Saturday, November 22, 2008


Dear Supervisor Feiner:

Thank you for sharing your constituent’s interest in the Citizen’s Task Force on the White-tailed Deer and Forest Regeneration.

After two years of meetings, presentations, and site visits, the task force will be formally submitting their final report to the County Executive this month. The final release of the information is at the discretion of Mr. Spano.

As you can see, we consider the population of White-Tailed Deer in Westchester County an issue of major concern and are taking a very close look at deer management methods and applications.


Linda Lovallo

Westchester County Customer Relations


Hunter said...

I see a money maker. Big bucks for little deer. Game on.

Anonymous said...

Well it's about time that something will be done.

I wish I had all the money that I spent on shrubs ,trees and flowers.

They have ruined my lanscape many times over.
The other problem from this animals is the ticks.

I think you waited too long to bring this to the attention of the county.
We mentioned this to you about two years ago and you just turned a deaf ear,
Has the deer eaten up the plant life at a friend of yours' home.
Is this why you are taken this problem into consideration.

hal samis said...

I'm sorry I lost my copy of Feiner's Guide to County Government" Can anyone help me out?

Is this one of the good things the County does or is this one of the bad things?

Anonymous said...

This will help a lot of home owners that have spent a lot of money to beautify their homes.

You see it today and it is gone tomorrow.
If something can be done why not.

Anonymous said...

Gee people complain about trees that are being cut down by homeowners but trees that are eaten by deer is ok.
There are so many trees in the woods why should they come to my home to eat up all my vegitation.

Yes we do live in the surburbs but enough is enough.

We try to maintain our property but there is no stopping the deer so we have given up. What ever happens or what the neighbors complain about our property we don't care anymore.

We tried but we lost to the four legged devils.

Hug a tree said...

Trees over Bambi how great it is

Anonymous said...


Have you forgotten that YOU led the ban in Greenburgh on bow hunting??? Since then, how many accidents have been caused by deers? How many millions lost in destruction of landscapes?? The Deer populations are completely out of control due to left wing liberals like yourself who suck up to animal-rights groups. You wouild rather get a few votes from those wackos than do the right thing for the general public. The destruction of private property by deers is almost like a hidden tax. If you have flowers or bushes, you know what I am talking about. Funds must be expended on a yearly basis to keep deers out and also to correct the damage that they created. If politicians like Paul Feiner didn't outlaw bow hunting, the deer populations would be better controlled and we would see less damage inflicted upon us by them. Paul, its about time you started caring more about the humans that the animals.

Anonymous said...

Let's see what the county does.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the our environment to begin with, the deers would have woods upstate to eat their livliehood. they shoot them, and then they travel down here. I am that liberal animal lover happy to say. Paul has it right and don't expect the county to do anything about it.

p. leavy said...

Off Topic:
Theft Alert. Scam
2 weeks ago my teen aged daughter was waiting in our driveway for me and a van with a woman and a young child pulled up to her. The woman said she was lost and asked if there was a GPS in my car she could use. Unfortunately, my daughter yes and proceeded to retrieve it from my vechile. At that point the woman put her cell phone to her ear (my D assumed she received a call) where she indicated that it was her friend calling and "thanks but I now know where to go" Obviously, my daughter got a talking to as I immediatly suspected something a miss.
Normally my car , which sits in my driveway, is locked but on Friday night I ran out very late to get something I had left in it and forgot to re-lock it. Yesterday I found my GPS and 2 power supplies gone. The were hidden in my console. I'll bet they checked my car every night before finally finding it unlocked. Upsetting to know that anyone would do this while a family is at home.

I'm filling a police report today but I wanted to get the word out.

p. leavy said...

Sorry for the rotten spelling :)

Anonymous said...

This is another game that Feiner is playing, because many have complained about the damage to their property.

We should all go for a reduction in taxes since it cost us mega bucks to refurbish what the deer feasted on.

Bow and arrow is the answer to this nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Some bows found in residential neighborhood, illegally.

Marc Herman said...

There are certainly other avenues to be explored other than allowing hunting, including measures that can be taken by not only the town government, but by individual homeowners to ward off deer from their property without harming them.

Anonymous said...

Marc Herman must be an animal rights activist. A typical Feiner supporter. So Marc, you care more about animals than you do us. These Der bring ticks and lyme disease. How many of our children have been bitten by them??? Of course, according to you animal rights people that is just something that we all have to put up with. You want us to spend hundreds of dollars a year on products to keep the deer away. What about your patron Saint Paul giving us a tax break on those items? Even if we are successful at keeping the Deer away, the ticks that they cary still harbor disease. What about that Marc???? Marc, what about all the traffic accidents caused by Deer?? Marc, what about the one car fatality that occurred on the Saw Mill Parkway about two years ago??? I'll bet you that one of your precious Deer jumped into the highway in front of that poor woman and she veered off in an effort not to hit it. She saved the Deer but perished herself.

Deer, Debunked said...

Disney's Bambi left the wrong impression. Deer are simpy long-legged rats which taste good when properly prepared. They are not the cute cuddly plush toys we give children, they are ANIMALS!

Marc Herman said...

7:25 AM,

You certainly claim to know a lot about me, especially for someone who chooses to hide under the veil of 'Anonymous.' It must be much easier to make such statements without disclosing your identity. I do not view myself as an animal rights activist, and politically, I view myself as neutral. Regarding the deer issue, I agree that town government can assist with the issue, but hunting is not always the only answer, nor the best one. Many other areas have successfully curtailed their deer populations using methods such as repellents, trap-and-transfer efforts, fencing, and fertility control agents, among others. I agree that efforts must be taken. Your post seems to twist my words into stating that I believe that nothing should be done, which is incorrect. With proper control methods implemented, traffic accidents would sharply decline. As for ticks, if the deer are indeed succesfully kept away, how do you propose that the ticks will still reach residential and business areas? As I have previously stated, I firmly believe that other methods of control are more efficient and less dangerous overall. Town government should definitely assist with the issue, but as a homeowner, I believe one also has a responsibility to protect their property. You wouldn't ask Town Hall to spray pesticides on your lawn, would you?

Time to get real Marc said...

Marc do you plan on capture and castration? Maybe we should, there would be some balls in town.How should we control them with little expense? If you charge for licenses MONEY maker

Anonymous said...

This just in no more deer ever in westchester county. How do we get here. I'll tell you how we get their. Taxes up another 23%. Listen to yourselves. On one post you complain about taxes to high, on another you complain about to many deers. Why not complain about mosquitos, skunks, chipmunks, and even some species of birds for instance the crows that tare up you garbage.

The problem is everyone in this town wants more yet they want to pay less. Greenburgh is in this mess not because of Paul and the board but because of stupid post like this one. What is next.

Anonymous said...


Repellants are only close proximity tools to keep Deer away from an individual home. Unless you propose to build a Great Wall of Greenburgh to keep the Deer out, they will still be milling around and jeopardizing our children's health.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marc,

Are you a vegetarian????? If you are not, you are a hypocrite! How do you think today's Turkey got on your plate????????????

Anonymous said...

I have my bow and arrows ready whenever you are.

Bring back the good old days of eating off the land.