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Week of November 16th: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important that are not addressed in other topics. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

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Time to Act said...

Sunday a tree fell on to Dobbs Ferry Rd ( near the Fire dept ). Mr Feiner is it at all possible to get the State DOT to trim the trees they marked over two years ago BEFORE someone is kill. Example a 42 year old man was killed this past weekend by a falling tree in NYC. Why wait for an accident to happen

Anonymous said...

All trees close to roadways should be cut down.

I'm not saying that this will cause a death but it can be some sort of prevention.

We have so many tree branches hanging over wires these too should be removed.

It may be con edison's job but they seem to be doing a half assed job.
The contractors that they hire are clearing some wires and not the others.

Anonymous said...

Do away with police department and save 15 million dollars! the state police would have to provide the service with help of county police just like they do in Cortland and somers. What are we waiting for?
Do away with the TDYCC and have YMCA take over,and parks and rec could absorb some programs and again save millions!
Do away with sanitation and get a private company and save millions!
what are we waiting for ?
Anybody have answers?
Merge the fire depts!
What do you think Paul

Anonymous said...

the town should drop 10 cops not six. they just have to reorganize the way they operate. 1 officer to do the schedule is crazy. it should be done by a boss. stop the tech-rescue unit. how many officers are on that detail, 9-10? thats 1 whole shift that could be on patrol instead of training for rescue calls. Stop the police officers as paramedics and make them civillians.

Anonymous said...

11/17/2008 9:18 AM,
Get you facts straight before you make allegations. You are wrong on these accounts.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Paul doesnt manage. He doesnt cut, he tells departments heads what to cut. No dummies, they proposed cuts where they know the residents will scream. Like the bookmobile. Paul keeps screaming he needs more control over the library. Yet he doesnt exercie control over the police or TDYCC where he does have it.

Anonymous said...

Over 2 million in cuts were made.

Anonymous said...


hal samis said...

I would ask those anonymous bloggers if, in addition to posting this year's tax increases from other communities in Westchester (many showing increases higher than Greenburgh's), that readers might be better informed were the 2008 comparison available.

Anonymous said...

Hal: Your suggestion is valid. The town had two consecutive zero percent increases in 2006 and 2007. A more appropriate comparison would be to compare the town's tax hikes from 2006-2009 to other local governments.

hal samis said...

And the answer is???

Sent to the Town today regarding work being done on North Washington Avenue (where I live).

"What's going on?

Entering from West Hartsdale Avenue, work has been underway and continuing which seems to be redundant at some spots and not enough in others.

I am told by workers that the primary mission is to reset the stone curbs and that other than what has been completed, no additional sidewalk is to be built.

As of this morning, only the right side of the road (from West Hartsdale Avenue) is under "construction" and they have gone from West Hartsdale to the beginings of the dog cemetery.

Work completed entailed digging up and removing an existing asphalt sidewalk and replacing it with concrete along a vacant parcel, digging up and replacing an uneven concrete sidewalk alongside the first house on the right, installing a sidewalk where mostly none existed in front of the second house and continuing to raise the stone curbs beyond: a work in progress. So far, I have seen no evidence of continuation of the sidewalk.

Oh, did I forget to mention? The Town has also graciously built a concrete walkway from the first-time sidewalk in front of the second house and gone some 35 feet onto this private property to connect the sidewalk to their front porch.

What is even more confusing is that if both sides of the roadway are to receive this raised curb work, why not start with the other side (West)? The other side has a far greater population density.
Starting from West Hartsdale along this side is a multi-unit condominium (former school), two private homes, a scattersite Housing Authority location, the Hartsdale Highlands Co-op, and the Colony Condominium and, finally, the Westchester Square shopping center (Trader Joe, Best Buy) where an asphalt sidewalk merging into a concrete sidewalk to Central Avenue (these latter two conditions of Zoning approval) commences. Residents of these three apartment complexes often walk to the shopping center and/or to and from the bus on Central Avenue.

Whereas the side on which the work is being done harbors the corner commericial building (no curbs due to parking), the two private homes cited, the dog cemetery (apshalt parking along North Washington or cemetery wall), St. Andrews Church (entrance), a fenced Con-Ed station, five or six private homes and the rear (closed to traffic) entrance of a Central Avenue furniture store. However, residents do walk on this side to get to "Four Corners" or beyond (train station).

Still, which side of the street do you think would be more in need of immediate curb protection if not sidewalk?

But foremost, why did a private home end up with a concrete walk as part of the job?"

hal samis said...

As for tree removal, this too was sent to the Town Board today. Maybe residents are not being as protected as they think they are just because the Town employs as arborist.

"Having been advised by Mr. Reninger of his concerns re non-performed tree removal along Knollwood and Dobbs Ferry Roads, I want to remind you of the situation that I apprised the Town Board somewhat informally of at a work session break a few months ago.

My apartment complex, The Highlands, 125 North Washington Avenue, had extensive tree-trimming and removal done by a leader in tree surgery. In the course of evaluating the work to be done, two trees alongside the visitors parking area and fronting on North Washington Avenue were determined to be dead or dying.
Since these trees were on Town right-of-way, the need for removal was reported to the Town and from the Town to Con Ed or Verizon? which promptly cut the trees down.

To a casual viewer, the trees looked fine, even bearing green leaves at the time.
The stumps remaining tell another story.
The tree trunks were rotted and hollow which can be confirmed by an inspection of the stumps.
This leaves open the question that the residents assume that the Town's Arborist, if not Con Ed or Verizon, were supposed to have performed a tree assessment of trees needing removal or trimming along Town roadways.
Certainly one would expect that the more frequently trafficked and connector streets would have been carefully evaluated.

Were this to be true, then I would not be looking at two hollowed out stumps on North Washington..

How thorough an inspection of trees has the Town really conducted? What did the privately retained concern able to see regarding the health of the two trees that the Town could not?

How many more trees or overhead branches must fall before the Town Board acts concerned?
Apparently spending "A" budget money on the Council on the Arts is more important to the Town Board than deploying such discretionary funds for the purpose of making the Town's roadways and their right-of-ways safe for residents to drive or walk along."

If the Town isn't doing the job that you think you are contributing taxes for it to do, then the idea of pretending that there is a budget with monies allocated for specific functions is even more whimsical than how a 7.7% tax increase was obtained.

Only a 7.7% increase plus last year's increase and Feiner is only talking about 30% over two years.
The 22% of last year wasn't replaced by that of 2009; it stays with taxpayers and this year's increase is 7.7% MORE.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

Dear 2:18PM
The Town would have had two consecutive 0% increases
IF the assessibles (the value of the properties on the tax rolls) had remained the same as the previous year.
HOWEVER there were several significant certiorari settlements reached in each of the "0%" years and the result was that the tax rate actually INCREASED in each of those years.
Unfortunately politicians in Greenburgh are unable to tell the truth about anything - and the public has been willing to believe almost anything.
This is far from the 80th Best Place to Live.
Down with the People's Democratic Republic of Greenburgh, its Paulitburo and its reigning commissar!

Anonymous said...

"...why did a private home end up with a concrete walk as part of the job?"

Probably someone on a town committee who cut a deal. The first house has a known illegal apartment, but it's ignored by the town because she's on some committee.

Anonymous said...

ConEd is forbidden to do a thing without Greenburgh's authorization - tree law from last year or the year before - which is unfortunate because ConEd is proactive in many other municipalities.

Anonymous said...

Merging the fire departments would be an intelligent move for all.

Anonymous said...

so 6:27, post names and addresses -- from an anonymous email -- like our library.

hal samis said...

I am continuing my annoyance with the Supervisor and the Town using "the 80th best place to live"

Mr. Feiner finds it convenient to latch on to this DESPITE knowing that the basis for the comparison was ranking small cities.

Greenburgh is NOT a small city.

Any contest has rules for entry and contestants are supposed to follow these rules. In this case, Money Magazine, displaying their lack of research, included Greenburgh on their list, presumably not knowing that Greenburgh is a "town" and not a city. I don't blame Supervisor Feiner for this.
However, like Monopoly's "bank error in your favor, collect $200 card", in real life you are expected to return the $200 that you know doesn't belong to you.
Even if you could use the $200.

An Abe Lincoln walking 16 miles to return 2 cents, Feiner is not. Thus, knowing that Greenburgh has received this honor in error, what does he do? He might suspect that if Greenburgh were in competition with its peers, other towns, that Greenburgh might not fare as well.
Maybe not even make the top 100 or maybe make the top ten. Whatever, but clearly it would be mistaken to judge Greenburgh against cities. Cities are notorious for having more problems than towns. And knowing the data entry was wrong, the conclusion is similarly wrong. Lawyers refer to the poisoned fruit of the poisoned vine.

So what does the Supervisor do?
He puts "one of the best places to live" on the Town letterhead, on the Town homepage on its website, on official email correspondence, repeats it from the dais at televised Town Board meetings and writes about it here on his blog.

Knowing full well that strictly speaking it is a lie.

Mr. Feiner, did you chop down the cherry tree?

"Well, uh, uh, the top of my head...Al, does the Town own any axes...does the Town Board want to vote on whether to discuss this campaign manager assures me that no developer was solicited to replace cherry trees ...I've always been for cherry trees and the bond rating is at the highest level and we don't all have to like cherries..."

Does Greenburgh really need to lie about itself or does having the Town Board we voted for give rise to the justification: necessity is the mother of invention?

At the heart of this is, if the government lies about things that have no practical bearing, will they also lie about things that have import?

And this brings us back to discussing the Town Budget...


Hal: I am proud of the MONEY Magazine designation of Greenburgh as one of the top places in the United States. Other towns are also on the list. Clarkstown in Rockland County is one.

hal samis said...

If you are so proud, why not sign your name?

Anonymous said...

it is unfortunate people don't understand that the proper research did not go into having the town listed as the top 80. But Feiner likes it because it takes everyones eye off the tax increases.

Anonymous said...

In these hard economic times, I think increasing buidling/plumbing fees to allow hiring of political hacks is unconscionable.

Anonymous said...


How id Edie McCarthy allowed to make a 2.4 MILLION DOLLAR mistake and still retain her $130,000 a year job????? Your Department Heads screw up and you don't have the guts to fire them. Is Edie protected because she is a woman and you don't want to upset woman voters??

Paul, Greenburgh tax payers are getting screwed and like Nero, you just fiddle away!!!

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

One of the insurance policies the Town of Greenburgh should have is called an "Errors and Omissions" policy. It insures the Town against an error or omission made by a Town official in the performance of her/his official duties. Such a policy would normally cover, say, the Town Assessor if she made a mistake calculating the tax rate or missed an assessible or two in her list.

So, Mr. Supervisor, does the Town of Greenburgh carry such insurance?
If not, why not? (And please, do not insult your constituients by citing the costs of carrying such insurance. Insurance always looks too expensive until you need it - that's the nature of the beast.)
If so, why has the Town not filed for indemnification for Edy's Error? (And again, please do not insult your constituients by suggesting it will take too long or raise the rates in the future.)
Professional managers do not have these problems - they carry insurance and and know when to invoke it.
Down with the People's Democratic Republic of Greenburgh, its Paulitburo and its Commissar!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing professional about working for the Town of Greenburgh especially if you are on the wrong side of the stick. But why does Paul turn a blind eye to mistakes made by department heads and management. I'll tell you why, it is easier to lay off a person you never see or have to deal with, than to lay off someone that comes to a budget meeting.

Anonymous said...

Is Edie spending too much time with a certain soon to be former Department Head and not enough time on her work?????

Could "sneaking" around have led to the largest financial error in the history of this Town???? What are you going to do about it Paul??

Anonymous said...

Wow! 8:43 you are funny, but you ask a very interesting question that Feiner will never answer.

You see when you give someone the "free rein" to do and say whatever they choose to do it is kind of hard to "tighten" that rein. Especially when this particular woman walks around like she owns Town Hall.

As Taxpayers we will never get the answer as to what really happened with the error, nor will we see how much money is being spent on frivolous things.

Maybe Hal Samis should look into how the money from the capital budget lines were spent and who was spending it, trust me you will be pleasantly surprised.

Looking into the budget why does the Assessors Office have 35,000 in overtime and why aren't we cutting all departments overtime? All other Towns and Cities are cutting their overtime, extras, such as conferences, cell phones, newspapers. Why should our taxes pay for these luxuries!

Anonymous said...

The old assessor walked around like he owned the place too. Our biggest source of Town revenue is real estate taxes -- do we ever have an outside auditor check assessments and bills?

Anonymous said...

What is going on over at AFV park for the past 2 months or so I have noticed when I take a ride to the multipurpose building that asplundh tree service has been storing their vehicles in the parking lot. Their is at least 10-15 trucks that are parked their over night and roll out some time in the morning. My question is this, is the town receiving money for this space that asplundh is using, or are they donating some sort of service to the town, or are we the tax payer getting screwed like usual. Who authorized these vehicles to be parked here, and if their is no compensation to the town who over their is getting some kind of kick back. Hal Samis I ask you to look into this. Maybe the renting of the space to asplundh could generate revenue, think about all the money asplundh is saving by leaving their trucks down here instead of the 40min or so commute everyday.

Anonymous said...

Samis should be compensated for all his investigating reporting.

This assessor should be fired..

A mistake of this magnitude should not be accepted but knowing Paul's
method of screwing the public he will keep her on.

What other mistakes has she made that we don't know about and above all are being covered up.

Come clean town council because you know PAUL IS N hELP.


Anonymous said...

The comptrollers office is the one with the really big raises.

Anonymous said...

Well how do you know this.

Let's face it your not concerned about the raises you are against Kolesar getting this position.

Well that's tough you see he seems to be the only one together with his deputy that can set the records straight.

With the other comptrollers ,they were always praised for doing nothing.

Instead off the female doing her work she was prancing arround with one of the commissioners and the latest one became to friendly with the council that everything they dictated was done.

Now we have an assessor that made a terrible mistake well Feiner will do nothing for so many reason.
Had this been one of the union workers they would have been gone a long time ago.

How can one say that Feiner runs an honest government when he tops the list of dishonesty.

He changes as the weather does.
Please let's start thinking ahead to find someone that will be what we expect as a good leader.
It will be hard because we have reached a point whom do we trust.

Anonymous said...


You need to answer us here. What are you going to do about Edie McCarthy's 2.4 million dollar mistake?? How is it going to impact us taxpayers for next year?? Is this the type of behavior that YOU expect out of a $130,000 a year Department Head?? If Edie does not get fired over this aren't you setting of a precedent for everyone else to follow?? Any other Department Head can make a mistake less than 2.4 million and not expect to get fired either.

SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED NOW!!!! Show us taxpayers that this type of error will not be tolerated!!!

Anonymous said...

The previous comptroller who complained about the potential misuse of WEsthelp funds (whicht the State agreed wiht) was pushed out the door by Feiner.

hal samis said...

What do the Town's tough Fund Balance Policy, the tough Verizon Contract and the tough Ethics Laws have in common other than the word "tough"?

Francis Sheehan

The problem is not just the glaring weaknesses in these documents but that the public comments made to better them were ignored.

The problem is not just that the fixes were disregarded but that Mr. Sheehan (architect for all three) felt it necessary to give one of his self-serving lectures to a captive class, on the separate nights of their passage by the Town Board. Lengthy one hand clapping to thank himself and the hard-working committee members who labored so successfully to produce inferior merchandise that is now being subjected to a recall.

Stretching a tad (as is my rote) for an meaningful analogy, this calls to mind "Sherman's (substitute Sheehan) march to the sea" during the Civil War -- with two exceptions: Mr. Sheehan is burning the bridges BEHIND him and instead of the sea, it is a SEAT on the Town Board next fall.

Flip the calendar forward a month and residents will be treated to more back patting when the Budget is passed. Just in case they forget to mention, here's the list:
1)Bond rating at the highest
2)Board made many trips to nabes
3)Harsh times, taxes rising
4)Revenues falling, certs up
5)Fired TDYCC swim director
6)Played tough with CSEA
7)Asked perps not to commit crimes while Police are understaffed
8)Took money that taxpayers thought was collected toward new Court
9)Took money that taxpayers thought was collected toward sidewalks and curbs
10)Took money that taxpayers thought collected was to be used for rainy days and protected for such by the recent Fund Balance Policy
etc. etc. and so forth.

This alone should be good for 45 minutes.

Anonymous said...

How could you leave off the list -- "80th on best places to live list"

Anonymous said...

The constant picking on Sheehan and Juenglar is nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt to get even more power to Feiner -- who is the one more than any responsible for any problems the Town has. Only after he is gone, can we evaluate anyone else.

Anonymous said...

If Edie spent as much time on the job as she spends off the job, the errorr could have been $1.2 million.

Why is she still here? She must be shrewd enough to pull the wool over the "Five blind mice's eyes."

What will be done about it?

Nothing, because Paul is a repica of female genetalia, Francis is the snarling ass, Diana is the protoyype for "see no evil, hear no evil and of course, say no evil."

Kevin and Sonja are beyond the honeymoon period and have to be prepared to stand on their own feet, else they will treated like the other cavities.

Back to Edie. If she had to punch a time clock, and was paid by the hour, she'd be on welfare. Think about it. Six figure salary and she doesn't ever work a full day.

Way to go town board. Kudos Mr. Finer. Too bad we have no video camaras at town hall.

hal samis said...

Picking on Sheehan and Juettner will give more power to Feiner?

Last year I said just three votes.
This year I am saying just five votes.

How many more votes does Feiner need?

Sheehan is kicking himself out looking to please Feiner.
Juettner is a sheep looking to dress herself up in an ostrich's clothing.

Anonymous said...


With more people like Sonja, Paul can have more no-show jobs, more no-bid contracts. It is difficult to remain in office when one opposes Paul -- with his war chest. Things have gotten worse since you got your "just 3 votes"

Anonymous said...

Just a naive question: why do uninc. residents tolerate village residents serving on the town board? Isn't the town tax burden on village residents essentially miniscule compared to uninc.? Is this a case of representation without taxation? Somebody please explain.

Anonymous said...

Becuz the village residents have most of the votes -- between them and Fairview, they can vote high taxes, no show jobs, etc etc. Our only hope is Bernsteins lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Jsut to be clear, as far as I know, Bernstien has never said anyting negative re TDYCC, etc.; however if the villages actually had to pay their fair share of some of this stuff, there would be changes.

the dumbos of unincorporated said...

unincorporated greenburgh has voted time and time again to re-elect diana the sphinx juettner.

so what did they get in return? she voted to appeal the bernstein case and she oversaw the unincorporated greenburgh library rebuilding project (fiasco) even though she is a village resident and pays no taxes for the library.

unincorporated greenburgh is really dumb.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Feiner and see how people vote.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Feiner can expand his dream team -- with more like Sonja -- no show jobs all around. Cant wait to see who she wants for public works. Maybe Valeries nephew.

about the tdycc said...

the tdycc should be sold to the ymca of its equivalent. no town in westchester has a facility like it that is basically paid for by one part of the town but used almost exclusvively by another but which is arguably open to anyone.

it is a cesspool of patronage and anything goes budget and adminstrative games.

its the appendix of greenburgh that should be removed from the tax rolls.

sheehan and juettner must go said...

juettner and sheehan do not deserve to be re-elected. their performance in office has been near abysmal.

that feiner has also overstayed is not the issue. we have seen enough of juettner and sheehan to know that they must be put out to pasture. no more sheehanigans. no more juettneritis.

Anonymous said...

4:22, so we end up with Feiner and more sonjas --

Anonymous said...

Why is Ardsley expanding its library....more and more wastfull public works projects!

Anonymous said...

How many times must the public tell you all that the center is a cancer for the unincorpoated area.

It has to be cut out real soon Paul you are taking all the tax dollars to keep this den of eniquity open.
Whats wrong with you are you suffering from dementia.
We keep telling you what we want but you decided to do the opposite.

Maybe some state deptartment agency can help to find out why this place is run the way it is with money coming from one part of town but used by all.

You must be looking for another court ruling. You are stealing our money.

Anonymous said...

I'm serious about my earlier question. I live in uninc. and my town taxes go 100% to Greenburgh. My understanding (unless i'm wrong) is that in the villages, something like less than 5% of their "town" taxes go to Greenburgh and the rest go to the village. How come villagers have the chutzpah to serve on the board? Why does no one object to this? Does Paul live in uninc. Greenburgh?

Anonymous said...

Paul does live in Unincorp. Gbrugh. He lives in a gated community, so doesnt need good Zoning, Planning, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:51 -- you sound like you are late to the party. Many people in unincorporated Gburgh have been furious about this. The solution - GET OUT AND VOTE. Unfortunately, unless you are registered as a democrat, you can not vote in the all important Democratic primary. But even though you are too late for next years all important Dem primary, change your registration now, and get out and help SOMEONE ELSE GET ELECTED SUPERVISOR.

dear serious said...

dear serious
the villages pay the salaries for the town board and various other A budget officials - what do we get for it?

the town board spends nearly zero time on issues outside unincorproated greenburgh. unincorporated greenburgh stole the land under the old town hall that belonged in part to the villages for its library.

the villages are the ones being ripped off - what has sheehan, morgan, juettner or sonja ever done for a village?

the town does supply animal control to the villages and some other minor services like road striping.
but thats not enough to stay married.

hey - lets call the whole thing off.

Anonymous said...

They have voted with Paul, allowing Village use of TDYCC (and of course TDYCC is not cheap).

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Fairview eats up lots of $$$. And the VOC doesnt complain. It gets worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

Now that Obama has been elected, it is truly time for change. Greenburgh 7 and Edgemont must merge. Our current situation is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Get ready to be flamed. It's a good idea but..........

It will be interesting to see what happens now that state aid will be cut from school budgets. GC relies heavily on it to be able to boast about spending the highest per child expenditure in the entire country, educating the smallest fraction of the student population in its own district.

This very same small fraction is the reciepient of all of that grant money matching tax payer money for the TDYCC and those nonsense programs Paul likes to fund.

Will they cry for more money! You bet! They will be knocking on Feiners door to pick up programs that GC will have to cut!

There is so much waste going on here it's criminal and Paul, you've had a hand in creating this monster.

I hear them now! "The CHILDREN! What about the CHILDREN?!"

Yes, what about those other 1200 kids living in GC? Will their parents be able to afford their tuition this year? How many of these families will be forced to enroll their kids into GC because their parents are broke paying taxes to support this farce of a faux charity Paul & GC has established?
How will GC handle the influx of kids now that state aid is cut?

Paul? whatcha gunna do?

hal samis said...

Wednesday November 12 was the last
Town Board meeting. On Monday I sent via the Town Clerk the questions you will see below. At the meeting, following public comment (arranged this way so you can't respond to their answers) the clerk asked the questions which started off with vague answers by Ms. Brown.

I yelled out that I wanted specific answers which Ms. Brown and later Ms. White head were unable to supply.

Tim Lewis, to keep the peace, offered to obtain the answers. On Friday I emailed him to remind him of his offer.

Subsequently I mailed him another reminder on Monday and awaited his reply. Suffice it to say that readers of this blog might also be interested in the answers. As of this writing, Mr. Lewis has not responded with the answers.


Sent by Mr. Lewis to me on Monday, November 17

"missed this email the first time around but I will start working on it and get the information.


From: halmarc
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 2:15 PM
To: Timothy Lewis
Cc: Townclerk
Subject: Fwd: questions for answers at Town Board meeting

I am still waiting the reply from you with regard to the answers to the questions asked of Sonja Brown. As you recall, you volunteered at the Wednesday Town Board meeting to ge the precise answers. Surely this cannot be so difficult task unless you are finding that no records are being maintained.

-----Original Message-----
From: halmarc
Sent: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 2:38 pm
Subject: questions for answers at Town Board meeting

Sonja Brown (Town Council)
Re Xposure, as of close of business, November 7, how many students are registered in the Xposure program(s)?
How many of these have paid the $300 fee?
What entity gets use of these $300 fees?
Am I correct that the current Xposure contract began July 1, 2008and ends June 30, 2009?
What is the cost to the Town (net of Lanza funding) for this initial year? (partial)
What is Mr. Cannon's remuneration?
What is Mr. Thomas' remuneration?"

As you can see, these questions are very difficult to answer and require a lot of research. No one before me has ever asked any of these questions about the Xposure program so I must be breaking new ground, right? Like the starship Enterprise exploring a whole new star system which keeps its own set of books.

I'll post Mr. Lewis' reply upon receipt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 11/19 4:51 PM:

Let us suppose that Mr. A and Mr. B wish to combine for a pie bake. Mr A contributes 2 1/2 apples and Mr. B contributes 2 1/2 apples and 40 peaches. They bake pies from the fruit without mixing them. They split the pies from the 5 apples about 50 /50. However, Mr. B gets to keep ALL OF THE PIES from the 40 peaches. Now Mr. B goes out and says "Look I just contributed 95% of the fruit (40 + 2 1/2) divided by 45. Fantastic I contributed 95% of the fruit. Yes, you would say, but you also received 95% of the benefits ( 100% of the peach pies and 50% of the apple pies).

Mr. B represents both unicorporated Greenburgh and their taxes and a certain individual from unincorporated Greenburgh that maybe you recognize from the "example". Statistics don't lie, but as my statistics teacher once said liars use statistics.

Anonymous said...

Please explain why TDYCC and Taxter Ridge are paid for ONLY by unincorporated -- which pie sar tehy

Anonymous said...

Hey why don't you make Dan Whittemore the Assessor?
He has been with the Town for quite some time, he has a pleasant attitude and he is always at work!
Maybe if Feiner had of done this in the first place we would not have to play extra taxes! I think Taxpayers should go to the next Town meeting and demand answers to this error.

Anonymous said...

Why are we paying someone for full time work if she isnt working full time? Department heads should not be allowed to work at other places..

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. 7:35,

The fact is Unincorporated Greenburgh doesn get all of the peach pies. Included in the peach pies are -

1. Taxter Ridge -- why werent you telling Feiner not to buy -- that is a pie no one gets to eat.

2. TDYCC -- that pie keeps getting eaten by others.

Speak up and do something. We dont control anythign.

sour pie said...

village taxpayers paid for taxter ridge via state and county funds - its was a mistake.

feiner, spano and pataki - what a sorry lot

Anonymous said...

unincorporated gburgh paid disporptionately more --

villages and unincorporated both paid their % of county and state.

only unincoproated paid the 1/3 through greenburgh.

Look at it this way -- if a pie takes 33 apples,

1. State share -- both the villages and unincorporated throw in a few peels.

2. county share -- both villages and unincoproated throw in an apple each.

3. Town share -- only unincorporated throws in 11 apples.

Of course, Feiner was the one making the pie.

Anonymous said...

be careful w/dan whittemore,
he was the previous assessor's
"boy wonder" & had a side deal with him for extra bucks!!!
for "work" done by a "relative"
that really should have been done
by the department employees.

When will we know said...

When will the public know the truth about what is going on with that Community Center.If tax dollars are being paid to known felons and family members of the ex acting director and all this is done under the watchful eye of Sonja Brown.Why should the good people of the town tolerated it or you for that matter. where is Kapica his guys are investagating taken records from the center and questioning staff, the no show jobs and doctored time sheets .The community has a right to know what is going on. . How many criminals are or where working there .How transparent is your board. How much more is being cover up? Shame Shame Shame

Anonymous said...


Hal, I would like to complement you on your terrific efforts in raising important issues for Greenburgh residents. It is certainly entertaining and more importantly informative to watch you play human polygraph to Paul’s pretentious untruths. To those who have disparaging remarks about your efforts, it’s because (like they said in a certain movie) “They can’t handle the truth!” Don’t forget Hal, Paul has fooled many people with his shtick. It’s effective. He keeps his responses purposely ambiguous and doesn’t commit to a thing.

Hal, you really do represent the model of the activist citizen. I do have a suggestion for you: While your one voice is powerful, demands follow up, and your questions pose legitimate concerns which neither Paul nor most of the Town Council want to answer, they are none the less vital to the concerns of the public. To that end, why not add people to your one voice? Just imagine if fifteen other people asked the same questions you do at the next Town Board meeting?! Personally I would pay big bucks to get a front row seat at that event. We could buy tickets through Ticket Master and when the meeting room fills up we could rent a big screen TV for viewing at Empire City! If this idea interests you, several of us would like to help you in that effort. (Starting an action group. We’ll leave the Empire City thing alone for now.) Please let me know if this idea appeals to you.

To answer your question on the private swim team, the Silver Streaks, there can only be one of the two following answers: 1) She does indeed owe the town money in rental fees plus is not paying an amount which is equal to rental space at compatible neighborhood facilities. If anything why can’t rentable indoor pool space go to bid? 2) All of this is misinformation which should be easily provable by a Freedom of Information Act request. To answer your other question about the TDY Aquatics director, this situation is not dissimilar to a rape victim. First the person endures the horror of a rape, then goes to trial to have some belligerent-win-at-all-costs lawyer attack her character. Hal, you are absolutely correct, the price of asking the wrong questions results in a relentless attack on your employment and character. Now you understand why many people are quiet.

In any case, I wish you much success in your efforts. Keep up the good work.

edgemont - look in the mirror said...

four years ago feiner was very vulnerable. his opponent in the primary was bill greenawalt. (sp?) greenawalt had the backing of the town democratic party. but democrats sheehan and juettner refused to run with him.

end result - four more years of feiner and juettner,
sheehan also won. had sheehan and juettner ran as a team, feiner would likely be history.

sheehan and juettner are for sheehan and juettner.

and who voted for sheehan and juettner ? edgemont

word on the street is that edgemont now realizes that sheehan and juettner are disasters.

edgemont is not too bright.

town should follow edgemont's lead said...

Anon at 7:14 a.m. doesn't know what he or she's talking about.

Four years ago, Edgemont voted overwhelmingly for Bill Greenawalt -- as well as for Sheehan and Juettner. In fact, Greenawalt's 200-vote margin over Feiner in Edgemont was greater than in any other village or area in the entire town.

Edgemont was right four years ago. It's unfortunate that the rest of the town didn't see things as Edgemont did, but with a 36% tax hike this year and next, with cuts to essential services like police, garbage, leaf and snow removal and with lavish spending on non-essential programs like Xposure, the SWAT team, the marine unit, and the $100,000 gift to the Fairview Fire District, perhaps the rest of the town, including the villages, will figure out what Edgemont seems to have figured out years ago.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the police tech-rescue unit that trains with the fire depts. it'a a waste of money and a duplication of services

edgemont's poor voting record said...

how was edgemont right by voting for feiner lackey's sheehan and juettner?

the initial post said just that - there was no mention of feiner.

edgemont supported juettner and sheehan. how wrong they were.

sheehan and juettner - a double disaster.

edgemont's feiner myopia said...

didnt sheehan and juettner vote for these same unnecessary and extravagant budget items?

have you heard a word from sheehan and juettner in support of fulton park?

didnt sheehan and juettner voted to appeal the bernstein case.

didnt juettner try every way to preserve the illegal $600,000 for the valhalla school district?

sheehan and juettner should not be rewarded with another term - they should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Its not Feiner myopia. Its recognition of the simple fact that he, along with his warchest from friendly developers and/or lawyers, controls all. Get rid of him, and people would change.

Anonymous said...

We dont need two more Sonyas, pushing unqualified people into jobs, hiring noshows etc.

edgemont is all wet said...

when was the last time someone from edgemont cared enough to run for office?

instead they voted for juettner who nominally ran against feiner and this team of 4 years ago.

guess what - juettner = feiner.

edgemont bashing uninformed said...

What's with all the Edgemont bashing today? The last time someone from Edgemont cared enough to run for office in the town was two years ago in 2007 when Eddie Mae Barnes ran for re-election and lost. And voting for Juettner back in 2005 didn't distinguish Edgemont. The entire town, including all of the villages, voted for Juettner. Among the villages, Juettner's biggest vote margin was in Ardsley, where she lives. In fact, Juettner that year was the highest vote-getter in the Dem primary, getting many more votes for town council than Feiner got for supervisor. She may not be so formidable this time around, but she was quite formidable in 2005. All of this information is available online.

barnes of edgemont - lol said...

eddie may barnes was from edgemont like paul feiner was from dobbs ferry when he first ran.

to argue she was "from" edgemont is laughable.

if edgemont was smart they would be calling for term limits - isnt 20 years of juettner enough?

juettner may have fooled everyone last time but this time its going to be different. her record of disaster is as plain as day.

time to admit edgemont (like nearly everyone else) got fooled by juettner.

wise up - stop supporting career politicians who do a poor job like juettner.

Anonymous said...

The Edgemont bashing is generally Paul fans who want to distract Greenburgh from its real problems or who want two more Sonyas in office.

edgemont failed itself said...

not really - edgemont made a dirty deal years ago to tolerate fairview and its young center and all the corruption that goes with it while times were good.

edgemont let itself be amused by feiner until he had amassed so much power he could do what he wanted.

when edgemont's voice was needed - it was nowhere or it came too late.

edgemont has been quiet for years (or dreaming of leaving the town which will never happen) and now it is paying the heavy price for its neglect.

Edgemont's incorporation likely said...

Anon at 5:14 certainly doesn't live in Edgemont or know what's going on there.

Incorporating Edgemont as Greenburgh's seventh village is very much alive. A detailed report on incorporation was prepared three years ago which outlines the costs. In retrospect, not knowing there would be a 30% hike in town property taxes, it would have been cheaper for Edgemont to have incorporated three years ago.

But the proponents of incorporation have argued that they need certainty when it comes to the law. So Bernstein has been pursuing his legal case, and it's now going to be heard by the Court of Appeals, which is the state's highest court. If Finneran is upheld, and the town can legally tax only unincorporated area residents for the cost of town parks, then for some Edgemont's incorporation becomes a no brainer.

On the other hand, if Finneran is struck down, then Edgemont will have to pay its fair share of the parks, like the villages, whether it incorporates or not. Under that scenario, incorporation will cost a little more -- but to some the price of protecting Edgemont from the Town of Greenburgh would still be well worth it.

Those favoring incorporation in Edgemont have not disappeared from the scene. In fact, their numbers are growing -- and a town which cuts essential services, like police, snow removal, garbage removal and leaf pick up, while retaining non-essential services like expensive after-school programs and the like -- will make the numbers grow even faster. And those opposed to incorporation, thinking that Feiner will protect Edgemont, may now have second thoughts as they too watch essential services decline as their taxes go up and Edgemont properties get "down-zoned" by a town board that could care less about Edgemont as a community.

And those who think Edgemont's been "quiet" clearly haven't been reading the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Memo To those attending Al Regula's retirement party-

No need to get any parting gifts for Al's retirement. He has picked up enough "presents" over the years.

Anonymous said...


You ignore the most important part -- the Towns total disregard of adequate Zoning and Plainning.

In an article a while back, a resident said, with the cost of becoming a Village about $1000 (which might not be accurate now), he had questions. I would say cost of incorporation -- lets say $1,000. Having real Zoning and Planning -- priceless. Ask the Fulton Park people. I see incorporation as nothing other than the homeowners insurance I pay every year -- I dont expect a fire, but I pay it. And if I wait for the smell of smoke, it will be too late. Same thing with incorporation -- residents are beginning to realize if we wait for outlangeous develpment, it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the changes to the leaf collection regulations? The Town website states, "Under no circumstances shall leaf piles or leaf bags be allowed on any public street or pedestrian walkway" Also the website indicates a fine of "150 or more than $500 per offense and under the law each day the violation continues constitutes a separate offense" Despite the spelling error (then NOT than), it is clear that the town could generate a lot of revenue if the police enforced the law. Look around, how many people have leaves piled directly in the street? If a law is put in place, enforce it! This is a safety issue! When a person gets mowed down because a car is swerving to avoid a pile of leaves (which almost happened on the corner of Topland and Cross Hill), who pays then?

Anonymous said...

The Town has not picked up leaves on my street once this year. Neighbors are argueing whose leaves are whose. My guess. Some one will contest the leaf law.

Anonymous said...

I say ignorance of the law is no defense. The website states, "This change in law creates a presumption that the resident or landowner, whose property most closely abuts the leaf pile or leaf bags, actually “directed, suffered or permitted the leaf pile to be placed in this location”. This subjects the resident or landowner to a fine of no less than $150 or more than $500 per offense and under the law each day the violation continues constitutes a separate offense."

Anonymous said...

7:36 -- no one is arguing they dont know the law. But I dont think I can be required to be a street cleaner. its one think if the police see someone putting leaves on the street.

ecc fears tdycc said...

the tdycc has its own set of books that are like a thicket of obscurity to hide the corrupt spending and hiring practices that go on there.

has the edgemont community council called for then to come clean?

has it called for a detailed cost analysis of the center to determine if the same services could be provided by a legitimate non-town operation like the ywca?

the tdycc has a multimillion dollar budget - why is the ecc so afraid to take on the tdycc??

ECC's on the case said...

Anon at 6:52 doesn't know what he or she's talking about.

The ECC president has a column in today's Inquirer calling for an end to the town's after school program at TDYCC, saying such programs should be run at school by the YMCA which runs similar programs at schools like Edgemont at no cost to taxpayers. Parents pay a monthly fee, there's financial aid and the Y accepts DSS checks.

The ECC president also calls for an end to the duplication of recreation services provided by TDYCC and the Parks and Rec Dept.

And if memory serves, the ECC president also has lawsuit against the town calling for TDYCC's social service programs, which serve the entire town, to be paid for by the entire town.

In the meantime, as everyone knows, the TDYCC is under investigation by the Greenburgh police and the Westchester County DA's office for alleged misuse of town funds at the TDYCC.

So what else is it that the ECC is supposed to do? Seems like the ECC's been a lot more pro-active here than the town board or any village mayor or trustee.

half measures said...

curious - does the article call for the tdycc to open its books?

does it call for the tdycc to be become a special recreation district paid for by fairview?

and why is the town in the business of providing services such as the tdycc?

does any other town have such a facility in addtion to a parks and rec department?

rip van ecc said...

its late 2008 - ecc just woke up to the fraud and abuse at the tdycc??

the blogger who said the ecc is afraid of taking on the fairview section of the town is right.

Anonymous said...

Is there another town left in America that operates parallel, de facto racially segregated recreation departments? Plessy v. Ferguson's separate but equal is alive and well in Greenburgh. You couldn't get away with this in the South. Perhaps the NAACP or ACLU should be contacted to litigate ending this Jim Crow outrage. Greenburgh should have one recreation department with one budget.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8 am, aka Mr. or Ms. "Half Measures" seems to assume or know that TDYCC keeps a separate set of books and wonders whether the ECC president's article in today's Inquirer also calls for those books to be opened.

Hold on here. A separate set of books? If that's true, where is Greenburgh's controller, Mike Kolesar, on this? If there's a separate set of books being maintained by a town department, then it's Kolesar who's supposed to be on top of that, and if true, blowing the whistle on it.

The ECC, as everyone should know, is an umbrella organization representing the eight Edgemont civic associations. It doesn't represent unincorporated Greenburgh. But Kolesar is a full-time paid town official whose job is to make sure town money is accounted for.

If there's a separate set of books being maintained, he ought to know about it. And the town board certainly ought to know about it too. But to assume just because an anonymous blogger says its so, it must be so, would be wrong, and to call out the ECC of all town groups for not condemning TDYCC's supposed practice of keeping separate books, is absurd.

town tax hike now 9% said...

The tax hike for unincorporated Greenburgh is now 9% -- not 7.7% --said town board members present at last night's meeting of the executive committee of the town's Democratic Party. The reason for the increase, they say, is mainly due to the town having overestimated income it expects to get from interest payments. There were also other "corrections" being made to the town budget, but no one knows whether the changes will be announced to the public in time for Monday night's budget hearing.

klonike bar sets the record straight said...

its an open secret that no one knows how the tdycc spends its millions.

its books are inpenentrable. if you give kolesar the staff he might be able to make some headway.

real fiascos like the library are never mentioned - just one of the many sacred cows that edgemont leaves alone in fealty to fairview.

the other biggie is the parks - we have too many parks, they are too expensive to maintain. we need to get rid of taxter - not just figure out who should pay for it - see the forest not just the trees.

and guess who the town board liaison to parks and recreation is?

village resident diana the disaster juettner.

juettner is also town board liaison to the unincorporated library?

guess what - edgemont voted big time for juettner!!

the only good news is that finally the ecc president is calling for juettner as well as francis sheehanigans to be replaced in 2009

a little late - the damage has been done.

Anonymous said...

Why is ardsley expanding its library? We really have to cut the waste and consolidate services.

here is the answer said...

why not call the ardsley library and find out?
Ardsley Public Library
9 American Legion Drive
Ardsley, NY 10502
phone 914-693-6636
fax 914-693-6837

klondike bar praises ecc said...

hail to the ecc
they have finally seen the light that juettner and francis sheehanigans must be replaced.

it took awhile but late is better than never.

Anonymous said...

The ECC president also calls for an end to the duplication of recreation services provided by TDYCC and the Parks and Rec Dept.

The ECC shouldn't be casting stones on this one. It won't look good for the Edgemont Recreation Corp who has plenty questionable practices.

tax justice needed in g'burg said...

it would be nice if the ecc called for tax justice for ardsley visavis veteran park pool - 20% of which is in ardsley village but no taxes are paid for that 20% by the residents of unincorporated that use the park on a near exclusive basis.

dear klondike bar said...

please run - we cannot afford another 4 years of either juettner or sheehanignas

if all you varieties run , we can have a good ticket!

Leave Edgemont Rec out of this said...

Edgemont Recreation Corp. is a private not-for-profit company that operates recreational programs, including a summer camp, for children enrolled in the Edgemont School District.

The fact that such a private company does business in Edgemont in no way justifies the fact that the Town of Greenburgh, a municipality, maintains duplicate recreational programs run by the Department of Community Resources and the Parks and Rec Department, each with its own set of well paid commissioners.

Anonymous said...

Edgemont residents pay in their town taxes for duplicate recreational programs, including camps, run by the Town's Department of Community Resources and the Parks and Rec Department. They have a right to object to this for the same reason that every other taxpayer in unincorporated Greenburgh would object to such waste.

The Town pays Edgemont Rec a fee (how much is not identified anywhere in the town budget) for running its camp supposedly because the town can't accommodate Edgemont's kids in the town camps. How much is this fee and what is it based on?

Anonymous said...

Edgemont receives money to run its camps under the auspicious that Edgemont kids can't be accommodated into Greenburgh camps? So we PAY THEM? WTH? Hello?

Edgemont wouldn't be so quick to complain if all of their kids attended Greenburgh camps. Talk about duplication!

Then Edgemont camp "requires" their own swim time at the pool. HELLO? Shouldn't this PRIVATE camp be paying rent? Duh?

What goes on at TDYCC is a disgrace but Edgemont should tread lightly IMO. There are other non-Fairview residants living here who are questioning what's going on with Edgemont rec. and WHY?

who will expose the rot? said...

something is rotten in greenburgh and its not klondike bars.

who has the guts to get to the bottom of it?

not i (or us) said the town board.

then who?

Anonymous said...

Yes 7:44,
Least we forget about the money that Edgemont Recreation Corporation kindly donates to Edgemont schools. Some of that money comes from the tax payers of Greenburgh. Nice.
How about that grant money they receive (tax payers money) that they match (some Greenburgh tax payers money) and kindly donate it to the Scarsdale Teen Center? Very nice indeed!

Me thinks the ECC should zip it.
Private not-for-profit. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Why does Edgemont need its own Recreation?


Anonymous said...

Yes, lets take away the big 30K from Edgemont. Even though there is no place to put their kids at camp. Who are you -- part of Bernsteins incorporation posse???

Anonymous said...

We'll take the 30K, thank you, and find an extra classroom so the kiddies in Edgemont can attend Greenburgh camp. deal?

some of my best friends said...

its rather obvious why edgemont has its own camp - one might say its somewhat black and white?

unbecoming behavior said...

My kids have attended Greenbugh Parks & Rec camps for years. Kids are predominantly from Hartsdale. Many counselors are from Fairview. Every single year the camp has taken in non-residents to fill open spots.

There are no Fairview kids attended this camp as it it duplicated at TDYCC.

Interesting. Edgemont spouts off about duplicate of services then does the very same thing and expects us to pay and out up with it.
Before the formal formation of Edgemont Rec, Edgemont started its own camps and technically, they were open to all Unincorporated Greenburgh kids. I was curious about what they had to offer and called Paul Solomon to find out. I clearly stated that I was not an Edgemont resident. My many messages went unanswered.

So, it isn't just black & white. It actually worse. It's black & the wrong white.

In this day and age this should not be tolerated. Edgemont is part of Unincorporated Greenburgh and the sooner they accept it, the better off we will all be.

Anonymous said...

Edgemont camp cost Edgemont parents as much as $2500 per kid, which is substantially more than it costs to send a kid to the camp run by Parks and Rec. Eliminating the $30K that some bloggers say the Town pays Edgemont Rec each year to subsidize its camp would result in Edgemont camp costing a little more while angering even more those Edgemont taxpayers who are already angry over a 30% hike in town taxes over the past two years and a decline in essential services, like police, garbage, leaf and snow removal.

Contrary to what some have said, Edgemont doesn't have to remain in Unincorporated Greenburgh, and if Edgemont keeps paying more to the Town and getting less in return, it probably won't be in Unincorporated Greenburgh for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:09.
You have missed the point entirely and make comments to support those who negatively blog about this issue here.

Repeat 50 times:
Edgemont is unincorporated Greenburgh.
Edgemont is Unincorporated Greenburgh.
Edgemont is Unincorporated Greenburgh..............

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:15, 7:39, etc.

Paul must be LMAO at these posts back and forth. The pie goes to fairview, edgmeont gets a crumb, and hartsdale complains.

Dear Hartsdale, you must get organized, get mmore resideents to vote in the all important off year elections and dem primaries, and be active in your own comm. orgs. You need to form a group of Hartsdale Parents with Children in Private Schools. Blogging is not going to help. Only voting. We all need to get rid of Paul for someone who will be fair and honest (PS same for G7 Board).

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:39 .
I do think Fairview has been and is doing the same thing with it's camp.
Check it out and you will only see minority children at the camps.
So now you're telling us that white children are allowed at the camps.
Why should our children be left at the wayside when you in Fairview are enjoying of howour tax dollars are bing spent.
Town government wanted it this way so that's the way it will be until someone realizes that we are all equal. Right now all goes to Fairview and the hell with the other parts of town.

Our children have the same rights to enjoy our tax dollars.

snobs abound said...

You all can bicker back and forth about these separate camps, recs and such but no matter what is said, the real truth is not hidden as to why there are 3 separate camp programs, 3 separate recreation organizations for ONE Unincorporated Greenburgh.

8:09 If you're wiling to spend $2500 on camp tuition instead of the $450 Greenburgh rec charges,and use some of the same facilities, then it goes without saying that you are paying for exclusivity and to perpetuate your class snobbery and racists beliefs.

What? you won't be happy until the town makes sure that it mixes up Fairview and Hartsdale? You want one recreation department? Be careful what you wish for.

hal samis said...

I posted this chain on this blog on November 19. This is just the follow-up sent yesterday (Friday, November 21 to Mr. Lewis. Remember that the email chain starts with the most recent entry. And remember that the Town Board meeting was held on Wednesday November 12.
If the Town Attorney can't get the answers, who can? Based on a still ongoing (well over a month) investigation at the TDYCC by the Police, apparently the TDYCC maintains better internal security than the Pentagon or State Department.

Friday's email reminder.

"Tim, what's the problem?

-----Original Message-----
From: Timothy Lewis
Sent: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 3:23 pm
Subject: RE: questions for answers at Town Board meeting

I missed this email the first time around but I will start working on it and get the information.


Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 2:15 PM
To: Timothy Lewis
Cc: Townclerk
Subject: Fwd: questions for answers at Town Board meeting

I am still waiting the reply from you with regard to the answers to the questions asked of Sonja Brown. As you recall, you volunteered at the Wednesday Town Board meeting to get the precise answers. Surely this cannot be so difficult task unless you are finding that no records are being maintained.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 2:38 pm
Subject: questions for answers at Town Board meeting

Sonja Brown (Town Council)
Re Xposure, as of close of business, November 7, how many students are registered in the Xposure program(s)?
How many of these have paid the $300 fee?
What entity gets use of these $300 fees?
Am I correct that the current Xposure contract began July 1, 2008and ends June 30, 2009?
What is the cost to the Town (net of Lanza funding) for this initial year?
What is Mr. Cannon's remuneration?
What is Mr. Thomas' remuneration?"

But, as Mr. Feiner is fond of saying, "ours is a transparent government".

Anonymous said...

January 2006 RESOLUTION 05-347 RESOLVED: That upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools the Board of Education, accepts with great appreciation, a monetary donation from the Edgemont Soccer Club to be used for field maintenance within the Edgemont School District. Paul Solomon then talked about Edgemont Recreation and its 40-year existence as a not-for-profit organization. Mr. Solomon said, “I’d like to offer, on behalf of Edgemont Recreation, $150,000 to provide a new roof for the gymnasium; $45,000 for the overhang of the gym and $15,000 to Dr. Kennedy to refurbish the APR room. Richard Glickstein said, “On behalf of the Board, this gift is sorely needed and tremendously appreciated.” Mark Romney said that these items were on the list for consideration in next year’s budget. He said, “This provides direct relief to our budget.” Sarah Stern made a motion to accept the Donation of Funds from Edgemont Recreation Corporation. David Chao seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously approved. • Donation of Funds from Edgemont Recreation Corporation RESOLUTION 05-348 RESOLVED: That upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools the Board of Education accepts, with great appreciation, a monetary donation from Edgemont Recreation Corporation to help fund several repair/replacement projects within the Edgemont School District. Mark Romney made a motion to accept the copier/scanner from a donor who wishes to be anonymous. David Chao seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Anonymous said...

June 2006
Mark Schneider made a motion to accept the monetary gift from the Edgemont Recreation Corporation to be used for Backstops at Seely Place. Mark Romney seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously approved. • $2,409.25 from Edgemont Recreation Corporation for Backstop at Seely Place RESOLUTION 05-614 RESOLVED: That upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools the Board of Education accepts, with great appreciation, a donation fromEdgemont Recreation in the amount of $2,409.25 to be used to purchase the new backstop at the Seely Place School. VI.

Anonymous said...

April 2008 G Scarsdale Teen Center (STC) HThree years ago an Edgemont student became in-volved with the Scarsdale Teen Center, whichhosted band performances and other activities. As the STC’s first Edgemont teen liaison, he worked on gettingmore Edgemont kids involved. Events were advertised atthe high school, and in 2006 STC’s activities were brought to the attention of the Edgemont Committee onCommunity Health (ECCH). ECCH and members of the community visited STC and after a series of meetings be-gan to consider ways for the Edgemont community tocontribute to the STC so that Edgemont kids could par-ticipate in a neighborhood social and recreation center.ECCH spoke with ECC about this, and our group was en-thusiastic about finding a way to support it. In July,2007, as a result of efforts by ECC president, Bob Bern-stein, Bill Ryan, Chairman of the Westchester CountyBoard of Legislators, announced that the county wouldaward STC a $35,000 grant to launch the participationof Edgemont kids in the center. The county intends to renew the grant for the coming year. Meanwhile, Edge-mont Recreation Corp. also contributed $30,000 lastyear and will do so again this year

Anonymous said...


Finally a qualified, educated Commissioner with an established track record has been hired for the TDYCC, However in a total waste of taxpayer dollars, Whitehead who is under police investigation is still getting the double salary raise, not punching in, leaving the work place, and doing absolutely NOTHING! Why is Sonya so determined to champion this misfit!?!?!? Whitehead must have the goods on someone. What a rotten message to honest town employees who are working hard every working day. Worse still is the public sees the ENTIRE Center as being under investigation when it is ONLY VALERIE WHITEHEAD who committed thief of services crimes. But the whole Department's reputation is being made to suffer because of her selfishness, greed, and need for power. A blind person could see that she accomplished NOTHING during her time as Interim Commissioner. She gave away the farm to no show staff, including her nephew. So now as a result of her overspending, legitimate services will need to be cut. She is an affront to any person who is decent. Yet she dares calls herself "blessed". Actually she is indeed blessed...

Blessed by Greenburgh taxpayers who AREN'T calling for her termination.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Edgemont Rec can hire her.

Anonymous said...

Feiner is hot.