Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Greenburgh Town Board decided today to advertise for a new Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of Public Works. We will reach out to other municipal officials and public works trade organizations --in addition to other outreach efforts. Commissioner Al Regula and Deputy Commissioner Butch Nanna will be retiring in mid December.

Bill Carter, our new Commissioner at the TDYCC, started his new job yesterday. WELCOME! We wish you the best of luck in your new job.


Anonymous said...

Where can the position description /advertisement be found?

Anonymous said...

samis should be on the short list

Anonymous said...

yeah, why not, the town has already hired most of the political hacks, kolesar, dengler, etc.

Anonymous said...

At least Kolesar and Samis know their business.

What have you contributed to Greenburgh???????

If Samis was cconsidered we would have not only a good department but an honest one.

Anonymous said...

Really -- no one seems to care about no-show TDYCC jobs, no - bid contracts, etc. And why not -- because the Supervisor wants TDYCC with no controls. So what have any of these guys done to control costs at the biggest waste in Town. NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Hal's background is in mortgage lending and financial services. He has no qualifications to be public works commissioner. And he cant get along wiht people. So Feiner will probably appoint him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As far as both centers go we all know that paul doesn't give a good s--t about the goings on.

He needs their votes to get elected so he will do anything even if he knows that criminal things are going on.

He now has a good side kick Sonya that pushes for all she can get for these users.

As far as both centers go nothing will change until our administration changes.

hal samis said...

To 10:43,

How true. I am not qualified to run Public Works. However, on that basis neither was Al Regula.
33 years in his case is the equivalent of one year's experience repeated 33 times.
Apart from the obvious conclusion that I would never be hired, there is also the little matter that I am not seeking the job.

However I do take issue with the statement that I don't get along with people. What this really means is that I don't take no crap and I don't suck up to anyone. These revered qualities (pandering et al) apparently are often confused as being resume skills by the Town Board.

Now comes the test of how well Mr. Regula really ran his company. Until Avalon 2 comes on line, what's new from year to year at DPW? The Library has already been screwed over; the Court expansion is on indefinite hold, the Town Board wants to lessen not expand garbage collection...So what's the big deal about having the top positions unfilled for awhile?

Thus, the garbage routes remain the same; when it snows, the plows and sand/salt shakers roll same as they ever did. Surely by now, there must be someone in the Department that has been there last year and knows how to make some phone calls after looking out the window.

You see, if the Department was run well, there would be written systems of SOPs already in place. The assumed benefit of having systems is that your lower ranking managment levels are capable of following these written procedures -- in case the top dogs are busy doing their business at the dog parks.

Can the DPW operate with a chain of command missing the top? Clearly if long term planning for a Department is contemplated it would be foolhardy (at first reckoning although...) to allow some work crew boss (generalization) to
plan for the whole Department. About as sensible as the Town Board roaming the hills and dales of Greenburgh to learn how to construct a budget. (My guess, off the top of my head, is that most residents favored lower taxes.) So, the anxiety that residents are expressing about an immediate collapse of the DPW without the services of the Commissioner and his trusted second in command is most likely misplaced.

Because many residents have written elsewhere that Al's the man and can do no wrong. If this is so, then Al must have run the Department in a methodical way and the wheels can keep turning even without his presence.

Perhaps his departure represents instead an opportunity for the Town to take a look at splitting the Department into separate parts. Instead of rushing to replace and resume the management structure, what the Town should be doing is hiring management experts to examine the many functions and determine if the current organizational chart (hah!) is efficient or effective. It is a large department and whereas some synergy may exist, these synergies may run parallel and never merge. Highways, construction, sanitation, sewers, leaf pick-up, snow removal; my immediate reaction is that what we have here is not synergy but a mobius strip engulfing one leader.

The Town needs not to rush to repeat the same error ingrained from the business-as-usual school but view this as occasion for change. The game that the Town Board wants to seduce anxious residents with is not a solution but a knee-jerk reaction to a vacancy. Scare tactics are encouraged by a Board which does not want to improve but merely tread water. If the DPW and its fulfillment of vital services rests upon one man; then how is getting one new man an immunization
process against a repeat occurence?
And before anyone hastens to remind me that not just one person (Regula) but two (Nana) are leaving, before you pull that triggger please submit the statement of separate responsibilites of the Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner. If what you find is that like Certs, what you have is two mints in one, then that invokes the question that if Nana was the back-up for Regula, who is the back-up for Nana?

Like the Dave Clark Five sang, "sha na na na, hey hey...kiss them goodbye."

Oops, guess I'm still not getting along with people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Feiner,
Will you and the other elected officials of Greenburgh be following the example of your colleagues in Cortland?
As you undoubtedly already know, they have decided not to accept the raises due them - citing the difficult economic circumstances.
You and the other elected Greenburgh might seriously consider following Supervisor Puglisi's lead - and by doing so perhaps you might begin to regain the respect you've been losing.

Anonymous said...

So can we finally get rid of Valerie Whitehead, or do we have to wait for the police to finish the investigation?

Anonymous said...

I agree;Sonya(get out of town)Brown is waiting for Bill Carter to agree to take Val on as Dep Commisioner.Lets hope he remains strong

Anonymous said...

And lets just say swimming is necessary. The town could provide say $250,000 per year in scholarships for needy children. My back of the envelope tells me that should be about $250 per year for every child in Fairview under age 12.

Paul Feiner said...

We did not take a salary hike in 2008. No salary hike is in the proposed budget for 2009.

Anonymous said...

What about scholarships for needy children in other parts of town.

Could it be that we do not have the face to ask for handouts.
Just remember there are needy
children all over.
Why do all the freebees go to this one area.
Do we not vote also.

Anonymous said...

My apologies and of course you are right. Not all children in Fairview are needy. Some in other parts of town are. It is just that are present system is only take care of Fairview. But, yes, we could have financial aid for swimming classes at a Y and it would be a 10th of what we pay for TDYCC. Which is why we should have a Y take over.

town board must resign said...

we need a candidate that will say just that.

the current town board should resign - they are not up to the task these times require.

hal samis said...

Sent to the Town Board and Mr. Regula.

I'm sure the Town and the homeowner had agreed on the price before the work was done by the Town. Thus when I FOIL for this, the document should exist, right?

"Please advise as to the status of a due bill to the owners of 32 North Washington Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530 for work provided by the Town to prepare, pour and complete a concrete walkway extending from the brand new sidewalk built in front of their home and ending at their front porch.

Interested parties should note that this home only had an existing sidewalk from their southern property line to their driveway while beyond their driveway to their northern property line, their friontage was previously bereft of sidewalk.

The new sidewalk ends at their property line at which point commences the property of the Hartsdale Canine Cemetery. No sidewalk continues along the cemetery perimeter so, in effect, the Town has extended a sidewalk at 32 North Washington to nowhere. Under these circumstances, the property owner should be charged for the additional sidewalk built along their frontage.

Otherwise, the public shall assume that the DPW doesn't know what it is doing and is negligently wasting taxpayer resources, materials, equipment and manpower. Does this strike a note of surprise?

Finally, insofar as the curbing has been raised along the Canine Cemetery frontage (ending at their paved parking area) and the remaining pathway left unpaved, the result of this is that the length of the frontage is now surfaced by dirt and small stones which after cold weather freezes such footprints, as may occur, in place and this becoming a dangerous condition which encourages the possibility of sprained and twisted ankles of pedestrians seeking to avoid the roadway. Alternatively, inclement conditions such as rain or snow, the aftermath of both serving to leave this "path" covered with mud -- not itself a desirable inducement to avoid walking in the active roadway. Thus, what had been a passable off-road "path", is now reduced to an undesirable. if not unwalkable, condition.

This situation could have been avoided had this work commenced at a time of year hospitable to the growing of grass or other ground cover.

Another example of Mr. Regula's expertise?

And what is the Town going to do about it?"

Certainly Mr. Regula should be free to use his talents elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hal that isn't the only thing the town does for certain residents. Did you know that if the town takes down a tree on someone's property if it is within a certain distance from the curb the town replaces with another tree. Does this make any sense. I understand taking down a dead tree in front of a house, but the town is already doing their part by taking down the tree. Should the town replace a tree or should they leave that up to the homeowner.

Not to mention most trees the town plants are dead or on their way out the door. Is this because they are not cared for properly or does the town just buy junk.

hal samis said...

Anyone interested in reading the draft of the employment advertisement?

YES Man Wanted

The Town of Greenburgh, AAA rated by S & P and the 80th best place to live in America, is seeking a full time employee to head up its Department that Paul Wills (DPW). Candidate need not possess a college degree, live nearby or have prior knowledge but must express a willingness to follow orders. Additional requirements include a willingness to comply 24/7 with all requests from the Town Supervisor and be available at all times to put up a good front. Candidate must have a convincing stage presence and a willingness to speak before an audience, look them in the eye and deliver such lines as "I'll look into it" and "The project is on time and on budget". Opportunities for social advancement with fellow employees are permitted during field work and team work is encouraged. Pay commensurate following annual evaluation, by Supervisor, of services rendered to him. Additional compensation incentives are available from outside vendors.
Applicants must be available to start in early 2009. Interviews will be conducted this Sunday at the Dobbs Ferry Stop N Shop.

allin said...

all for 127,000.00 $$ good luck

Anonymous said...

it seems as though Sal Husmus has all the answers let's see if he could do the job better. Seems as though he can just by running his mouth, the town could save millions

Anonymous said...

4:42 The gentlemans' name is Hal Samis. and boy can he run this town correctly.

Tell me how much knowledge have you contributed to the public concerning all the departments of this town that have been spending our money .

What have you told us about how the library was robbing all the tax dollars and will need more money to be in full service to the publi.
Samis told the public before the first shovel of dirt was removed that there was somrthing wrong with the plans.
Did the town listen NO.

Samis went after the budget line by line finding errors.What have you done.
Yes he has a big mouth but it is for the betterment of the public.
He speaks with knowledge which you and the town board lack.

Anonymous said...


Finally a qualified, educated Commissioner with an established track record has been hired for the TDYCC, However in a total waste of taxpayer dollars, Whitehead who is under police investigation is still getting the double salary raise, not punching in, leaving the work place, and doing absolutely NOTHING! Why is Sonya so determined to champion this misfit!?!?!? Whitehead must have the goods on someone. What a rotten message to honest town employees who are working hard every working day. Worse still is the public sees the ENTIRE Center as being under investigation when it is ONLY VALERIE WHITEHEAD who committed thief of services crimes. But the whole Department's reputation is being made to suffer because of her selfishness, greed, and need for power. A blind person could see that she accomplished NOTHING during her time as Interim Commissioner. She gave away the farm to no show staff, including her nephew. So now as a result of her overspending, legitimate services will need to be cut. She is an affront to any person who is decent. Yet she dares calls herself "blessed". Actually she is indeed blessed...

Blessed by Greenburgh taxpayers who AREN'T calling for her termination.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second , money was missing from the center for some time.

Where has the money gone that the supervisor extended to the center for renovations that were never done.

Where is the money that is paid by those that pay for their lunch,oops I forgot they are all poor.
No one has ever checked as to what has been going on at the center.
You cannot blame Whitehead .She was not in charge in the previous years.
What happened now that's a horse of a different color.
Let's face it everyone pulled for their family and friends to reap the benefits of this center.
It didn't start last year or this year.
This happens when the boss is asleep as the wheel.
We needed a big tax hike to realize all the wrong goings on in this towm.

Anonymous said...

In case you hadn't noticed, the Center has had money missing prob lems from its very beginning - starting with man it is named for.

Anonymous said...

The Center was under Federal control until around 1994. We have had one Supervisor since then. One CFO.

Anonymous said...

Paul close the TDYCC now! we do not need it anymore. President elect Obama will take care of us!