Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) can help seniors on fixed incomes or low income residents pay for electricity, oil, gas, wood, kerosene, propane or coal heating.

The federally funded HEAP program, administered by the county Department of Social Services, assists eligible low-income, elderly and disabled persons with their home-heating costs. The amount of payments will vary depending upon what type of fuel is used and on whether heat is included in rent payments. Generally, those who qualify can get up to $800 off their oil bills or $585 for other fuels such as natural gas.

The state, which funnels the federal funds to Westchester, announced that because there is more funding for the program this year people with higher incomes who previously would not have qualified for assistance, may be eligible for emergency assistance through HEAP starting Jan. 1.

Changes to the 2008-09 HEAP program also include:

· Increasing benefits to $800 for eligible households heating with oil, propane or kerosene,

· Raising the maximum regular benefit to $585 for all other eligible households that incur a heating expense

Temporary Assistance as well as Food Stamp customers can apply for HEAP by contacting their case managers. In addition, the elderly, disabled and SSI recipients not receiving Temporary Assistance and Food Stamps may receive assistance in applying for HEAP by calling (914) 995-5619.

All others should call 211 to find out if you meet income guidelines, or to get more information about HEAP. Applications can be downloaded from the county’s website at www.westchestergov.com

Consult the table below to see if you meet current income guidelines.

Gross Monthly Income












hal samis said...

I gather that this is not one of those things that we don't need County government to do.

Anonymous said...

Why print this blog when you know dam well that 99% of the residents in Greenburgh cannot apply for this money.

Anonymous said...

Dear 6:32 PM,

Obviously, because it is a "feel good" item and one that has no adverse "political" downside.

You obviously don't get it yet. This whole blog is about political self promotion and you fell for it.

Anonymous said...

There is more bashing on this web site than anything else. It sure ain't self promotion!

Anonymous said...

No, its an attempt to get our eyes off the budget. Like a magician tries to get the crowd to focus away from the trick.

Anonymous said...

The tentative budget is a good start. Am very pleased that our town government is listening to the people.

Anonymous said...


Say it isn't so! Somebody pinch me!! The same Whitehead who is under police investigation, for hiring 5 people including her felon nephew to work no show jobs? These five people claimed to work 50 hours a week as part timers when the building was closed for evening programs. Huh? The same Whitehead who cried like a baby to the TDY Advisory Board? The same Whitehead who fired the Pool Director? The same Whitehead who never finished college? The same Whitehead who never supervised ANY f/t staff before being given a DOUBLE SALARY raise when appointed Interim Commissioner? The same Whitehead who gave away a $10,000 free day to Playland for the TDY Summer Camp, yep you read it right, that one day trip cost taxpayers $10,000. The same Whitehead who failed to inform the public about the Exposure Program? The same Whitehead whom staff protested her appointment in the Journal News? The same Whitehead who didn't start ONE new program since her appointment? The same Whitehead who has bought staff morale to its lowest levels? The same Whitehead who hasn't brought in one extra dime in grants? The same Whitehead who got the job without anyone else being considered? The same Whitehead who needs Councilwoman Brown to hold her hand to do her job? The same Whitehead who disappeared for 5 days when the Greenburgh Police entered the building?

Nooooo it can't be! I want to wake up from this bad dream!
Now before any of the folks she has taken care of respond, tell me one item here that isn't true. JUST ONE! This will be a long wait.

Greenburgh ranked number one for the poorest promotion standards in the USA!!!

Anonymous said...

Paul stop with the BS and get us back our Verizon cable televised meetings.

You are playing games not only with the way meetings are conducted but you are also depriving us who stay at home the opportunity to witness what is going on where our monies are concerned.
You have the nerve to say that your government is open .May I ask to whom.
It can't be the residents because your behavior proves differently.

By being spiteful you are not only hurtin youself but above all you are hurting the ones who might be seeking reelection.

Anonymous said...

Paul take this blog of the computer.

No one in Greenburgh is eligible for HEAP.
We all make good money.
Show me anyone that fits into the guidelines that you printed.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Paul he will go into Fairview to find one person that will be eligable to receive HEAP just to prove you wrong.

Anonymous said...

See todays post about eliminating county government. Then reread the original psot from the Supervisor above, but, I'll repeat it to save you some time.

"The Federally funded HEAP program, ADMINISTERED BY THE COUNTY Department of Social Services,..." Why do we need a county government? Paul, you are so obvious in speaking out of both sides of your mouth, it is almost funny, except that it is sad.