly not going to get their meals....people are going to get less police protection, etc..... and the Center will just eat up our tax payments from the Edgemont, Hartsdale, Valhalla, Elmsford areas of this Town, while fairview enjoys the center.

This Town is NUTTY !!

CLOSE THE CENTER (we should have a TOWN WIDE vote to seewho uses the center, and who wants it closed.

SO, what was ms Whiteheads final budget ?? Oh yes, she's not sure. Her math was off...........

Anonymous said...

What does it take for the entire board that there is something radically wrong with the center.
This is the towns doing because they are afraid to investigate what goes on at this end of town.
Their figures do not add up because someone is stealing the money.
Why must the town have others support something that is positivley not doing the right thing.
Not only are you taking money from the taxpayers you are also stealing from those that give out the grants.
The grants are paid with taxpayers monies throughout with state and federal taxes.
Do you want a good federal and state investigation started to see what is happening???
If this does happen you cannot say that in all honesty that you all did not know what was going on .
You have been told over and over again to close the center but this has fallen on deaf ears.
How can you say that the center helps make good citizens when you know dam well that there is so much thievery going on.
Remember a fish sticks from the head first.

Anonymous said...

I guess what the last comment was trying to say but mispelled the word is that a fish starts stinking from the head.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon: Speak for yourself. I'm happy in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

OK so then you must be one of the residents that lives in public housing receiving plenty of freebees at our expense.