Sunday, November 09, 2008


Klaff’s expands to Scarsdale
BY JOHN GOLDEN Westchester Business Journal
After 87 years in Connecticut, a family owned, upscale home-design company will open its first retail store in New York next spring on Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale.
Klaff’s Inc., with headquarters and a flagship store in South Norwalk, Conn., is completing a $4 million gut renovation of an approximately 79,000-square-foot space at 331 Central Park Ave., Joe K. Passero, Klaff’s chairman and chief operating officer, said last week. The company expects to open by the second quarter of 2009 and hire 30 to 40 employees, he said.
The two-story retail location has been vacant since Treasure Island Inc., an outdoor and home furnishings store, closed when its New Jersey-based parent company filed for bankruptcy in 2005. Passero said Klaff’s has signed a 15-year lease with landlord Seville Management. Other building tenants are Charles Schwab financial consultants, with about 26,000 square feet, and a recently opened 1,200-square-foot Natural Selection Furniture store.
Passero said the Scarsdale store will be similar to Klaff’s flagship store and its expanded Danbury store with a complete high-end design line of lighting, kitchen, bath, decorative hardware, tile and stone products. The Klaff family also operates a specialty lighting showroom in Westport, Conn., and a wholesale plumbing and electrical supplies business in South Norwalk. “We’re retailing to the trade,” Passero said “We also have a very large business with builders, designers, architects.”


hal samis said...

And this "news" concerns residents today because...

Hold the Presses!
In this economy, in the second quarter of next year, residents won't have to schlep to Expo (Home Depot subsidiary) in New Rochelle to spend money they don't have at a true big-box version serving the high end.

While, given the precision measurement nature of the business lines Klaff's is in, did they really rent 79,000 feet?

Hope they also stock tape measures.

Anonymous said...

ur a dick

hal samis said...


(Rossum's Universal Robots by Karel Capek)

Are you in need of some oiling? Call Paul.

in praise of samis said...

he may be a dick but he's our dick and he has balls (unlike the town board - spineless nobodie who are past their sale date).

Anonymous said...

12:02 better words have never been spoken.

You hit the nail on the head when it comes to the entire board.

Anonymous said...

stupid comments made above.

hal samis said...

Let me be clear(er).
Klaff's did not rent anywhere near 79,000 square feet. Does the Supervisor ever fact check anything before rushing to press release?
Perhaps since he considers town Hall his personal Treasure Island, he has never been in the Central Avenue version.

Anonymous said...


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Nooooo it can't be! I want to wake up from this bad dream!
Now before any of the folks she has taken care of respond, tell me one item here that isn't true. JUST ONE! This will be a long wait.

Greenburgh ranked number one for the poorest promotion standards in the USA!!!

Anonymous said...

Pray tell where will the public park if this turns out to be a succcessful business.

Did you study this or will they have to have a partolman direct traffic in and out.